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Amanda admits to Babe that she should know that she (Amanda) wants Jamie. Babe looks shocked and Amanda asks her why she is so surprised. Babe asks Amanda if JR knows about her ulterior motives. Right then, JR enters and remarks that he is just in time for the: “I’m gonna take your man” smack-down.

When Ryan notices that Erin has a bruise, he tells her he is not going anywhere until she tells him where that came from.

Kendall runs into Zach while he is on his phone playing the hero for Julia. She tells him he must be really excited about his great accomplishment. Right then, Julia is staying at Wildwind, safe but not looking happy.

Lily is eating something at her father’s. Sam is at the door and asks her to talk. She tells him that he is not technically her friend anymore and she won’t open the door until she is done eating, which will take 9 minutes. He tells her he will wait.

Kendall tells Zach that she knows he has a real talent with charming the Santos women. He asks her if she is angry with him. She tells him no, sarcastically. She’s just concerned that he could get himself killed.

Erin tells Ryan that he is not wanted and she does not owe him an explanation about the bruise. Ryan wants to know “his name”. She gives the name but tells Ryan that the guy saved her life. He asks how a bruise would save her life. She explains that she was on a ladder at work and almost fell. A guy saved her and she got a small bruise. She asks Ryan if that disappoints him to hear that. He tells her she is a rotten liar.

JR sits with Amanda and taunts Babe about her situation with Jamie. He reminds her about the “happy christening” with Tad and Dixie as godparents of their child and his promises to let her have more time with Little Adam and let Jamie see him. She already knows what he is about to say in regard to that. He tells her that since he hates “grease monkey’, he’s decided there will be no christening.

Sam attempts to apologize to Lily for their recent falling out. She tells him they cannot be called friends. Friends must trust and respect each other. He got angry with her and didn’t trust her judgment when she said that Zach was a nice guy. He must think she is a spaz or idiot. He tells her he will always be her friend, even if she does not want to date him. He reveals to her that it was not her who he’s angry at. The one he’s mad at is his father. She reminds him his father is dead. He tells her he is angry that his father died on him.

Kendall tells Zach that he has this witness protection policy in his back pocket, keeping Julia all-warm and snuggly until they get killed. She asks him if she should get her clothes pressed so that she can dance on his grave. She asks if he thinks she’s going to weep and mourn his death. She tells him he must realize that she will not live in fear that he will die when he catches a bullet for Julia.

Julia then looks at a picture of her husband and remembers his telling her that he will fight for her happiness and a life with her.

Ryan tells Erin that somebody must have hurt her and they will do it again. Even if she hates Ryan, she cannot let that guy get away with it and must let him help her. She tells Ryan that since he is the golden boy and knows everything, then he should tell her where the bruises came from. He tells her that he knows all about the abuse, physical and emotional, that has affected him, Braden, Hocket and herself. He tells her she must remember what daddy did to mommy and how everybody brushed it under the rug. She asks him if he really believes that she would let some slimebag beat her. She says she is not mom. She would not have anybody in her life who is like dad. He tells her he thought the same thing about himself. But he now knows, and she must also know that you cannot fight it. It will always be with you when you have the childhood that they had.

Julia relives all of her memories with her husband. She remembers their enchanted wedding. She cries.

Kendall tells Zach that she’s tried to call him several times but he has not called her back. He asks her what is up with her. She asks him if he is afraid that she will break his little “pinky swear” promise not to tell anybody that he is hiding Julia. He tells her what he wants to hear is her secret. He knows something is going on with her that she is not telling him.

Babe tells JR that now is not a good time but he may swing back later. He sarcastically tells her he is touched. He tells her that it just hit him that the “joke” of their marriage was a lucky break for him. It enabled Jamie to get screwed over. So he tells her he owes her big time. When he leaves, Babe reveals to Amanda that she does not trust her any more than she trusts JR. Amanda tells Babe that what she (Babe) wants is for Jamie to become a rich and successful doctor who will never have sex for the rest of his life. She says she believes that Babe wants Jamie to only want her for the rest of his life.

Kendall tells Zach that nothing has changed. Except if she gets caught in the crossfire, he will pay. He again, tells her he knows there must be something pretty big going on with her. Otherwise, she would not be working so hard to hide it. She simply tells him that she needs to offer some emotional support to Greenlee. And he needs to help Julia. She makes a sarcastic comment about how they are just a bunch of givers. He then tells her she mustn’t fool herself because the truth always comes out.

