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After Tad has decided to hire Amanda, Aiden fires her. Amanda protests that Aiden cannot fire her if Tad doesn’t want him to. Tad and Aiden both confirm that Aiden is the boss and can overrule Tad’s decision. But, she tells them, she can prove herself worthy of the job.

When Lily and Sam are dancing at his parents’ abandoned house, she senses that there is somebody out there and screams.

Danielle comes to see Reggie. She asks him if they can talk. He lets her in but doesn’t want to talk to her. She wants to explain to him why she slept with Josh. He tells her that he and his family have some major problems; he has a lot on his mind and doesn’t want to hear about Josh.

From the room where Zach has locked Ryan, Ryan is able to remove some boxes and get himself free. But, just outside, Simone and Ethan are able to tell that somebody is there.  Ryan makes sure they do not see him.

Zach returns to Kendall, Erica, Jack and Greenlee. He doesn’t know how to answer their questions about Ryan. He hears Greenlee talking about how if Ryan is not found, there could still be hope and there’s no confirmation that he’s dead. Zach then has a flashback of seeing Ryan at the fight club and also hearing him say that he must save Greenlee by having her believe he is dead. So, Zach he tells her that they are still searching and will not give up.

Ryan is able to overhear Simone telling Ethan about how she cannot imagine becoming widowed twice. Greenlee already lost the love of her life once. Simone knows that Greenlee will never be able to say good-bye to Ryan. She tells Ethan that if she could bring Ryan back, she’d do it. She tells him that she knows all Greenlee wants and needs is Ryan.

Danielle tells Reggie that she believes he has every right to be furious. He tells her he wants her to get out of his home and leave him alone. She protests that she wants to be with him. But, he reminds her, he is the guy she did not want to have sex with and it’s pointless to continue the discussion. He asks her if she wants him to feel sorry for her. He asks her if she is there to get him to take her back whenever Josh dumps her and moves on to the next girl. She tells him it’s not like that; she loves him. He tells her that’s too bad because he does not love her.

Amanda protests to Tad and to Aiden that she has a natural knack for knowing how to investigate people and situations and uncover secrets. Tad seems to listen and suggests that Aiden consider her. Aiden still tells her no way. She says she could be just like Charlie’s Angels. He asks her when she was able to follow somebody without being seen. She tells him that she followed her boyfriend, Brad, for a long distance and found out that he was gay. And he never knew that she was on his tail or onto him. Tad tells them he has to leave. Alone with Aiden, Amanda asks him not to be mad at her. She asks if he is angry with her because she was mean to Lily and she apologizes. But he says nothing to her and sits by his desk to work without paying attention to her.

Sam goes to find out what it was Lily may have heard or seen. He goes up the stairs.

Zach tells Greenlee that the Ryan she married is not the same one she lost. Greenlee tells him that he does not know anything about her husband. Jack, Erica and Kendall all try to protest to Greenlee that they know what Ryan meant to her, but maybe she needs to give up on getting him back and having what they had. But, she keeps telling them, she needed more time with Ryan. She leaves and closes the door behind her. Zach asks Kendall if she believes that Greenlee was right; that Ryan could be saved. Kendall says nothing.

Ryan overhears Ethan telling Simone that Greenlee can live without Ryan. She has a family and many other things in her life. But, Simone tells him, Ryan was the love of Greenlee’s life. He was merely confused by the situation with his brothers. She tells him if she once had doubts about whether she did the right thing helping Greenlee get pregnant, she now knows that it was the best thing she could have done for Greenlee. She knows the baby will give Greenlee hope, and save her. And for that reason she must never give up on Ryan. Ethan then tells her he needs to unlock the door and find whoever is behind it. They have no clue that Ryan is overhearing their conversation.

Amanda tells Aiden that she never meant to be scary or mean. She believes it’s sweet that he looks out for Lily. She asks him why he believes all these negative things about her. He tells her he knows he does not want to work with her. When Tad hears them talk about Lily, he remembers that Sam has not returned with his burritos. He then asks Amanda if she could find out where Sam went.

Reggie tells Danielle that he cannot believe they had anything special, if she can just go off and sleep with somebody she doesn’t even know. She tells him that he is deciding she means nothing to him. He tells her she cannot put that on him; it was her choice to sleep with Josh. And, he asks her, what kinds of lies has she told Josh?  She tells him that she will not bother him anymore and goes out the door. Reggie then gets a call from Tad, who asks him if he’s seen Lily or Sam.

After Sam returns from upstairs in his parents’ home, he discovers something that looks like somebody has been there. Lily tells him that somebody could have come back from the dead. But, he tells her, they only show people rising from the dead in fiction and only gullible idiots believe that people rise from the dead. Hearing that, she asks him if he thinks she is a gullible idiot.

Erica talks privately with Jack about what has happened to Greenlee. He tells her he has not contacted Mary Smythe about Ryan’s disappearance and believes it was for the best. Erica tells Jack that she believes he needs to spend his time focusing on his daughter. She leaves and tells him he must call her if he needs her.

