AMC Update Monday 8/8/05

All My Children Update Monday 8/8/05


By Lori
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Di comes into Babe and Jamie's apartment after JR, who is accusing Jamie of trying to kill them. Jamie and JR throw accusations at each other and Jamie challenges JR to a fight. JR tells Jamie that he was the last one to work on the brakes. Jamie says there's no way JR can think he would rig the brakes on Dixie's car. JR doesn't believe Jamie and asks him, why would he do such a thing? Is it because JR is standing between Jamie and his stethoscope? Babe and Di urge the two to stop their fighting. JR asks Di how he can take Jamie's side over her own son's. Di says Jamie is like a son to her and she can't stand to see him behave like this toward his brother. She says that no one is trying to kill them but JR is still convinced that Jamie did something to the brakes. Di asks JR to think about the cabin they were just at where Little Adam was born, and asks him to release his anger.

Julia holds the gun on Zach at Wildwind and tells him if he wants to die, today is his lucky day. She says there's nothing more he can take from her except the air she breathes. Now it's his turn to pay. Zach grabs the gun, knocks her down and takes it. Julia tells him to go ahead and shoot her. Zach says he doesn't want to kill her. She says she wants him to, because she doesn't want to live like this another day. She says she's continually changed her looks, her name and her job in order to hide and she doesn't want to do it anymore. She says it's been like this for nine pathetic years. She thinks Zach was hired to find her and kill her, but he says he doesn't want to kill her and hands her the gun. He says he's not one of them.

Ryan has checked into a motel in Canada to find his sister Erin. He has flashbacks about Greenlee. He gets on his computer to see what he can learn about Erin's whereabouts. He keeps thinking about Greenlee and tells himself to stop.

Greenlee has told Kendall that she thinks something is wrong with her baby and Kendall asks her what she means. Greenlee says she's spotting. Kendall says maybe that's normal, but Greenlee says maybe it's not. Kendall urges her to sit down and relax so they can figure out what's going on. A worried Greenlee asks, what if something is wrong with her baby?  Greenlee thinks she should go to a hospital but Kendall suggests they call Dr. Madden first. Greenlee calls him then gives her phone to Kendall, who explains that Greenlee is spotting. Dr. Madden says he'll come over as soon as he can. Kendall suggests that they do some investigating on the Internet to see if they can learn about her spotting. Greenlee gets out her laptop and Kendall finds some information that says minor spotting is normal. Greenlee is relieved. They sit down and relax and engage in girl talk until Madden arrives. Kendall answers the door and Greenlee tells him it was a false alarm. Kendall explains that they found some information on the Internet that spotting was normal. Greg says he'll check her out while he's there anyway, and Greenlee is glad. They go into another room for her to be examined.

Mimi and Garret are snuggling on the couch and start kissing, when Dani walks in. Dani offers to leave and come back later but Mimi tells her it's OK. Dani says she's just there to visit. Mimi gets called to leave for work and Garret asks Dani to stick around. He asks her, what he can do to get her to like him? Dani says she doesn't feel one way or the other about him, and it really doesn't matter. Garret says it does matter, as it would make her mother happy. And, it would make him happy too. She asks why. He says she has no idea how cool she is. Dani asks him why he wants to hang with her when he has so many business connections. Garret says that's business and boring. He tells Dani he wants to be her friend. He shows Dani a catalog photo of a gift he got for Mimi, but she is lukewarm about the gift. She says it's generic and he should get something that fits her mom. He likes that idea and gets a backgammon board for them to play. Dani says she guesses she'll be her mom's maid of honor.

Mimi and Derek arrive at Wildwind to look for Julia. Julia hears them arrive and hides, saying they can't make her go back. The officers barge in and point guns at Zach. Mimi tells him they're on a case. Mimi explains she's on a task force looking for Julia and called Derek in as a courtesy. She says lowlifes haven't stopped trying to kill Julia and they won't stop trying now. Zach doesn't let on that Julia is in the house. Mimi tells Zach that she'd like to rent this place and he needs to get off her property.

Ryan stares at himself in the mirror. He takes a razor and gives himself a buzz cut to change his appearance. Later while sleeping, he has a nightmare in which he sees Kendall and Zach while looking for Greenlee. He sees a coffin then sees Greenlee dressed in black. Greenlee tells him he has no idea how much he hurt her. Ryan tries to explain he had no choice. He looks in the coffin and sees himself. Greenlee says Ryan is dead and gone. Erin next appears in the nightmare followed by Jonathan.

Di tells Jamie and JR that they had a bond. Jamie says that's before he realized JR was a dirtbag. He tells JR to get out or he'll call the cops. JR says that's a good idea and JR gets on his phone and calls police. Derek arrives and tells JR and Jamie that they need to settle their differences. He has them both come to the police station. Di is left alone with Babe. They both lament on how close they were to getting through to JR and Jamie. Di says they have to keep fighting. Babe says no, it's done. She knows what she needs to do. A tear rolls down her face.

Julia comes out of hiding and asks Zach who he is. He says he's the man who's going to give her her life back.

Ryan does a computer search and finds an Erin Lavery in Nova Scotia. He says that's got to be her.

Dr. Madden returns to the living room and Kendall asks him if everything is fine. Madden tells her he's very sorry and Kendall asks him sorry for what. He says he has to take Greenlee to the hospital. Greenlee returns and insists that her baby is fine. Kendall says she's sure she's fine but it won't hurt to go to the hospital to check things out. Suddenly Greenlee has serious cramps and bends over in pain. Madden picks her up and carries her to the car.

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