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Dixie tells JR that they must talk about Jamie. But, JR tells her, she can do whatever she wants; tie him up and gag him. Do whatever, but no matter what she says or does, he is done with Jamie. Hearing that, she tells him that is not the case; he can’t get enough! He just wants to obsess about making Jamie’s life miserable and going for the jugular. Hearing that, he is upset to hear her defend Jamie. He tells her thank you for coming back from the dead to be on his side.

Jamie walks in on Babe’s conversation with Josh where she tells him that she must call off the wedding.

Lily tells Zach that she knows Sam has a problem, hearing them talk about ghosts. But, she tells him, she promises not to tell anybody that she saw Ryan. Right then, Kendall appears and asks Lily what she just heard. Zach tells Kendall that she mustn’t harass Lily. He asks Lily to go inside his house, have a soda, and look at his books. But, Kendall tells Zach, she needs to hear what Lily just said. Hearing Kendall’s tone, Lily asks why she is mad at her. She says first Sam, and now Kendall. And, she asks, why is she making everybody mad? When Lily gets inside, Kendall tells Zach that she’s in no mood for his little tap dance. She wants to know why Lily said she saw Ryan.

Aiden goes to Wildwind and discovers Amanda. Amanda tells him that she was friends with Maria and Edmund. He asks her how she got inside the door. She says with a key. He asks, how would she have a key. He also notices that she is carrying a bag, and demands to know what is inside the bag. She refuses to show him, but he opens it and exposes everything. He then notices a large clear glass or crystal in her bag.

Josh goes to a restaurant and sees Danielle. She admits to him that Reggie will not forgive her for what happened. He apologizes for things being so screwed up and asks her if she wants to grab some coffee some time. She tells him that going out on a date with him is not a good idea. He tells her he’s not suggesting a date, he just wants to be friends. She tells him that she really screwed up. When she first met him and shacked up with him, she was so not herself, lying about it being her first time and having a boyfriend and everything. Right then, Garrett enters, interrupts their conversation and tells Josh that he wants to talk to him alone.

After hearing that Babe wants to break off the engagement, Jamie tells her that it looks like she wants to do that just because he wants to sell the car. She says it’s not just because of the car; it’s because he fixes engines and lives in this dump because of her. He is cheated out of going to med school and having tons of money because of her. He got charged with kidnapping a baby and has a criminal record following him around for the rest of his life because of her. He tells her that everything he did was his choice. She tells him she notices how excited he is when he looks into his doctor’s bag. She also says she notices how depressed he is, being stuck with this situation. She knows how upset he was when Palmer ran him out of the hospital. He tells her that she means more to him than any of that. She then tells him she will take this check and spend it on the biggest party she can throw, under the condition that he does whatever he needs to do in order to get into a med school and be able to finish undergrad school somewhere where JR cannot touch him. She tells him she will continue her relationship with him long distance. He tells her, “nice try”, but their wedding is not up for negotiation. Babe says she is not asking for that, she just wants him to go to school without her. They can still be together on weekends and holidays and travel. He tells her that by doing that, they are letting JR win. She tells him JR will not win; screw JR. She will not prevent him from having his future. He tells her that if he goes away, then JR gets his way. She then asks him if he wants to marry her because he loves her or merely because he wants to stick it to JR.

Zach explains to Kendall that he discovered Lily merely thought she saw Ryan. She must have read something in a book. Apparently, Lily believes in ghosts. Hearing that, Kendall seems to buy it. He tells her that she mustn’t tell Greenlee that Lily thought she saw Ryan. Kendall seems to believe what he tells her about Lily, but she is depressed and disappointed. She reveals that she, herself, had a vision that she saw or heard Ryan and thought he was behind that shed, but it was nothing more than rats. And now, there is no more hope.

Danielle protests to Garrett that she and Josh are just friends. She then gets a call on her cell phone and Garrett confronts Josh about his using Dani for one night. He tells Josh that Dani has been through a lot, what with her parents and their divorce, and being bounced around between living with each of them. And now, with her mother marrying Garrett. And, he tells Josh, Dani does not need some clown playing around with her.

At wildwood, Amanda protests to Aiden that she has reason to be there. But instead he gets on the phone to call the cops. She manages to get his cell phone out of his hand and it drops. He then tells her that he will personally escort her to the police station. And right there, it looks like somebody is watching them.

