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All My Children Update Friday 8/12/05


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Wildwind, Zach realizes that Julia wants to find the guy who killed Noah and kill him. Julia says she will live her life as Julia Santos Kiefer or she'll die.

At New Beginnings, Josh is stunned that Babe has asked him to have sex with her. He says this is a little early for April Fool's. Babe grabs him and kisses him. Josh can't figure out why Babe suddenly wants him. Babe reminds him of the time on the beach when he admitted he was attracted to her. Josh says of course he's attracted to her. That's not the problem. He asks again what's going on. Babe says she's now available. Josh wants the real story. Babe says she thought he was interested in her and she apologizes for wasting his time. Josh asks if she wants to have sex right now. Babe says she needs time to set it up. Josh asks her what she needs to set up and why did she finally become available. Babe says it's complicated but asks him to trust her. Erica just walks in and asks if he's the dumbest person on the face of the earth. She asks why this person is littering her office.

Simone is with Greenlee in her hospital room. She wants to help her but doesn't know how. Simone asks her when she last ate but Greenlee isn't interested in eating. David walks in and offers his sympathy but Greenlee doesn't want it. She says it won't help. David asks if Dr. Ashbourne the psychiatrist has seen her. Greenlee says she doesn't need a shrink. No amount of therapy is going to bring back her baby. Greenlee says her heart feels like a heavy weight is on it.

Outside the room Kendall is talking to Dr. Madden. They are discussing a way for Greenlee to have Ryan's baby.

Kendall calls Zach but he tells her he'll have to talk to her later. Kendall says this can't wait. Zach says he's trying to help someone. He turns around and Julia is gone. He hangs up and goes to the door, where he finds Julia trying to leave. He grabs her and brings her back inside. He tells her she has to let him help her or she'll end up dead. Julia tells him about the feds' investigation of the guys after them, saying that they made several arrests but never arrested the top guy. Noah thought he could get him so went under cover to find him. He said he would be safe and sound. Julia says he never broke a promise to her but this was the first and last time he did. Julia says a source gave Noah the name of the top guy but Noah didn't give her his name. She says Noah wanted to keep her as far from this as possible because he learned the guy he was hunting was trying to kill her. Julia says if the feds had done their job Noah would not have died. Zach realizes she's trying to pick up where Noah left off. Julia says she will track Noah's killer down and make him pay. Zach says he can't let her do that. Julia says he can't stop her. Zach says she's running on pure nerves and any false move could kill her. He says he'll be her partner and will help her. She doesn't agree but he says if she doesn't let him help he'll tell the feds and they'll put her back into the Witness Protection Program.

Simone is distraught in the hallway when Ethan arrives and comforts her. She tells him that there's nothing she can do to help Greenlee. Ethan says she has to keep trying. Kendall approaches and asks how Greenlee is doing. Simone says Greenlee won't eat and has lost all hope. Kendall peeks in and sees David in with Greenlee. Simone asks Kendall what they're going to do. Kendall snaps, telling her not to look at her as she can't do it. She runs off. Simone is puzzled by Kendall's reaction. Kendall rushes into the elevator and has memory flashbacks about Ryan's death. She curses at Ryan and says he deserted Greenlee. Talking to herself, she says no one would expect her to do this. But if she doesn't, who will? She says Ryan left her with this.

Erin tells Ryan she realized who he was at the restaurant. Ryan comments that she still treated him like a stranger. Erin says he is a stranger. He says he's her brother. She tells him he's nothing to her. She says he left the family when she was 4. Jonathan is her real brother and he murdered him. Ryan says a lot of things happened after Jonathan came to Pine Valley. He says he was on Jonathan's side and tried to help him get therapy. He hurt a lot of people and he thought he had killed Erin. He says all that matters to her is she has made it. Erin tosses copies of the Pine Valley Bulletin at Ryan and says she kept up with him after he killed her brother. She says she thought he had died by going over the cliff. The joke is on her as here he is. Ryan says he can't explain how he survived going over the cliff. Erin says she wishes he hadn't survived. She wishes he were as dead as her real brothers. Ryan says he's not surprised she's angry. She says angry doesn't begin to cover it. She says Jonathan idolized him. One day when their father was hurting Jonathan, Jonathan says Ryan would come back. She says Jonathan trusted the wrong person. She knew they had seen the last of him. Yet Jonathan set off to find him and called from time to time. He told her he didn't want to disappoint Ryan. Erin asks Ryan if that sounds familiar? Erin says she begged Jonathan to get out of there so she could take care of him but he had to prove himself to Ryan. She tells Ryan she couldn't save Jonathan from him. She tells Ryan to leave, just like he left the family years ago. This time she won't run after him. He can go back to being dead. Ryan says he's sorry he didn't come back for her. Erin says it's too little too late. She tells him to get out and slams the door after he's outside. She goes through a closet, unlocks a secret door and tells someone inside that he was here but he's left for good. She says don't worry as she won't let Ryan get him.

Erica asks Josh if he's testing her to see how far he can push her. Or has he told Babe he's going to testify against her? Babe tells Erica Josh didn't invite her. She dropped by on her own. Erica says if Babe isn't gone by the time she counts to three Josh is fired. Babe leaves quickly, telling Erica this isn't Josh's fault. Erica tells Josh her feelings about Babe Carey are clear. Why can't he respect them? Holding her thumb and finger close together, she tells Josh she's this close to telling him to clear out his desk. Josh says his experience with Babe is nothing like her's. He says he would not intentionally defy her but he can't work for anyone who doesn't trust him. Erica asks if he's threatening to quit after she has threatened to fire him. She tells him never to bring Babe to the office again and he agrees. He asks her if she's still going to fire him and she says he's not fired. They should get back to work. Josh says he's caught up so he's going out for a late lunch. Erica strongly suggests he stay away from Babe.

Josh goes to Babe's apartment, where she is angrily throwing a pillow across the room. She assumes Erica fired him but he says he and Erica talked and she knows his private life is none of her business. He asks her to tell him what's going on. Has she decided not to marry Jamie? Babe says yes, the wedding is off. He asks her why she wants him to have sex with her. She says Jamie needs to catch them in the act. Babe asks him why he wouldn't sleep with her. He says he's not a hustler and doesn't do it on demand. He asks her why she wants to do this. She says it's so Jamie can have what he deserves. Jamie enters and asks what did he just walk in on.

Kendall goes back to Simone and Ethan. Simone tells her Greenlee needs her. She tells her to insult her or yell at her. Do anything to help bring her back. Kendall goes into the room and asks David for some private time. David leaves. Kendall tells Greenlee that she's about all she has left right now. She's so furious at Ryan for leaving and at God for taking her baby. She says she won't let her be taken away too. Greenlee says there's nothing she can do. Kendall says she's wrong. There is something she can do. Greenlee says she can't give her her baby. Kendall says yes, she can.

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