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By Jenn
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Krystal is waiting for a pizza delivery. She gets a knock on the door assuming it’s her pizza. But it’s Babe. Babe is very upset and reveals to her mother that JR has succeeded in messing her up again. She asks how she is supposed to do the right thing by her man when everything is all wrong.

JR goes to see Erica. She expresses that she is angry with him. She thought he cared about her daughter. She tells him that he blew it and Kendall knows about their plan. He tells her that Kendall would not know what is good for her if it was prescribed by her own doctor. Erica tells JR that that is a crock. Kendall is married to a man she doesn’t even like and doesn’t have sex with. And JR cannot even win her over from that.

Dr. Madden informs Jack and Kendall, outside Greenlee’s hospital room, that Greenlee cannot ever carry another pregnancy even if she could get pregnant again. Kendall comes in and tells Greenlee how sorry she is. Greenlee is very depressed. She says it’s all over. Everything. Ryan. The baby. It’s all gone.

While in the restaurant in Nova Scotia, Ryan approaches the waitress whom he believes is Erin. She asks how he’d know her name.

Julia Santos is in the bus station wearing a disguise with dark glasses and a jacket hood over her head while she’s waiting to board a bus. But right when she’s ready to leave, Zach appears. She looks at him and has trouble getting on the bus. He approaches her and knows he better not make either of them look suspicious to the cops and security officials who are watching them. So he approaches her, hugs her and talks like he is her husband.

After hearing about JR’s little plan to prevent Jamie from having his inheritance, Krystal tells her daughter that JR is despicable. Babe tells her mother that she hoped that Dixie could influence JR to change. But she couldn’t. Krystal tells her that Dixie may have a lot of persuasive powers. But it would take a miracle to change JR. She also tells Babe that many people make sacrifices, as Jamie is doing for her, and they have perfectly happy lives. But Babe tells her mother she cannot let Jamie do that. Babe says although she’d love to murder JR, she cannot kill her baby’s father. There is something she has to kill however. She cannot let JR win.

JR tells Erica that Kendall has major problems. She knows how to make her own life fall apart. He also tells Erica that since she is Kendall’s mother, she might be the reason Kendall is the way she is. Just then, Josh Madden enters and notices JR. He makes a comment about this guy being trash, remembering meeting him and knowing what he’s done to Babe. JR reveals that he has met Josh and asks what he is doing in Erica’ office. Erica tells JR he is Josh Madden. He’s her supervising producer.

Ryan asks the waitress who he believes is Erin about her background. He asks how long she’s worked at the restaurant. She says not long. He says he overheard her saying she was assistant manager. She admits that she is new to Nova Scotia. But she turns away from him telling him she doesn’t like to be asked so many questions by strangers. She also talks about her family and her dad. Hearing that, it strikes a chord with Ryan. She asks why he is looking at her like that.

Kendall tells Greenlee she knows how devastating this is for her. She knows how she wanted Ryan’s baby and prayed for a miracle. But she cannot blame herself and cannot give up hope. She tells Greenlee there must be another way that they can get her what she wants. At that point, Jack enters and asks Kendall if he may talk to her outside Greenlee’s room. Kendall gets up to talk to Jack but tells Greenlee she needs to think positively and not give up hope. She asks Jack what he wants. What kind of negativity is there now? Greenlee has been through enough. He tells Kendall that the most recent negativity is her. He tells her she is not helping his daughter by encouraging her to have another baby. She is hurting her. Kendall tells Jack he must be joking and he must really mean that he thanks her for being such a great friend to Greenlee. But Jack tells Kendall that he meant what he said that she is the problem. Right then Simone enters, hears them arguing and tells them she wants to go and be there for Greenlee. Kendall asks Jack why he believes she is hurting Greenlee. He tells Kendall that Greenlee needs to get this idea out of her head that she needs to have Ryan’s baby. She cannot live with these false hopes. But Kendall tells Jack that this baby was Greenlee’s salvation. It was the one thing she had to hold onto in order to prove that love works. Jack tells Kendall that this has nothing to do with love.

