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Adam tells JR if he’s planning Hayward’s murder, he will help him. JR doesn’t seem to want to talk to his father. Adam tells JR that he is on his side and realizes how much he really wants that woman to be his mother. JR tells his father he knows he does not want that. He wants to be the only parent to JR.

Krystal tells Tad that he must realize they do not have a future together.

Jamie tells Babe that she must not have trusted him to have known that this woman was not the real Dixie and not tell him. She urges him to see that she does trust him. But he does not believe her and asks when he became the enemy.

Right when Greenlee has told Ryan the shocking news, Zach accesses them from his video camera so that he and Kendall can see the two of them. They can tell, by Ryan’s expression that he is not happy. Greenlee explains to Ryan that that is the reason why she threw up a few days ago at Erica’s launch party and she and Kendall told him she had bad sushi. He tells her it’s impossible that she could be pregnant. But she tells him that she is. And she tells him he must know that nothing bad can come from this. All of the darkness and negativity from his biological family and his childhood can no longer haunt them. There is only love. And only good can come from this. He tells her again that he cannot raise a child. Not even one by an anonymous donor. Realizing he has no clue that she found his own sperm, she informs him that she found out that he made donations to the clinic a while back and she got them from the clinic.

Watching Greenlee and Ryan from the video camera, Kendall is urging Ryan not to see negativity. Zach tells Kendall that she cannot expect Ryan to see anything good about what has happened. She tells him just because he’s failed as a father does not mean he should assume that Ryan will.

Greenlee explains to Ryan that she broke into the clinic without anybody knowing, found several vials of sperm samples, had them checked for DNA to find out which one was his, and she got impregnated. She tells him this is destiny.

JR tells his father that he has had bad luck and very bad taste with women, remembering his recent relationship with Mary Smythe. He then tells Adam that his would-be relationship with Brooke was equally foolish. Adam protests that Brooke is a wonderful woman. JR tells his father that he failed with Dixie. He’s already ruined the lives of his kids. Hayley and Colby are already gone because of Adam. And he tells his father that very soon, he will also lose his son.

Jamie tells Babe that he thought that they were together and would not keep secrets from each other. He tells her that her secret about Di being a fake shows him that he cannot trust her. She tells him that she did what she had to do because she could not risk her mom staying in prison for another 9 years. She had to cut a deal with Adam and keep it a secret in order for him to set Krystal free. She tells him there are completely different rules for the Carey’s than there are for the Chandlers and Martins.

Krystal tells Tad that she has never been married. She may not know how to commit. And she admits that she wants a guy who looks at her and sees her as the only woman in his life. He tells her that he does see her that way. But she tells him that she knows that she would only be second best to Dixie. She tells him that he is very important to her. He’s wonderful, smart, funny and sexy as hell. And she knows he loves her. But not as much as she’d like him to. He tells her she cannot tell him what he thinks and feels or whom he loves. She tells him she has eyes and she knows as much as he wishes he did not love Dixie more than her, the reality is he does.

Di/Dixie tells David that the DNA will confirm that she is the really Dixie Cooney Martin. But he still does not believe that she is the real Dixie and tells her she must realize the consequences she will experience when the DNA comes back.

Tad tells Krystal that he’s had it up to here with everybody telling him how he’s supposed to feel. But she tells him she’s trying to tell him how she feels. She knows it’s always Dixie. Whither she is alive or dead, it’s always Dixie for him. And he’s the only one who never sees that. He tells her she’d better look long and hard at that. He asks her what if Di is proven to be a fake. She tells him that is exactly what she is afraid of. She tells him that she may be free from prison. But she can tell that he is not free. He will never be over Dixie. He tells her how dare she tell him she knows him better than he knows himself. She tells him she wants him to let her go without beating himself up or thinking he’s let her down. She tells him he did not let her down. He gave her a memory of happiness that she can always have with her. And she wants him to be fine and be happy. Not just satisfied. He tells her that he wants her and nobody else. She is not his “second choice”. But she may be his second chance. And he would be a fool not to reach out and take that chance. She tells him he’d be an even bigger fool not to look at the reality in regard to Dixie. She tells him she saw the two of them together and could feel and sense the sparks in the sky.

David tells Di/Dixie that she has a lot riding on Dixie’s DNA. She believes she has an ace in the hole but doesn’t realize it may not be as simple as she thinks. She tells him that she remembers how controlling he is. How he keeps pulling the strings thinking he will rope her in. He tells her he will not get rid of her. He sees what is written in the stars. He says it’s David and Dixie together forever. She walks away from him.

Ryan gets very upset and tells Greenlee that she swore on their love that she would never, ever get pregnant. She clarifies to him that what she promised was that she would never have anybody’s child except his.

Kendall watches from the video screen and says: “Please don’t hurt her.”

