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Tad runs into Aiden. Aiden informs Tad that he’s read a newspaper article about the bank robbery. He tells Tad that he is a hero. They enter Tad’s office, and notice that it looks like Amanda has cleaned the place.

Babe tells Amanda that if the only way for Jamie to become a doctor is for her to break up with him, that’s what she will do.

Erica and Jack are in Greenlee’s room, noticing tons of baby accessories. She seems happy. But Jack is not talking. He informs Erica that Kendall should not have “gone all out” with all of this. He says that Greenlee should not be pregnant with Ryan’s baby.

Right then, Greenlee goes to the doctor’s with Simone. She wants to confirm that everything is ok while she’s pregnant with Ryan’s baby.

Ryan is out somewhere in a coffee shop disguised with a hat and dark glasses. He notices a waitress asking for his opinion of a photo of a waterfall on the wall. He introduces himself as Rick; she introduces herself as Naomi. He tells her he’s there looking for his “cousin” and shows her a picture, presumably of his sister, Erin.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that he wants to redo the blood work. Simone asks Dr. Madden how they can get the very best care for Greenlee, right up until the time they get to spank that little butt. Greenlee reminds Dr. Madden that she broke into his clinic and stole the very source that got her pregnant in the first place. She does not expect any first-rate service or favors from him. He tells her he wants to put that aside and is willing to overlook her behavior because he has something in common with her.

Jack tells Erica she must remember what they saw on that disk where Ryan almost beat Greenlee. Erica protests that he cannot vilify Ryan because of this one bad situation, nor discourage Greenlee from celebrating this new life.

Babe tells Amanda that she’s gotten Dixie to help Jamie. Amanda says maybe Babe shouldn’t trust that woman. She reminds her that Dixie only cares about JR. But, Babe says she believes that she also cares about Jamie. Amanda tells Babe that she will be moving out as soon as she gets out of the hospital. She’s been living on top of Babe and Jamie long enough, and she makes it look like she really is Babe’s friend.

After JR has found out about the bank robbery, Dixie assures him she is fine. He protests that a guy had a gun on her and could have killed her. But, she tells him, he didn’t. Tad took a bullet for her and saved her life.

Tad tells Aiden that he still believes that Ryan was a good man and a good friend, and it should not have happened to him. He tells Aiden that Ryan did everything he could to protect his family; it’s not his fault what his brothers did. He understands feeling the way Ryan did, regarding the situation. And, they conclude, Ryan will not be able to feel any more pain(they assume he’s dead).

Right then, while Ryan is at the coffee shop, the waitress notices his wedding ring. He tells her that she may disregard it because it’s “over”. She tells him that it’s his wife’s loss.

Hearing Jack’s reservations about Greenlee having Ryan’s baby, Erica reminds him that not long ago she made a similarly tragic mistake when she believed that Bianca could not be having Michael Cambia’s baby. She knows she was wrong, now that she sees how wonderful Miranda is. She tells Jack that she knows he is angry with Ryan. However, Greenlee loves him and loves this baby. Jack tells Erica that he does not believe it will benefit his daughter, if she has to be haunted, or stuck remembering Ryan and his rages. But, she tells him, if he holds a grudge against an innocent child because of that, it’s not cool. She reminds him that it took a long time for Bianca to forgive her for her own attitude about Bianca’s pregnancy. It might take even longer for Greenlee to forgive him, if he keeps holding a grudge. Greenlee is not as quick to forgive as Bianca is. She urges Jack to go hug his daughter, tell her he loves her, and be there to support her during her pregnancy and when she has her baby.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that he knows she took a great risk in order to get pregnant, and that is what he sees every day with couples who come to his clinic. He shares with her that he and his wife had real trouble conceiving and that is one reason why he opened his clinic. She asks if he will be her doctor. Dr. Madden asks Hazel to come in and start the blood work. Greenlee then remembers that Hazel did not like her. Hazel enters, asks Greenlee where her “Simone wig” is and if she should call the police. Dr. Madden tells her that he and Mrs. Lavery have made peace. Greenlee tells them that she knows she can be stubborn and hard-headed about listening to doctors, and doing what they say. But, for the sake of Ryan’s baby, she wants to be the best patient they could ever have.

Alfred from the bank comes to see if Dixie and Adam are ok. They assure him that they are. But, JR tells him, he has worthless security at his bank; Dixie could have been killed. JR tells Alfred that he will take down his entire financial institution because of how Dixie was put in danger. Right then, Amanda sneaks in and informs JR that his beloved mommy made a deal with somebody he does not care for. She asks him if he wants to know who it was.

