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By Lori
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It's nighttime. JR and Di find themselves up at Chandler Mansion. JR says he probably won't get any sleep tonight. Di asks him if that's Amanda she just saw walk out of there. JR says it was, and Di asks him what is he getting himself into? Amanda is nothing more than trouble in a skirt! JR says that he can handle her, but Di tells him not to underestimate Amanda. Di says she doesn't want that liar here ever again; JR shouldn't believe a word out of Amanda’s mouth. Amanda’s mother killed her brother Will, Di reminds him. JR says Amanda is harmless, but Di says she won't let Janet Green's daughter come here and cause trouble. JR tells her that for the sake of peace and harmony, Amanda will not set foot in here.

Amanda goes to Jamie's apartment, and he tells her they need to talk. She sees her suitcase packed and asks him if he's kicking her out. Amanda then asks him what the problem is. Jamie says there's not enough room with him, her and Babe in this small place. He says it's too uncomfortable.  He also says that Babe promised to marry him after six months, and that the time is almost over. He says nothing will stand in his way.

Babe is with Josh at the beach. They're celebrating tricking the three fraternity guys and getting Jamie's car back. Josh tells her he's never met a woman like her; she's different, he says. She was great with those guys. He flirts with her, but she says she already has an amazing guy whom she met on this same beach. Josh says he met someone here too but it didn't work out. He tells her she seems like a go-with-the-moment kind of girl. She says she used to be that way but isn't anymore, as it hurt a lot of people. She says she is now for marriage and commitment. Josh says that's a weird concept, and a lonely one. Babe says since she's been with Jamie she doesn't feel lonely. Babe suggests that Josh consider Amanda but he dismisses that idea.

Jamie gives Amanda a key to Myrtle's boarding house and says she has a room there for her. Amanda says Myrtle hates her mother, but Jamie assures her that Myrtle will let her stay there. He says he wants his life back with Babe. He takes her possessions to his motorcycle, and while he's gone, Amanda says to herself that she won't go without a fight. She takes a bottle of pills belonging to her mother from her purse and says her mother will be useful for once. She pours some pills into her hand and swallows them. After Jamie returns she says she's lucky that he's her friend. She begins to feel ill but tells Jamie it's nothing. As she continues talking she grows more ill and tells Jamie her heart feels like it's beating out of her chest. He gets his stethoscope and listens to her chest. Babe walks in and Jamie tells her to start the car – they're going to the hospital. He says it's her heart. Something is wrong. He picks Amanda up and they leave.

Di suggests to JR that they stay, living at Chandler Mansion, with his father. JR asks her what did his dad say to her to change her mind? She asks JR if he loves his father. He answers that he knows his dad too well. She says she knows he loves him. She says she'd love to have him and his little boy to herself but that would be too much like Adam. She says he has to take all the love he can get, because tomorrow the world could blow up. JR tells her he forgot what it feels like to be happy. He tells her she makes him happy.

David goes to the casino suite where Greenlee is staying. Simone lets him in and tells him to wait. Greenlee is sleeping. She wakes up and calls out for Ryan. Simone and David go into her room and Greenlee asks them if they have any news. She says Ryan's body has to be found; she needs something to lay to rest, and can't go through what she went through with Leo again. David tries to comfort her, but she won't accept his sympathy. She tells him that he hated Ryan and she thinks Ryan's glad he's dead. David tells Greenlee that he loves her and he's sorry Ryan is gone. He would never wish this pain on her. She breaks down in tears and hugs him. She asks him if they were right to make Ryan's baby. David says her baby is not a mistake; it will be her salvation. He decides he wants to examine Greenlee.

Kendall and Aidan are trying to break into the storage room, but Kendall is nervous about going in. Aidan asks him what's inside. Kendall says she thinks Ryan might be in there. They go inside, but Ryan is not there. Kendall says she knows it's stupid, but she really thought Ryan was alive in here. She wonders why Zach wouldn't want them near here. She tells Aidan that Ryan said if he ever hurt Greenlee, he would go over a cliff. Aidan asks if Ryan hurt Greenlee. Kendall says he didn't, but he came close. Aidan asks her why would anyone want that bastard back?  Greenlee is better off without him, he says.

Zach takes Ryan to his office, but Ryan says he's not staying there. Zach tells him he's safe here, because no one knows the code to get inside. Ryan says he wants to go find his sister. Zach says he has all the time in the world, unless he wants to rise from the dead. Zach says he'll get Ryan some food, some information, and an exit strategy. Ryan says he doesn't take orders from him. Zach says he's doing this to protect Kendall, Greenlee and the baby from what he's become. Zach leaves and Ryan makes a cell phone call, urging whoever he is calling to pick up the phone.

Kendall asks Aidan why Zach would freak out when they came to this shed. Zach walks in and says he'll answer her question. Kendall asks him why they didn't want them here; was it because of Ryan? Zach says it was and retrieves Ryan's helmet from the shed.

Ryan turns on the monitor in Zach's office, and is able to see Greenlee with David in the suite. He touches Greenlee on the monitor. As David examines her, Greenlee asks him why would Ryan not love this baby and see the good in himself?  Ryan, speaking to himself, says David did this to them. He tells David to take his hands off his ... as he's about to say wife he corrects himself and says widow. "Dead men don't have wives," he says.  He turns off the monitor.

David puts Greenlee to bed and tells Simone he'll stay here and wait.

Aidan tells Kendall he'll take her home. Zach says he can take care of his wife. Kendall tells Aidan she'll be fine and Aidan leaves. Zach suggests to Kendall they go home. A tearful Kendall asks Zach if he thinks he can help her. He says he has no idea.

Kendall goes to Greenlee's room. When she notices her sleeping, she turns to leave, but Greenlee wakes up and pulls the covers down, inviting Kendall to lie down with her. Kendall gets in the bed and cradles her friend. Greenlee says she misses Ryan. Kendall says he's here. Ryan turns on the monitor again and watches them. Kendall says Ryan will always be with her. Getting pregnant was the smartest thing she ever did, Kendall says. Greenlee asks how she's going to do this. A part of her is dead. Kendall says Greenlee has the answer inside of her. Her baby will grow in her and she will feel Ryan inside. When she holds her child in her arms she'll be OK. Greenlee says that day seems so far off. Kendall says it's not. Ryan will always be with her now. Greenlee takes Kendall's hand and puts it on her tummy. Ryan continues to watch.

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