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At the Chandler house, Di/Dixie has agreed to a DNA test that she says will prove, once and for all, that she is the real Dixie Cooney Martin. But everybody is baffled about what to do and whether the DNA test will be accurate and untampered with in the first place. Tad announces that he will have three different DNA tests administered and witnessed by his father, Brooke and Aiden. Tad pevents David from leaving, knowing e might very well want to alter the results. He also tells Adam he wouldn’t put it past him to bribe a lab technician. So nobody is able to leave.

Aiden enters his office and notices Amanda wearing a disguise.

JR tells everybody that as soon as the DNA comes back, he will be able to prove that he’s found his mother. Tad does not know what to expect and he believes that Adam would probably pretend she was a fake.

Jamie asks Babe when she first found out that Dixie was allegedly a fake. And he does not look happy with her.

Kendall and Zach arrange for Ryan and Greenlee to stay in the casino suite so that Greenlee can “break the news” to him about being pregnant. Kendall expresses to Zach that she is very worried about what will happen. When Ryan and Greenlee are alone, he asks her how much longer he will have to wait for his “big surprise”. She tells him the surprise will come soon. He tells her he just wants to be alone with her. Without Erica and her TV show, or Kendall or Zach. She tells him that this is their night. She reminds him that all of their hardships started right where they are sitting now. Right from the time, last September when they had the murder game. He tells her it did not start there. It started in his head.

Downstairs, Kendall tells Zach she’s worried there is a bomb wired to his joint. He tries to distract her and tells her worrying will not do any good because whatever will happen will happen.

Amanda keeps working on Aiden about getting a job. He tells her that he doesn’t want to work with her, and doesn’t want anything to do with her, due in part, to the way she treated Lily the last time they spoke.

Tad asks David what kind of trick he had up his sleeve. David tells him all he wanted was to return the woman he loved to his family. But noticing this sorry bunch, he’s not certain he made the right decision. They all get into an argument. Jamie asks Babe why she got her mother released from prison by using “Dixie” as bait. He seems disappointed that she went to Adam. He tells her he told JR he can take his deal and go to hell. No med school, no money from Phoebe’s Will. All he wants is a life with her. She tells him that she wanted to give him a chance to get out of being with her and consider what he could have without her, where Phoebe specifically laid down the condition of dumping her in order to get to go to med school and have her money. Noticing he is angry with her, she asks him if he has changed his mind about wanting to be with her. She tells him because if he is, he is free to walk away and have what Phoebe promised him. He tells her that he is a little disappointed about her private deal with Adam to expose Dixie.

Amanda tells Aiden she is homeless with no money and no job and motivated to do whatever it takes to get back on her feet. Aiden tells Amanda that he does not believe that she is as desperate as she says she is. All she needs to do is play somebody and she can get what she wants. And he sends her out the door.

Jamie tells Babe that he never wanted to bail on her. He has always wanted her more than Phoebe’s money or med school or anything else. She tells him he seems to have changed. He tells her it is she who has changed. She tells him she’d like to go and work things out with him. But he goes out the door without her. When he goes out the door, the first thing Adam is worried about is that he’s going to go and tamper with the DNA results. Tad tells Adam to go get drunk and pass out. Krystal tells her daughter she will talk to Jamie since it may be her fault that he’s upset. Adam reminds Krystal that she and her daughter are the ones who are responsible for this and tells both of them that he wonders to what depths they will sink; telling him that this woman is not the real Dixie, when in fact, she might be. David tells Adam that he better leave his family alone. Krystal tells David that they are no longer family to him. Babe says she agrees, if it is, in fact, true that David intended to scam everybody into believing that Dixie is back. Adam tells them they’d better hope that the DNA will reveal that the woman really is a fraud, as they’d promised. Because if she is Dixie, and it’s proven they’ve lied to him, and he loses his son to her, they will be sorry. Adam says he’s very worried what will happen to his son if it’s proven she’s a fraud. Tad tells Adam he knows he must be hoping that will be the case. But if she’s a fraud, it won’t work in his favor. He will no longer have anybody to possess because JR will be destroyed.

In the casino, Zach tells Kendall that she is assuming the worst and she must realize whatever will happen will happen and she cannot change it.

Ryan and Greenlee drink champagne. But she doesn’t actually drink it and pours it into the plant soil. She still appears happy. He, again, asks her if it’s time for his “surprise”. She says not yet. She wants to make as much out of this night as possible. He tells her, in that case, let’s hit it.