Aiden tells Tad that Amanda is trouble; she’s a spoiled, selfish brat. She does not play by the rules, or listen to people, and she cannot be trusted. Tad gets on the phone to the hospital and asks if Amanda Dillon ahs been discharged yet. He seems to trust her more than Aiden does.

Josh enters Erica’s office and asks her how Greenlee is. He asks if his father has been treating her. Erica says his father has been wonderful. She’s very surprised. Not long ago, his father was threatening and nasty. But now he’s completely changed. He tells her something or somebody managed to get through to his dad. She then asks him what this “secret” is about his father. He tells her that his dad is probably going out of his way to make it up to her after being a jerk. She tells him there must be something more to it than that. Josh then informs Erica that Dr. Madden has been a fan of hers for years and has a major crush on her.

Ryan looks at the picture of Erin and has a memory of hearing her as a small child, telling him that he was the “bestest big brother she could ever have” and she loved him so much. The waitress comes and brings him extra food that he did not order, indicating that she wants to take care of him. She then asks about his “cousin”. He tells her that he’s trying to find her because his aunt is sick and her daughter ran away. The waitress tells Ryan that she hopes he finds his cousin and that he seems like a great guy to take such good care of his family like that.

Dr. Madden shows Greenlee and Simone the ultrasound. They can see the tiny embryo. He shows them the baby’s heartbeat. Simone says that’s the most amazing thing. An itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny little Lavery, she says. Greenlee tells her baby that she loves him or her already.

When Ryan shows the waitress the picture of Erin, she tells him she remembers that girl. She had car trouble, stopped in the diner to call a mechanic and was headed to Canada. He says that was great and asks what else may have been going on with her. She says it looked like Erin was trying to escape he looks to be doing.

Babe goes to see Tad. He asks what he can do for her. She tells him it’s about Dixie. Babe wants to know if she can trust her.

JR asks Amanda why should he believe anything that she tells him about his mother?  She tells him that she has some serious dirt on her and snuck out of the hospital just to tell him. She tells him that Babe persuaded Dixie to help her and Jamie. He tells Amanda he does not believe that his mother would ever listen or care about those two. She tells him he’s a naďve little momma’s boy who doesn’t have a clue, who’s just waiting for milk and cookies. Right then, he hears Dixie call to him. He demands that Amanda leave. She makes herself scarce.  Dixie informs JR that she’d like to talk to him about his brother.

Tad asks Babe why is she asking if she can trust Dixie? She says she does not know. But she remembers how Dixie came into town, lying and scheming and changing her story all the time. He admits to her that he had the same questions and suspicions until they got the DNA back. He admits that she may have changed, but is the real Dixie. Babe informs Tad that she asked her if she can come through for Jamie by helping him get into a school. She said she could. But, how can Babe be sure if she can trust Dixie? Dixie doesn’t like her and might have said she’d help in order to shut Babe up. But, Tad assures Babe, she can count upon Dixie to help Jamie; she does care about him.

Dixie tells JR that if he wants to be angry, that’s ok, but he cannot sabotage Jamie’s entire future. He asks her why she’d say that. She tells him that Jamie should have a chance, regardless of what has happened. And, she tells her son, she wants him to realize that they are still brothers.

Erica tells Josh that when she first saw Dr. Greg Madden in the restaurant, he looked familiar, like she’s seen him somewhere before.

Jack goes to Dr. Madden’s office and appears positive to Greenlee and Simone. They leave and Dr. Madden tells Jack he has some questions to ask him.

Amanda tells Aiden that he underestimates her.

Babe tells Tad that she knows they both want Jamie to go to med school and would be so proud of him. She tells him that his son has given up so much for her and she has got to be able to tie with him on that. Tad does not argue.

Ryan gives the waitress a tip. She tells him she hopes he can find his cousin. They smile at each other. He then takes off his wedding ring but doesn’t know what to do with it. He goes and gives it to a person waiting alone who looks poor. He tells the guy that he might need it more than Ryan does.

Dr. Madden asks Jack how does he feel about his daughter having a baby?  Jack tells him everything is great. Greenlee has a great support system and a family that loves her. This child will have more cousins, aunts and uncles and be very happy. Then he looks at Dr. Madden’s negative expression and asks him if there is a problem.

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