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Ryan goes to Zach’s office. Zach asks him if he’s looking to up his credit line. Ryan hands Zach an envelope of money and tells him this is the money he owes the casino, paid in full. And he instructs Zach to stay out of his life and leave his wife alone.

At the Fusion office, Greenlee confronts Kendall for attempting to blurt out to Ryan her secret about getting pregnant. Kendall tells Greenlee that she does not want any negativity or doubts between them and tells her that she is behind her all the way. Greenlee hugs Kendall. At that point, Erica enters and angrily tells them that they care about each other but obviously don’t care about her to have missed her launch part for New Beginnings.

Di and JR are dressed in formal attire waiting to go to Kate’s memorial service. She tells him that she had a conversation with Tad and she believes that this family has to get beyond the touch stuff and say goodbye to that little girl and move on. Right then, David enters and threatens to tell JR something that she might regret. She tells him the only person who is going to have regrets is him.

At Krystal’s jail cell, Adam suddenly comes by and shows her a document from the governor authorizing her release from prison. Babe looks at it and tells her mother that it’s the real thing and all she needs to do is prove what she knows about Dixie and she’s free. Krystal tells Adam that the woman whom calls herself Dixie used to be a friend of hers from this very place. Her name is Di Kirby. She tells him that his con artist is an ex con.

David tells Di/Dixie that they need to talk. JR demands he gets out of there, telling him he’s not going to let him screw up Kate’s memorial the way he’s screwed up JR’s mother. David tells Di/Dixie that she must not have thought this thing through. He chooses his words carefully, knowing JR is hearing. He tells her that he was there for her and she cannot just back out of their “relationship”

Before Tad is ready to leave for Kate’s memorial service, Jamie urges his father not to trust JR. Tad tells his son that he believes that JR is making some efforts to be courteous and has asked him to become his son’s godfather. Jamie asks Tad what if this day doesn’t happen to fall on Babe’s visitation day. He wouldn’t put it past JR to use it as a setup to get her in trouble. Tad tells Jamie that he must not give up hope on JR changing. Does he want to only see him as a jerk? Should they assume that he can’t be anything else and not even give him a chance? Jamie tells him he does not but JR’s act. Nobody except JR made him a jerk. And Dixie is not going to miraculously change him. Tad tells Jamie that everybody is to blame for what has happened.

Ryan tells Zach that he’d like to know his secret about his casino.

Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that all of her family has abandoned her. Nobody showed up at the party for her new show. Kendall reminds her mother that her husband wasn’t even invited and she’s had things going on. Greenlee tells Erica that she must know that Ryan has been on the news and has had many things going on. Erica tells Greenlee that she’s discussed with Dr. Madden what Greenlee is up to and assures Greenlee she will not betray her secret. She tells her she would not do that to her new daughter because they are family. Hearing that, Greenlee asks Erica if she has just blackmailed her to be at the party by threatening to tell Ryan what she’s done if she does not.

Di tells David that she appreciates his “loyalty” but he need not watch her back. He reminds her that they have many connections from their past and must not lose sight of the fact that his daughter was married to her son and have a child together. JR tells her she must not listen to David and this loser needs to leave him alone. She courteously tells David that she does not need or depend upon him any more. She tells him her most important priority is to get to know her family again. He tells her she may not want to “do this” because the day might come when she will need him again. He goes out the door and JR asks her why she would need David’s protection.

Krystal explains to Adam that Di was a good friend to her when she first moved into the slammer. She had access to a lot of important information. She was a very clever con artist. Hearing that, Adam assumes it must be Tad who is exploiting her into pulling off a scam. Krystal tells him there’s no way it would be Tad. He must know how hurt Tad is over losing Dixie and that he’d have no incentive to pull of a scam with her. She asks Adam who else they know who would have motive to pull of a scam with Di. Adam immediately concludes it would have to be David Hayward. Krystal and Babe confirm that. And Adam tells Babe that she may tell her daddy that he and Di Kirby will be wearing “his and hers” prison jumpsuits by nightfall. Babe tells her mother that in spite of some bad things happening, she will be so happy to have her mother back and able to see her grandson. She does, however, tell Krystal that she’s worried what it will do to Jamie to find out that Dixie is a fake, knowing how close he was to her. Just then, Adam comes in and informs them that it’s possible that the warden will prevent Krystal from getting out of jail.

Tad tells Jamie he realizes the last few times he reached out to his brother, he got burned. But at least he had the courage to try. He tells Jamie he must hang onto hope just a little longer. Give Dixie a little more time to work on JR. He and Babe might be able to see a lot more of Little Adam. He might even get to go to med school. But Jamie tells Tad that this is about Kate. Not anybody else. Tad tells Jamie that it is a miracle that Dixie has come back. And he’s not afraid to believe that there could be another miracle where they could be close to JR again. He asks Jamie if he really wants to give up on his family.

