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JR goes to see Kendall. He tells her how sorry he is about what happened to Ryan. He puts his arms around her and seems almost human. Kendall tells JR that hope is almost possible around him. JR tells her that she should not be so surprised; she should know that he’s the one guy she can count on for anything.

Babe goes to see Di/Dixie when she knows JR is gone. Di/Dixie asks Babe, why is she there?  Babe replies that she’s been hearing a lot about what a great mother Di/Dixie is, and she knows JR obviously loves her. She asks Di/Dixie, how far will she go to save her son’s life?  Di/Dixie assumes she means JR. But Babe tells her she means the other son; she asks Di/Dixie if she remembers him.

Jamie goes to see his father to tell him that Palmer has really gone too far; he’s got all the hospital board members putting in a vote. JR is right there with him. It’s not like Jamie even had a chance to do anything, but now he can’t even use the hospital copy machine. Tad tells his son not to worry. He tells Jamie that he’s very encouraged to hear how well he responded in helping Amanda. He tells Jamie that it does not matter what Palmer thinks, because both he and Joe know that Jamie would be an excellent doctor. Jamie then makes a comment that in order for things to happen, some people are going to have to die.

While Amanda is getting ready to be released from the hospital, Palmer stops by. He wants her to sign a disclaimer where she releases the hospital of all liability concerning Jamie Martin. He tells her that the hospital does not want to be held responsible for Jamie’s mistakes, and in the future Jamie will not be able to treat anybody who is admitted. But Amanda tells Palmer that she wants only Jamie to treat her, and nobody else. And, she refuses to help him get Jamie in trouble.

Krystal goes to her door and notices a $10,000 check. She opens the door and sees Adam. He sighs, and tells her that she’s his favorite ex con. He goes to her door, and tells her she can either cash that check or kick him out, but she cannot do both. She asks, why not?  He tells her because he has not signed it yet. She admits that she cannot decide which is the better deal and she lets him in. Krystal asks Adam why would he want to offer her this money, since she failed to deliver her end of the bargain; proving “Dixie” is a fraud. She reminds Adam that he must already believe he’s done her enough of a favor by springing her from the big house. He tells her that not paid her yet. She tells him then that he may sign, and consider her paid in full. He asks her what are they going to do about Hayward? She tells him that she doesn’t speak to David, and doesn’t care what he’s up to. He tells her that David has some sort of secret with “Dixie”. She reminds him that it could not be anything about Dixie’s DNA because it’s been proven accurate. But, he tells her, he still believes that there’s a piece to this puzzle that is still missing. He asks her to cash that check and find out what Hayward may have found out.

Tad suggests that maybe Jamie should finish his schooling somewhere else; he tells Jamie that at least he’d be away from JR. Jamie says he refuses to be taken away from Babe and Little Adam. Tad says that it won’t be forever, only temporary. He would have vacations and weekends. But, Jamie tells his father, he will no longer be intimidated by JR. Right now, winning is more important to him than it is to JR; he’s going to take him down. Tad reminds his son that Babe is the type of woman who will wait forever for him. Jamie tells his father that Babe should not have to. He also tells Tad that JR has gone too far; he offered to pay Amanda to break them up. Tad tells Jamie that he wants to go have lunch with him and talk. Jamie says he has other plans; he’s going to rub JR’s nose in “our good news”. Whatever does he mean by that?

Babe tells Di/Dixie that she is like a second mom to Jamie, and reminds her that she’s never been by the garage to visit him. Di/Dixie admits that she has not, but knows that JR has reason to distrust his brother. Babe reminds Di/Dixie that JR drugged her, tried to kill her, and tried to kill Jamie. She tells her that she knows JR might need her help; so does Jamie. He needs to have the opportunity to be a doctor. Di admits that it’s in Jamie’s blood. Babe tells Di/Dixie that Jamie’s chances of going to med school anywhere have been ruined because of herself. JR is stopping at nothing to prevent Jamie from having any kind of future, and today she watched all of Jamie’s chances blown to bits when Palmer came and ran Jamie out of the hospital. Di/Dixie asks if she should go and talk to Palmer. Babe says she’d also like her to talk to JR to get him to stop preventing Jamie from going to school. Di/Dixie asks Babe if she wants to get Phoebe’s money also. Babe replies that she’s not after anybody’s money; she’ll work all the extra hours she has to. Babe tells Di/Dixie that the point is Jamie needs some options here. Di/Dixie tells Babe that she’s asking for small miracles. Babe tells her that she’s there because Jamie loves Di/Dixie like a mother. From one mother to another, she asks her if she’s just going to stand by and let Jamie’s future blow up right before her eyes. Di/Dixie admits that there may not be a lot she can do to prevent that from happening.