Amanda appears at Jamie’s. He does not seem happy to see her. She announces that she tried and failed to get a job with Aiden. He tells her he’s done enough for her and is no longer interested in her problems. She asks him what is up and why he’s so depressed. He sarcastically tells her that he was waiting for her to invite him to share his inner most thoughts with her. She tells him she realizes she made a mistake hitting on him but that is over and she knows he either needs to talk or explode. So she suggests he talks.

Babe tells JR that she realizes that he’s always missed his mom and genuinely hopes that he doesn’t have to lose her again. She tells him that nobody deserves to suffer like this and she did not mean to hurt him. She tells him at least he will get the truth soon. He says nothing and walks away.

Tad tells Krystal that she looks like she is having an anxiety attack. She reminds him it’s déjà vu. The two of them and DNA results. She asks him if he’s mad at Babe and her for keeping him out of the loop. He tells her no. He realizes Babe did what she did because she loves Krystal and wanted her out of prison. And he intends to send Babe a red rose for every day she’s spared Krystal time. She tells him she just got knocked upside the head with serious reality. He tells her the only reality he cares about is her. She tells him she knows it was not his plan for her to get out of prison this way. He tells her sure it was. All he wants is for her to say: “I do”. But she reminds him that if it is revealed that this woman is not the real Dixie, then he does not have real closure with her and his proposal to her is null and void. And the wedding is off

Ryan and Greenlee come down and talk to Kendall. Again, Kendall appears happy for them but is still anticipating what will happen when the truth is revealed, knowing it has not yet been. Ryan takes Greenlee upstairs and tells her he has a surprise for her. He asks her to close her eyes and then open them. She does. But she does not seem happy with his surprise. She finds herself in the same place where they were almost a year ago when Kendall shot him. She tells him she remembers what happened throughout the last year, with Jonathan and with everything. But he tells her he must return to this place to face his past, in order to move forward. She agrees. He tells her he dares the ghosts in his family to take him back.

Zach tells Kendall he has some sort of secret. She tells him that communication is the key to a decent marriage. He tells her that the key to a decent marriage is to say: “yes, dear” and agree with everything your spouse says. And he avoids her and makes her angry.

Tad tells Krystal that he plans on spending his future with her and wonders why she would turn it down, especially now that she’s free. She tells him it’s because he already has his hands full.

David tells Di/Dixie that she’s really shocked him. He tells her that she played Dixie so well and took all of those clowns into believing she was the real Dixie. And then, when it looked as though they found out that she was a fake, she announces that she is Dixie, tells them they must love her and take her back. And he tells her the real “kicker” is her asking for the DNA test. She reveals she does not want to listen to him. He tells her he’d just like to find out how she’s going to rig that test and have them believe that she is the real Dixie.

Alone, Amanda has a fantasy about being in the Chandler house living in luxury wearing an evening dress. Jamie appears and is her adoring husband. They, then order the “hired help” to serve them their drinks. It’s JR. He’s their obedient servant. Jamie fawns all over Amanda. She asks him if he misses Babe. He tells her not at all. She is the love of his life. She returns to reality, noticing Jamie working on a motorcycle in his cheap apartment, ignoring her.

Tad protests to Krystal that regardless of whether this woman is really Dixie or a fake, he is done with Dixie and ready to move on. He tells her whatever happens will not change his plans with her. He still wants to marry her. She tells him that she worries that if the test confirms that woman is a fake, then his memories of Dixie has not changed. He tells her it doesn’t matter. He tells her that although Adam’s goons will not let them leave the property until the DNA results come back, they can still take a walk in the moonlight. He urges her to know that they are both finally free. But she tells him that she needs to stay there for Babe. He tells her he wants to go out for some air.

Di/Dixie tells David that eh must hate that he’s underestimated her. He tells her he only lost a “piece” but now that he’s on to her, it won’t happen again. She tells him although she’s not a brilliant cardiologist turned into a janitor, she thinks she can catch on pretty fast. She tells him that he made a big mistake thinking she’d do whatever he wanted. He asked her what she plans to do in regard to the test. She says she’s not worried about it but maybe he should be. She says he will never have her again.

While Ryan is deep in thought, Greenlee comes and asks him if the ghosts have come back or if they are gone forever.

Jamie apologizes to Amanda for his moods but notices a change in her moods. He tells her she was all pushy and up-beat just a minute ago and now appears depressed. He asks her why. She admits that she thinks she’s falling in love with him.

While everybody waits for the DNA test, David paces through the Chandler living room. Tad sits outside and talks about violins. Di/Dixie then comes out and seems to remember their experience with violins.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he is no longer seeing the ghosts of Jonathan, Braden and his father. He tells her that he remembers when he would always hear and see them and now he notices that they are gone. She hugs him and tells him they can make their dreams come true. He again tells her that he is ready for his surprise. She tells him she believes that she thinks he is also.

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