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Greenlee is obviously having a dream that she awakens in the hospital and a nurse introduces her to her son. While she sleeps in her hospital room, Dr. Madden checks her vitals. Outside the hospital room, Dr. Madden informs Kendall, Jack and Erica that Greenlee will be just fine.

Zach takes Julia to see Edmund’s memorial plot in the mausoleum. She tells him that she believes he is somehow responsible for her brother-in-law’s death as well as her husband’s death.

At the police station, Tad arrives. Dixie admits that she called him, because she believes he has the right to know about both of his sons. JR protests that Jamie ruined Dixie’s brakes in an attempt to kill her and himself. Jamie protests that he is being falsely accused. Derek reports that he is having a thorough investigation concerning what happened to Dixie’s brakes.

Greenlee awakens in the hospital room. Kendall appears and asks her if she remembers what happened last night. Dr. Madden rushed her there. Kendall informs Greenlee that she had a miscarriage. Greenlee asks how it could have happened. Kendall cries. Jack and Erica come into her room with Dr. Madden. Greenlee accuses Dr. Madden, telling him that it was his fault she lost her baby, because he forced her to go to the hospital. He tells her that he did everything he did in order to save her baby. But, she tells him, he must have tricked her. When he examined her in the hotel, he must have drugged her or done something. Erica asks Jack and Dr. Madden to come outside with her. Kendall is alone with Greenlee. Greenlee tells Kendall that Dr. Madden must have done something to make her miscarry. Kendall tells her that she has had a terrible last couple of hours. Greenlee says it could not be. But, Kendall reminds her that she was with her last night; Greenlee was spotting. They called Dr. Madden and he brought her to the hospital, but it was too late. She assures Greenlee that Dr. Madden did everything he could, but could not save her baby; it just happened. She tells Greenlee how sorry she is. Greenlee turns her head away and cries.

Zach tells Julia he’s sorry that she lost her husband. She tells him if it’s something that you “lose” you can find it again. But, thanks to Zach and his friends, she will never see her husband again. She tells him how her life has been worthless while in the witness protection program. She says that nobody can live with that much protection, especially not a man like her husband. He was so much more than the restricted life he was forced to live. You cannot put a lion in a cage. And, the program took everything away from him. She says that the program makes you forget everything that makes you, yourself. Zach tells her that, sometimes, people can have new lives. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear his excuses. He tells Julia that he’s trying to help her. She tells him that it sucks the life out of one’s soul. She looks at Edmund’s memorial plaque, and she tells him there is no safe place and she is not leaving this mausoleum with him.

JR makes comments about how it’s a good thing that Jamie will never be able to practice medicine, because one slip of a scalpel and somebody could die if he wanted to end that person’s life. Derek then comes out and reads the report. There is no evidence that the brakes have been tampered with. JR protests that this report is inconclusive. Tad and Dixie tell him, he must give it up. Babe informs him that he wants to falsely accuse Jamie. Derek tells JR that he should be grateful. He and his mother are OK. And, Derek tells JR, he refuses to falsely arrest Jamie for something he did not do.

Erica asks Dr. Madden if there is something she and Jack can do for Greenlee. He tells her yes; stay close, and he will come back to check on Greenlee later. Jack tells Erica that his heart just aches for his daughter. It wasn’t enough that she lost Ryan; now she loses their baby. Erica knows that there is more Jack needs to tell her. He admits that he is greatly relieved; Greenlee is now rid of Ryan. Nothing more will remind her of him. And, he says, he wants to be there in order to help his daughter every step of the way.

Julia tells Zach that she refuses to go back into hiding. She will not have any more false names or identities. She takes out her gun and tells him she will use this, and a knife, and her hands, and anything else she can grab in order to protect herself. She tells him that her life is not worth anything without her freedom. She then hands him her gun, and tells him to get it over with and kill her now.

Tad and Dixie attempt to get this idea out of JR’s head that Jamie did something to the car. But JR will not listen. Dixie admits to JR that not a whole lot is working in his life these days. They have an idea, something he could do. Why not have a “role play” where he gets to hear Tad talking like he is JR? And JR comes up with defenses for Babe and Jamie. Just 5 minutes of conversation. JR tells Tad that he wants to see his son get away with attempted murder. But, he tells them, they win. They can have their five minutes to talk to him.

Jamie is getting really angry about how JR has gone too far. Babe tells him that JR did not win this time, and Jamie cannot get upset over what is happening. He tells her that Tad and Dixie are giving JR 5 minutes before he can plan his attack. And, he tells her, there is no way he’s going away to college and leaving her in the same town as that terrible, no-good jerk who is ruining everybody’s life.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she cannot see the smug, proud look on Kendall’s face about how she was there for Greenlee. Kendall protests that she does not feel smug or proud. She wishes she that could undo what happened, but she cannot. Greenlee asks Kendall to go and find Dr. Madden. Kendall goes out and tries to find him. Erica asks Kendall how Greenlee is, and tells her that Jack had a court hearing he could not get out of. Kendall admits to her mother that she does not know how to do other people’s pain; she really sucks at it. Erica hugs her daughter. Kendall then concludes that this is not about her. She has to go and find Dr. Madden for Greenlee, and she has to do it now.