At Kendall’s, JR asks her how Greenlee is holding up. Kendall says as well as can be expected. JR tells her it must be horrible. Kendall tells JR that she’s been lying there thinking that love really stinks. She tells him that every time somebody allows themselves to love someone, it ends in disaster. She tells him that she thought that Ryan and Greenlee could beat all the odds. Now she’s afraid that maybe they loved each other too much, and it blew up in their faces. Maybe they loved too desperately. He tells her that they both know what happens when someone becomes too desperate. He suggests that maybe you should love just enough not to be alone. He tells her that she will always have him. She says she knows, and is grateful. He kisses her. Kendall says that she cannot do this; it just doesn’t feel right.

Babe asks Di/Dixie if she is unwilling to help her because she’s angry about Babe ratting her out to Adam. Di/Dixie tells Babe that she is not angry about that, but it’s very complicated for her to help Jamie without coming between him and JR. Babe says that she is a major cause of their feud. Di/Dixie then concludes that it will be pretty difficult for her to wave a magic wand and cause JR to change when Jamie makes the choice to stay with Babe and gives up Phoebe’s offer.

Tad goes to see Palmer and asks him if he could resist, for once in his life, the urge to act like a bigshot. Palmer says that he is a bigshot and he tells Tad that he was one also, but gave it up. Amanda then enters and tells Palmer that Jamie saved her life and he has no right to treat him like that. Palmer tells her that he does not listen to the daughter of Janet from another planet, and he’ll see her in the psych ward. She tells him she hopes that they don’t meet up near a well any time soon. Tad tells Amanda that his son does not need her to defend him to the board members. Amanda replies that Jamie has what it takes to be a doctor and has to have the opportunity to go to med school. He tells her that he knows she’s still working for JR.

Kendall tells JR that she knows he was there when the whole Ethan thing blew up. He tells her he’s there now. But, she tells him, she’s been thinking that after what happened to Greenlee she feels shallow. She says she’s all for trashing love, but she wants something more. He tells her that he gets along well with her. They understand each other and trust each other. She says they are friends; he tells her he wants more. JR tells Kendall that he thinks he’s falling in love with her. But, she tells him, he cannot go there; they must go back to talking about how love stinks. She tells him that they have friendship, flirtation and hot sex. JR sounds like he wants a real relationship. She tells him she does not want to fall for him. He’s been really good to her; she adores him, but it cannot go in that direction. But, he says, he knows her; there would be no scary surprises. He tells her that he just doesn’t want to lose something that potentially could be beautiful. He tells her he does not want to be just her buddy. He tells her that he knows she wants more. He can be more than just a partner. He can make that sacrifice. He will give her everything except for the b.s. He no longer wants to make her feel empty; he tells her maybe she should give somebody who really loves her a chance. She should give that chance to him.

Krystal tells Adam that he should not be giving her money and having expectations for her. She tells him he won’t accomplish anything except to push his son farther away from him. He tells her that he knows she can help him with Hayward. He tells her that this “Dixie woman” was able to persuade JR not to move out of his house. But the old Dixie he knew would have helped JR abandon him. Krystal suggests that maybe being in prison has mellowed Dixie. He asks her if her prison sentence mellowed her; he assumes that it obviously did not. She asks him why he’d complain if this woman is the real Dixie, and is being nice to him. He tells her he does not care who she is and has no “beefs” with her right now. But, if she has some sort of secret, then he’d like Krystal to find it.

Babe admits to Di/Dixie that she has to live with the fact that she is ruining Jamie’s chances. And, if Di/Dixie does not help Jamie, then she herself will have to be the solution.  She will have to leave Jamie, so he can have what Phoebe willed to him.

Tad reminds Amanda that she must know the condition for Jamie getting the money, and the opportunity to go to med school, is to dump his fiancé. She says yes, but she absolutely refuses to do what JR said. She tells him that she is best friends with Jamie and Babe. He asks if she would never do anything to hurt them. She tells them that it was she who warned them about JR. She adds that she might have been good friends with JR when they were kids. Tad does tell her that she’s been finagling with JR, then with Aiden and then with him for a “job”. He tells her that between those two brothers is the last place she wants to be.

Josh Madden comes by Jamie and Babe’s after noticing an ad in the paper for a car. Jamie is alone in the apartment. He tells Jamie he’s been searching want ads for cars and it’s just a coincidence that the one Jamie is attempting to sell is the same one that he noticed Babe driving the other night; the same one he’d been slaving to build. He asks Jamie if Babe knows he’s selling it. Jamie admits not yet. Josh tells Jamie, for the first time, of his encounter with Babe when those clowns tried to steal his car. He asks Jamie if he knows what Babe went through in order to enable him to keep that car.