Sam tells Lily that he does not want to be without her. He admits that he was confused and took it out on her but he wants to make it up on her. He wants another chance. She tells him she can understand what it’s like to be confused. It makes her want to sit in her tree. He tells her he wishes he could undo what happened to his dad and make that murderer pay. She reminds him that Jonathan Lavery is already dead and there is nothing you can do to him. He then asks her if she remembers anything about Jonathan. She was in the cave with him and Jonathan must have revealed something to her. He asks her if Jonathan ever said he was sorry for what happened to Edmund.

Erin reminds Ryan that he must realize that she did not bring any baggage with her from Des Moines. She does not worry about the past. She is neither a beater nor a victim. And he is the only screwed up thing that has happened to her in a long, long time. He tells her he does not believe that. She tells him the sooner he blows out of there, the better her life will be. He apologizes for making her upset. She tells him it’s all right as long as he goes. He asks her if she understands why he had to find her again. She says it does not matter and all they need to do now is go back to being dead to each other. He tells her she is beautiful and she is ok. And he thanks her for letting him see that for himself. When he’s gone, she unlocks the door behind her closet and tells the secret person that everything is ok. She made him go, she tells them. She will get some food. And everything will be ok. SHe promises.

Lily tells Sam that Jonathan Lavery is the bad man. And he admitted that he killed Sam’s father. He tells her that his dad died for no reason. Because some jerk picked up a shovel. Somebody who didn’t even know his dad. He tells her that he keeps imagining his dad as a ghost trapped and stuck somewhere, angry and waiting to get revenge. And he wants his dad to be ok even if he is not alive. And that jerk got off so easy. Shouldn’t he suffer? His dad has suffered for no reason. Hearing that, she tells Sam she remembers that Ryan told her that insanity is no excuse for what Jonathan did. Jonathan died and so did Ryan, she says. She also says she remembers many people saying that sometimes people die for a reason. Her dad says it may be just as well that Greenlee’s baby died. But she questions what is good about death.

Babe tells Amanda that she knows she (Amanda) is hot for Jamie. She tells Amanda that she has a lot of gall to call her (Babe) a slut. But Amanda reminds Babe that she must get Jamie to believe she (Babe) is a slut. Isn’t that the whole plan? And as soon as she dumps Jamie, he is a free agent. And why does Babe want to keep Jamie all to herself? Babe asks Amanda why she (Amanda) assumes that Jamie would want her when he did not before. Amanda tells Babe that is what love is all about.

JR then appears at Kendall’s home uninvited and unannounced. He tells her that he wants to relive all the memories of his life of destruction. But it’s no fun if he does not have anybody to share it with. Just then, he notices that she has a baby book on her couch. He then asks her if she plans on having a baby and tells her she wouldn’t consider having one with Zach Slater, would she?

Right when Zach sneaks into Wildwind, unannounced, Julia comes up behind him and puts a rope around his neck. He asks her if she thought he might be “one of them”. She says she knows it was him. She asks him what he’s “got” for her. He tells her the plans are in motion. She reminds him that he promised to help her. SO she needs names and details. He tells her he will take care of it. She tells him he will not “take care of it”. She will take care of it. It’s his job to give her the who. She decides the what. She tells him he will not control her. She tells him she already spent her life on the run with no freedom and no Noah. He reminds her if Noah really loved her, it would not have happened to her. She tells him that he either does things her way. Or if he has a problem with that, then he can do what Kendall wants him to do and have nothing more to do with this situation.

JR tells Kendall that he is sincere in admitting that he screwed up. She admits that she was also at fault in failing to get Chandler back from Zach and leaving him with nothing. He tells her apology accepted. And he reminds her that maybe they should consider being “friends” again.

Ryan just cannot leave well enough alone with Erin. He again sneaks into her house as soon as he’s noticed she’s gone. He goes through her mail and her reading material. He also notices her closet and comes very close to finding the “secret person” behind the door.

Babe admits to Amanda that all she wants is what is best for Jamie. She must get Jamie to leave her and she knows of only one way. And she realizes that she cannot prevent Amanda from wanting to have Jamie.

Lily tells Sam that after this conversation, she feels good being with him. And she agrees to see him again.

JR comes on to Kendall, asking her what kind of “friend”. She wants him to be. She tells him he “does not know when to quit.” He then tells her that he thought she liked his “staying power”. She tells him she will not sleep with him. He tells her that he hopes that some day, she will reconsider.

Zach tells Julia that nothing she can do will bring back what was taken from her.

Ryan finally gets into Erin’s secret close, goes through her clothes, discovers the door and is ready to unlock it.

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