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Kendall seems irked with Greg’s demand to know what’s going on with her and Josh at New Beginnings. She tells him that nothing is going on. Josh explains that he’s just helping Kendall with the umbrella caught in her skirt. Kendall asks Greg what his problem is. Erica, who has just walked in, says she’d like to know the answer to that herself.

Ethan goes to see Greenlee. Simone answers the door and Ethan expresses his sympathies to Greenlee. He says he has something for her that he has no right to keep. He tells Greenlee about his grandfather dying and giving his pocket watch to the nurse to give to Ryan. Ryan then gave it to him when he gave him the company. Ethan says his grandfather was proud of Ryan, and the watch belongs to him. Ethan says he’d like Ryan’s son or daughter to have it. He hands it to Greenlee. She is touched by his gesture. Ethan says he wants Ryan’s child to know he had a father to be proud of. Greenlee says she’ll make sure her child knows how much this means.

Babe and Jamie arrive home and Babe comments on how romantic it was that he sold his car to pay for a wedding. But, she says, she would give up a hundred dream weddings in order for him to go to medical school. Jamie says he would never leave her. Babe asks if this is what he wants 10 years from now. She says she hopes they have kids, and they need room to grow.

At the cabin where Little Adam was born, Di tells JR that something has to make him see what his vendetta is doing. She says he’s putting Little Adam in the middle of this mess. JR insists that Babe and Jamie trashed his life. Di says they didn’t do that; it was her fault. She says she abandoned him. JR tells her not to give Babe a get-out-of-hell-free card just because she feels guilty. JR says Babe will never know how much damage she caused him. She walked out on him. DI thinks his anger goes straight to her. She says she shouldn’t be forgiven, when Babe is forever condemned. JR defends Di, saying that she had an accident. Di tells him to stop letting her off the hook; what she did is unforgivable. She says she wishes she could take it all back. He should walk out on her because she deserves it. JR grabs her and hugs her, telling her he loves her and won’t punish her. He says they should get out of here.

Zach is lurking around at Wildwind. He’s calling out for the mystery person he thinks is hiding there. He walks upstairs, then is hit and falls down the stairs. He appears to be knocked out, and a woman walks over to him to check his pulse. Zach grabs her arm and the woman is shown to be Julia.

Greg apologizes for overreacting when he saw Josh with Kendall. Kendall tells Erica she stopped by to give her a gift, then leaves. Erica tells Greg that they have a few things to discuss. Before he leaves, Josh lets his father know that he spilled the beans to Erica about his crush on her.

Babe tells Jamie that her mother was held back because of her and she won’t be the cause of holding him back as well.

Erica sits down with Greg and asks him about the crush he’s had on her. Greg says she’s a very beautiful woman, so any man would feel that way. Erica says she knows they have a deeper bond than that.

Kendall arrives at Greenlee’s and Ethan and Simone leave. Greenlee asks if she’s OK with seeing Ethan with Simone, and Kendall says she’s not burning with jealousy.

Greenlee asks Kendall if she sees herself with children. Kendall says it’s not likely. With whom would she have children? Greenlee says she thinks her husband could manage it. Kendall replies that her only role will be as an indulgent aunt who spoils children. Greenlee asks how she’ll feel when she tells her that being a mother is the best existence on earth. Kendall says she’ll accept that’s how she’ll feel, but she’s sworn off love. Greenlee says she wants her to be happy. Kendall admits that she envies the love she and Ryan shared. Greenlee says she doesn’t want to sob tonight and Kendall asks what she can do to help her. Greenlee asks her to bring her the bag of sugar from the kitchen.

Julia gets away from Zach and holds a gun on him. She tells him to get out or she’ll call the police. Zach tells her she’s not supposed to be here. She tells him to forget he ever saw her; she’s just a nameless, faceless visitor. He reminds her she’s not nameless and calls her Julia. She asks, how does he know her name. He says he’s seen her picture and explains he knows Maria. He asks if Maria knows she’s here. Julia asks where Maria is and why is Wildwind deserted. Zach tells her Maria and Maddie moved to California.

Simone goes to Ethan’s hotel room with him. Ethan complains that even though he has all the money in the world he can’t make Greenlee feel better. Simone tells him he’ll always make her feel better.

Greg tells Erica he first saw her when her modeling career was taking off. During a reception he caught her eye and something magical happened. He says that up until then he had not believed in love at first sight. Erica says she hopes she was nice to him. Greg says he gave her an Indian head penny. Erica says she has to thank him for her good luck but is sorry she didn’t give him something as well. He says she gave him the most memorable evening of his life. He says at the time he was engaged when he fell in love with her. Later he got married and had a wonderful son. He says she was an unattained dream. Then, when he saw her again in Charleston, she was married to Jack and it was too late again.

Jamie tells Babe that people who claim to have true love still separate, like his dad and Dixie, his parents, and she and JR. People give up, he says. Babe says that won’t happen to them. Jamie says he can’t leave her to deal with JR by herself. She says she can manage.

JR and Di are driving home in the storm when the car’s brakes go out. JR tries to keep the car on the road but they appear to have an accident.

Simone is bowling with a grapefruit and knocks over some water bottles on the floor. Simone suggests that Kendall is still between them but Ethan says he and Kendall know they don’t have a future and are fine with it. Ethan tells her he wants to make love to her. They fall on the bed and she removes her dress.

Zach asks Julia why is she breaking her cover from the Witness Protection Program?  She asks about Sam and wonders if Edmund is off on an assignment. Zach tells her they have a lot to talk about. He wants to take her to someplace safe but she says she’s not going anywhere with him.

Jamie and Babe are lying down. He realizes that Babe will be fine without him here. She says she won’t be fine, but she’ll get by. JR barges in and accuses Jamie of trying to kill him.

Greg assures Erica he’s not still carrying a torch for her. Erica tells Greg she wants to ask him about Greenlee. He assumes that Jack told her about Greenlee and tells her the situation is serious.

Kendall cradles the bag of sugar on her tummy as Greenlee explains a teacher once showed her this as a warning to not get pregnant. Kendall says the best thing about Greenlee getting pregnant is seeing her get fat. She tells her it’s too bad Fusion doesn’t make a cover up for stretch marks. Greenlee says she’ll wear her stretch marks with pride. As Kendall continues to kid her about stretch marks, Greenlee leaves to go to the bathroom. Moments later she returns and tells Kendall there’s something wrong.

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