Babe goes to see Amanda, and tells her that she should trust Di/Dixie. Amanda does not see it that way. Babe tells her that Di/Dixie has really gotten through to JR. But, if the only way for Jamie to have a “happy ending” is for Babe to bow out of their relationship, then that’s what she will do. Amanda asks Babe if she is really serious about cutting Jamie loose if Dixie does not come through. Babe says she cannot marry Jamie if she has to prevent him from having his opportunity to be a doctor. But Amanda reminds Babe that she needs to realize that she loves Jamie and he loves her more than anything. And, she tells Babe, there’s no way that Jamie will let her go.

Josh talks to Jamie about the adventure he and Babe had with the boys who attempted to steal her car. He admits that she would not have let them get away were it not for his being an idiot, pulling her out of the car with the mistaken idea that he was rescuing her. Jamie hears that and laughs. He tells Josh that Babe knows how to rescue herself and says he wishes he could have been there to see that. Josh asks Jamie if the car is that important to him or if he went to the effort of trashing those punks for nothing.

Adam asks Krystal, what does she have to lose if she goes after Hayward?  She replies, her sanity and her reputation; what’s left of it. He finally gives up and tells her that if she does not work on David for him, then he will handle it himself. He goes out the door, but she asks him to wait and clarifies to him that all she needs to do is sniff around David, find out what he’s been up to, and dig up dirt on him and Dixie. Adam tells her, basically, yes. She then waves the check at him and tells him that maybe before she goes through with it, she should stop by the bank and cash this check; she doesn’t entirely trust him.

Di/Dixie goes to the bank and identifies herself as Dixie Cooney to Alfred. At first, he believes this must be some sort of joke; Dixie Cooney has been dead for years. But, Tad arrives, and informs Alfred that this is the real Dixie; she’s just had extensive reconstructive surgery. He assumes that she and Tad are back together and opening a joint account. They clarify that it is not. He then agrees to go and get the individual form for Dixie.

Kendall tells JR that he has a lot to offer her. He’s gorgeous and he’s sexy. What’s not to want about him?  But she tells him that she cannot see the two of them having a relationship. She tells him that before she makes a big mistake, they must stop before they regret it. She reminds him that he was the one who said love was for the naïve and the mentally challenged. He tells her that they can just go, get dinner, and take things slow. But, she tells him, she cannot go through with this and does not want to hurt him. She tells him she needs more in her life than what he can offer her. She tells him that they cannot do this any more; they are done. Hearing that, he looks very upset. He asks her why she cannot ever give him a chance?

Jamie tells Josh that the whole world has been dumping on Babe more than she deserves. He tells him that he plans to marry her in a few months. He wants a wedding with all the trimmings, whatever it costs. If he has to sell his car in order to afford it, it will be well worth it to give her the wedding she deserves.

Babe tells Amanda that she plans to marry Jamie in a few short months, but it won’t happen unless she can offer him better than what is happening right now. Hearing that, Amanda agrees that if JR will not let up, then breaking it off with Jamie is the best thing Babe can do for him.

Adam and Krystal go to the bank where Tad and Dixie are. Tad asks them, what are they up to? Adam tells Tad that they need not explain it to him if he is her ex-fiancé. Dixie asks Tad why he still does not intend to marry Krystal. Right then, masked gunmen come and rob the bank.

JR urges Kendall to get the money from Zach. She asks, how should she do that? Tell him that her boy toy wants to take back his daddy’s company? She says she knows he could never love her, and he knows it. He tells her that he’s just tired of being screwed over by her. He hoped at the very least that she’d go along with Erica’s deal. He reveals to her what she did not know about Erica asking him to “work” on Kendall so that she would divorce Zach. Hearing that, she tells him that he told her that he loved her, but it was nothing more than a deal he had with her mother. He slept with her and used her just for that. She demands that he get out of her home, and tells him he’s a lying egomaniac. He tells her she must come through on her promises and get his company back for him. She tells him the only promise she will make to him is to slam the door the next time she sees his pretty little face.

Josh agrees to buy the car but asks Jamie how will Babe get to work? Jamie says they will find a way.

Amanda tells Babe that she’s amazed she loves Jamie so much, she will let him go in order for him to have what he deserves. Babe admits that she hopes it will not come to that and JR’s momma will come through and perform another miracle.

At the bank, the masked gunmen demand that everybody give up their jewelry. Tad gives them his watch. Suddenly they grab Di/Dixie and take her jewelry. Tad, Krystal and Adam all watch and do not know what to do.

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