AMC Update Tuesday 7/19/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/19/05 


By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
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David returns home after jogging and grabs some water. But when he takes a drink, he passes out.

Krystal is at the restaurant eating a shrimp cocktail.  Adam meets her there and tells her that he will buy her lunch and do some big favors for her, if she can get the information he wants for him. She tells him she is pretty certain that the woman who calls herself Dixie is a fraud. He tells her if that is the case, then he can get the woman and Hayward exposed for the thugs they are. Brooke walks in and asks when will they ever learn?

When David comes to, he notices that Tad has tied him to a chair. Tad tells David that he will pay for every lie he has brought upon all of them for introducing “Di Kirby”.

There is a rescue team attempting to find Ryan and his motorcycle in the river.

After Danielle tells her mother that she had sex with Josh, she notices that Mimi is shocked. She asks Mimi where the love is, remarking that just before Dani revealed this information, her mother told her that she loved her.  Now she has changed her tone. Mimi tells her daughter that she is shocked and that she did not raise her daughter to be that way. Dani then tells her mother that she knows her mother did not raise her or teach her to be anything better than what she has done. She knows that her mother shacked up with a dude named Lucas when she was married to Dani’s father and did not even know who her real father was.

Reggie goes to confront Josh and punches him for finding out that he slept with Danielle. JR appears and witnesses this. JR is there to talk to Erica. Josh protests to Reggie that he doesn’t need to get upset. It was just one night. Hearing that, Reggie asks Josh if he used and reduced Dani to that. Was she nothing more to him than “just a night”? Erica enters and wants to find out what is going on. But at that moment, she gets called away by a phone call from Jack; she knows it’s more important. She rushes off to help all the people who are looking for Ryan.

Greenlee is afraid that Ryan is dead. But Kendall and Simone tell her that she must not be negative; it takes more than an ocean to stop Ryan. And Kendall tells Greenlee that they must have nothing but positive thoughts until Ryan walks through that door.

David asks Tad what he put in his water and asks him if this is payback. He tells Tad he should be thanking him. He gave Tad Dixie. Tad saw the DNA test and should realize that she is the real Dixie Martin and it’s not David’s fault that she does not want Tad. Tad tells David he will not punish him for what he did not know and had no control over. He’s going to punish David for what he thought he was doing.

At the restaurant, Brooke tells Adam he cannot stand seeing anybody else happy. He does not want to see JR back with his mother; he does not want to share. Adam protests that this woman is brainwashing his son. Brooke tells him that he wants to punish Dixie more than he loves his son. Brooke asks Krystal if she is so desperate to keep Tad that she will try to make him believe that Dixie is a fake. Brooke tells Adam and Krystal that they are two of a kind. They both want Dixie gone. She tells Krystal she knows she got Tad to propose to her. Krystal tells Brooke that it was Tad’s idea and not hers. Brooke tells them both that they will never learn.

Greenlee appears sullen and doesn’t know what to say or do. Kendall and Simone get her to sit down with them. Zach tells her she needs to eat and says he wishes he could tell them that there is a happy ending just around the corner. However, he knows that Greenlee is an intelligent woman who knows better than to believe something somebody tells her because they think it’s what she wants to hear. He informs her that there is a severe riptide, and it will be almost impossible for the coastguard to find or save Ryan.  Kendall and Simone then encourage Greenlee to believe that very possibly Ryan didn’t even go into the water. He might have escaped. Zach informs them that they found Ryan’s bike; it was destroyed. Then he tells them the rescue team will not give up until they find Ryan. Greenlee asks, was it all her fault?  Did she kill her husband? She should have listened, all those times when Ryan said he did not want a child. And she did not listen. Kendall and Simone urge her not to blame herself and realize she only did what she did because she loved Ryan. Greenlee says she knows she pushed Ryan too far. Kendall says Ryan was in control of the bike. Anything could have happened. Too slippery. Too fast. It was an accident. Kendall tells her that she did nothing wrong. She made a future with her husband. And it’s right in her belly. The baby, growing inside her.

David protests to Tad that he gave him what he wanted more than anything else in the world...Dixie, alive. Tad tells David that he scammed both him and JR. David says what he did was for Babe. He needed to take drastic measures because of what JR did to his daughter. Tad says that regardless of how JR screwed up, he did not deserve what happened. David protests that JR has his mommy to kiss his boo-boos. And he asks Tad what he plans to do with him. Tad tells David that he can kidnap him and take him wherever he wants. He tells him he will have fun. And the best part about all of this is nobody will miss David. He reminds David that his own daughter has written him out of her life. And so has Krystal. He puts duct tape over David’s mouth. And just then, Di/Dixie enters.

Brooke tells Adam she remembers him telling her that he wanted to change and become a better man. She asks if he just used that as a line to get her into bed. Hearing that, Krystal tells him that champagne could have worked better. Brooke leaves and tells Adam and Krystal that whatever the two of them are cooking up, good luck. When she leaves, Krystal asks Adam if Brooke was right. Are they both really reprehensible to be finding out who is walking around with Dixie’s DNA?

Di/Dixie walks in and notices Tad tying and gagging David. She doesn’t seem to want to help David. Tad tells her he appreciates her not trying to stop him. She tells him not only will she not stop him, she wants to help him. They laugh...David is very upset.

