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All My Children Update Monday 7/18/05


By Lori
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Reggie doesn’t believe Dani when she says that she slept with Josh. Dani says she wishes it was a lie. She’s very sorry, but it’s true. Reggie thinks Josh had forced himself on Dani and asks him if he knew how old Dani was.  He could serve time in jail. Dani says Josh didn’t force her. She wanted to do it, so she did.

At New Beginnings, Josh tells Erica that he has something she needs to see. He hands her a slip of paper and tells her to read it. She looks at it; she says this is not possible. Erica asks if this is set in stone. Josh says he knows Erica wanted the best. Erica says her first guest will be spectacular. Josh says everything is in place and she will have a flawless show if … Erica asks, what does he mean? Josh holds up the National Intruder that has a picture of Reggie punching Josh. Josh tells Erica that she needs to convince her “Brady Bunch” family to stay home. Erica says she has learned to keep her family separate from her show. No one in her family will come near a camera. Greg walks in and Josh wonders why he’s there. Erica says she invited Greg. Josh walks away.

Lily is at home when Sam arrives. She tells him he’s not supposed to be there and has to go. Her dad says they can’t go out again, at least not yet. Sam realizes Jack is still upset about Sam taking Lily to the party. Lily says she and her dad have to have a long talk before she can see Sam again. Lily says older people and alcohol were at the party and she shouldn’t have been there as it was against her dad’s rules. Sam apologizes. He says if he knew she would get busted he wouldn’t have taken her there. Lily says she’s glad he did as it helped her learn from her mistakes. Sam gives Lily a CD he made of her favorite songs. Lily thanks him but says she still can’t go out with him. Sam asks, what if he comes in? Lily says that’s the opposite of going out so she supposes that’s fine. Sam comes in.

Jack goes to Fusion, where he finds Ethan and Simone. He’s looking for Greenlee, but Ethan and Simone say they don’t know where she is. Jack tells Simone he knows that she helped Greenlee get pregnant; what the hell was she thinking? Ethan defends Simone, saying she was just trying to help a friend. Jack asks them what kind of a friend would do that.

Erica tells Greg his son is doing a fantastic job, and then tells him Greenlee is pregnant. She says she would appreciate it if he didn’t cause trouble. Greg says Greenlee’s pregnancy proves that she broke into his clinic and stole sperm. He says he should call the police and believes Greenlee’s husband would not be happy. Erica says she would appreciate it if Greg wouldn’t press charges. Greg says that he would hate to press charges, but he will if she doesn’t fire his son. Erica asks Greg if he’s threatening her. She says that Josh’s job is not the issue. Greg says Josh isn’t qualified. He excels in medicine and he’s throwing away a golden opportunity in San Francisco. Erica says some people aren’t meant to be doctors. Greg says that Josh is brilliant at it. Erica says Greg needs to let his grown son make his own decisions. Holding up the National Intruder, Greg asks if she lets her children make their own decisions. He says she’s being hypocritical. Erica says there’s no way she would fire his son and tells him he’s no longer welcome as a guest on her show. She warns him never to threaten her again. He says he’s not afraid of a petite primadonna. She says she may be petite but if he threatens her with ultimatums he’ll learn to regret it.

Ryan goes over the cliff as Greenlee screams. They run out of the car and to the cliff. Zach tries to calm down a frantic Greenlee, who says she’s going after Ryan. Zach tells Greenlee to keep her and her baby safe. He’ll go look for Ryan. Zach jumps into the water as Kendall screams out to him.

Reggie tells Dani to stop playing with him. There’s no way she would have hooked up with Josh. Dani says she was stupid and she was totally screwed up that night. She says that when her mother brought Garrett to the picnic… Reggie interrupts her and tells her not to blame this on her mother. He then asks if she’s worried about him. If she isn’t, she should be. Dani tells Reggie she was not out to hurt him. Reggie reminds her of the many times she pushed him away, saying she wasn’t ready. He says most guys would have ditched her within a month. Dani tells him she loves him, but Reggie tells her she can’t love him when she’s out doing it with someone else.

Jack gets a call from Kendall while at Fusion. She tells him what happened; Jack, Simone, and Ethan speed to the scene. At the cliff, Greenlee sits in stunned silence while Kendall tries to reassure her. She tells him her father is on the way.

