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When Amanda is in her hospital room, she responds to JR’s threats by hurting him in a very sensitive place. He’s in terrible pain for a while. When he recovers, he tells Amanda that he will make sure she never recovers.

Babe urges Jamie to realize that JR is a sleazeball; he must realize that Amanda needs protection from JR. She must be forgiven for the mistakes she’s made.  Then Jamie tells Babe he does not trust Amanda, because she revealed that she is in love with him.

Tad goes to talk to Di/Dixie about the “second best” love of her life.

Jack orders Greenlee some room service in her hotel. She tells her father that she is not hungry. Jack asks his daughter if he can do anything or get her anything. She asks if he has miracles. She reflects on how she danced with Ryan on the last night they had together. She tells Jack she’s having Kendall get the surveillance disc so she can have it and remember Ryan by it. He tells her that there are certain people outside who’d like to see her. She agrees to see her guests. Reggie and Lily appear. Jack leaves Greenlee alone with her brother and sister. Both Reggie and Lily tell her how sorry they are for the loss of Ryan.

Right when Ryan is ready to escape Zach’s office, he looks outside to see if anybody is out there. He sees Erica and realizes he must not go outside the door. She goes to the door and calls out to Zach, assuming he is in his office. Ryan hides behind the door.

Lily tells Greenlee, specifically, that she is sorry Ryan rode his motorcycle off a cliff; now Greenlee will never see him again. Reggie asks Lily not to get into all the negative details. But, Greenlee tells Lily that it’s ok because that’s what happened. Lily tells Greenlee she can always have memories and pictures of Ryan like she had of her mother. She tells them that one good thing has happened; she’s having a baby. Reggie tells her that will be great. Lily says she’s happy also and that must have meant that Greenlee and Ryan had good sex. Lily comes up with names for Greenlee’s baby. She suggests that some times people name their children after somebody who has died. Greenlee considers naming the baby little Ryan.

When Zach sees Erica outside his office, he asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him she knows about his surveillance camera. She tells him she knows that he had access to Ryan and Greenlee’s hotel room where he lost his temper after finding out Greenlee was pregnant. He asks why she’s concerned about that. She tells him she knows that he spies upon people and feeds on hurting others. Then she tells him she wants the disk.

Tad tells Di/Dixie about all of the dirty deals of her ex-boyfriend, Kevin. He asks her how could she take the rap and serve a prison sentence because of Kevin?  He concludes that in order to go to David Hayward for help, she must have been very desperate. She tells him that Kevin is not a dangerous man and there’s no cause for alarm. He tells her that it’s not open for debate; he refuses to put JR or Little Adam in danger from that dude who’s trying to kill her.

Amanda tells JR that she knows she will get what she wants. He asks her if she really thinks she can have Jamie or Phoebe’s money and he laughs. He tells her that no matter how clever she is in her scheming, some day she will slip up.  Jamie won’t be there to help her.

Babe asks Jamie if he really knows that Amanda is in love with him and believes she could have a chance with him. He tells her he doesn’t understand why but assures Babe that Amanda does not have a chance with him. And, as soon as she’s out of the hospital, he wants Amanda out of their lives.

Amanda tells JR that she knows how Jamie cares about her and that he will be available to her soon. But JR pulls out her mother’s prescription medication and reveals that he knows how she got herself put in the hospital. She demands to know where he got those pills. He tells her she’s not too careful about where she put them. He’s found them and if Jamie finds them, he’ll know what kind of a lowlife she is. She demands that he gives her the pills and fights to take them out of his hand. She bites him and she takes them from him. She then flushes the container of pills down the toilet.

Jack goes to Zach’s office and tells Zach that he needs to get rid of the surveillance disks he probably has about the very bad reaction Ryan had to finding out that Greenlee was pregnant. Erica tells them both that Greenlee wants the disk of her and Ryan together dancing outside in the moonlight before he died and doesn’t believe anything about Ryan could be so negative that she would not want to keep it. But Zach plays the tape of Ryan aiming his fist at Greenlee and backing her up against the wall and he tells Jack that these are the “memories” that Greenlee will have to live with for the rest of her life. Jack and Erica watch it in horror. Erica admits that she is shocked to see Ryan doing such a thing.

Di/Dixie tells Tad that Kevin was a very kind and generous man, but admits that he was also ruthless and driven in his business. He asks her if Kevin ever revealed anything to her that would get him in trouble. She tells him that Kevin was never violent to her. Tad protests that he did not have to be, because he could pay others to do it for him. She tells Tad that Kevin went before a grand jury.  The prosecutor went after him and tried to pin false charges upon him. She refused to testify against him, and that is how she went to prison. Tad asks her how she could do something like that. Di/Dixie replies it was because she loved him.

Dr. Joe Martin repeats to Jamie that he did an excellent job in treating Amanda. He tells Jamie that he must realize he has a gift and must fulfill it. Jamie then agrees to “assist” him in the hospital and says he can work it in around his schedule at the garage. Just then Palmer enters and tells Joe that he hopes he did not give Jamie a job; Jamie is nothing more than a lab rat. He tells Joe that the hospital should have a policy to not hire criminals.

After Amanda disposes of her mother’s pills that she overdosed on, she tells JR he may tell Jamie anything he wants; Jamie will not buy it. She seems very sure of herself, but so does JR. Just then, Babe walks in to talk privately with Amanda and is surprised to see JR in her room. JR excuses himself, leaves them alone and tells Amanda that she could “use a friend” like Babe. Babe asks Amanda if it is true that she wants Jamie. Is that what she plans to do to her “best friend for life”?

