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Babe comes to confront JR; he asks her what she wants. She tells him that she has officially given up. She tells him that JR vs. herself and Jamie is over, and he wins.

After Tad suggests that somebody might have cut Dixie’s brakes in an attempt to kill her, she insists that nobody wants her dead. Tad tells Di that he knows about her ex-boyfriend, and his track record. Di tells him that she heard Derek confirm; there’s no evidence of the brakes being tampered with. She tells him that some cars are just temperamental; there’s no cause for suspicion. But, he tells her, he really believes that there is somebody who wants to kill her.

Just as Greenlee is telling Dr. Madden that if there is any possibility of getting re-inseminated by Ryan’s samples, she’d like to try again, Jack comes in. He tells her, astonished, that she cannot be serious about having Ryan’s baby.

Ryan is sitting at a restaurant. He sees a waitress whom he believes could be Erin. He then has a flashback of his sister as a child. He hears himself telling her that he’s found her.

Kendall walks in on Julia hugging Zach. Kendall asks Julia what is Julia doing back in Pine Valley, and why is she in her (Kendall’s) husband’s arms? Julia identifies Kendall as Kendall Hart. Kendall informs Julia that Kendall Slater is the way her name is written on her marriage certificate. Hearing that, Julia asks Zach why he would marry Kendall, when he is in love with Maria? Kendall is the anti-Maria. Kendall asks Julia why is she not still in witness protection, and asks Julia where her husband is. And, she tells Zach, she knows that he’s only her husband, but she’d like to know what he was doing with Julia.

After hearing Babe announce that she will break up with Jamie, JR asks her...why would she suddenly decide to do the right thing? Babe tells him that she will not let JR hold his brother down. Hearing this, JR tells Babe that holding down Jamie is her job, not his. Babe tells JR that Jamie is so many times the man he is; Jamie is a quality person. She tells JR to call all the lawyers and put that plans into motion that gives Jamie everything Phoebe’s will grants him. Hearing that, JR (surprisingly) tells Babe that maybe he made a mistake, and should rethink this.

Tad tells Dixie that even if she does not believe there was foul play with her brakes, she must remember the bank robbery. He reminds her that when he offered himself as a hostage, the dude grabbed her and threatened her life, as though he had a personal reason to do so. Tad reminds Dixie that twice in a week she’s nearly lost her life. She says so what?  She just got a few close calls. He reminds her that as soon as she got out of jail, a car tried to mow her down. She insists that her ex, Kevin, has no motive to want her dead. Tad tells her that she must know Tad is onto something. He tells her that one “near miss” might be coincidental, and two may or may not mean anything. But three kind of confirms that somebody is trying to kill her. Dixie asks him why he wants to rehash this. He tells her, because he does not want to risk losing her again.

While Ryan is at a restaurant, he observes two waitresses talking. A guy walks in, and they surprise him; it’s his birthday. Ryan watches. Believing that one of them is Erin, he thinks to himself that he’s so happy Erin was able to escape the “curse of the Laverys” and find a good life for herself.

Jack tells Greenlee that he, Erica, Reggie, and Lily will all be there to help her get through this time. But, she tells him, she wants to have Ryan’s baby. She tells Dr. Madden that if he tries to fight her, she will take him to court and do whatever she can to “take him down”. And, she asks him if he has any more of her husband’s samples. Dr. Madden tells Jack that he’d like to talk privately with Greenlee, since she is his patient. Dr. Madden confirms to her that there are more of Ryan’s samples at the clinic.

Ryan overhears a hostile customer telling the waitress who could be Erin that she is an idiot for not making his coffee the way he wants. He gets very abusive towards her. Ryan approaches them and is ready to intervene.

Kendall tells Zach that Julia is very radioactive; anybody who is around her could be a target for a killer. Zach tells Kendall to stay out of it. And, he tells Julia, he gave her sister his word that he would protect Julia. Hearing that, Julia tells Zach that even if she trusts him, she does not trust Kendall. She says that she remembers what a selfish jerk s Kendall is. But, Zach tells Julia, he promises that Kendall will not turn her in. But when Kendall is alone with Zach, she gets on her cell phone and tells him that she didn’t make any promises; she is calling the FBI. Zach immediately pulls the phone out of her hands and reminds her that he gave Julia his word.

Dixie tells Tad that she sincerely does not believe that anybody is out to kill her. She asks him if he believes for a moment that she would put her grandson at risk. She tells him that she has too much to lose; she has a family. She is not going to be brave, or stupid, or put herself at any risk. Dixie tells Tad they have a lot going on, right now. For one thing, their grandson’s christening. Also the problem that their respective sons are having with each other. She tells him, right now, that it’s family first. He tells her that he will stop assuming what he told her earlier. He likes to be right, but he will trust in what Dixie is saying.

