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All My Children Update Friday 7/29/05


By Lori
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One of the bank robbers grabs Di by the throat. Tad tells the robber to let Di go and take him. The robber says that she's coming with them and orders everyone on the floor. Di tells Tad that she'll be all right. Tad instead reaches for the gun of the robber and struggles with him. The other robber stands pointing his gun toward Tad. Adam grabs the gun and it goes off. The robbers then run out and Di yells at Tad for putting his life in danger. Krystal tells him it's the bravest thing she's ever seen. Alfred finds blood on the floor and asks if it's Tad's. Tad is gripping his arm. Krystal and Adam join in the verbal assault of Tad, with Adam calling him an idiot and Krystal telling him to think before he goes off like that. Tad takes off his jacket to reveal a bloody arm. Krystal says it looks bad, but Tad says it's just a flesh wound. Di cuts the shirt open and bandages the wound. Tad recalls a time when Dixie used a curling iron to treat an old wound. Adam tries to leave but Krystal demands that he give her the $10,000. Adam hands it over and Krystal leaves. Alfred tells her not to go but she insists she needs to leave anyway.

Greenlee is at the cliff where Ryan jumped and sees him in her mind driving over the cliff. Jack and David approach and say that the search for Ryan is still on. Lt. Begley comes over and says they've been directed to suspend the search. Jack orders him to continue it and he'll cover the costs. The lieutenant says they've been over this terrain about two dozen times. Jack tells him to go over it three or four dozen times. David suggests they let Greenlee decide. Greenlee calmly says that Ryan is gone and they should send the search party home. Greenlee says finding a body won't make any difference and that's not the way she wants to remember Ryan. She says finding a body means closure and she doesn't want closure. She says Ryan will be with her through her baby. She tells Jack not to worry as she's not dreaming about Ryan surviving and returning home. She says part of her feels weirdly calm. She says there's some place she has to be and leaves.

Ryan is in Zach's office going through a stack of discs. Zach walks in and asks him what he's doing. Ryan says he wants to see the recordings of Greenlee in the suite. Zach asks him if he wants to see Greenlee mourning. Zach guesses that he deserves that. Zach pulls out one of the discs but says he shouldn't watch it all at once. He then breaks the disc into pieces. Ryan asks Zach if he doesn't want him to remember Greenlee. Zach replies that dead men don't have memories. Zach says he wants Ryan to walk away and never see him again. Ryan tells him he won't. Zach tells him to forget his life with Greenlee and let her move on. He says there's nothing he can do to make Greenlee feel better. Zach tells Ryan not to ever appear in the media or apply for a job that requires a background check. And, don't drive by Greenlee's house to watch her or call her to hear her say hello. Ryan leaves, thanking Zach on his way out.

Reggie and Lily are at the casino playing cards with each other and arguing about the existence of ghosts. Lily says she thinks there are ghosts and Greenlee wants Ryan to be a ghost. Reggie says he guarantees there's no such thing as ghosts and no one can prove they exist. Lily says Greenlee needs to talk to Ryan again. Reggie says that won't happen. Lily replies that people believe in all kinds of things they can't prove.

Dani walks in with Garrett and Mimi and tells Reggie she's so sorry about Ryan and Greenlee. She asks Reggie to talk to her. Reggie remains unforgiving and Garrett interrupts them, talking about the show they're going to see. Mimi walks over to Lily and Garrett talks with Reggie. He tells him that Dani deserves his respect. Reggie says she screwed it up, but Garrett repeats that she deserves his respect and he better see to it that she gets it.

A sullen Greenlee goes to the gazebo area at the casino and asks herself if it's really true that she'll never see Ryan again. Ryan walks into the area, but hides when he sees her. Greenlee tearfully asks herself when she'll get over this. She closes her eyes and contemplates. Ryan stands just feet behind her. He imagines dancing with Greenlee.

Zach is in his office when a casino employee named Mike walks in and says there is a problem with a card counter. Zach tells him to deal with it and not bother him. Mike says this person claims to be his sister. Zach asks that the person be brought in and Mike brings in Lily. Zach explains Lily is his sister-in-law by marriage. He asks how old Lily is and she replies 17. Zach says if the gaming commission finds out they'll shut them down. Zach asks Mike how much Lily won and he informs him 211,000. Lily corrects him, saying it was $211,086. Zach asks Mike how did he know Lily was counting cards? Lily says she told him. Lily says counting cards isn't illegal so why can't she do it? Zach tells her she'll bankrupt him. Lily asks if it's OK for a casino to bankrupt a person, why can't a person bankrupt a casino? She gives Zach the money back and he tells her to return when she's 21 and he'll hire her.

Emergency workers arrive at the bank, but Tad refuses treatment. Di insists that they look at him but Tad says he doesn't want to go to the hospital. Di says he needs to go to the ER for treatment. Tad is placed on a gurney as he and Di continue to bicker. "Why don't you two get a room," Adam says.

Krystal goes to David's cabin and informs him about the shooting. David tells Krystal now that she's teamed up with Adam Chandler, She and David enemies. Krystal says he's just upset because Di pulled one over on him. She reminds him that he got Di to masquerade as Dixie, and then she turned out to be the real thing. Now he doesn't want her back. She says Tad has fallen for Dixie, but David would die before he let Tad win. She guesses that David found out she isn't the real Dixie. She wants to know what he knows.

Mimi asks Dani to be her maid of honor at their wedding, likely to be held in September. She tells her she needs her in her life. Dani says she doesn't know but Mimi urges her to think about it. Garrett tells Reggie that he doesn't care if he and Dani get back together, but if he puts Dani down and makes her feel like dirt, then he cares.

Ryan talks to Greenlee in his mind, telling her that he loves her but he had to leave to protect her. He tells her to have a happy life with their baby. Greenlee walks away. Ryan turns around to see Lily staring at him with her mouth dropped open.

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