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Greenlee tries to goad Jack into admitting that he hates Ryan, wants him dead, and hopes that Ryan has drowned in the water. Jack tries to convince his daughter that he does not feel that way. She asks Jack if he also wants her baby to drown in the water. Hearing that, Erica demands that Greenlee stop it.

Sam calls Lily and tells her he wants to see her; in order to do that, she must break her dadís rules. He tells her he knows itís a risk, but one heís willing to take and itís the only way. She says sheís willing to accept the risk because she wants to see him. Just as Sam gets off the phone, Tad walks in and asks him what heís doing. He evades Tad and goes out the door. Aiden catches Lily on the phone and knows that something is up that she needs to explain to him. She also does not want to be interrogated.

Kendall tells Simone that she cannot understand or accept that fate would cause Ryan to die on Greenlee; and it will never be ok.

Zach goes out in the dark with a flashlight. He discovers Ryan hiding; he looks alive and well. Zach remarks to Ryan that Greenlee will be happy to know she is not a widow. Hearing that, Ryan grabs his collar and tells Zach that he will kill him if he tells Greenlee he is alive. Zach tells Ryan that he should be a dead man after what happened. Ryan tells Zach he is already a dead man and Zach needs to walk away and believe he never saw Ryan. Zach says he will not pass up a chance to look like a hero. He also informs Ryan that Greenlee was devastated to believe he could be dead. The rescue team is risking their lives for him. He tells Ryan heíd better go back to his wife and end her grief. But Ryan tells Zach he will not do that.

Kendall tells Simone that she had a bad experience ending her relationship with Ryan, but she did not see him die. Greenlee had to see him die on her. All their hopes and dreams are now shattered. Ethan tells Kendall that there are ways to take comfort after death. Kendall says thatís just a lie that everybody tells themselves. But Simone tells her that love can conquer all and it is actually true and not just something you tell yourself. Kendall cries and tells them that Greenlee gave Ryan a miracle. She gave him a baby. And he should have been there to take her in his arms and love her and let love conquer everything. But, that is not what happened. She then tells them that she dares them to go into the next room and tell Greenlee that love can conquer all after what has happened to her.

Greenlee tells Jack and Erica that Jack has no right to play daddy after what happened to Ryan. He tells her heís still her father. She tells him that ended the day he decided Ryan was bad for her. Jack tells his daughter that he wishes he could take her in his arms and make everything better. He wants her to know that she is his child and he loves her. She tells him Ryan has a child and he will never have the chance that Jack has.

At Jackís, Aiden tells Lily that heíd like to talk to her and maybe have some popcorn together. She tells him he is making her late to go somewhere. She indicates she has a secret and she wonít let him get in her way. He tries to prevent her from leaving, but she is ready to stop at nothing to keep her secret, to see Sam and not get found out.

Sam tells Tad that he has things to do. He tries to bluff his way out of talking to Tad. But Tad prevents him from leaving. Tad tells Sam that he remembers very well what it was like to be a teenager and do very similar behaviors. Sam tells Tad that he just wants to know what he wants. Tad tells Sam that he apologizes for not being there for him and acknowledging that they are family. Sam tells Tad that everything is fine with him and he has to go. But Tad tells Sam that he needs Sam to tell him what he is doing in Tadís office.

Zach asks Ryan what his problem is. Why does he want to do this to the wife who loves him? He tells Ryan he may divorce Greenlee but cannot go through with having her believe he is dead when he is not. Ryan tells Zach that he loves Greenlee and needs to make sure he does not hurt her. At that moment, the rescue team asks Zach what is going on. But they do not see Ryan nor realize that he is still alive.

Ethan tells Kendall that he knows how she feels; to believe that love doesnít conquer all. He tells her that he knows when you jump off a building, the only place to go is downward. But Simone tells Kendall that even if you fall and go ďsplatĒ you can always pick yourself back up. Kendall tells them that Greenlee had blind faith, and that was broken. She asks what Greenlee did wrong to deserve this. Did she fail to flap her wings hard enough? Did she fail to have faith? No, she did everything right; now her husband is drowning at the bottom of the ocean.

Jack tells Greenlee that he knows her baby is innocent and he will love him or her regardless of everything. Erica tells Greenlee that she wishes she would trust the two of them. Greenlee asks Jack how she can forgive him for that attitude and opinion he had of Ryan? Jack tells his daughter she can realize that he just wanted what was best for her. She asks her father, again, why did he insist that Ryan would hurt her? Jack reminds his daughter that everybody else saw what was going on inside of Ryan; Ryan himself admitted to it and was scared to death because of it.

Zach tells the rescue team that he saw nothing and if he ever does, they will be the first to know. They go away and Ryan has witnessed Zachís keeping secret. Zach privately asks Ryan what is going through his mind? When, after his wife has conceived a baby in order to save their souls, he tries to kill himself and have her believing he is dead? Ryan asks Zach, what will happen when he has a child whom he cannot love and who does not love him?

Tad tells Sam that he knows he came by his office for a reason. Sam tells Tad that he wanted to see if Tad wanted to have a burrito with him. Tad asks Sam if that is some sort of slang expression to say he wanted to give him a hard time. Sam tells Tad that he really did want a burrito because he was hungry. Tad gives Sam the money, lets him go out the door but tells him sooner or later he wants to talk to him. Sam goes out the door. Before he leaves, however, Tad tells Sam he likes a lot of hot sauce. At that point, Amanda enters. She kisses him, thinking he is Aiden.

