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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/3/05 


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Greenlee and Simone return to Greenlee and Ryan’s old house. Simone asks Greenlee if she is really ready for this. Won’t it be rough to return to the place that was hers and Ryan’s? Greenlee says she is ok. As soon as she gets inside, she hears and sees Ryan and all the memories she has of him.

Zach goes spying with a little device that helps him unlock a door at Wildwind. He gets the door unlocked and goes in. He goes out to the patio, then notices somebody else is there.

Jamie is playing basketball. Amanda notices him. She asks if she can get him some water, knowing he must be hot. He tells her he doesn’t want anything from her. He asks if there is any truth or substance to her, or is she just a package hired by JR?

JR goes to the garage to tell Babe that she had better leave his mother alone. He tells her that Dixie is not Jamie’s free pass to med school. If she does not leave Dixie alone, he will prevent her from ever seeing their child again.

Kendall goes to see her mother at work. She tells her that she should have listened to her long ago. Erica tells her daughter that those are words that all mothers want to hear. Kendall announces that her mother was right. It was a big mistake to marry Zach; she’s divorcing him. Erica tells her daughter that it’s great news, but she did not have to come all this way in order to tell her. Kendall then shocks Erica by informing her that she’s going to marry JR. Erica asks her if she heard Kendall right. Kendall tells her mother that yes, she heard correctly. They are headed to Reno as soon as the ink is on her quickie divorce to Zach. Erica tells Kendall that she applauds her decision to get rid of Zach, but perhaps she and JR should have a date first. Kendall tells her mother that she’s known JR a long time. She tells Erica that she was right to tell Kendall she needed real love. Erica tells Kendall that she knows she is friends with JR, but that’s not the same as real love. Kendall informs Erica that she has been sleeping with JR for a while. She reminds Erica that she knew she had to marry Jack when she saw the tree, so Kendall’s situation with JR might be the same. Kendall asks if Bianca might give JR back Chandler enterprises. She wants to put all her plans into motion. But, Erica tells her, she cannot do this because it’s too fast. And right then, Kendall calls her mother’s bluff and confronts her about her “plan” with JR.

Babe tells JR that he must be messing around with other women such as Amanda, Kendall, and she can only imagine who else. And, he should not get the idea that his mother is such a saint. She was in prison, just like Krystal is. Right then, JR accidentally slips on a mechanical wheel thing, hits his head and passes out. Babe seems to know that he’s been injured, but he does not respond to her or move.

Jamie tells Amanda that he no longer cares about her. She tells him that she came there to thank him for what he’s done for her. She also wants to apologize and give him whatever truth she knows, if he wants it. She tells him she likes him, admits she had a crush that is now over, and she likes Babe also. She tells him that she is a wreck. He tells her not to expect him at her pity party. He asks her how he should believe her now and know that this is not “apology game” number 6. She admits to him that he does not know that. But there is one thing he does know about her; she is always full of surprises.

Greenlee tells Simone that this place has so much Ryan in it. She wants their baby to feel it before it’s all gone. Ryan made her feel so safe and loved. Simone tells Greenlee she knows that this is killing her. Greenlee then has another memory of being with Ryan. He tells her about all of his spontaneous ideas. She told him he was her safety net and he told her that she was his also.

At Wildwind, Zach knows that Lily is hiding somewhere and asks her to come out. She knows that he broke in with a magnet to bypass the alarm. She tells him he doesn’t need to do that.

She informs him she memorized the code when she went there with Sam. He reminds her that they agreed she’d let him handle it. Right then, Sam enters and tells Zach to get out of his house. Lily tells Sam it’s ok; Zach is just there to help. Zach was afraid there might be a ghost there. Sam tells Zach he does not need his protection. Lily protests to Sam that Zach is not a bad guy. Sam asks her if she invited Zach there. She says yes, she wanted Zach to check for ghosts. He tells her that they need to get two things straight; first, there are no ghosts. And second, Zach is a bad guy. He always was and always will be.

Hearing that Kendall just bluffed her, Erica tells her daughter that she did a bad thing to “tease” her mother about divorcing Zach. Kendall asks her mother how could she have gone behind her back to JR?  Erica replies that she made a huge mistake and she had to do what she had to do. Kendall tells Erica that she married Zach knowing full well what she was getting herself into, with no expectations or potential for heartbreak. And, she tells Erica, it’s her life. Erica tells Kendall that Zach will cause her nothing but heartbreaks, because he’s a liar and a user and no good. She tells Kendall that he will only take from her. Kendall asks what does she believe Zach could possibly take? Erica then agrees to stop meddling in her daughter’s life. Kendall leaves and Erica gets on the phone to call JR. She asks him to call her soon because they have things to discuss.