Zach tells Julia that they have established that nobody is going to kill anybody.  She can rest assured of that. She him asks who he is. He tells her that he is the man who loved her sister Maria more than anything, and he admits that he messed up a lot of things.

Tad does the role-play where he talks like JR. He says Babe is a piece of trash that ruined his life, ran off with his brother and he will never forgive her. Dixie then asks JR to “role-play” Tad responding to that statement. JR talks, uncomfortably, about nothing being Babe’s fault. Then JR says he cannot do that. Tad tells JR that he never got to be the ‘good son”. He says that he knows JR is upset with all the memories about how Jamie always got to be the hero, and JR got blamed for everything. And, after all these, years nothing has changed. Jamie is still the golden boy; he got the girl. And, JR is all alone, with nothing. He finishes and asks JR if he’d like to do the rebuttal. JR does not respond except to tell him that this “blows”, and he must go to check on his son. JR goes outside. Tad and Dixie talk about how the truth hurts. Dixie tells Tad that JR feels as though he is Cain, competing with Abel. Tad says it’s worse than that; he now wants to believe that his “good boy” brother tried to kill him and will get away with it.

Meanwhile, Jamie tells Krystal that he cannot go away and have to worry about what kind of crap JR will pull. Babe assures him that she has people who care about her, like her mother. She won’t let JR get to her. But, he tells her, JR can get her fired from her job. He can pull strings to prevent Babe from being with her son. God knows what else he can do. So, it’s not open for debate. Babe fires back, telling him what is not open for debate with her. She tells him that she refuses to marry him unless he finishes school. He tells her that he knows she will never dump him, and he refuses to dump her. She must get used to it.

Erica goes to see Greenlee, telling her how much of a loss she knows she’s suffered; first Ryan, and now the baby. And, she tells Greenlee, whatever she needs, Erica is there for her. Greenlee seems to know that Erica is sincere. Dr. Madden comes into her room. Greenlee asks Erica to talk to him alone. Kendall tells her mother she needs to go out and get some air and asks if she can stay with Greenlee while she is gone. Erica says sure, she will be there for Greenlee. Kendall tells Erica she just doesn’t want Greenlee to think that she’s ditched her. Erica tells her daughter that nobody, no sister, not anyone could have been there more for Greenlee than Kendall has been.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that he would never minimize or justify her loss. Regardless of how she got pregnant, he takes any loss of life very personally. She looks at him without speaking and does not look happy.

Kendall goes outside and runs into Lily. Lily asks Kendall if she can help her. Kendall admits that she needs someone to help her instead. Lily asks Kendall if she’s ever had a really bad argument with her husband or boyfriend. She asks Kendall what she should do about the fact that she really likes Sam but does not like what he’s done in refusing to believe that she’s seen a ghost. Kendall asks her whose ghost she believes she’s seen. Was it Ryan’s? Lily does not answer that but she expresses concerns that Sam refuses to believe that there are ghosts. She says she wants to kiss Sam. Kendall then tells Lily that love is what your heart wants to feel, and anger is the language of the mind. Kendall tells Lily that if she wants to kiss Sam, she can listen to her heart. If she wants to be in her head, she can argue with him. Kendall then admits to Lily that she knows nothing about love. Kendall tells Lily that she needs to go and find her missing husband. Lily tells Kendall she thinks she knows where Zach is.

Zach tells Julia that Sam and Maddie hold him responsible for Edmund’s death, and not without cause. Maybe if he had not come along, Edmund might still be alive. But one thing he can change. If he ever sees Maria again, he will not be able to tell her that her sister asked for his help and he turned his back on her. He assures Julia that he will not ever again hurt her family.

Jamie tells Babe that she must face the fact that she is stuck with him. He will not let her make any noble sacrifices for him. She tells him that they are not “stuck”. They are not a done deal. And, he had better listen to her because she is as serious as a heart attack. He tells her that he is listening. She tells him she can refuse to marry him; he cannot force her to do it. Unless he finishes college, she refuses to be Mrs. James Martin, and that’s all there is.

Tad tells Dixie that although Derek could not find “evidence” of foul play, that doesn’t mean there was no foul play. She tells him it could have been the rain and slippery road conditions that caused the brakes to fail. She reminds him that JR insisted on driving her car. He tells her if she’d been driving, she wouldn’t have gone out in this weather. He asks her, what if somebody really is after her?

After realizing that Zach might really be sincere about wanting to help her, Julia puts her arms around him. Kendall goes to find him and sees them together.

Greenlee asks Dr. Madden if he really mourns her loss. He assures her that he is sincere. She tells him then in that case, he must tell her that there is another vial of Ryan’s samples, and she can try again.

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