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By Jenn
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Babe has stayed overnight working at SOS. Josh notices she is still there and comes by to continue their previous discussion. She tells him she’s staying late to do inventory, in a desperate attempt to rattle Jamie’s cage. She asks him, again if he is with her on their plan. He reminds her that she must know this will get ugly. She tells him she knows. But she has no choice. Dixie has not succeeded in persuading JR to let up on Jamie. JR will not hand over the money nor enable Jamie to go to med school until he officially breaks up with her. She again, asks Josh if he will have sex with her.

While Dixie believes she is alone, Tad comes up to see her. It looks as though he is investigating what she is doing by traveling all the way to Thailand.

At the hospital, while Greenlee is ready to leave, she asks Kendall if she is having second thoughts about their plan. Kendall tells her no way. She says they are “off to see the wizard” about having Ryan’s baby.

In Nova Scotia, Ryan goes to Erin’s home again and tells her he has one last thing to clear up with her. She goes into her closet and makes sure the “hiding person” is not seen by Ryan. She tells Ryan they have nothing more to discuss. But he tells her he needs to discuss with her his life, or more accurately, his death. Hearing that, she tells him he’s dead and she can live with that and is ready to shut the door and dismiss him. He tells her he just needs five minutes. She tells him he can have five minutes but she will not stare at him as he leaves with her face pressed against the window the way Jonathan did every time he left. He tells her he needs to ask a favor of her. She tells him he has a lot of gall. He informs her that there has been a search party looking for him. Since he is not dead, nobody has found a body. But he needs for everybody to believe he is dead. He asks her to inform anybody who might contact her, that he is dead. She asks why. Doesn’t he have friends and a wife and all? He tells her he realizes that he is too much like their father and that everybody is better off believing he is dead.

When Kendall is ready to take Greenlee back to her home, Jack, Reggie and Lily offer to take her back to Jack’s home. They all encourage her to be a part of Jack’s family in his apartment and tell her all the things she can do with all of them living there. She tells them that it’s really sweet but there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that she will live with them. She tells them that she knows herself, Jack and Erica living under one roof is a recipe for disaster. Jack then agrees to accept what she wants. And he notices that there is a light back in her eyes. She informs her father that Kendall has given her hope. Although Ryan is gone, a part of her will always be in her life. And Kendall has given her that gift. They probably all have no clue what she is talking about.

Right when Babe is working and talking to Josh, Jamie enters and wonders why she’s stayed at work for so long. He again, asks Josh what he’s doing there. Josh tells Jamie that he just stopped by to get some coffee on his way to work. Jamie again, encourages Josh to go home and let him take Babe home.

Dixie tells Tad that he is very sneaky and calculating to go all the way to Thailand in an attempt to find her ex-boyfriend, Kevin. He tells her he knows that Kevin has plenty of money and is living high on the hog with all the “pension money” he has. He makes jokes about how all the money in the world cannot buy a guy good taste. He tells her he can see that even if Kevin has poor taste, he still has the hots for her. She asks if he flew all the way to Bangkok to find out if her ex-lover still wants her. He tells her he flew all the way to Bangkok to find out if her ex-lover wants to kill her.

Erin concludes to Ryan that she does not get him. But she remembers that since she has not seen him since she was 4 years old, why would she? He tells her he observed how happy she seems to be with her life and her job. She seems to love life. She tells him he makes a lot of assumptions based on a short time of observing her. He asks her how she does it. She must remember daddy’s abuse and what he did to Jonathan. She makes a sarcastic comment about how maybe she took Jonathan’s “happy pills” that Ryan gave him. She tells him they were all affected by what daddy did to them. But she is choosing to get on with her life. He explains to her that he tried throughout his life to get over the child abuse. But he concluded that he could not and he came very close to hurting the people he loved. And for that reason, he needs to “stay dead”. Hearing that, she tells him that’s fine with her. He’s dead.

In the hospital, after Reggie and Lily wheel Greenlee out, Jack asks Kendall what she did to have this miraculous affect in bringing Greenlee back. She does not tell him specifically what she has done. He then apologizes to her for coming down hard on her. But he tells her that when she is a parent, she might form the same strong opinions that he has. Hearing that, she replies that she does not see herself as the parent type. She concludes to her stepfather that she and Greenlee have an extraordinary bond.

At SOS, Jamie tells Josh that he and Babe are getting married and nothing will stop that. He leaves and Josh notices how Jamie is not yet ready to let her go. He tells her she is an amazing woman. But she is also crazy to be ready to trash her life in order to give Jamie what she believes is best for him. She tells him that two things in her life come first; Her son and Jamie. She has not yet figured out a way to get Little Adam back. But she does know how to save Jamie. He then tells her that since he can see that she won’t give up and that he does not want her to hook up with the loser he observed her with last night, that he will go through with her plan. At least, with him, she won’t be misled. She tells him she will do to Jamie with him, the same thing she did to JR with Jamie. Right then, Amanda enters and asks them what they are up to. She reveals to Josh that Babe called and needs her help. She asks what is up and how she can help. Babe admits that Amanda has a big part it her plan also.

At the hospital, Reggie and Jack admit that they are baffled at how Greenlee was so depressed not long ago, but now appears happy so suddenly. Lily remarks that it’s very sad that Greenlee cannot have a baby. Jack tells her it’s for the best.

Right then, Greenlee and Kendall go to see Dr. Madden and tell him about their plan.