At hers’ and Ryan’s house, Greenlee tells Simone about all the memories she has of this place. She remembers Ryan giving her a year anniversary necklace. She notices Ryan’s old comic books. She then shows Simone his fake tarantula. She gets out his catcher’s mitt and remembers going to a baseball game with him. She also remembers that after Bianca got Miranda back, she gave him a little pacifier and he agreed to have a baby with her. She then breaks down and cries.

Simone holds her and tells her that maybe it’s too soon, and perhaps they should come back later. Greenlee runs off. Kendall appears and sees her rushing out the door.

Lily tells Sam that she and Zach are on the track of ghosts. He tells her there is no such thing as ghosts. She shows him Edmund’s shirt and attempts to show him proof that there are ghosts. But he gets very angry at her, telling her he does not want Zach anywhere near his house again. He doesn’t want Lily near Zach. And, he doesn’t want her help. She protests that Zach is her brother-in-law and she has a case to solve. She asks Sam why is he so mad, inquires if he no longer wants her as his girlfriend, and she runs off.

Jamie asks Amanda how does she like living at Myrtle’s? Amanda says she cannot complain. It’s not the Chandler mansion, but it’s nice. She tells him it was so stupid for her to mess with Babe. She asks Jamie if he will forgive her. Right then, Dixie enters and asks if Jamie has a minute to talk to her. Amanda excuses herself and leaves. Dixie warns her stepson that he should know that Amanda is trouble. He tells her yes, mainly because of her son. SO, why doesn’t she worry about him and leave Jamie the hell alone? He ignores her and continues playing basketball. It seems he does not trust Dixie.

While JR is unconscious, Babe gags him and ties him into Jamie’s car. She wraps him in chains. When he comes to, he cannot speak or move.

She tells him she wants to talk to him. She acknowledges that she’s done some bad things; she had no right to take their son from him. But now she pays, and he wins. She tells him she did not do that in order to hurt him. She did it to protect their son. She understands some things, but she does not understand this 24/7 need for revenge he has. Why does he need to spend his life doing everything he can to hurt Jamie? She then takes the gag out of his mouth so he can answer that, and she impulsively kisses him. JR tells Babe that she’s a low life little skank. When he tells the judge about that, she will never see their son again. He asks her if Jamie is not enough for her. She asks him if his obsessive need for revenge upon Jamie is due to the fact that Jamie has what JR wants. He denies that. Right then, Josh enters and asks Babe if this guy is giving her any trouble.

While Jamie is ignoring her and shooting hoops, Dixie tells him that she sees him as her son as much as JR.

He informs her that she may no longer be concerned about him; he has his own family now. She asks how that is going for him. He tells her that JR is doing everything he can to ruin it for him. She tells him that people can change and she wishes he’d trust her.

Sam tells Lily that Zach is no good. Zach ruined Sam’s parents’ marriage and cannot be trusted. He then apologizes for yelling at her and reaches for her. But she freaks when he touches her, the way she never has before with him. He goes away. And Zach tells Lily he did not mean to come between her and Sam.

Right then, Greenlee goes to the park and plays with some kids.

Noticing Babe with JR in the car together with chains around him, Josh admits he’s not certain what to say or think. JR gets up to leave. Noticing them together in the car while he’s in chains, it looks like they might be “doing something”. JR gets out of the car. She tells him he will not win this time. She tells Josh she is worried. Babe tells him JR will not win this time. But when she is alone with Josh, she admits to him that she is worried.

Jack tells Erica that he took her advice, went to see Greenlee, told her he loved her and that he’d be there for her. But she can notice by Jack’s worried expression that something is very wrong. She asks him to tell her.

Right then, Greenlee is engrossed in her interaction with a little boy in the park. Kendall and Simone are nearby observing her, looking like she loves children and should have them. She then gets up to leave and the three of them depart together.

Alone at the Wildwind patio, Sam picks up his father’s shirt and seems to miss Lily.

JR finds Dixie and tells her that he had some things to take care of. She tells him she wants to talk about Jamie. He tells her there’s nothing to talk about in regard to Jamie; it’s settled. It doesn’t sound like JR will ever let up on Jamie.

Josh asks Babe if she is preparing for her wedding. She tells him that she knows there cannot be a wedding.

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