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In the casino courtyard, Ryan tells Greenlee that he is now standing right where he was when Jonathan shot him almost a year ago, and his nightmares about his family are no longer happening. Greenlee tells him, in that case, it must be the perfect time for her to give him the big surprise.

After hearing Amanda admitting she is in love with him, Jamie tells her that she has just used a word that is very intense. He tells her she should realize he is committed to another. She says she knows that but she blames him for the fact that she has the feelings she has for him.

Adam tells JR and David that JR’s mother is in heaven and the DNA tests will reveal that the woman in question is a fraud. David tells them that he wants to get out of there. If he has to stay in this madhouse one second longer, he’s going to go nuts. He tells them he does not care who that woman really is anymore. JR and Adam remind David that it is his fault that they are in this mess in the first place and he’d better sit down and shut up.

Tad goes outside and talks to Di/Dixie. She asks him how he feels and what it means to him in regard to whether she is Dixie.

At the casino, Kendall tells Zach that she is worried about Greenlee. He keeps telling her that what will happen will happen and she needs to leave it alone.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he remembers the last time they were in this place was the first time he told her that he loved her. But now he knows that he loves her so much more. He tells her that he’s seen that her faith in him has never failed. And whatever they must go through in the future, he knows they can make it.

Zach tells Kendall that he is ready to smack her in the mouth. She tells him if he does, he will have an encounter with her stiletto. Then she will get an annulment. Then she will take him for all his money. He tells her that is the woman he married. And he tells her she must realize that she cannot save Greenlee. Nobody can. What will happen will happen.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he wishes she’d tell him her secret because he hates to guess. She still does not tell him what it is. He asks if it is something tangible that could be wrapped up somewhere. He asks her what she is waiting for in telling him.

Jamie tells Amanda that he has never given her any indications that he would be romantically interested in her. She tells him that she has realized for a long time that he is committed to Babe. She tells him she would not attempt to take him from his woman. She tells him she realizes that she would not have a chance with him. He asks her why this would be his fault. She tells him he is not like any guy she’s ever met. Not even close. And she tells him if there is one thing she is good at, it’s dealing with guys. She says she can tell by facial expressions what guys think and feel. She tells him she knows that he looks at her like he is interested in what she says and he has true love with Babe. And it is amazing. She tells him on the outside, looking in, she watches and envies and wishes there could be a guy like him out there for her. And it somehow got twisted for her and she believed he would be available. He tells her that there are lots of good men out there. She tells him unfortunately there are a lot more no good ones like JR’s out there than there are good ones like Jamie.

Babe tells David that she is so sick of his scheming and lying and hurting people. She tells him that Jamie and Tad and JR loved Dixie and there is no excuse for how he is playing with their feelings for her. He tells her she must realize that JR and Adam cannot get away with what they did to her. She tells him he must realize that a major rule to being a parent is to not use your own child in order to hurt people. He tells her he never intended to hurt anybody. He thought he was helping Dixie get back to her family. Adam privately tells JR that it sounds like David really believes that woman is Dixie. JR tells Adam that maybe she really is.

Di/Dixie tells Tad that she did not tell him she was still alive after the accident because she didn’t want him to think less of her. But now, doing what she has done has caused him to loathe the sight of her. He tells her he does not loathe the sight of her. She tells him she did not want to tell him about her prison time because she was afraid it would cause him to lose his respect for her. He tells her if there’s one thing he’s learned in his life, it’s that you cannot live in fear of the inevitable. She tells him she remember telling JR and Jamie that they cannot escape from the reality of their lives. He remembers the real Dixie telling them just that. Right then, they can see northern lights. She asks him what he thinks it’s saying. He tells her he thinks it’s saying that no matter how hard and long we worry about our troubles, they are not that important.

Ryan and Greenlee look at the sky. He tells her this is so rare and amazing. She tells him she can see the colors shimmer. She says this is a blessing straight from the sun and even the universe loves them. He tells her they cannot go wrong and he kisses her.

While stuck in the Chandler mansion awaiting the DNA results, David says he will use this time wisely to tell everybody about his love affair with Dixie. When he starts to go into the detail, JR, Adam and Babe tell him to shut up. He goes out the door. JR asks Babe what kind of trick she had up her sleeve with this. She tells him that she is genuinely sorry for having him believing that their son died.