Babe tells Jamie that he must get this idea out of his head that JR can win just because he has to go away. JR cannot win as long as they are together. It doesn’t matter how far away they live from each other. But, Jamie reveals that there is something he does not trust. She senses that and asks if it is JR he does not trust, or if it is her.

JR and Dixie go to the cabin where his son was born. Dixie reminds him that two young women gave birth in a flash flood. She also reminds him that Babe delivered both babies and saved many people’s lives. She tells him that Babe brought his son into this world. She protected and saved the most precious thing in his life; his little boy. At that point, he does not seem to argue.

Zach notices Kendall carrying a suitcase and assumes that she is cheating on him. He asks her who the lucky guy is. She tells him it’s JR. She talks about JR being her lover and all. He asks if she is really interested in “junior” and sounds like he knows she’s bluffing and like it’s a joke. She tells him it’s not a joke; she is really serious about JR. But, he tells her, in order for her to marry JR, she must first get a divorce from him. She then admits to him that she bluffed about JR; she is not seeing him. That’s not the reason for the suitcase; she is going to spend the night with Greenlee. He then tells her that the deal is still on. She can stay in this marriage, or end it whenever she wants. Right then, there is thunder and Kendall acts as though she might be afraid of thunder. She tells him that her mother and sister both have a phobia about thunder. He asks, what about her? She admits that thunder and lightning remind her of the night when Bianca gave birth, and when they thought they’d lost Miranda. She then concludes that maybe they should stay married because divorce might just be another complication. She then takes her suitcase inside his house and concludes that she will not stay with Greenlee.

While Amanda is in combat with Aiden, she gets a call from her mother. It sounds like her mother is in trouble and wants Amanda to come home. Amanda tells her she cannot come home; she has school.  Besides, her mom has her dad to take care of her. But her mother doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. Aiden is listening to her phone conversation.

Josh tells Garrett that he cannot run Dani’s life. Garrett tells Josh that he will protect her from him. Josh says that Dani does not need protection from him as much as she might from Garrett. Dani comes in and asks them if everything is ok. Josh says, they were just getting acquainted. He then leaves. Garrett tells her she should stay away from him. But, Dani tells him, he needs to stay out of her business with her friends. Garrett tells her that Josh is not her friend.

JR asks Dixie what she thinks he owes Babe just because she delivered their baby. She says that he must realize that Babe was a victim also. She was all alone and thought for a long time that her baby died. He tells her that she did not share the “joy” with him when she found out Little Adam was alive and well. She ran off with Jamie and took his son away from him. But she reminds him of that night when Babe and Bianca got stranded in the storm and gave birth.

Babe tells Jamie that he must realize that they win, because they love each other. And, they will win again, when he gets his diploma and she is standing there by his side. She asks him to let her do this for him because she loves him. He tells her he loves her, and they make love.

Lily asks Zach if he explained to Kendall about the situation with the ghost of Ryan. He tells her yes and asks her about the ghost at Wildwood. She says she did not see a face or a body. Sam does not believe it was his father. But if it was not Edmund, who could it have been?

After hearing Amanda’s conversation with her mother, Aiden softens his tone and seems to be sensitive to her. But, she tells him, he’s only doing that because he believes she’s a real “head case” like her mother. She tells him that if he really believes she’s broken the law, and believes she’s nuts, why not get her put in an institution?  But he doesn’t want to get into that conversation, so he offers her some cash. She tells him she does not want money, she can take care of herself without anyone. He tells her that he just wants to be a friend. She tells him to go to hell and she leaves.

Kendall goes to her mother’s office and notices that it’s empty. She puts down a small box of jewelry and tells somebody it will have to be a surprise. Right then, somebody appears, startles her and taps her on the shoulder; it’s Josh. She asks where everybody went. He tells her that they are in the studio. It’s premiere time. She tells him that she and her mother had words, and she’s there to apologize. But, when they hear more thunder, she notices that she might be stuck there without an umbrella. She then discovers that she has one. She opens it and worries that it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside. She then notices that she cannot get it to break down. Right then, Dr. Madden enters, notices them together and looks angry.

Dixie tells JR that his life is not going to get any better if he hangs onto this need for revenge with Babe and Jamie. He replies that it works for him. She tells him that if he can let Babe and Jamie have a quality life, it will make his life better. She tells him that hanging onto this anger will not benefit him.

Garette tells Dani that Josh is real trouble and just a user. She tells him she feels like she’s flunking life 101. He tells her that Reggie was also a hard lesson, but she mustn’t feel bad. There are always other guys.

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