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Jack stays with Mimi while waiting to find Danielle. Derek and Reggie appear and admit they have not found her. Reggie suggests that perhaps Dani does not want to be found. Mimi says she just wants to know where her daughter is.

Danielle wakes up with Josh in his apartment. She seems to be shocked and not very comfortable knowing that she had sex with him the previous night.

Erica goes to see JR. She tells him that she would like to work with him to send Zach out of town and get him away from Kendall. JR tells Erica that he has some more important things on his mind. Erica asks him what could possibly be more important than their deal to get rid of Zach. He tells her that his mother is alive. Hearing that, she is shocked and speechless.

Tad finds Di/Dixie and tells her that he would like to attend JR’s ceremony and be Little Adam’s godfather while she is his godmother. He also tells her that he would like to have an official memorial ceremony for their deceased daughter. Hearing that, she doesn’t know what to say or how to react.

Adam goes to see Krystal in the slammer and announces to her that he has accepted Babe’s terms. He tells her he has the governor on his speed dial. If she can prove that Dixie is a fake, she is free. She asks him if he is her “get out of jail free” card. He tells her that his proof will be that for her. He reminds her that she must want to get out of jail. She tells him he may call Babe. She then tells him he must not insult her by taking her for being stupid enough to trust him. He tells her he cannot just call the governor on Babe’s word alone. Krystal informs Adam that she knows that Dixie has completely convinced Tad that she is the real thing. And very possibly she really is Adam’s son’s mother. Adam may never know whether she is or not.

Tad tells Di/Dixie that ever since he’s lost her, he’s had a million scenarios go through his head. From the moment she sent him the letter that she was pregnant, he’s been making plans for his daughter. She asks if the ceremony will give him some closure. He tells her it will. They need to make it official.

Krystal tells Adam that she may not find this jail cell a luxury but she’ll deal with it if need be. Adam tells her that if, in fact, this woman is exploiting the people they both love, then Babe will thank her for telling him how she is a fake. She tells him that he is full of it. That woman has been really good to her daughter and grandson and she reveals she will not enable him to get the goods on her without proper incentive. She tells him that she knows that all he will do is hang onto his hate, just like his son is doing. And she wants no part of that.

JR tells Erica that he needs to find a place for his mother to live with him and his son. Erica reminds him that Dixie has lived in this very house for years and she asks why she’d want or need to live elsewhere. He tells her that his first priority is to get his mother in a comfortable environment. And once that is done, he’ll help her with the plan to get rid of Zach. But Erica tells JR that she can settle this herself by going and talking to Dixie. She walks through his home in search of Dixie. But JR gets very alarmed and doesn’t want Erica to see the woman whom he believes is his mother.

Mimi and Derek are very frustrated in being unable to find Danielle. Mimi says she blames Reggie. He must have abandoned Dani. But Jack tells her he knows his son did not abandon her daughter. He believes it was the other way around.

Josh tells Danielle that he can go out to breakfast with her. But she makes it clear that she is uncomfortable although she’s trying to act differently. He asks her to tell him what is going on. She doesn’t know how to respond to that. She just tells him she did not plan on this and did not set out to meet somebody and spend the night with them as they have done. He tells her he hopes he was not her “first”. She does not know how to respond to that.

Adam tells Krystal that if she can get rid of Dixie, he will get JR to ease up on Babe. Krystal informs him that JR is already doing that with the help of Dixie. He tells her he knows that Tad will never be over Dixie and will never want her or anybody else who is not Dixie. She tells him she knows that Dixie does not want Tad and he may believe whatever he wants because she knows Tad better than he does. He asks her if she knows all the time that Tad and Dixie spent together the previous night. And he tries to convince her that Dixie will prevent her from having Tad to herself.

Josh tells Danielle that he can tell that she was so sure of herself last night but now she regrets it. She tells him that she does like him and does not do the sex thing just for the sex. He tells her he likes her too and feels the same way. She says that he must believe her that she is cool with what happened. She tries to convince him that she does not believe in love. She says she knows that so many people mistake lust for love and end up kicking themselves. She tells him that her parents had cheap, meaningless sex and paid for it. They should have just had fun and not forced themselves to compromise just because they did not use protection. He tells her he must get to work and asks if he can give her a ride. She tells him she brought her car. He gives her his number and asks her to call him so they can get together for dinner some time. He tries to convince her that he is not going to disappear and she may call him. Right at that moment, Garette enters and tells Danielle it’s time to go home. Noticing him, she reminds him that he is her mother’s boyfriend and not her deputy.

Derek tells Mimi that she abandoned her daughter and cannot blame him for what has happened to Danielle. She tells him that their daughter needs the love and support that only two parents can give her and she and Garette can give her that. Derek tells her that it was precisely because of her and Garette that Danielle ran away from the picnic in the first place and if she thinks he’s going to step aside and let that “Demsel-wannabe” pretend to be his daughter’s father, she’s got another thing coming.

Garette tells Danielle that he’d like to just be a friend to her and is concerned that he notices she is crying. He asks if the guy she was with hurt her. She tells him nothing bad happened. She reminds him he is her mother’s husband and she knows the kind of stunt her mother is going to pull with his help. She says she knows that he will rat her out to Mimi so that Mimi can have her way. He tells her he doesn’t plan to do that.