Amanda tells Jamie that, for the record, she has always had a crush on him. He tells her it’s time she gets over it. She tells him she knows she must get over it. He tells her that the way she assesses him is he’s better than JR and your average serial killer. But he asks her what is so important to her about him. She tells him that he is willing to sacrifice everything for the girl he loves and that is amazing to her. She says she believes that Babe is walking perfection and she believes she could never compete with the likes of her. He tells her nobody is perfect. Not himself and not even Babe.

Babe tells JR that she took Little Adam because she loved him so much. But she realizes she should have never written the letter to him that told him he died. He asks her what this is. Is this Babe clearing her conscience? She says she realizes how devastated he was to lose his mother. And she knows how hurt he will be again to believe that Di is Dixie, only to lose her again. And knowing what is going on right now, makes her realize how she hurt him. And she tells him she is truly sorry. She tells him that his momma raised a good man. And she remembers seeing him on a regular basis. But that was a while back. And she hopes she can see more of him. She tells him she knows his mom means the world to him just like her mom means the world to her. And she says that’s the kind of mom she wants to be to her son. He turns around and looks at her but says nothing and walks away.

Kendall asks Zach what if Greenlee has told Ryan she is pregnant and he’s freaked out on her. He tells her if that happened, Greenlee would have found her. They look at the northern lights and she tells him this is a sign. She remembers that this is the very place they were when she shot Ryan. She tells him that love can take somebody to the darkest place in their soul. He asks her how she felt on that night. She tells him all she could feel was pain and rage and she felt like she had to take it out on somebody else. And she tells him that is why she never wants to fall in love again. She says that love works for some people and the northern lights might be a symbol that love will save Ryan and Greenlee. He tells her that after Greenlee got pregnant behind her husband’s back and against his wishes, he doubts that lights in the sky will change that. But she tells him that she believes it can.

Amanda tells Jamie she is sorry if she’s shredded their friendship. But she thought it was better than to lie. She tells him she genuinely cares about their friendship.

Krystal tells Babe she knows Jamie loves her like nobody’s business. She tells her that they have what it takes. They have respect, self-sacrifice, admiration and so many things. She tells her she’d like to talk to Jamie because she hates being the cause of this rift. But Babe tells her mother that she does not want her taking it on. She’s finally free and that means the world to her. Krystal tells her daughter that Jamie just needs some time alone in order to uncoil his brain. And he will come around. But Babe reveals to her mother that she’s afraid he may not.

Jamie tells Amanda that if you have to lie and distrust somebody in order to keep a relationship going, what good is love? She tells him she’s so glad he’s said that. And she tells him that she wants to have honesty in everything she partakes with him. Even if it is just friendship.

Tad finds Krystal and tells her there’s a nasty rumor going around that she is trying to avoid him. He asks her if she can confirm or deny. She tells him maybe she can do both.

David goes out and tells Di/Dixie that the lights in the sky might be nature’s way of telling her that she is making a big mistake. She asks him why he believes that. Is it because she’s not doing things his way and is making her own decisions? He tells her it’s because she is still there. She has not cut and run. He tells her there’s very little they can do to him for the scam. He has nothing to lose. But she is looking at 5 more years in prison. If she thinks she has a chance with Martin after he finds out the truth, she’s crazy. And JR will never forgive her for scamming her. Dixie’s Uncle Palmer won’t help her. So maybe Di needs to realize that David is her only hope, he tells her.

Krystal asks Tad if he really has no intention of backing out of his marriage proposal to her. He confirms that is true. She tells him in that case, she will back out. She tells him she can do that. She tells him there is no marriage between them ever and asks him if she makes herself clear.

David asks Di/Dixie if she really plans on playing this out and is unafraid of being proven a fraud. She tells him that he can worry about his own life and she will deal with hers. She tells him that her family needs her and she is not going anywhere. Hearing that, David smiles and laughs and tells her that he’s finally figured something out.

Zach asks Kendall if this is a lesson that destructive men should not have kids. They both realize that there might be possibilities they are unaware of.

Greenlee tells Ryan that they have been through many dark places and have transformed so much into love. She tells him that she still has not given him the surprise. He tells her that being saved by faith is all he could ask for. But she tells him there is something else. He asks her to shoot. She tells him she loves him. And for the first time, she spits out to Ryan that she is pregnant.

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