AMC Update Tuesday 7/26/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/26/05 


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At the hospital, JR gets off the elevator. He meets Jamie and demands to know what he wants. Jamie tells JR he will bust his butt for attempted murder, assuming that JR was the one who drugged Amanda. Babe is in Amanda’s room with her. Amanda tells Babe before she dies, she has a confession to make.

At Erica’s office, Josh tells her that whatever she needs, he’s her go-to guy. She asks him if he can bring her friend Ryan back from the dead.

Meanwhile, Ryan is watching Greenlee from Zach’s spy cam. She gets out of bed and looks up at the ceiling, right where the camera is. She looks right at it and Ryan sees her as if she is watching him. Kendall is in bed and gets up. She reminds Greenlee that David is still in the living room and maybe he can get them some coffee. She notices Greenlee staring at the ceiling lost in thought. Greenlee says she knows that Ryan is there. Kendall asks her where she thinks Ryan is. Ryan watches Greenlee staring right at him on the screen. Zach returns and tells Ryan that he is a dead man spying upon his widow. Ryan asks Zach if she knows he’s still alive. Zach says nobody knows; they all believe he is officially dead. Ryan notices that Greenlee is staring right at him.

In the hotel, Greenlee asks Kendall if she can get any or all videos that Zach might have of her and Ryan the last time they were together.

Zach tells Ryan that nobody can see him because he’s a ghost. He tells Ryan of a plan to take him out of state, with new ID. He informs him there’s a car waiting for him, registered in his name. All the plans will go into motion tonight, but Ryan still wants to find his sister Erin.

Erica tells Josh that she really misses Ryan for her own reasons. She admits that she had kind of a bad patch last year and Ryan pulled her out of it. She says she could not imagine her life without Ryan. But, she says, she realizes feeling sorry for herself will not accomplish anything. Her primary concern is Greenlee. Erica must be there for her stepdaughter. Josh tells her that she may take the day off in order to do that, and he has everything covered for her. He tells her that he has tapes she can play in the car when she’s going to see Greenlee, so she can stay on top of what has happened today. He has everything lined up for her for the day. Hearing that, she tells him she is amazed and remembers when he first came and wanted to work for her, how she was waiting for him to fall on his face. And, she asks him, what is the real reason why his father does not want him working for her? She can’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t know how awesome he is at what he does.

Zach and Ryan watch the spy cam and notice David Hayward and Dr. Madden. Greenlee asks Madden, what does he want?  She informs him that he will not take her baby.

Jamie asks JR if he saw Amanda last night. Having no clue as to what Jamie is talking about, JR admits he did. Jamie asks what he did. JR says he “made her scream” and not bloody murder. He tells Jamie that whatever happened to Amanda is not his problem.

Dr. Joe tells Amanda that she’s having irregular heartbeats. She will be ok, but she needs some rest. Alone with her, Babe asks Amanda how is she? Amanda says, thank God Jamie was there to save her and went right into doctor mode. She tells Babe she was so impressed by how Jamie seemed to know all his stuff; he seems like a natural. Babe tells Amanda that she need not say any more last words before death. Babe asks Amanda what happened when she saw JR the previous night. JR then enters, and replies that they had sex. He arrogantly tells them that he knows he was good, but did not know he was “that good”. Babe tells JR he must stop spreading nasty lies about Amanda. Jamie says Amanda would never sleep with JR. But Amanda admits that she did sleep with JR the night before. They both tell her that she should not have done that, since she should know what JR is like. Amanda says she knows; she made a mistake. But when she went to see him he seemed supportive and acted like he cared about her. Then she tells them that after it was over, JR turned ice-cold. Babe tells JR that he is trash for what he did to Amanda. JR makes a crude comment about how she assumed a risk with what she did, and how hot he was. Jamie tells JR that if he says one more word, he will rip JR’s face off.

Dr. Madden assures Greenlee that he has no intention of getting her in trouble or taking her baby from her. She asks Kendall and David if she can talk to Dr. Madden alone. Just then, Jack enters and notices David. He demands to know what David is doing there. David replies that Greenlee asked him to be there. Jack tells David that Greenlee is a widow for the second time because of him and his recklessness. David protests that Greenlee is a widow because Ryan was careless on his motorcycle. He tells Jack that he was with Greenlee when she was so upset over Ryan having a vasectomy. She wanted to end her life, but now she doesn’t have to; that baby can give her the hope she needs. He tells Jack that he helped Greenlee conceive that baby and saved her life. Hearing that, Jack says nothing.

While Ryan is watching Dr. Madden talking to Greenlee, but is unable to hear what they are saying, Ryan asks Zach what the “good doctor” could possibly want. Zach says he will go and find out for him.

Answering Erica’s question about why his father does not want him working for her, he tells her he never understood his dad, nor did his dad ever understand him. He admits to her that he loves his dad, and is proud of him. His dad loves his work and does not want to retire. She tells him that his father must have had some influence on him, if he went to med school. She asks him why, if he was successful, did he quit his internship? He tells her that his dad’s world is the same now as it was many years ago and will be the same as it is many years from now. He tells her he does not want a life that is so predictable and never changing. He does not want to play it safe. He wants to grab life, and take from it for everything he can get. Hearing that, Erica tells him that it sounds like he wants to be her when he grows up. She remarks that she notices that his father has some sort of tension when he’s around her. Hearing that, Josh finds a reason to end the conversation by going to get some sketches done.

