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All My Children Update Friday 7/22/05


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At Chandler Mansion Di/Dixie asks JR how can he get to the point where he will forgive Jamie?  JR says he gave in to Babe and Jamie at the picnic, and that is good enough. He says she is asking for the impossible. He says he doesn't want to talk about this and goes upstairs. Adam enters the room and tells Di/Dixie that JR has his mother's stubbornness. Not even Di/Dixie can push him around. JR goes to his room and finds Amanda, in tears, sitting on his bed.

Babe is struggling with three fraternity boys who are stealing Jamie's car outside the Roadside Bar. Josh enters the scene and, thinking he is saving her, pulls Babe away from the car. Babe becomes angry and calls Josh an idiot. What did he do that for? Babe tells him the frat boys took her keys from the bar and are stealing Jamie's car. She was trying to stop them and almost had the keys in her hand. Josh tells her at least she's OK. She says they were idiots and got upset because she wouldn't serve them booze. Josh tries to call the police with his cell phone but she tells him not to get police involved; she wants to follow the frat boys. At first he resists, but when she shows her determination he takes out his keys and says he'll help.

Erica is surprised to see Greg at New Beginnings; she tells him to get out. Greg says he heard about Ryan and wants to express his sympathies. Erica wants none of it. Greg asks how Greenlee is doing. Erica says that she's grieving. She sarcastically tells him to call the police on Greenlee now. Greg apologizes for saying earlier that he would press charges against Greenlee; he says his temper got the best of him. Erica asks if this is his new tactic – to go soft and she'll fire Josh because he says please. Greg says he's taking Erica's advice and will let Josh find his own way. He says he's been screwing up with him a long time. He asks Erica if they can have a new beginning and she says she supposes so.

Kendall is outside the casino where Zach is hiding Ryan. She's asking Zach, what is he hiding? Zach tries to get Kendall to leave but she refuses. Aidan arrives and tells Zach to leave Kendall alone. Aidan says he's looking for Greenlee because he has news about Ryan's sister, Erin. Ryan, who is listening from his hideout, listens intently to hear about his sister. Aidan says that Erin is alive and in Canada. Kendall says she doesn't want to see anymore Laverys, but Aidan says Greenlee may feel differently. Kendall leaves, and Aidan follows her. Zach goes into the building and Ryan tells him he's leaving to find his sister. Aidan catches up with Kendall. Kendall says this is where Ryan was shot and he survived. She can't believe Ryan is gone from a motorcycle accident. Aidan says no one can cheat death forever.

JR tells Amanda to get out of his room. He hired her to seduce Jamie and she tanked at that. Amanda admits she totally messed up and she's sorry. She hugs JR and begs him to let her show him how sorry she is. JR tells her to save her apology. Amanda says he's her only hope. She says she thought she would fit in in Pine Valley but no one wants anything to do with her. He says that's probably because she's pushy, conniving and trash on a stick. Amanda says she knows she's made mistakes, but she wants to fix them. She says she has no one else to turn to. She asks JR if he'll start over with her. She hugs him, and says she needs someone to hold her and make her feel safe, even if it is just for tonight.

Adam tells Di/Dixie that he never hated her and never wanted her dead. Di asks if he's now accepting her as Dixie. Adam says three DNA tests are hard to dispute. He tells her he wants a united family. Di says she thought she could get through to JR. Adam says Jamie is the last person JR should forgive. Di tells Adam that he seems comfortable with JR holding a grudge against Jamie. Adam says he's realistic. As the two sit on the couch, Adam gazes at Di/Dixie and she asks him what he's doing. He tells her he should have fallen in love with her; instead he married her. She asks him what he really wants. He asks her not to take JR and Little Adam away from him.

Babe finds the three frat boys and listens behind a rock while they joke about what they've done. Josh finds her and presents her with the keys to Jamie's car. He says the boys left the keys in the car and the car is fine. He says he'll call the police now, but Babe wants to play a trick on the three guys. Josh says he'll help her; they just need to think up a plan.

Josh approaches the frat boys and acts like a tough guy, telling them he's Vinnie, an employee at the bar. He heard that they messed with the boss's daughter and stole her car. He pushes them around and tells them they're going to pay. Babe reveals herself and tells Vinnie to stop messing around and kill them already. The three say they were just kidding, apologize and ask him to let them go. Josh says he can't do that. He needs to show them the error of their ways. Babe asks why they're not digging. She wants to see them dig and die. Josh tells them to dig deep holes. Josh puts his hand in his pocket and pretends to have a gun. The three run away. Babe says that she hasn't had that much fun since forever.

Adam tells Di/Dixie that he's not the man he was when she left; he's changed. He has had some mini-strokes and that has made him think about what he has and doesn't have. He says he can't think about being alone in this place and doesn't think he would survive it. Di/Dixie tells him he drives people away. His control chokes the love from his children. Adam says he doesn't want to lose his son and he doesn't want her to leave. He says if she stays here, JR and his son will stay here.

Amanda kisses JR and he kisses her back. They undress each other and fall onto the bed.

Ryan tells Zach that his sister is out there, and she needs him…God knows what Jonathan did to her. Zach says he needs time to make some arrangements.

Kendall has flashbacks to past conversations with Ryan and Zach and recalls Zach faking his own death. "Oh my God," she says to herself.

Di says she wants to rid this house of hate and bitterness; she can't see living here in peace. Adam pledges to try and Di says she'll talk to JR about staying here, but she can't force him to change his mind. She leaves the room. Adam, speaking to himself, says he doesn't know who she is, but he knows that she's not his son's mother.

JR and Amanda are in bed and Amanda tells him it was fantastic; she wants to do it again. JR says once was enough. She tells him she'll do whatever he wants and whispers in his ear some suggestions. JR, in turn, whispers to her. She is stunned that he tells her to get out of his bed. JR says not only that, but get out of his house. Amanda says they were so good together. JR tells her not to ever come back. She can't believe he's telling her this after just going to bed with her. He says he was curious. It was a good time, he says, but she's still a loser who failed with Jamie and him. He says that she had better hope Jamie dumps Babe because he's a lot more gullible than himself. Amanda says she hates him.

Kendall and Aidan go back to the room where Ryan is;  Aidan picks the lock and opens it.

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