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All My Children Update Monday 7/11/05


By Lori
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Di tells a group gathered at Chandler mansion that she is Dixie Cooney. Adam laughs and calls her unbelievable. She is completely exposed but still is trying to con them, he says. Di says this isn't a con. Krystal reminds Di that she told her she wasn't Dixie. Krystal says she's no more Dixie than she is. Di says she didn't tell Krystal because she wasn't ready for her family to know she was in prison. She says she thought she could do this without hurting her family. Di walks toward JR, tells him she's still his mother and reaches out to him. JR backs away.

Greenlee is dumbstruck after Erica has called the entire family together intending to announce Greenlee's pregnancy. Ryan and Jack want to know what's going on. Erica says she wants the whole family to share in this news, but Greenlee just shouts: no, no, no. Kendall and Zach try to take Greenlee out of the room but Ryan stops them and says if Erica is saying what he thinks she's saying he doesn't want any part of it. Erica tells him that having a family of his own is one of the most important decisions he could make. He needs to give it a chance. Greenlee tells Erica to shut up. Ryan tells Erica that she has her family but there's nothing that could make him change his mind about wanting his own. Erica says she thought the news would help him understand the joy of having a baby. Greenlee angrily announces that she'll do the honors and spill the news. But she wants to do it "Erica-style." She walks upstairs to where the party is being held and her family follows her. Greenlee gets on stage and takes the microphone and says she has an announcement. She says everyone knows how Erica values family. Well now her family is growing. "Erica Kane is pregnant," she says as the reporters gasp, applaud and fire questions at her. Val congratulates her and tells her this is her new beginning.

Di says she knows everyone is confused about how she came back into their lives. She says she didn't want her family to know she was alive while she was in prison. When David hatched his scheme she saw her chance to be with her family. She says with David's way she could ease her way back in. Babe asks Di about the time someone tried to run her over. Was someone trying to kill her? Di says she doesn't think so but there is a chance. Krystal asks why Dixie was in jail. Di says when she got back to the states she was with a man who was being investigated by a grand jury. She was subpoenaed to testify against him but wouldn't. So she served time for contempt. She says the man has now left the country. Adam doesn't buy a word of it and tells Di she's finished. He's calling the police. JR tells his father not to do that until they find out the facts. Tad says he's with JR. He asks Di how many more lies she has. He says it's been one lie after another. All she has done since she got here is tear his family apart. He asks her if his ex-wife did indeed die three years ago. Di says there's one way to find out. She asks to do a DNA test now.

At Erica's party, a reporter in a red dress approaches Lily and starts asking questions. She takes the sunglasses off of Lily, who is afraid because of the red dress and covers her eyes. Jack comes to calm Lily down and tells the reporter to leave. Reggie sees Josh with Dani and punches him. Dani is shocked and asks him why he did that, but he just asks her to leave with him. Erica tries to quiet the calamity by getting on stage and announcing she's not pregnant. Erica says this is a sign of things to come on her new show. They will always find the unexpected on New Beginnings. Besides, she asks, does she look pregnant?

Ryan runs out of the party and Greenlee follows him. Ryan takes a pill as Greenlee explains she was just trying to get Erica to shut up. Ryan repeats that nothing will change his mind about having kids. He says he's going hom. Greenlee says she'll catch up with him as soon as she can.

Erica asks Kendall what Greenlee's actions were all about. Kendall tells her mother she warned her. Zach asks Erica if she has to mettle in her children's lives. Kendall tells Erica she has to let Greenlee handle this alone and in private. Erica says having a child is about family, hope and the future. Kendall asks again that she let Greenlee handle it and not tell Jack. Kendall says she needs some air and goes outside. Zach follows her. Jack approaches Erica and asks about the news she wanted to tell. Erica says it's nothing and she just got carried away. Jack says he's taking Lily home.

Tad says he'll set up the DNA test. Di tells JR there will be nothing to worry about. JR walks away without a word. Babe asks Krystal what she thinks Di is up to. Adam approaches Babe and Krystal and warns them not to con him again. Krystal insists that she has no idea what's gong on with this woman. David asks Di if she's out of his mind. Di tells him he almost had it right. When he found out she had one kidney he thought she might be Dixie. She says he was right. She says it looks like she's been using him as much as he's been using her. Di apologizes to Tad for the interrupted memorial and thanks him for his words about Kate.

