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All My Children Update Monday 8/1/05


By Lori
Pictures by Amanda
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David is messing with Krystal at his cabin over her contention that he knows something about Di.Something that would reveal she is not really Dixie. She urges him to tell her what he knows, but he resists. He is still upset that David exposed Di as a prisoner and says it destroyed Babe's chances of getting joint custody. Krystal insists that she and Babe decided together to reveal the truth about Di. David says he doesn't have a smoking gun on Di, but Krystal says she knows there's something; she can feel it. David asks her, what will it take to prove what he's saying? He grabs some of his truth serum and suggests they both take it and ask each other questions. Krystal refuses, so David drinks it, stumbles to the couch, lies down, and acts as if he's been physically affected. He says he's primed to spill and tells Krystal to ask him questions. She asks him what he knows about Dixie. David says what he knows is that he wants to take Krystal to bed so bad he can taste it. The reason he's over Dixie is that he wants Krystal. Krystal realizes she's been duped and gets up and leaves, telling David she hates his miserable, scheming guts. David merely laughs.

Di and Tad go to the hospital for Tadís arm wound to be treated. Tad still doesn't want to bother with it. He and Di continue to bicker about his stubbornness. Suddenly Di appears as if she's going to faint, prompting Tad to rush to her to see if she's OK. He makes her sit down and she says it's just the smell of a hospital; she hasn't smelled it since her kidney operation. Joe walks in, and wants to know what happened. Tad tells him it's just a scratch, but Joe looks at his arm and takes him into a room. When he returns, Di tells him she could not have gone on if he had gotten killed. Di says she thought one of them would die, no matter what happened. She wouldn't survive if she knew she lost him because of her. She tells him not to jump into danger again. He says he won't as long as she's not in the middle of it. They make a deal and shake hands.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam wants to know from JR whether he's going to stay or go. JR says his mother presented a good list of reasons to stay, but he's still planning on leaving tomorrow. Adam says Tad was right; if someone goes against JR, he's determined to make them suffer. Adam says he's sorry he hurt JR but he had good reason to doubt Di was Dixie. JR tells Adam that he just doesn't want his mother in his life. Adam tells JR that he is his life. He doesn't know what he would do if JR left; he begs JR not to leave. JR tells him he's so desperate to get rid of his mother that he sided with the Careys. He'll never forgive him for that. Adam says Krystal held the key to his mother's past. JR says he doesn't want his son raised around Adam. Adam tells JR that he'll leave instead and give him the house and all his possessions. It is his inheritance, so he might as well have it now. He says that this way maybe sometime he can come and visit his grandson. JR tells him to go pack and Adam says he'll leave first thing in the morning. He'll contact Barry and have him transfer the title into his name. JR realizes Adam isn't bluffing and tells him to keep the house; they'll stay. But he insists that Adam treat his mother with the respect she deserves. Adam swears to it.

Greenlee walks into the casino suite and is startled by what she sees. It's a roomful of baby things. Kendall walks out holding a giant teddy bear. She tells Greenlee she wants her to focus on the future and wants her child to be real to her. Greenlee cries, prompting Kendall to hug her and apologize since she thinks she messed up. Instead, Greenlee tells her that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Kendall apologizes to Greenlee for all the times in the past that she hurt her. Greenlee says that she knows Kendall loved Ryan too. Kendall's eyes well with tears. Greenlee hugs her and tells her it's OK, tears are good. She says they have to remember Ryan is not gone forever. She asks Kendall to be her child's godmother.

Kendall helps Greenlee practice changing diapers on a doll and tells her she'll get the hang of it. Kendall tells her she'll be wonderful with the baby. If she isn't, Kendall will smack her silly. Greenlee tells Kendall that she loves her and Kendall says the same to Greenlee.

Lily is startled to see Ryan in the casino's gazebo. Lily thinks he's a ghost. She thinks he wants to tell them he's OK, even if he's dead. Ryan simply nods. Lily says Greenlee will be so happy. Zach arrives and Lily tells him to make sure Ryan's ghost doesn't leave while she gets Greenlee. Zach urges her not to get Greenlee as it might upset her. People get upset about ghosts, he says. He suggests Ryan just wants to know if Greenlee is OK. Ryan nods again. Zach suggests Lily tell Ryan's ghost how Greenlee is. Maybe that will set him free.

Lily says Greenlee is very sad that Ryan is gone, but not as sad as before. She says the baby will help Greenlee get through it. If it's a boy she will name him Ryan. Lily says that Greenlee will be OK; she has the whole family to take care of her. She tells Ryan that he should be happy Greenlee has many people who love her. Zach tells Lily that she told Ryan's ghost just what he needed to hear. Lily is looking at Zach, but when she turns back toward Ryan he is gone. She asks Zach if that means she set his spirit free. Zach says Ryan is happy now, but she can't tell Greenlee she saw Ryan's ghost. Lily says Greenlee would be happy to know she set his spirit free. Zach says Ryan only wanted to find Lily to tell him that Greenlee is OK. He says Greenlee should think Ryan was at peace all along. Lily shouldn't upset her so he asks that she keep this between them. Lily mentions she saw a ghost at Wildwind and Sam thinks it was his dad. She says this ghost wasn't as easy to see. She just saw a light and then Sam found a shirt so he thinks it was his father. She says maybe she should go back and talk to the ghost. Zach says he'll go find the ghost and set it free.

Ryan goes into the storage building and gets his backpack. He thinks about what Lily said, about Greenlee. At the suite, Greenlee contemplates about good and bad times with Ryan; their wedding, when he told her he loved her and when he drove over the cliff.

Krystal goes to Chandler Mansion and Adam asks her what she found out. Krystal replies, nothing, but she knows David is hiding something. Adam reminds her that she has $10,000 of his money, and he doesn't seem to be getting his money's worth. Krystal says that she's not going to give up. She wants to know if this is Dixie as much as he does.

Zach goes to the storage building and Ryan says he's sorry he had to lie to Lily. Ryan walks out and says he won't return.

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