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All My Children Update Monday 8/15/05


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Di is at Chandler mansion recalling her phone conversation with a mystery person. JR touches her shoulder and she jumps. JR asks her what she's so freaked out about. Di says this house works on her nerves. JR says there's something she's not telling him. Di says she should get a place to herself. JR asks if this is because he wasn't nice to Jamie and Babe. Di says she just doesn't belong here. JR tells her she can trust him. They have each other. He goes to bed and leaves, then Aidan reveals himself and asks if she's enjoying her freedom. Di tells him he scared the daylights out of her. He says she's scared of more than losing JR's trust, she's scared of losing her life. Di asks if he doesn't have a job to do and he says he's doing it. She realizes that Tad hired Aidan and calls Tad paranoid. Aidan asks her to tell him everything about her ex and says that's the only way out. Di says she won't trust him or Tad and will stick with Adam. Aidan says something needs to be done so she won't jump at every noise. Di says as much as she would love to tell him what he wants to hear she has nothing. Aidan tells her she's good at hiding things. He tells her she should not move out of this house because here she has security and people around. He says when she's ready to talk... She says she'll call him first.

Adam is lying in his bed and sees Krystal in a nightgown laying next to him. She tells him to get it while it's hot. He reaches to hug her then snaps to his senses. Krystal is there but she's not in his bed and is wearing a dress, not a nightgown. She says she's there to discuss how he can keep her from killing his son for what he's doing to her daughter. Adam asks isn't it enough he got her out of prison. Krystal asks what it will take to get JR to eas off of Jamie and Babe. Adam says he has no pull with his son. Krystal says her daughter is throwing her whole life away. Krystal says her daughter is this close to ending up with less than she started with. Adam says she can't blame JR because she's lost her free ride. Krystal says love is all that matters to Babe. Now she's about to lose everything. She gets teary-eyed and Adam tells her to stop crying. Krystal insists she doesn't cry. He hands her a box of tissues but she repeats that she doesn't cry. He says he likes her steadfast refusal to admit her weakness. She asks if it's weakness to love her daughter. He says OK she isn't weak. He gives her a drink and tells her to pull herself together. She continues to fret about Babe. She asks what can they do to help their kids. Adam says he asks himself if there's something more that could be done. They sit down on the bed with drinks in their hand. JR walks in and tells Adam it's finally happened... he's hit rock bottom. Adam says it's not what it seems. JR says he's sure Krystal has taught Babe everything she knows. Krystal slaps JR and walks out.

Di gets on the phone and asks someone if he gave him the message. So he knows she's not talking and he'll back off, right, she says. She tells the person to keep it that way.

Babe is at home with Josh when Jamie arrives and wants to know what's going on. Babe says Josh is there to see if he changed his mind about the car. Jamie doesn't believe the story and tells them to figure out an answer while he go washes his hands. Babe tells him it's nothing. After he's out of the room, Josh asks her how she can say asking him for sex is nothing. Jamie returns and says the car deal is off, so why is he here. Josh says he's there to find out what he did to Babe. Babe explains to Jamie that Josh thought she was calling off the wedding because something Jamie did to her. Jamie asks why it's any of Josh's business. Josh says he's just trying to help a friend. Babe tells Josh she's sorry she got him involved. She assures Josh there's nothing he can do and he leaves. Jamie asks her where do they start -- her calling off the wedding or this guy who obviously wants her. Babe says Josh isn't a problem. He's just a friend. Jamie says he's not giving up on them. This BS about them splitting up is done. They're going to get married and will be happy. Babe tells him he'll be happy. Jamie says there's nothing she could do to get rid of him.

Erica and Jack are at the hospital. Jack tells her Greenlee won't eat and barely speaks. Nothing matters to her anymore. Greg approaches and tells them about the possibility that Greenlee could give birth with a surrogate mother. Jack warns Greg that if he brings up this subject with Greenlee he'll sue him. Greg says Greenlee is capable of researching this for herself. Erica asks Jack to leave her alone with Greg so she can talk to him. Jack leaves. Erica explains to Greg that Jack is distraught and took it out on him. Greg says it's OK as he sees a lot of emotions in his business. Erica says she had high hopes for Greenlee and Ryan and this baby. She thinks this must have happened for a reason. Greg says Greenlee lost her baby due to an audio-immune condition. She says she understands he's into science while she's more into the emotional side of it. She tells him about one of her own pregnancies which she had aborted. She says it was a private decision and was very difficult. She says she later made another choice to have Bianca. She says maybe Greenlee will feel free to make a choice. She asks him to respect Jack's wishes and don't mention the surrogacy option. He agrees and says she won't hear it from him.

In her room, Greenlee tells Kendall there's nothing she can do to give her her baby back. Kendall says she can't give her the baby she just lost, but can give her another baby. She says she can give birth for her. Greenlee calls that twisted garbage and accuses Kendall of lying just to make her feel better. Kendall says she talked to Dr. Madden and he assures her that with Ryan's sperm, Greenlee's egg and her womb this can happen. Greenlee says she doesn't think she could do this. Kendall tells her she's a risk taker. Please let her do this for her. She says she's offering her a second chance. Greenlee says maybe she shouldn't have another chance. She asks Kendall if she thinks she could really do this. It would change her whole life. Kendall says it's only for nine months. Greenlee says a lot can happen in nine months. Kendall says maybe she's right. Maybe she can't do this. Greenlee says she wouldn't let her borrow her shoes, much less her uterus. Kendall says maybe she shouldn't have brought it up. It's too crazy. Greenlee says actually it's not that crazy. She says maybe she should take her up on it just so she can see her fat. Kendall says she should do it just so she'll owe her. Greenlee says they couldn't really do this. Kendall wonders if they could. Kendall dumps out her purse on the bed to retrieve some candy and says she may be eating for two. Greenlee thanks her for helping her see hope. She asks if she realizes what she's asking. Kendall says she sounds like she really wants to do this and Greenlee says she does. Greenlee says Ryan would be happy to know she's here with her.

Babe is working at the bar when Josh sits down and asks for a tall glass of revenge sex on the rocks. Babe explains why JR hates her and she says she's getting everything she deserves. But this doesn't need to come down on Jamie. She says Jamie deserves to be a doctor. He calls her selfless and she says it sucks. He says it's insane. She tells him if he's serious about this sex thing to call her. Josh asks if there aren't other ways to help Jamie. She says this option wasn't her first choice. Josh says Jamie will hate her. She says he'll recover. This is something she has to do. She asks if he'll do it. He says hell no, this reeks of trouble and he's out of it. She tells him to forget she mentioned it. This is embarrassing, she says.

Later, Babe is flirting with a man at the bar. He asks if she's free tonight. She says she's not, but she'll have a night off in a day or two. Josh walks up and says she has a date with him.

Erica tells Jack that Greg swore he would not bring up the surrogacy subject with Greenlee. Jack is relieved and thanks Erica for her assistance. They go to Greenlee's room and peak in and are pleasantly surprised to see Greenlee looking happy.

Inside the room, Kendall and Greenlee decide to keep their surrogacy decision a secret. Greenlee thanks her for everything. Kendall says a world without Ryan's baby doesn't make sense.

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