After JR reveals to Erica that he’s met Josh, and he makes a comment about Josh witnessing the time when JR was held hostage, she asks him what he is talking about and what he believes that Josh has witnessed. JR tells her that Josh walked in on Babe after she tied him up and gagged him. And he says that he will get Josh subpoenaed in court and he will have to testify against Babe. Josh says he refuses. But hearing that, Erica tells Josh that he cannot be defending Babe. She takes him aside and privately tells him that she is his boss. And she demands that he testifies against Babe. But Josh tells Erica it’s not going to happen. Erica tells Josh that she really likes him and is really happy with the work he is doing. But she needs him to realize that Babe is trash. He tells her that when he is on her time, he’s all hers. But when he is not working for her, his personal life is his own business. But she informs Josh for the first time that Babe Carey is a kidnapper. Hearing that, he is a little surprised. Erica tells Josh that Babe kept her daughter’s baby, Miranda from her and had her believing Miranda drowned in a river. She also kept JR’s son from him and let JR believe that his son died. She’s a criminal. It is his civic duty to uphold the law and protect society from people like her. But Josh tells her he really doesn’t want to get involved in things like this.

Krystal tells Babe she must know that she is Jamie’s world and she is all that matters to him. Babe tells her mother that she knows that she broke up with Tad for a very similar reason. She tells Krystal that Jamie needs to have the opportunity to be a doctor. She tells her mother that she must look into the future and see what Jamie is giving up. Krystal says even if that were true, even if Jamie is a very successful doctor 10 years from now, he will always believe that there is something more important that he gave up. Babe says it is for that very reason that she needs her help with cutting Jamie loose.

Ryan overhears Erin and a guy who wants to ask her out. She tells him thank you but she is already seeing somebody and is happily in another relationship. Erin seems like she is happy and healthy and unaffected by the sick Lavery family. He tells her he remembers that very rude guy that had a problem with his coffee drink and who verbally abused her. She tells Ryan that she doesn’t let things like that upset her. Life is too short to be angry. He privately thinks to himself that his little sister escaped all of the damage that happened in his family. He says she must have beat it and he just wishes he knew her secret.

Julia tells Zach that she has no choice except to run. She is not stupid. People are catching on to where she is. He asks her if she plans to run forever. She says she knows she cannot trust Kendall Hart.

Jack tells Kendall that Greenlee needs to get over Ryan. It will only damage her if she hangs onto him. She can find another love. She can have a future. But Kendall tells Jack that Greenlee is not about to get over Ryan. Jack tells her that doctors told Greenlee she cannot have Ryan’s baby even if she wanted. And Ryan is dead. And they need to help her heal. Kendall asks what he thinks she can heal into. A zombie? Without Ryan and his baby, it will destroy Greenlee. She tells him she understands that he wants Greenlee to get over Ryan and having his baby. But she tells him if there is something she can find to help Greenlee, she will find it. Kendall tells Jack that she’s very worried what will happen to Greenlee if she is forced to do what he thinks she should do. Jack asks her what she means by that. She tells him she must give Greenlee hope. He tells her that doctors say that Greenlee cannot have another baby. What does Kendall believe would give Greenlee hope? Spending the rest of her life worshipping a picture of deceased Ryan? Keeping a lock of his hair? Talking to him on a Ojai board? He tells her if that is the future that Greenlee has, then she’d have been better off going off that cliff with Ryan.

Zach takes Julia back to Wildwind. He tells her she can stay there until he can find her “another life”. She tells him nothing personal. But she does not want “another life”. She’s already been living with false identities and false lives for too long. He tells her that since he is not the government, maybe he can be more creative and let her have better choices. But she doesn’t want to go for that.