Erica asks Greenlee why she would distrust her. She tells Greenlee that she supports her decision to get what was rightfully hers from the fertility clinic. She understands that Greenlee knows that Ryan should be a father. Greenlee asks Kendall why Erica is acting so nice to her. Kendall tells her mother that she didn’t think the party would be so important when her husband wasn’t invited. Erica tells her daughter that she also did not invite Kendall’s hairdresser and did not assume that Kendall would be offended by that. Privately, Kendall tells Greenlee that she must believe that she is behind her 100%. What she did was brave and courageous and worthy of respect. She tells her that she knows what having a baby meant to Bianca. She tells Greenlee she wants the same joy for her too. She tells her that a baby can change everything. And she wants to be there for Greenlee when that happens.

Ryan asks Zach why he’d know so much about fight clubs. Does Zach have his own history in that environment? Zach does not answer that question but tells Ryan that he knows about how people behave as he is doing with inflicting pain upon themselves. He tells Ryan that he killed Alexander Cambias Jr. when he was 17 years old and believes Ryan might be doing the same thing. He tells Ryan that he knows he has a very sick family but realizes he’d never beat his wife. Ryan asks Zach what he and his own wife, Kendall, were up to, when they barged into the boat house and had some “reason” to believe that he would hurt Greenlee. What does he know about Greenlee that he assumes Ryan would hurt her for? Hearing that, Zach tells Ryan that maybe he should answer that question. Knowing that Ryan is medicating himself for his rage, he tells Ryan hopefully he will not kill him when he hears the answer. Ryan asks Zach just what he thinks he knows about Ryan’s wife and his marriage. Zach tells Ryan that Greenlee did see Ryan beating up some random guy just for sport and knows what he’s capable of. So did Kendall. They both have reason to have suspicions about him. Ryan tells Zach he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells Zach that his life is working out for him and so is his marriage. But he notices that Zach is giving him a look.

Erica goes to her ceremony and talks on the phone to Regis. Kendall and Greenlee go outside realizing that the will have to keep Erica happy and quiet, knowing what will happen if she spills the beans to Ryan. They make plans about Kendall being Greenlee’s lamas coach and how they can keep this whole thing positive. Erica gets off the phone, then goes out and sees Kendall and Greenlee. She happily greets and hugs them and tells them she’s so happy that they came.

Di/Dixie tells JR that she really wishes David would get out of their lives. She tells JR that David should have never told him that she called David first from Europe while JR and Tad believed she was dead. She apologizes to him for that. He asks her if the memorial for Kate will be beneficial for all of them. He tells her that he believes it should.

Krystal tells Adam that she needs to tell Tad the truth about Dixie from her and not from Adam. She tells Adam that it will devastate Tad. Adam tells her that that is too bad. She might want to think about what will happen when her fiancé gets torn from his beloved ghost.

At the memorial service, Tad talks about how Kate’s death before life is tragic. But she is there, in their hearts, talking to them, watching them and loving them. He says that hope and love and family are forever.

Ryan arrives at Erica’s party. She hugs him and tells him how happy she is to see him. He sees Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee tells her husband that they don’t have to stay long. They can just make an appearance and leave. He tells her that they don’t have to rush off. Her family is his family also.

At Kate’s memorial service, JR talks, confirming that Tad is right that you do not appreciate what you have until you lose it. He talks about how he’s had the opportunity to love his son. He remembers being able to love Miranda. And he says that Kate is proof that you can love what you never even had. He says that he’s been without Kate, misses her and will never stop loving her. Jamie says that his dad said it best. Kate is pure hope and he’s so sorry she is gone. He says that he and JR lost a sister and Little Adam lost an aunt. Tad and Di/Dixie look at each other.

The warden tells Krystal that although she’s not happy that a no-good baby stealing tramp has a lot of friends pulling strings for her, it’s done. She is free. Krystal rejoices with Babe. Adam tells them that they now need to deliver the goods to him.

At the end of the memorial service, Di tells them that she wishes she could give them a bigger miracle and bring back Kate. But they all have each other and can hang onto that. And she’d like them all to believe that Kate is with all of them in their hearts and souls. Tad hugs her. Right at that moment, Adam appears and does not seem friendly. He says how his heart bleeds for Dixie, in a sarcastic manner. Nobody seems to have a clue what he’s there for. Krystal and Babe appear behind him.

Zach meets Kendall at Erica’s party and appears like a real husband for a while. Erica then calls Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan to come so she can make an announcement. They appear and Zach stands with them, although she did not ask him to.

David goes to Krystal’s cell and discovers she’s been released. He’s shocked and asks the warden who sprung her. She says it was Adam Chandler.

At Kate’s memorial service, Adam informs Tad that he must be very surprised to see Krystal knowing he previously must have thought she wouldn’t be in the free world for the next ten years. Knowing what he’s about to do and how it will hurt Tad and his family, Krystal and Babe urge him not to go through with this at a time like this. Tad tells Adam that he needs to leave him and his family alone while they have their private function. But Adam tells them all that he happens to know that that this woman, whom everybody believes is Dixie, is a fake.

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