The press leave Erica's party and Erica confronts Greenlee. Did she want to sabotage her party? Greenlee tells her she was trying to ruin her marriage and she had to stop her. Greenlee says she'll find the right way to tell Ryan. Erica warns her not to be alone with him when she tells him.

Reggie takes Dani home and tells her if she's mad at him to go ahead and hit him. Tell him he's a fool. Tell him Lily was wrong. Dani asks what Lily has to do with this. He says Lily saw her and Josh hugging and almost kissing. Dani tells Reggie there's something she needs to tell him.

Di tells Krystal that Tad and her are finished to let her wedding bells ring. Krystal asks that if she is Dixie, why is she putting her family through this. Tad announces that the DNA test will be done here and now and there won't be any doubt. Jamie approaches Babe and asks her if she thinks Di is Dixie. Babe says she's as clueless as everyone else. Jamie asks her if that's the truth or is she still holding out on him?

Greenlee tells Kendall she is worried about telling Ryan about her pregnancy. She says Ryan is home waiting for her and she can't move. Kendall tells her she'll find the perfect moment to tell him just the way she wants. Except she'll be there. Kendall says she'll give Ryan and Greenlee the VIP suite at the casino. Take Ryan there tonight and tell him. Greenlee says the casino is where Jonathan shot Ryan. Kendall says there's no better place for Ryan to get rid of the ghosts that haunt him. She says Ryan will get through this and will love that baby as much as he loves her. Greenlee thanks Kendall and they embrace. Greenlee says she'll tell Ryan tonight.

Joe brushes a cotton swab in Di's mouth to get the DNA sample. Tad says three samples will be taken and they'll be taken to three different labs. The samples will be taken by Joe, Brooke and Aidan, who will be accompanied by lawyers. David says that's excessive, but Tad says it's not with David in the mix. JR tells Di that if she's not his mother, she will have killed him.

Garrett interrupts Reggie and Dani and asks if they had a good time. Dani says not exactly. Reggie asks Dani to leave with him but Garrett asks for some time to talk to her first. Reggie leaves. Garrett asks if it's true that Reggie decked the guy from the beach party. Dani says yes – can she go now? Garrett says he has some advice. Does she like Reggie? She says she does very much. He tells her not to tell Reggie she slept with Josh. Dani says Josh didn't make her do anything she didn't want to do. Garret asks if they took precautions and she says they did. She says it was great, but she told Reggie he would be the first. Garrett says guilt can be a funny thing. She may think she'll feel better if she tells Reggie, but she'll make him blow up and feel worse. He encourages her to take some time before deciding what to do.

Josh tells Erica that her stepson has quite a temper. Erica says she hopes he's not going after Reggie's girlfriend. Josh says he likes Dani but they're not going anywhere. Erica laments that her party has been a complete disaster. Josh corrects her, saying the reporters thought it was a hit. He says she saved the day with her promise of continued surprises. Erica is happy that it may turn out good after all.

Kendall finds Zach outside and says she wants to give Greenlee the casino suite to tell Ryan. He realizes she wants to watch them with the secret cameras and tells her it's genius. He says whatever happens, Greenlee has one hell of a friend. She tells him he's not so bad himself.

Erica tells Josh that Pine Valley has a lot to offer and she even knows just the woman for him. Seeing Kendall with Zach, she tells Josh it's her daughter.

Ryan arrives home in a bad mood and takes another pill. Greenlee arrives and the two hug. She tells him Erica had no right to go after him. He says he's OK, and says the pills he's taking seem to be working. Greenlee tells him she has a surprise for him tonight, but not here. They kiss.

Aidan and Brooke sign the paperwork for the DNA test. Brooke asks Jamie how he's holding up. Jamie says OK, but there's been a lot of surprises. Brooke says she's sure the surprises aren't over yet.

David tells Krystal that she worked this to her advantage. Krystal says she would have told the truth even if she didn't get out of prison. Babe tells David that what he did was wrong and he's wrecking lives. He says he did it for her and it could still work. She says she's through with him and walks away. David tells Krystal he'll do whatever he has to do to make sure Babe gets what she deserves. Krystal tells him to keep his poisonous self out of their lives. David announces that it could take a couple days to get the results and he tries to leave. Tad steps in front of him and says no one is leaving until the test results come back.

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