Zach asks Kendall if she thinks Greenlee could have really saved Ryan. She admits that after what Ryan did to Greenlee last night she doesn’t know. She admits that Greenlee is having a problem with seeing the truth. She does tell him, however, that maybe Greenlee had a kind of love for Ryan beyond what they could ever know. But she also believes that after Ryan did what he did, in response to her giving him a baby, then maybe he was beyond saving. And if he’d lived, and kept on like that, then it would have killed Greenlee. It might be better that he is gone. Zach tells her he agrees.

Zach returns to the place where he is hiding Ryan and notices that Ethan and Simone have asked a security guard to unlock the door. He gets them to go away and returns to Ryan. Ryan grabs him by his collar. He warns Zach what will happen if he told Greenlee what Ryan told him not to tell her. Zach tells Ryan that he did not tell Greenlee that he is alive and agrees that it is best for her not to get her hopes up by knowing Ryan is alive. Ryan tells Zach he now needs to go as far away as possible.

In the hotel room, Greenlee tells her father that she does not want to leave tonight. This was the last place where she got to be with Ryan. Jack tells his daughter that she may stay there and doesn’t have to rush off. She asks him if he believes that it is a good thing that she’s having a baby. He tells her he does. She tells him she can sleep now and he may go and break the news to Reggie and Lily. Jack goes off and Greenlee’s eyes are wide open. She looks emotionally dead.

Sam tells Lily that he believes she is a very brilliant person, but that there’s no way he could believe his dad’s ghost came back or that any other dead person is anywhere near by. At that point, Tad enters. Lily tells him she knows he’s not a ghost because he has not died. Tad confirms that no, he is not a ghost. But, he tells Sam, he may guess what has happened to him. Sam asks if he is grounded. Tad says yes; Sam snuck off and broke his family’s rules. Lily protests to Tad that it was not Sam’s idea to break the rules. It was hers. Tad tells her that Sam did enable her to break her father’s rules. Reggie enters and tells Sam he is angry. Reggie and Lily leave. Tad asks Sam why he would bring Lily to this place. What is his interest in Lily? Sam tells Tad he knows Lily but Tad does not know anything about her. Tad says he does know her father, the former District Attorney. He knows her brother. And he knows that Sam is not allowed to see her. Sam tells Tad that Lily is not somebody he wants to use or sleep with or lie to. Tad tells Sam that he remembers being a teenager. And he tells Sam that he’d like to share what he has learned with him. Sam protests that all he planned to do with Lily was dance. Tad tells Sam that Sam’s problem is that he’s too smart for his own good.  That is why he is a danger to himself and others. He tells Sam that he knows why he likes Lily; she is gorgeous. She also has a condition that causes her family to be overly concerned about her. Sam protests that he did not do anything. Tad tells Sam that he’s not going to be able to pull off a scam to Lily. Sam admits he may have been wrong to ask her to break her dad’s rules.

Reggie and Lily return home. He asks her what is wrong with her. She tells him she has autism spectrum disorder. He tells her that, what he means is, how all women are the way they are. He says he realizes that guys have certain things they like to do with women, but women bend the rules and play games. She tells him that she knows she’s broken the rules; He’s broken rules also. She senses that he is angry and dealing with his own issues. She tells him he must stop yelling at her. He is her brother, not her father, and cannot tell her what to do.

Aiden tells Amanda that he believes she is trouble. She may find her type of trouble to be fun; but he’s in the business of getting people out of trouble.

Zach asks Ryan, what will happen if somebody sees him? What if Greenlee finds out that the man she loves wanted her to believe he was dead all along?  Ryan admits he would not want that to happen. Zach tells Ryan, in that case, they must do this right.

Simone goes back to Kendall and informs her that Zach found her and Ethan by some abandoned shed and had a problem with what they were doing. She tells Kendall that she and Ethan heard a noise and called security because they thought somebody might be there. She also tells Kendall that Zach is an obnoxious idiot. And now, after what has happened to Ryan, they shouldn’t have to deal with his behavior. Kendall tells Simone that she will talk to her “husband”. She also seems to be very curious about the “shed” in question.

Amanda tells Aiden that he is tough. He has his last chance to give in now; else she will be some other guy’s trouble. He still does not want to consider her offer. She leaves and he gets a call about the Lavery case. She returns and tells him she forgot something. She gives him a passionate kiss good-bye.

At the Gray’s old, abandoned house, somebody picks up the denim shirt that Sam found on the stairway.

Jack returns to Reggie. Reggie tells his father that Lily snuck out to be with Sam tonight. He does not mean to rat on her but he does not trust Sam. Jack asks Reggie if Lily knows what happened to Greenlee and Ryan. Reggie admits that she does not. Jack says they will discuss what she did with Sam later. He calls her out to talk. She asks if he’s mad at her. He tells her he will discuss it later but there is something he’d like to tell her. She notices the sad expression on his face.

Erica returns to her office. An unseen person taps her on the shoulder. She is shocked.

Right when Greenlee is sleeping in the hotel bed, she feels Ryan returning to her; he kisses her. She awakens to see that it was only a dream. She cries and Simone comes in to comfort her.

Ryan tells Zach that he must make his idea quick. Zach says nothing, goes out the door,and locks it. Right then, Kendall appears and asks him what he is hiding. Ryan is able to hear her from inside the room.

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