JR gives Babe some orange juice and makes nice. Babe asks him if the juice is doped. He asks her, what would she say, if he stopped his whole grudge against Jamie. She tells him that if he did that, then he must have asked the devil for his soul back. He tells her that sometimes all the fights and paybacks become too empty. Hearing that, she asks him if he “found religion” before or after he falsely accused Jamie of attempted murder. He tells her that perhaps he made a mistake. He finally got his mother back and may have freaked when he thought she was in danger. She tells him that she just wants him to stop doing everything he can to prevent Jamie from being happy. He tells her that maybe he can do that as a wedding present for them. Babe sounds like she believes JR is sincere about being a nice guy. But right then, he busts out laughing and calls her bluff. She tells him that he can laugh all he wants, but she has dumped Jamie and that means he must honor Phoebe’s will. JR replies that he does not have to do that. If she dumps her boyfriend for no apparent reason, then Jamie will still have to spend the rest of his life as a grease monkey. And they are both still losers.

After the hateful abusive guy yells at “Erin”, she is gracious and friendly to him and apologizes for failing to do her job. He then apologizes for taking out his problems on her. Ryan then sits down and decides he will not intervene in their conversation.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that although he has extra samples of Ryan’s sperm, it’s not as simple as that. She tells him that she will do whatever she needs to do during a pregnancy. She is young and healthy, and there is no reason why she cannot go to term with Ryan’s baby. She notices his dismal expression and asks if there is any reason why she cannot.

Kendall asks Zach, why is he putting himself in the line of fire?  He tells her that Julia is Maria’s sister. She asks him why he thinks he owes Julia anything. She tells him that if he puts himself in danger, than Kendall is also in danger.

Kendall tells Zach that there are guys who want to kill Julia, and they are very serious about getting the job done. Kendall tells Zach that she’s had enough death for one life, and is ready for this to be over. She informs Zach that she’s been trying to call him all today and all last night to let him know that Greenlee lost her baby.

Greenlee tells Dr. Madden that she will do whatever she needs to do in order to keep herself completely stress free during her next pregnancy. He tells her that stress is not the problem. She tells him there should not be a problem. But, he tells her, she cannot carry another pregnancy to term. She tells him many women have miscarriages and later on have perfectly normal pregnancies. He tells her that happens when they do not know the cause for the miscarriage. But in her case, they know exactly why she miscarried. He knows that there is medical evidence that her body will not be able to keep another embryo.

While observing Erin and her co-workers at the restaurant, Ryan thinks to himself about what Jonathan could have done to make his sister leave Atlantic City. He notices that she looks so happy and inquires whether he should just get out and leave her alone.

JR tells Babe that Phoebe’s will said nothing about a condition where if she leaves Jamie, he’d get the money. He tells her that in order for that to happen, Jamie would have to dump her. He tells her that Phoebe knew that Babe was a loser. She reminds him that Phoebe never even met her. He makes comments about her being too stupid to read or comprehend a will; she might need Little Adam to help her. And, he tells her, she is screwed. She lashes out at him, telling him that he is a dirty rotten son of a bitch.

Babe asks JR what he does he want from her; her head on a platter?  He says yes, with an apple in her mouth. She tells him she will find a way to torture him and let him spend eternity with his little buddies in hell. JR tells her that she thinks she is so selfless, to be making the ultimate sacrifice for her man. He tells her the only way Jamie cashes in on his dreams is if he sees her for the worthless tramp she is and dumps her. He then tells her if she does not mind, he and his son have a “father and son” meeting to attend to.

Aiden enters his and Tad’s office. Aiden remarks about how hot it is. Tad is on his computer and asks Aiden if he can help him cover Dixie 24/7. He tells Aiden that he is very worried about all that he has found out about her life. And, he tells Aiden, this is urgent and cannot wait.

Alone, it looks like Dixie is not as confident as she appears to Tad; that she has nothing to worry about.

After hearing Dr. Madden tell her she cannot carry another pregnancy, Greenlee tells him that he must have listened to Jack telling him that he disapproves of her having Ryan’s baby. He tells her he does not agree with Jack; he’d do anything he could in order to help her get pregnant if it were possible. But it’s not possible. She tells him she’d like to get another opinion.

After finding out that Greenlee lost her baby, Zach tells Kendall they must offer her support. But he is also concerned for Julia Santos. He tells Kendall that if she turns Julia in then Julia will die. He asks Kendall if she wants that on her conscience. She replies that she does not owe anything to Julia. He promises Kendall that he will make sure she is not in any danger while he helps Julia. He tells her that she should go and be with Greenlee, and that he is truly sorry for Greenlee’s loss. Kendall tells Zach that he may tell Julia she is safe with her; she will keep her mouth shut. He then goes and discovers that Julia has disappeared. Kendall tells him that now he needs no longer worry and is off the “hero hook.” But, he tells her,nhe’s not even close to giving up.

Right then, Julia wears dark glasses and keeps a hood over her head while she’s at the bus station ready to board a bus.

Babe sits alone and remembers JR telling her that the only way Jamie will get Phoebe’s inheritance is if he officially dumps her.

Tad and Aiden go to make the rounds in order to protect Dixie.

At the same time, Dixie goes to a payphone, identifying herself as Di Kirby, asking somebody to give somebody a message that she will keep a secret for them as long as they do not put anybody she loves in danger. But if they do not come through, she will blow their plan and expose them.

After Dr. Madden has given Greenlee the tragic news, he comes out and informs Jack that he told her and she understands. Greenlee cries.

Ryan sits at the restaurant not knowing what to say or do in regard to the young woman whom he believes is Erin. Suddenly she approaches him and asks if there is anything she can get for him.

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