Greenlee tells Ryan that they have a new life. He confirms, looking shocked, that she is really carrying his child.

Jamie tells Babe she does this every time. Whenever they get into a mess, she gives him permission to walk away. And he’s tired of walking away from problems. He is not like that. He wants to deal with what is in front of them without secrets. He tells her that it would be so easy for her if it is he who walks away. But now it’s her turn to walk away. At that point, JR enters, smirks and remarks that his brother is finally dumping out the trash.

After overhearing Krystal telling Tad that they cannot be together, Di/Dixie enters and tells Krystal she is a damn fool to be turning him down.

David tells Adam that he knows Adam does not want him to go. At least not until he tells Adam a delicious secret about Di and Dixie and DNA.

Kendall notices that Ryan looks white and motionless. Zach tells her it’s the calm before the storm.

Greenlee tells her husband that she knows he’s in shock. But when the shock wears off, all he will feel is the love. She knows that she now has faith and that although it will take time for him to develop that faith, they have 9 months. She goes on about their plans to have sonograms and doctors appointments, and see the little feet kicking. And they will buy a crib and toys and set up a baby room and make their lives ready for this new life. He feels her belly but remains motionless.

Kendall notices, from the video, that it looks like Greenlee is getting through and she says please let this be all good. Ryan asks Greenlee how many times he’s told her that he cannot do this. He tells her that he’s made it very clear how serious this whole thing is. And in order to back that up, he had a vasectomy. And he remembers that she accepted that. He did it to save them. She says she realizes that. But what she did was to save them. He asks her if she believes that what she did justified what he did. Kendall and Zach holds hands and watch in suspense. They notice Ryan taking pills and Kendall inquires where they came from. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is fighting his rage and he bleives he can accomplish what he is trying to do for them. But a child will ruin everything. It will bring out the same monster that came out in his father, Braden and Jonathan. And he tells her she must terminate that pregnancy.

JR gloats to Babe and Jamie that very soon, they will be done. Then Jamie will be a real doctor. Jamie goes and gets a letter. JR tells Babe that he assumes it’s a “Dear Babe” letter where Jamie dumps her. But Jamie gives it to JR and asks him to read it. He reads that Jamie declares that he relinquishes all rights and benefits awarded to him by the conditions set forth by Phoebe Wallingford. JR asks him what he wants him to do with the money that JR actually has authorization of. Jamie tells JR that he wants him to donate it to a charity that helps troubled boys.

Adam tells David that he will take him apart when he finds out the DNA results which will end Di’s little game of “who am I?” but David sounds, to Adam, that he really believes she is the real Dixie and that it will not end up they way Adam hopes.

Di/Dixie tells Krystal she is an idiot to give up on Tad. She tells her that Tad was ready to rebuild his life after he lost her. And she believes that Krystal is what Tad wants and needs in his life now. But Krystal tells Dixie that no matter what anybody says or does or what happens to Tad, he will never get over Dixie. She tells her she saw the two of them tonight. All the heat and chemistry between them. And she tells Di/Dixie that she can tell that she has it just as bad for Tad as he has it for her.

Tad comes to ask Adam if he’s heard any word on the DNA yet. Adam admits he’s called and still hasn’t heard anything. He asks Tad what he plans to do after finding out that the woman is a fake. Does he want to help him tar and feather the people who have orchestrated this lie? Tad tells Adam he does not wish to hurt anybody for what has happened. Adam tells Tad that he wants to heal the damages done to JR from falsely believing that his mother is back. Tad tells Adam that he needs to pay for all the hurt he has inflicted upon his son and everybody else. And he believes that Adam should be neutered.

After hearing JR’s threats, Jamie tells Babe that they must not let him discourage them from staying together and working out everything they need to. At that point, it looks like all their differences are resolved. Jamie kisses Babe. Tad enters and informs them that Krystal has turned down his marriage proposal. David enters and informs Tad that he must really wish that Dixie is real. Because if she is not, then Tad is out of luck.

Krystal tells Di/Dixie that she could destroy her and leave her to nothing more than scraps. She tells her good luck with those test results.

After hearing that Ryan wants her to terminate her pregnancy, Greenlee tells him he cannot mean this. He tells her he does. Either she terminates it or they are done. She tells him she will be damned if she terminates this pregnancy and lose him. But he tells her she either does or they are over. He tells her that everything was working out until this happened. But she keeps telling him that he must realize he is not his father or Jonathan or Braden. She goes on about how she cannot let him give up. Hearing that, he becomes more stressed and he yells at her to shut up.

At the Chandler house, everybody assembles in the living room awaiting the results. Right then, the doorbell rings. Aiden enters and announces that the DNA test results are in.

Ryan becomes very agitated and tells Greenlee she must realize that he will never change how he feels about never having a baby. But she keeps talking and causing him more stress. He then looks like he is very close to hurting her.

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