Greenlee tells Dr. Madden that she’d like him to give her a thorough exam. Kendall reminds her that David already did. Dr. Madden asks about her regular OB-GYN. She tells him she doesn’t want to wait. She wants to know if her baby is really OK after this night, because the baby is all she has.

Zach goes to talk to Dr.Madden while David and Jack are also there. Right then, Zach picks up his phone.  Ryan asks him where Dr. Madden went and what does he want with Greenlee?  Knowing that all the people in the room believe Ryan a dead man, Zach knows he cannot reply to Ryan while they can hear him talking on the phone.

Outside Amanda’s room, Babe tells Jamie that she’s not going to let JR get to her and they must not let him get to Amanda. Joe comes and tells them there’s good news. Amanda will be fine and there will be no recurrence of the irregular heartbeats. Jamie tells his grandfather that he knew she had irregular heartbeats last night.  He considered all the things that could have caused what happened to her, and ruled out what it was not. He concludes that it was probably brought on by stress. Joe tells his grandson he is very impressed by how well he handled a medical emergency. He tells Jamie he does not wish to pressure him, but he believes he’d make one fine doctor. Babe hears that and doesn’t look happy.

JR goes into Amanda’s room. She gloats about how she’s milked all the sympathy from Babe and Jamie. Jamie is coming to the realization that he should be a doctor; even Babe knows that. Amanda tells JR that she will get the money she’s earned from him, for accomplishing what he wanted and enabling Jamie to achieve his dreams. And, she’s going to be able to run him into the ground. He tells her that she is no longer going to be around him. He tells her she’d better get out of town or else he will expose her little con to Babe and Jamie; she’ll be through. Just then, Babe and Jamie enter. Jamie asks Amanda if JR is bothering her and says he will remove him from the hospital. She admits to them that JR is threatening to expose a secret to them. She tells them that she has not been honest to them and confesses that JR paid her to break them up. Jamie asks JR if he paid Amanda to split them up. JR says she’s just making that up because she’s angry with him. Babe asks Amanda why she would consider it. Amanda admits that she considered it, but realized that she could never do what he asked. When she refused, that was when he threw her out and threatened her. JR tells her he threw her out because she was “mooching” off of him and harassing his mother. She confesses to Babe that she hates JR; she has the same hate for him that she and Jamie have. JR tells them that Amanda is a pathological liar, just like her mother. Amanda screams at JR to go to hell. Right then, her heart-rate monitor indicates that her heart is racing.

Zach bluffs to Jack and to David about the call he got. He then calls to instruct somebody to disable the cameras at the VIP suite, so Ryan can no longer spy. The screen goes blank on Ryan. Zach tells David that he better not act like he’s the hero who cared about Greenlee or Ryan. David informs Jack that Ryan almost strangled him; Jack says too bad Ryan did not succeed. Zach says that David gave Ryan some sugar pills when Ryan came to him looking for help to control his rage. Jack then lashes out that David is responsible for Ryan almost beating Greenlee.

After Amanda gets angry with JR and tells him to go to hell, Jamie checks her pulse and heartbeat. JR asks why she cannot have a real doctor. Jamie goes out the door with JR.  Amanda privately tells Babe that she is afraid Babe will never forgive her, but she must know that JR sucked her in. Hearing that, Babe tells Amanda that she would never judge her for allowing JR to have power over her. She ought to know, since she was married to him herself. She tells Amanda that she may stay with her and Jamie because that’s what best friends are for. Amanda graciously tells Babe that she’s the best friend Amanda could ever have.

Outside, Jamie tells JR to back off from Amanda. JR tells Jamie he’s a fool if he buys her b.s.

Erica reminds Josh that he still did not answer her question about his father. Dr. Madden then enters Erica’s office and informs her that he went to see Greenlee, to see how she was doing. Erica tells him she is very grateful to him; she will go and see Greenlee herself. She leaves, and Josh tells his father that he still “has it”. Dr. Madden tells his son he does not know what he’s talking about. Josh tells his father it’s about Erica. He knows about his father’s history with her.

Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee wants the surveillance disks of her and Ryan at the gazebo the previous night. He tells her to  consider it done.

Greenlee tells her father that when she closed her eyes, she saw Ryan telling her everything would be ok.

Alone in Zach’s office, without being able to view the spy cam, Ryan gets a little panicked. But, he tells himself, at least she has all the people who care about her and who will make sure nobody hurts her.

Babe tells Jamie that she has invited Amanda to stay with them. He tells her they cannot trust her. She asks him if he would believe JR’s word over Amanda’s. He tells her he does not believe a word either of them say.

Josh tells his father that he remembers being about 10 and noticing his father having a real interest on a feature spread of Erica Kane. Dr. Madden denies it, but Josh tells his father that he knows Dr. Madden has always had a crush on Erica. Just then, Dr. Madden gets a call about the results of blood work. He asks his source if they “ran it twice” and is not happy when he gets off the phone. Josh asks his father if there was bad news.

Zach gets on the phone to obtain the surveillance disks of Greenlee and Ryan by the gazebo. Kendall is with him, and tells him that he’s “scaring” her; he sounds to her like he might be a real friend whom people can count on. She gets ready to go get some sleep, and he calls to her, telling her that she can count on him.

Alone in Zach’s office, Ryan remembers himself telling Zach that Greenlee deserves a life he cannot give her. He then remembers Zach telling him he cannot leave this office if he wants to stay dead. But, he also keeps hearing Greenlee calling for him.  He then presses the buttons on Zach’s security device in an attempt to get out of his office. Right then, Erica is walking outside in the hallway.

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