Erin asks Ryan why he is so certain he is like their father, Braden and Jonathan. He tells her he did not rape women or beat kids and therefore thought that he would not allow what happened to them to take over him. But he was wrong to believe that he was invincible. That monster was in him also. He tells her that he swore never to hurt or lay a hand on anybody he loved. But he could not prevent that. So he died. She asks him what he’s going to do. He tells her that he and the monster are going to disappear. And all he asks is that she forgets she ever saw him. She tells him he may consider himself forgotten. And she tells him he may get out.

Dixie tells Tad that she knows that he went to find Kevin and rattle his cage. She tells him she hopes that Kevin told him to take a flying leap. But he tells her no. Kevin was very courteous to him. He noticed that Kevin wheels and deals and has all kinds of business ventures. He tells her that Kevin offered him lunch and he suddenly brought her up. He asked how Dixie was and told Tad he was thrilled that she could get her life back together after getting out of prison. And he tells her that what he found out is that Kevin does not know how to dress. He is not out to kill her. But he is out to get her back. She tells him it’s amazing he had to go all the way around the world in order to make a fool out of himself and find out he was wrong. He tells her that the brakes, the hold-up at the bank, and the attempt to mow her down when she got sprung from prison, may have nothing to do with Kevin. But it may have something to do with somebody much richer and much more dangerous.

After Dr. madden hears about Kendall and Greenlee’s plan, he is surprised. He tells Kendall if it’s ok with her, it’s ok with him. But he will require her to get counseling and “mother nature” will need to be tended to while she is pregnant. Kendall says she agrees to give up alcohol and caffeine and chocolates. He tells her about the procedures of implanting her. Greenlee asks what chances Kendall has of getting pregnant. He tells them that it’s impossible to predict. It’s possible that they will exhaust all of Ryan’s sperm and she will not get pregnant. There is the possibility of multiple births. Greenlee sounds happy that it’s possible that they could have twins or triplets and have several of Ryan’s babies.

When Ryan leaves Erin’s home, he tells her he was hoping that he could drop by from time to time. She tells him no and that she will be fine. He then tells her he is so sorry for abandoning her and Jonathan and leaving them at their dad’s mercy.

Dixie tells Tad that she is not the same Dixie Cooney whom he must protect from swamp rats like Billie Clyde. He tells her he knows and accepts that she is independent and not helpless. She reminds him that he had Aiden tailing her and went all the way to Thailand because he’s jealous and he no longer has control over her life. He tells her he’s worried that the life she has now is endangering her.

Jamie tells Brooke that he plans to marry Babe. She tells her son that he really should wait. But he tells his mother that it is decided.

Meanwhile, Babe shares with both Josh and Amanda that she is going to do what she believes she must do to enable Jamie to have what he deserves. And she tells them that Jamie must see what she is doing as betrayal. He must believe that he has gotten too raw of a deal to be stuck in that apartment with her and that she’s messing around with a hot shot producer. And Babe asks Amanda if she will help her. Josh tells her that Amanda maybe cannot be trusted and reveals to Babe the Amanda may not want to “help her friend” as much as she wants to “help herself to Jamie”.

Tad tells Dixie that she appears pretty worked up for somebody who has nothing to fear. She tells him maybe she is not comfortable with her ex-husband breaking bread with her ex-boyfriend and getting into her business. She asks him to call off Aiden and stop this whole “bigger and badder guy” theory. She tells him she is willing to make a truce where they both stay out of each other’s lives. She says they will see each other at their grandson’s christening and be as friendly as they can. He says fine. But as he walks away, he does not appear content with her plan.

Jamie tells his mother that he does not want anything “funny” at his wedding. She asks if, by that, he means no glasses and weird noses at the wedding. OR does that mean when the preachers asks if anybody can show just cause why they should not be married? He tells her that is what he is talking about. He wants that part omitted from the wedding. And he tells her he has a car to go fix.

Josh tells Babe that she should not trust Amanda. Hearing that, Amanda asks him why he suspects her. He tells them he has to go to work and leaves. Alone with Babe, Amanda thanks her for sticking up for her. Babe concludes she can see that Josh does not trust her and neither does Jamie. Amanda asks Babe how she feels about that. Babe asks Amanda if she really does plan on taking Jamie.

Lily reveals to Jack and Reggie that she saw Ryan’s ghost. Maybe the reason why, she says, is that his ghost knew that Greenlee’s baby would not survive and he knew she would be sad. Hearing that, Jack asks her what she is talking about.

Greenlee asks Dr. Madden not to tell Jack or Erica or anybody else in the family about her plan. She wants it to remain between herself, him and Kendall. He tells her it will be obvious to everybody as soon as she’s been pregnant. Greenlee says she will deal with that. But it looks like Kendall is having second thoughts again.

Babe again asks Amanda that if she gets Jamie to dump her with Amanda’s help, does Amanda plan to “take” Jamie? Amanda admits to Babe that that is what she plans to do.

Jack asks Lily why she brought up Ryan’s “ghost”

Erin is ready to shake hands goodbye to Ryan. But he notices something has happened to her hand and asks who did this to her.

Kendall agrees with Greenlee to have the baby.

Dixie notices the maid looking at the gossip tabloid paper. She asks what she wants with that trash. The maid reveals that she is reading about Dixie. Dixie then notices her picture on the front cover and a big story about her.

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