Erica asks Josh why he refuses to testify against Babe. He tells her that when he’s forced to uphold the law, he might forget what specific issue he’s upholding the law with. If he has to testify against Babe for breaking the law, he might forget that it’s not Greenlee’s illegally breaking and entering his father’s fertility clinic and stealing his samples. Erica tells Josh that is completely different. He asks why. Breaking the law is breaking the law. You cannot live by double-standards believing in some cases, somebody can get away with it, while in other cases they cannot. But she tells him that he must realize that Babe Carey is not just a person who made a mistake and who’s illegal behavior could be overlooked. He must realize what a vile, despicable worthless creature he is letting off the hook. He tells her he will take his chances. The last thing a woman who is fighting for her child needs is to be bullied in court.

Babe tells Krystal that she must find a way to make Jamie want to dump her. But it won’t be easy. He’s as loyal to her as his father is to Krystal. Krystal suggests she steals from his family. Maybe she could stage an affair. But Babe knows that Jamie will not buy any of the plans they have to make him want to dump her. And they both admit that it’s near to impossible to get Jamie to turn on her. His heart is as big as anything you could imagine. But Babe then comes up with a plan that Krystal tells her may be too drastic. She tells her mother it might be the only way to force Jamie’s hand, and in turn, enable him to have his future as a doctor. Krystal tells her daughter she is not certain this is right. She and Jamie have such a special thing. Maybe she should just wait. Babe says for what? For JR and Jamie to reconcile? For Dixie’s magic wand to change JR? Those plans have failed. They admit that they hate what she is forced to do. But she says she has to go through with “this”. And she tells her mother that this is her last “typically screwed up” way of loving Jamie. Krystal asks her daughter what about her. Babe says she will make JR pay for the rest of his life for his behaviors.

Josh tells Erica that she would not want to fire her supervising producer at a time like this when she needs him. And perhaps she should tell that to her “friend” JR. he goes out the door. And JR asks Erica why she will not fire Josh if he refuses to testify for him. She tells JR that Josh’s testimony probably wouldn’t do any good anyway. And she really doesn’t want to get involved in this. She has other concerns. She also reminds him that he failed to come through for her in getting Kendall to dump Zach. So why should he demand that she and Josh do what he wants? JR tells Erica that the next time she needs “help” with Kendall, she needs to ask her hot-shot supervising director.

At the hospital, Kendall talks to Jack and Dr. Madden about how she will not give up in helping Greenlee get what she wants.

In a desperate attempt to “communicate” with Erin, Ryan gets on the phone and calls the other waitress. He talks like he is a radio contest announcer and tells her if she can answer some trivia questions, she can win a queen sized bed for her friend Erin. She successfully answers all the questions. He then asks for her address and phone number. She answers that he’s calling a business. And instead, she gives him Erin’s home phone and address. And right then, it looks like Ryan has gotten just want he wanted.

Julia tells Zach she needs to go out on her own without his help. She tells him that she needs to have the life that she wants even if it’s just for a week or month. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, it’s better than the life she’s had to have under the witness protection program. He asks her why she would want so much to go back to her life as Julia. It’s a death sentence. He then tells her that there is only one way that she can “be Julia”. And right then, he concludes that he knows what she is planning on doing.

Babe goes to find Josh. He tells her she looks totally stressed out and asks her what is going on. She tells him she wants him to have sex with her.

Jack tells Greenlee that he wants to be there for her and help her. As soon as Dr. madden releases her, he wants to get her home where she can rest and get better. And they can start planning Ryan’s memorial. He tells her he thinks that will help. Greenlee does not respond or speak. Simone tells Jack that that might not be a great idea. That is not what Greenlee wants.

Outside the room, Kendall tells Dr. Madden that he is the fertility king. And he must know of a way that Greenlee can have a baby with Ryan’s sperm, even if there is something wrong with her reproductive cycle and she cannot carry it. Dr. Madden admits that there is one way.

Right then, Ryan is hiding in the bushes spying on Erin’s home. He thinks to himself that she has a nice place to live and a nice life. He then tells himself that she does not need him messing up her life and he has to leave her alone. But right when he’s ready to get up and leave, Erin comes out. She seems to know exactly who he is. She says: “let’s stop the games, Ryan. Why don’t you just come in and talk to me.”

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