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All My Children Update Friday 7/15/05


By Lori
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Palmer arrives at Chandler Mansion and asks why he was needed. Di says they’re all waiting for the DNA tests to prove that she’s Dixie. Palmer says of course she is. He would stake his life on it. Adam tells him if he wants to drop over dead that’s fine with him. Aidan arrives with the first of the three DNA tests. Adam grabs it and says they should find out what it says.

Reggie is at the beach talking to a new girl. Dani approaches and asks to talk to him but he brushes her off. She tells him this isn’t easy for her. He tells the girl he’ll call her and she leaves. Dani apologizes for blowing him off the last time they talked and says she wants to tell him something. He asks if it’s about the guy who tried to kiss her and she says yes.

Erica and Josh are at New Beginnings watching news reports of her launch party and Josh is reading out loud positive newspaper reviews. Erica is thrilled with the good publicity she’s getting. Jack arrives and she proudly tells him that they all still love her. Jack asks Erica why she didn’t tell him that Greenlee is pregnant.

Amanda walks into New Beginnings and asks Josh to give her a job. She says if she doesn’t get something soon the Roadside Bar is going to start charging her rent. He asks if she’s spending a lot of time there. She says not a lot as Babe has the place running well. Josh asks how Babe is doing. Amanda says she’s doing fine at work but is having some trouble with Jamie at home. She invites Josh over for dinner to help Babe get her mind off her problems.

Ryan has his fist poised to hit Greenlee in the suite at the casino. She tells him if he wants to hit her she can’t stop him. He lowers his arm and she says she knew he couldn’t do it. She starts talking again about the baby and he raises is fist again. Zach barges in followed by Kendall. Ryan can’t believe that they were watching them. He accuses Greenlee of setting it up. Greenlee says she didn’t know they were watching. Ryan tells Kendall to get out and says she can’t keep making his marriage her hobby.

Aidan takes the envelope back from Adam and they all tell him he must wait. Everyone is losing their patience as they wait for Brooke and Joe to arrive. The doorbell rings. It is Derek, who asks Adam who he wants him to arrest. Adam points to Di and says Di Kirby. Di stands up and corrects him, saying she is Dixie Cooney Martin.

Jack asks Erica who the father is and Erica says it’s Ryan of course. He says that’s impossible since Ryan had a vasectomy. Erica says Greenlee found a miraculous way of carrying his baby. Jack asks if Ryan knows and Erica says she suspects he does. Jack is worried about Greenlee, saying Ryan is violent and Greenlee could be in danger. He tries calling but just has to leave her a message on her voice mail. Jack says Ryan got a vasectomy because he thought he might harm the child. He asks Erica if that sounds safe to her.

Zach tells Ryan that Kendall just wants to make sure her friend is OK. Zach tries to take Greenlee out of the room but she won’t go. Ryan tells her to get out. Greenlee tells him he could not hit her. He grabs his pills but she takes them from him. He says it’s the only thing that holds him together. She informs him they are placebos from David. She says she knew he didn’t have a chemical imbalance and didn’t need the pills. Ryan tells her she can’t control his feelings or emotions. He asks if he wants proof that he’s a monster. Zach tells him to prove it to him.

Adam asks Derek that Di is an imposter stealing Dixie’s identity. What could she be charged with? Derek says she could face forgery and falsifying identification and if she’s found guilty she likely would go to prison for 14 years or so. Aidan asks Tad if he thinks she’s Dixie. Tad says she’s not the Dixie he knows and he wishes she were someone else. Jamie says if she isn’t Dixie she deserves to be slammed. Babe says if she is Dixie she could soften JR and she could get joint custody. JR is upset with Adam for calling the cops and says he should have at least waited until they knew something. Joe and Brooke arrive with the other DNA tests results.

Dani tells Reggie she wants him to be her boyfriend. He asks how Josh feels about that. Dani says she wants to tell him what happened. Dani tells Reggie she should have left the party with him and Lily. She wasn’t trying to meet anyone but Josh started talking to her. He says he hit on her and he hopes she told him that he was wasting his time. She says she did tell him that then left and went to the shack. She says she couldn’t even say hello to another guy and doesn’t want to kiss anyone but him. Reggie kisses her.

Josh asks Amanda why he’s trying to recruit him. He gets paged and steps away. Amanda daydreams of Babe kissing Josh and Jamie finding her. Jamie calls her a slut, leaves her and turns to Amanda. Amanda tells him he now has the Wallingford money and Jamie thanks her and kisses her. Amanda snaps back to reality and Josh tells her he’s declining her invitation. He says he won’t get involved with an unavailable woman. He’s already done that this week.

Ryan tells Greenlee he wanted to hurt her. He says she killed him and killed any chance they had. Now she’s out of his life. Growing increasingly enraged, he says he is Jonathan, Braden and his father. Do they want proof? He begins to trash the room, tossing over a table and an entertainment center and breaking glass. He screams that he is that monster. With his hand bleeding, he walks quietly out of the room. Greenlee tries to follow but Zach stops her.

Reggie and Dani go to the shack where Dani spent the night with Josh. He lights candles and makes a romantic setting. Dani asks him if he has protection and he says he does. They kiss passionately. Dani starts remembering her night with Josh and becomes increasingly bothered. She tells Reggie to stop. He asks her what’s wrong. She says she thought she was ready but she’s not. She apologizes. He says he’s not mad but wants to know what’s wrong. She tells him she had sex with Josh.

Ryan gets on a motorcycle and takes off. Zach watches from the driveway. Greenlee tells Kendall she was no help by barging in. Kendall tells him to let Ryan cool off. Zach returns and says Ryan is gone. Greenlee says she won’t lie down and let Ryan suffer. She needs to go after him. Kendall tells Zach to move so Greenlee can go. Zach says he guesses he’s driving. The three of them leave together.

The envelopes are open and Joe looks at the test results. He says they are identical and shows there to be a close blood relationship between the subjects. She’s Dixie, Joe says. JR smiles and hugs Di. Palmer says he knew it. Jamie hugs her and JR says it’s now proven. David sarcastically whispers to Di that it’s a miracle and welcome back. Joe hugs her and tells her not to leave them again. JR tells Tad he doesn’t seem very happy. Tad says he’s happy for him. He starts to leave and Di calls out to him. Tad says goodbye and walks out. Krystal tells Di she still can’t trust her. Babe says she’s sorry and Di says she was just trying to save her mother. JR tells Babe she’s not getting off that easy. Di defends Babe. David pulls Di aside and tells her she was brilliant. Di says she is Dixie and doesn’t want to see him again. Adam pulls Krystal aside and asks what else she knows about this woman. Krystal says with three fail-safe tests it’s done. Adam says it just proves she’s a close blood relative. He says Dixie had a sister.

Kendall, Greenlee and Zach follow Ryan, who is speeding along curvy roads. Ryan recalls past conversations with the three of them then drives over a cliff. Greenlee screams “Ryan!”

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