Lily talks to Greenlee about how Ryan died so quickly, like Edmund Gray. Reggie urges her not to talk about such morbid subjects. But Lily tells Greenlee that when she was with Sam in his dad’s abandoned house, she thought she saw Edmund’s ghost. Maybe Ryan’s ghost is out there also.

After showing Jack and Erica the disk of Ryan raising his fist to Greenlee, Zach tells them he will let them throw it in the incinerator. Jack agrees that it’s the best place for it. Erica does not dispute that and they walk out of the room with the disk. When Jack and Erica are gone, Zach tells Ryan he may come out of hiding.

After hearing Lily speak about the ghost of Edmund and of Ryan, Greenlee inquires about it. Reggie again tells Lily that they must not talk about such funky subjects and adds that he doesn’t believe in ghosts. But Greenlee then tells them that she can feel Ryan; he is out there somewhere.

Zach tells Ryan that he doesn’t know what he wants. First, he says, Ryan wants to be a dead man. Then, he wants to escape because he’s concerned about Greenlee. Ryan protests that he was concerned about Dr. Madden visiting her. He asks if Greenlee needed to be examined and if she is ok. Zach tells him she was having a bit of a rough time because she lost her husband, but both Greenlee and the baby are fine. He tells Ryan that after he made his choices, he no longer had the right to care or know about her. Ryan protests that he will always care about Greenlee, no matter what happens.

Di/Dixie protests to Tad that Kevin was always there for her. He visited her every day in prison. He tells her that Kevin has escaped and lives on the other side of the globe. He asked her to take the rap for his action, and where is he now? He tells her that the real Dixie he knew would never throw her life away for a guy like that. She tells him that his concern about Kevin is not about his need to protect JR or Little Adam. It’s because he wants to know about her relationship with Kevin. He wants to know about the other man in her life.

Jamie tells Palmer that he is not a criminal and that he has paid his debt to society and all. Palmer tells him that it is a “touching speech”, but he will personally see to it that Jamie never gets to work in this hospital and never gets to be in there, except possibly as a patient.

Amanda protests to Babe that she just had a momentary crush on Jamie, but it’s over now. Babe asks her just what is really going on with her in regard to Jamie. Amanda says perhaps she was not in love with Jamie, but instead, in love with the “idea” of Jamie. She saw how much he loves Babe and how he’s willing to throw away the fortune of money he could have and the opportunity to be a doctor, all for her. And that is really some special kind of love. She concludes to Babe that she knows Babe totally hates her and does not blame her for that. But, she swears to her, her “crush” on Jamie is history. Babe replies that she does not hate Amanda. Amanda asks if they are still friends; Babe says yes. But she does not seem happy or wanting to talk. Amanda can sense that Babe has something on her mind, asks her what’s wrong and tells her maybe she can help her friend. Babe confides to Amanda that it is true that Jamie has thrown away his future because of her and she is always having doubts that he made the right choice or that she has any right to prevent him from having what he has the right to have. But, Amanda tells Babe, Jamie is in love with her and she must not ever doubt that love.

JR tells Jamie it must really “bite” to lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime. All he can do in the hospital is change bedpans, not unlike oil pans. Palmer listens and Jamie tells JR that he is trash to be ganging up on him with Palmer. Babe enters and defends Jamie to JR and Palmer. Palmer informs them that a patient once noticed Jamie roaming the hallways and was horrified and didn’t want to be in a hospital that would let the likes of him wander around. He tells Jamie that he chose that little tramp and has no future on the hospital staff. Joe enters and tells them he wants to give Jamie opportunities. Palmer tells him as chief of staff, he gets to make that decision and Joe cannot overrule him. Hearing that, Jamie decides that he will not let Joe get in trouble because of him, so he will decline Joe’s offer to work with him at the hospital.

Di/Dixie tells Tad that she realized the alias of Di Kirby did not work the way she had wanted. She thought that when she found Kevin, she had the perfect escape. But when she saw Tad again, that stopped. She then realized that anything she felt for Kevin was no longer there.

Erica protests to Jack that she realizes what she saw Ryan do on the disk was terrible. But he’s never done anything remotely like it before, and would not have in the future. She protests that Ryan did everything he could to get help and own responsibility for his problems. But Jack does not see it that way. Just then, Greenlee enters and asks if they’ve gotten Zach’s disk.

Zach asks Ryan what he wants to do. Does he want to go and see Greenlee, take her in his arms, tell her he loves her, and make sure she is all right?

After Jamie has agreed to bow out, Babe tells him they cannot treat him like that. JR sarcastically tells them that as a member of the board of directors, there are ways he could “pull strings” for Jamie. Jamie says that he doesn’t want to fight this any more. He goes off, indicating that he is not content with the situation he is in. Babe calls to him about seeing him at home. But he walks off and makes to response to her.

Tad reminds Di/Dixie that he thought she wanted to talk about Little Adam’s christening. She then tells him she does not want to talk anymore and goes out the door.

Greenlee tells Jack and Erica that she does not understand why she cannot have the disk of Ryan right before he died. They don’t know what to tell her.

Ryan tells Zach that he does love her. Zach tells him, in that case, he can go back to her if he wants. Ryan corrects Zach in saying that he loves her but he did not say he’s going back to her. And, he concludes, he can leave town tonight.

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