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All My Children Update Friday 7/8/05


By Lori
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At Kate's memorial service, Adam tells JR that this woman claiming to be Dixie is a fake. JR won't believe it and accuses him of using Krystal and Babe as backups for his lie. Krystal and Babe tell JR it's true – she's not Dixie. Krystal says this woman was in prison with her.

Erica's launch party is beginning and the press is scurrying around to take pictures. Danielle arrives and bumps into Josh, who says it's nice to see her. Danielle says she didn't know he would be here. He asks if that's a problem but she says no. Erica sees Zach and tells him the only reason he's here is that she loves her daughter. She warns him against making any wrong moves. Ryan approaches them and offers his assistance. Jack approaches Ryan and reminds him of the importance of this day, telling him to be on his best behavior.

Outside the event, Greenlee shows Kendall her pregnancy test and says she can't wait until after the party. Kendall thinks it's too early for Greenlee to do the pregnancy test. Josh interrupts them and asks how the fertility goddesses are doing. Greenlee recognizes him as Dr. Madden's son and asks him what he's doing here. Kendall informs Greenlee that he is Erica's producer. Josh tells Greenlee he hopes the stolen goods pan out for and asks if it's a boy to name him Josh. He leaves them with a plate of food. Greenlee looks at the food, becomes queasy and runs into a bathroom. Zach approaches and Kendall informs him that Greenlee is having morning sickness because she's pregnant.

Danielle approaches Reggie at the party. Having seen her greeted by Josh, he asks her who her friend is. She says he is just some guy from the beach party.

Erica approaches a nervous Lily at the party and tells her she can go home if she wants. Lily wants to stay. Erica tells her what's going to happen at the press conference. She wants to introduce her family and have them all say a few words about their new beginnings as a family. Lily says she can do that.

Kendall goes looking for Greenlee and Ryan follows her. Greenlee comes out of the bathroom and says she is having stage fright.

Krystal urges Di to reveal who she really is when she's not scamming this family. JR tells Krystal to stop because this woman is his mother. She matched the fingerprints of his mother, he says. JR accuses his father of working Babe by promising more time with their son and Babe worked Krystal. Krystal says she was just as shocked as JR was. She says the woman's name is Di Kirby and she met her in prison. Tad asks Di if Krystal is telling the truth. Di says it's the truth. Adam announces that the fingerprints were doctored by someone who hates Tad. Tad asks Di if Hayward put her up to this. David enters the picture and says "yes."

At the party, Val informs Erica that he has rounded up everyone in her family except Lily. Erica finds Lily, who is freaking out with all the flashes going off. Erica gets Lily's sunglasses and puts them on her. Danielle kisses Reggie and wishes him good luck in front of the press. Ryan gives Greenlee a glass of water. Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee won't be able to handle the spotlight and she doesn't know what to do. Zach says he'll take care of it. Erica takes the stage to a whirl of camera flashes and welcomes everyone to her lavish event. She calls this her new venture and her new adventure. She lists all her past careers and says each personal journey helps people reach their best. She says her new beginning is her family, and she introduces them, starting with Jack. They take the stage with her. After Erica introduces Kendall and her husband, Zach, Zach bounds up to the stage, grabs the microphone and tells Erica she inspires him. He announces that they all love her and he kisses her on the cheek. Erica, though bothered by his grandstanding, smiles through it all.

Erica asks Jack to share about their wedding, and he tells the gathered crowd about the happy event. Erica asks Lily what her favorite part of the wedding was. Lily says it was when she went on their honeymoon with them without them knowing, then left so they could have sex. The comment draws laughs and Erica turns to Ryan and Greenlee, calling them newlyweds. Zach grabs the microphone and says he and Kendall are the real newlyweds. He tells Kendall she is his jackpot and plants a big kiss on her. Ryan begins to address the crowd but stop when Greenlee declares she's going to be sick and runs off the stage. Ryan follows her, as do Kendall and Zach. Lily asks if the newlyweds are going to go have sex now.

As they run after Greenlee, Kendall tells Ryan that she knows what's wrong with Greenlee. She says Greenlee ate some sushi that "looked a little off" and it made her sick. Ryan says if it's food poisoning he should call a doctor. Kendall says Greenlee will be fine. Kendall goes after Greenlee and Ryan stays behind and is approached by Zach. Zach tells Ryan Greenlee will be all right. Ryan tells Zach he doesn't need his help. Zach asks how his anger management is going, pointing to Ryan's clench fist. Zach tells him to pop another chill pill to take the edge off.

Kendall finds Greenlee as she comes out of the bathroom. Greenlee says she's never been so happy to puke her guts out. Holding up the pregnancy test, Greenlee says she'll know in two minutes.

Erica finds Zach and tells him that the cameras kept him from being slapped silly. She tells him to keep his hands and lips off her and her daughter. If he doesn't lay off, she promises a tragic ending.

The pregnancy test reveals Greenlee is pregnant. She gleefully declares she's going to have Ryan's baby. She and Kendall hug. Erica walks in. Back at the party, Ryan tells Jack that Greenlee's problem apparently is bad sushi.

Reggie asks Lily if she's seen Dani. Lily says she hasn't but she'll look for her. Josh and Danielle are outside and he's asking her what's wrong. Lily finds them and watches. Danielle tries to brush him off but he persists. She asks if he can take back that night and make her a virgin again. He asks why she didn't tell him. He leans toward her and tries to kiss her, but she stops him. She says it's not just the "big V," it's also that she has a boyfriend. Josh offers to do what he can to help. He asks if it's going to be OK with her guy, but she says she's not going to tell him. Lily goes back inside and tells Reggie she saw Danielle hugging Josh and he almost kissed her. She asks if this mean she's not his girlfriend anymore?

Erica excitedly hugs Greenlee. Kendall tells Erica that this is a private moment, but Erica calls this a new beginning for Greenlee and Ryan. She asks Greenlee how she's going to tell Ryan. Greenlee meekly says she's only known herself for two minutes. Erica tells her to make Ryan realize she did this for love. She suggests they gather the whole family together and tell them all. Kendall and Greenlee shout in unison "no." Greenlee says there's no way that Ryan is going to learn this news in front of the family and tells Erica to stay out of it. She says she'll choose how to tell Ryan. Erica says Ryan will see his baby as the blessing it is. She says she'll round up Ryan and the family and leaves the room. Kendall and Greenlee run after her to stop her. They find her and tell her she can't tell the whole family at once. However the family enters the room and Jack asks what's going on. Erica says Greenlee and she have some news that will affect them all as a family. She asks Greenlee if she'd like to tell them or should she.

JR tells David to leave, but Adam says they need to let him stay because he has a lot of explaining to do. JR accuses everyone of trying to set him up. He again states that this is his mother. David says that when he first saw this woman, she was at the prison. He was blown away by her aura of Dixie. Then she told him she was indeed Dixie and needed his help. He says he, like a fool, believed her. He says Di used him. She pulled him in and played on his attraction to her. He started revealing details about Dixie to her and by the time Di left prison she had everything she needed to convince people she was Dixie. David says he gave her the nanny cover because he really thought she was Dixie. Babe tells David to not try to worm his way out of this. Di says it's her turn to talk. Di tells them they've heard kernels of the truth. She admits she has told some lies. She was in prison and did go to David to get help. But the rest of what he says are lies, she says. She says David paid her big bucks to work on JR to soften him up and ease his grudge against Babe. Di says she never told David she was Dixie. She told him and Krystal that she was Di Kirby. She says that was the biggest lie of them all. Tad asks her if she's not Di Kirby, who is she. She says she is Dixie.

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