While Aiden is at Jackís after attempting to talk to Lily, Reggie enters. Aiden informs him about what happened to Greenlee and Ryan. Reggie tells Aiden he wants to be there and attempt to help them. Aiden tells Reggie that maybe he should stay there and be with Lily. Reggie asks Aiden why it is that some people just cannot ever catch a break? They suffer one blow after another, and it never stops. Aiden tells Reggie that if he keeps asking himself that, it will drive him crazy.

Zach tells Ryan that he cannot ask questions about things he will never understand. Ryan tells Zach that he cannot give Greenlee false hopes, and thatís what will happen if she believes heís still alive. He tells Zach he had to take the ďchoiceĒ out of her hands when she told him she believed that having a baby would save them, and he needs to do that now. Zach admits that he knows that Greenlee could not see the darkness in Ryan. Ryan tells Zach that the two of them have a lot in common, hating their fathers. They cannot ignore that they could be just like them when they are fathers themselves. Zach confirms that, but he reminds Ryan that neither of their fathers had a wife like Greenlee, whereas Ryan does. Ryan says he must realize that he cannot give Greenlee the life that she deserves. Zach asks him, what about the baby? Ryan says he does not have a baby. Zach tells Ryan that sometimes things happen that you believe you cannot live with, but things change. Then he tells Ryan that when all the odds were against him and yet he is still alive and well, maybe he should ask if itís ever occurred to him that it was not his time to die.

Greenlee asks Jack if he thinks she is stupid, blind and crazy. Does he see her as the idiot who believed in Ryan? He tells her he knows that she loved Ryan with all her heart. She gave him the gift of love; she did nothing wrong. She did not cause this and does not deserve to suffer. Greenlee finally lets her father hold her in his arms, and she cries.

Kendall asks Ethan and Simone to stop telling her about love; she is done with love. Erica comes into the room. Kendall asks Erica how Greenlee is. Simone and Ethan go out the door and let Kendall talk privately to her mother. Erica asks Kendall how she is, knowing her daughter must be devastated. Kendall tells her mother she is great. Erica tells Kendall she knows that look and knows Kendall does not know whether to cry or blow up the world.

Ryan tells Zach that he is a full-blown Lavery. Life is a bitch when he cannot die. Zach tells Ryan that this is his chance to go back to his wife, take her in his arms and tell her that he loves her. Ryan asks Zach what his point is. Zach tells Ryan that dead men donít get the chance that he has. Ryan tells Zach that his life ends here and Zach is not invited to the funeral. So, he needs Zach to leave and keep his mouth shut. Zach asks him what about the rescue team and the cops and the reporters. They will eventually find him. Does Ryan think they will buy his story? He tells Ryan if he really wants to be dead, he needs to do it the right way.

Lily and Sam meet at his parentsí old house. Itís empty and there are no lights. She suggests lighting candles so it can be romantic. He goes and gets some candles and lights them. She asks him if he thinks that breaking the rules is also romantic. She reminds him that parents believe that rules are for their protection. He tells her that when they tell you where you can go and what you can do and whom you are allowed to see and not see, itís a load. He asks her if she wants to live by daddy Jackís rules until she is 30. She says she has not given much thought to being thirty. He asks her how anybody can ever expect them to grow into adults if they are not allowed to make their own decisions and make their own mistakes.

After Amanda appears in Tadís office, he asks her what is going on. She tells him that she is unemployed and would like Aiden or him to put her to work. She tells him she has keen powers of observation. He tells her that her inability to distinguish him from Aiden when his hair is brown and Aidenís hair is black, may make her powers of observation not that keen after all.

Noticing that they are in Samís dadís house, Sam tells Lily that he wishes that there was something left of his father. He asks her how things can get so screwed up. Lily tells Sam that sometimes bad things happen. But she tells him she likes to focus on the good things. Sam agrees to stop talking about negativity and tells her he wants to play a CD in his boom box and dance with her.

Simone tells Ethan that she never gets to be the ďbest friendĒ. No matter how much she cares about Greenlee, she is always in the background. But this one time, she had a chance to help her. Greenlee had faith and so did she. Ethan tells Simone she has been an extraordinary friend to Greenlee to help her to have hope. She asks him if she should believe that if she had been a better friend, Greenlee would be with her husband now. Ethan tells Simone she must never question that she did the right thing. Then he tells her he wishes he had her hope. He tells her he likes her just the way she is.

Kendall tells her mother that she is upset and cannot see anything positive after what has happened. She admits it used to make her crazy to see Ryan and Greenlee. Erica tells her that she knows Kendall loved Ryan and that was why. Kendall tells her mother that she and Ryan were not right for each other because they were too much alike, but Greenlee was perfect for Ryan. She tells Erica she cannot imagine a world without Ryan Lavery and she does not want to. Erica takes her daughter in her arms.

Zach takes Ryan to a secret place. Ryan reluctantly goes with him and tells him he does not trust him. Zach tells Ryan itís better than being dead. Ryan tells Zach if he rats him out, Zach will be dead. Zach goes and locks the door and leaves. Ryan freaks to learn that Zach has locked them in this room alone.

Amanda tells Tad she knew he was not Aiden when she kissed him and it was just a friendly peck. She tells him that she has credentials to be an inspector even if she does not have a college degree. He tells her heís known her since she was a child and believes she should either finish school or get a job in retail. But she convinces him to hire her until Aiden comes in and tells her she is fired.

When Lily is with Sam, she sees something that makes her scream.

After Zach has taken Ryan to the mysterious room and leaves him alone, Ryan tries to get out of the room.

Jack, Greenlee, Erica and Kendall are together in the hotel room. Zach enters and does not look happy. Kendall asks him if heís found Ryan.

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