Dani is ready to go out the door. Mimi tells her she must not walk out on her. Danielle reveals to her mother that this was her first time. Mimi tells her that she must talk to her and to Garrett. Dani asks if it will be where her mother talks and she listens. Garrett asks Dani to give them a chance. Mimi tells Danielle that she must have overheard her aunt Livia talking about Mimi’s “relationship” with Lucas Barnes. Danielle tells Mimi that she messed around and lied about it. Hearing that, Mimi gives up. Garrett tells her that she needs to be a little more understanding toward Danielle. He explains to Danielle what happened one night when her mother had a momentary weakness. Mimi loved Derek, but there was a problem when Derek came home from work one day. Then, she cheated on Derek, not unlike Dani’s decision to cheat on Reggie.

Kendall urges Greenlee to see that Ryan is not gone. Even if he is, there is a part of him right inside her. Simone tells Greenlee that there is no way that Greenlee’s child is anything but good. Kendall suggests that maybe the universe gave her that gift because somehow it was Ryan’s time to leave the earth. Nobody can ever take that baby away from her. Just then, Jack comes in and rushes to his daughter. Then Greenlee tells her father he must never touch her again. She tells Jack that she knows he wanted, more than anything, to get Ryan out of her life. Then she tells him congratulations. Jack protests to his daughter that he did not hate Ryan; he was just looking out for her. Erica enters and defends Jack to Greenlee, telling her that Jack did what he did because he loved her.

Adam tells Krystal that the two of them are on the same track. He admits to her that he will stop at nothing to prevent a woman from making his son into a weak little momma’s boy. And he’ll work with her in order to do that. He tells her about all the naïve people in the world who could brainwash anybody into believing the world is flat. She laughs and tells him he has a way with words. Just then, Adam gets a call and confirms with somebody that they are sure about something and that it’s verified. He informs Krystal that his men have tracked down Dixie’s sister. They’ve interrogated her and found out everything they need to know about her. And they’ve confirmed she has not changed and did not have plastic surgery. Hearing that, Krystal concludes that possibly the real Dixie is alive.

At David’s, Tad tells Di/Dixie that she must realize, once they wheel this “cockroach” out of here, there will be no turning back. She tells him she’s as ready as he is to give David what he deserves. She tells Tad that she did not know about half of David’s lies and schemes. She also did not know about the calls from Switzerland, and would have never helped David if she’d known what he was capable of. She admits to Tad that she and David hurt him, but she is ready to help Tad now. Tad pulls the duct tape off of David’s mouth. And David tells Tad that he must realize that there is a piece to this puzzle that only he knows. Hearing that, Tad asks David to tell him what he knows.

Kendall admits to Zach that Greenlee was bound and determined to get pregnant by Ryan, no matter what. And she was right there to help her. Zach tells Kendall that Ryan did exactly what he said he would do if he ever tried to hurt Greenlee. Kendall asks him if that means that Ryan did that on purpose. But she says it is not Greenlee’s fault. Kendall says she knows Ryan was a jerk. She loved him, but he was such a jerk at times.

Alone with Greenlee, Erica tells her stepdaughter that she really loved Ryan. He was a great man, not unlike Greenlee’s father. Hearing that, Greenlee demands that Erica not compare Jack to Ryan; Jack hated her husband. Erica protests to Greenlee that she must not believe that Jack did anything wrong or wanted to hurt Ryan. She urges Greenlee to talk to her father; she cannot let this drive her and Jack apart. And it’s not just about her and Jack anymore; there’s a baby to consider. They are all one family now.

Zach gets up to leave. Kendall tells him he is family, no matter what her mother says. Zach replies thay he must go and help the search party. Kendall says thank you for everything, to him.

Garrett tells Dani that she turned to Josh the same way Mimi turned to Lucas; to forget the pain. He tells her it’s done; there’s no point in reliving it. Mimi tells Dani that when she was pregnant with her, she was so happy that she would have a family. Dani asks her why, then, did she keep it from her all these years? Mimi says the main thing is that her daughter is ok. Danielle goes out the door. Privately, Mimi tells Garrett that she is so bad at this “parent” thing. He tells her it’s not that hard. She asks how he’s gotten so good at it. He tells her that since he is not a real parent to her, it’s easy for him. He doesn’t have to lay down the law or inflict discipline upon somebody else’s child. She asks him how long he knew about this “thing” involving Danielle on the beach. He tells her that he found out about it, the morning after. Mimi confirms that Dani lied to her and asks how she can be on the outside of everything. He tells her that maybe he can help both of them. She hugs her fiancé.

After hearing David revealing that he might have a “mystery piece” to this puzzle, Di/Dixie asks David if it’s really true. But, she considers that maybe he’s just saying that because he is desperate and tied to a chair. She realizes that nobody would have any reason to believe a word he says. She asks Tad if he thinks they should throw David in the well now. Tad tells her no. David will never change. It looks like Tad and Di/Dixie are reconciling their differences with each other although both will never forgive David. Tad goes out the door. David laughs and tells her she may have Tad “duped”, but he knows what he knows.

Adam tells Krystal he is disappointed because Dixie’s sister was their only shot. Krystal concludes that it must mean that it’s time to welcome Dixie home.

Di/Dixie tells David that it’s time for him to admit he was wrong before it’s too late. He tells her it’s never too late, and she of all people should know that. She goes out the door. David notices he is still tied to the chair.

Erica asks Greenlee to talk to her father. Jack tells Greenlee how sorry he is. She snaps at him, asking if he means he is sorry that she is pregnant with Ryan’s baby, and sorry that she is bringing another Lavery into this world.

Right when the rescue team is trying to find Ryan, he is hiding in the bushes, awake and looking like he’s not hurt.

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