Erica goes out and sees Di/Dixie and Tad. She notices how different “Dixie” looks now than she did before. Tad and JR are both uncomfortable with Erica’s inquisitive nature toward her. And right away, Erica seems to be cooking up a plan to have her on New Beginnings. She tells her that they can get Dixie’s story out there to all of America and she will never have to answer another question from another puzzled person. Hearing that, Di/Dixie tells Erica absolutely not.

Adam asks Krystal if she really trusts that strange woman with Little Adam. He tells her she must realize that she must have an agenda and a price. Anybody who is not the real Dixie would. She might kidnap Little Adam. She might keep Tad away from Krystal. He tells her she must tell him what she knows. Hearing that, Krystal admits she cannot risk it and is all ready to tell Adam exactly who Dixie really is. But right before she’s able to get it out, Babe rushes in and silences her mother. She tells Adam how dare he go behind her back to talk to her moma. She tells him that when he frees Krystal, she will give him the goods. She reminds him that he must want to protect JR and should know that he will never forgive his father when he founds out that he did not take action to protect him from a scam. Noticing Adam will still not budge, she tells him the deal is now off the table.

Erica tells Di/Dixie that she knows her viewers will be inspired by hearing Dixie’s story. Di/Dixie says she will not be on her show. Erica tells her she will drop it for now and talk to her about it later. Assuming that Tad would have to want to marry Dixie again, she asks if they’ve set a date yet. Tad informs Erica he and Dixie are not getting married. She seems really surprised to hear that.

Garette tells Danielle that he knows he will never replace her father and he believes that Derek is a good man. He tells her that he did notice a man walking away from this place and he noticed her crying. But he promises not to tell her mom anything unless she wants him to. She admits that she doesn’t know what to do. He offers to take her out to breakfast. She tells him she is not a breakfast person. He tells her that he will have to take her home unless she has a better idea. She admits that she knows she will have to face her mom and her dad. Right at that moment, Reggie enters and Danielle rushes to him. He asks if somebody can tell him what has just happened. Garette offers to wait in the car while Danielle talks to her boyfriend. Reggie asks her what Garette is doing here and if he’s given her a hard time. She informs Reggie that Garette has only been there a few minutes. He seems to know that she probably spent the night there. He tells her that he apologizes for whatever he did, he hates it when they fight, he wants her to know that he is behind her 100% and he loves her so much. Realizing he has no clue what she did the previous night, she tells him she does not deserve him and reveals she is very uncomfortable. He tells her he will support her in what is happening with her family. She tells him she is very grateful to him. He asks her why, then, she is not all over him, hugging him and telling him how much she loves him.

Josh goes to meet Erica at the New Beginning office. She tells him she must have Jack and Reggie and Lily at her launch party. But Josh tells her they cannot be there. She asks him why. Just then, Jack arrives and informs her that the previous day, when she was working, Reggie and Lily had some problems at the picnic. She tells him that she needs to have all of her family there and if they don’t show up, it will look like they have something to hide.

JR goes to the Chandler’s patio to see Tad and Dixie. Tad asks JR if he will attend the memorial ceremony to say good-bye to his sister and Tad’s and Dixie’s daughter. JR says he can be there. Dixie says she’d like Jamie there also. JR tells her however she wants it.

While Adam is getting ready to depart from Krystal’s jail cell, Krystal and Babe remind him that if he does not trust and go along with their plan, he might be risking losing his son whereas they have nothing to lose. He leaves, not sure what to do.

Danielle returns home with Garette and Reggie. She tells her parents that she just fell asleep the previous night and left her cell phone off. Garette tells them he believes they have raised a very sensible young lady. But Derek tells them that he knows that Danielle ran off and kept a secret. She was not with Reggie like she’d told them she was. Reggie jumps to Danielle’s defense. But feeling her guilt from what she did the previous night, she tells her boyfriend he must not defend her. He asks her why she would not want him to back her since she is his girlfriend. Mimi says she knows that Danielle went somewhere the previous night and was probably with somebody. Garette tells Mimi that he saw Danielle alone in the shack where he found her. Mimi doesn’t seem to believe her daughter was alone. Garette admits that he was part of the reason why Danielle ran off in the first place. He apologizes and tells them that he’d like to start again and give them all another chance. Derek does not seem to like that idea. Neither does Reggie. But Mimi asks her daughter if she is ok with that. Knowing that Garette protected her secret just like he’s promised, Danielle agrees to give Garette a chance.

While Adam is ready to leave Krystal’s jail cell, Babe admits to her daughter that it seems like another plan that’s gone up in flames. Krystal tells her daughter she must not worry. But Babe tells her mother she must get her out of prison and she will tell Jamie and Tad. Krytal tells her she must hold off on doing that. They catch Adam before he goes out the door.

Tad tells Di/Dixie that he knows they will never be the same. She tells him that even if they cannot, they can still shoot for second best.

Before leaving Krystal’s jail cell, Adam gets on his cell phone and demands to talk to the governor.

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