Sam tells Lily he has missed her. Lily asks him if he’s going to kiss her and he does. She gives him a book about baseball and says she’s been researching second base and thought he might like to do the same. Sam says she’s talking about a different kind of base. He says there’s no hurry to leave first base. He suggests they dance and puts on the CD. Lily is hesitant to dance and Sam suggests they stand near each other and try not to touch. They put their hands toward each other without touching and close their eyes. Lily says they’re dancing. Sam looks at her, tells her she’s hot and kisses her. Lily is surprised that he called her hot. She says she’s still nice and not ready to have sex, but she wants to kiss some more.

Josh eavesdrops as his father and Erica discuss the stolen sperm. Erica tells Greg that Greenlee would never consent to a paternity test and he has no evidence that Greenlee stole the sperm. Greg says he has a witness and calls for his son. Josh approaches and Greg asks him what was going on at the clinic when he saw him, claiming a doorknob was broken. Josh says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Greg tells him not to cover for these people. Hasn’t he taught him better than this? Greg says this isn’t over, but Erica says it is. She says the only thing she has to concern herself with now is finding a replacement for him on his show. Greg leaves and Josh asks Erica what kind of trouble her father is causing him. She tells him not to worry about it. She asks Josh if he did actually catch Kendall and Greenlee at the fertility clinic. Josh says he did catch them and Simone too, but he promised them he would keep his mouth shut. He says he loves his father but his loyalty is with Erica.

Jack, Ethan and Simone arrive at the cliff as do rescue workers. Ethan asks what happened and Kendall tells him that Ryan drove over the cliff and Zach went in after him. Ethan is surprised that Zach risked his life to save Ryan. Rescue workers find Zach safe but there’s no sign of Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee not to give up. She suggests Greenlee go back to the hotel. Greenlee resists, saying she needs to stay, but Kendall and Simone convince her to leave. Zach tells them he’ll return when he knows something.

Dani says she doesn’t care about Josh and can’t explain what happened. Reggie tells her she might as well have thrown their relationship out the window along with her virginity. Dani says she got lost in the moment, but Reggie says it was supposed to be their moment. Dani tearfully admits she ruined it. Reggie tells her just looking at her makes him sick. All this time he’s spent with her has been wasted. Dani cries out that she loves him, but Reggie tells her they’re through and he doesn’t ever want to see her lying face again.

As Lily and Sam stand next to each other, her vision becomes fuzzy. She freaks and starts counting. Aidan walks in and tells Sam to keep his hands off of her. Lily tells Aidan it’s not Sam, it’s the music. She tells Aidan to leave because she wants to be with Sam. Aidan says he wants to make sure Sam doesn’t steal second base. Lily says she can’t go out with Sam so he came in instead. Aidan tells her Sam tricked her and he makes Sam leave. After Sam is gone, an upset Lily tells Aidan she doesn’t like him anymore and to please go away.

Dani goes home crying. Garrett finds her and asks her what happened. She tells him she screwed it all up. She told Reggie the truth and now he doesn’t want to see her again. Garrett hugs her and comforts her, telling that it will be OK. Mimi walks in and asks what will be OK? Dani asks Garrett if he’s going to tell Mimi. Garrett says that it is Dani’s story to tell. Mimi begs Dani to tell her what’s going on, that she loves her. Dani snaps back that she had sex with a guy she just met on the beach. How much does Mimi love her now?

Reggie goes to New Beginnings, finds Josh and punches him in the face. How dare Josh sleep with Reggie’s girlfriend? JR walks in looking for Erica.

Kendall and Simone take Greenlee back to the hotel suite and Greenlee goes into another room. Simone sees the trashed room and is shocked that Ryan did this. Kendall says it was either this or Greenlee after Greenlee told him she was pregnant. Kendall then realizes that Ryan once told her that if he got close to hurting Greenlee he would go over a cliff. Simone says Jack was right. She shouldn’t have helped Greenlee. Kendall tells her to stop thinking about herself. Greenlee and the baby are all they need to think about. Besides, if Simone was wrong she was wrong too.

Zach tells Jack that Ryan was trying to protect his daughter. He says he would rather die than hurt Greenlee. Ethan says it looks like he may have succeeded. Ethan asks Zach why he jumped off the cliff after Ryan.  Ethan asks Zach why he would risk his life for someone he hates? Zach tells Ethan that he hates him, and did the same thing when he pulled him from the burning building.

Zach goes back to the suite and indicates to Kendall that Ryan hasn’t been found. Kendall breaks down into Zach’s arms. Greenlee returns and sees them. Ryan’s dead, she says.

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