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Reggie notices Sam drinking beer and confronts him about how he’s using no common sense to be drinking in front of Lily. He notices that Lily is uncomfortable with Sam’s drinking but that she’s chosen to be with him.

Danielle is talking to Josh Madden while Reggie is confronting Sam. They introduce themselves. Josh informs Danielle that he is new in town. She welcomes him to Pine Valley and tells him he may consider her his first new friend in town. It sounds like she likes him.

Babe arrives at the 4th of July Party. JR tells her he demands to know something. She tells him that she just came there to see her son and she wishes he’d give her a break. But he tells her that he demands to know how and why she can say that his mother is a fake. She indicates she does not wish to discuss that with him and sounds like she may not know what he is talking about. But Adam tells her he’d also like to know that and indicates that he has informed JR about their conversation where she informed Adam that she could prove that Di/Dixie is a fake who is merely passing herself off as JR’s mother.

Opal and Ruth lead Di/ Dixie into a room and lock the door. She enters and notices Tad. He informs her that he is done with her and plans to get married. She asks him who is the lucky gal. He tells her it’s Krystal Carey, Babe’s mother. She indicates that she does not know how to respond to that. Having no clue that this is not the real Dixie, Tad asks her how she really feels about his marrying somebody else and moving on. She admits that since they have been apart for a long time and due to what she did not him, she realizes that she’s lost the right to have any say in his life. He sounds cold and unwilling to talk to her. He then notices that they are locked in and calls to his mother and stepmother to let them out. She asks him if there is any way that they can reconcile their differences. He tells her that she’s jerked him around for the last time and he no longer owes her anything.

Adam and JR indicate to Babe that they will not make her feel welcome. Hearing that, Babe reminds them that they are not doing the type of “family bonding” that Dixie would want them to do. JR tells Babe that he will find out what she’s up to. Babe tells him that he’d better not disappoint Dixie by being hostile and preventing Little Adam from seeing his mother. Babe goes to see her son. Hearing that, JR tells his father that he does not believe that it’s true that Di/Dixie is a fraud and believes that Adam just wants him to believe that in order to keep him away from his mother. Adam urges his son to believe that he’s not making anything up. He’s very concerned about this con. But JR tells his father he still plans on moving into his own house with his mother and son.

Mimi confronts Derek and Livia telling them it’s their fault that they cannot find Danielle. She tells Derek that Livia had to confront her about the paternity dilemma when Danielle was born. Danielle must have overheard that. Livia tells Mimi that she must calm down.

Reggie tells Sam that he must not consider driving if he’s had too much. Sam tells Reggie he is not drunk. While Danielle is busy talking to Josh, Reggie finds her and tells her that they need to go. She tells Reggie that they just got there and she doesn’t plan to leave. He explains to her that he needs to get Lily home and make sure Sam does not get intoxicated and drive her. Danielle tells Reggie he may do that but she has plans to stay. She tells him he cannot boss her around. She does not take orders from her parents or from anyone else. He then leaves

Di/Dixie tells Tad that he must realize that she did not plan to hurt or lie to him. She tells him a major reason why she stayed away was because she was so afraid of seeing that look on his face. She tells him she wishes so much that she could undo all of the bad things that have happened. But she knows she can’t. And she asks him if there is any way they can let go of the anger. Tad tells her that he realizes he was a jerk and only wanted “his Dixie” back. He didn’t want to accept the fact that she has changed. He tells her he knows he’s failed to listen all the times she told him that she had her own needs and could not be perfect. He tells her he realizes all she’s been through and the fact that she is alive now is a miracle, which he thanks God every day for. So he promises no more anger. But he tells her there is something he must ask her for. Hearing that, she tells him he may just name it. She will give him whatever he wants.

While Derek and Livia cannot find Danielle, Jack notices he cannot find Lily. He calls her on her cell phone and asks her not to turn it off again when she is not nearby. He calls to Reggie. Reggie appears and tells his father that he’s caught Sam drinking. Lily and Sam appear and Lily indicates she does not want Sam to leave. But Brooke tells Sam he’d better get in the car and go home with her. They still cannot find Danielle. Mimi tells Derek and Livia that she wants to go with them to find her daughter. But Derek tells her she need not pretend to care about Danielle. He doesn’t buy it.

Danielle is off talking to Josh about how her parents expect her to be obedient but don’t care about her or respect her. He tells her he understands where she is coming from. But he says it is not hopeless with one’s parents as soon as you realize they are more messed up than you are. She tells him that they expect her to play by the rules but they won’t do it themselves. She lets down her hair and seems to be flirting with him.

Adam asks Babe where she got this idea about Dixie being a fake. Did she do it to turn his son against him? She tells him he will never know the answer to that until he trusts her enough to find out and does what she wants. She reminds him that until he takes his chances in finding out, he can sit back and watch JR bonding with this woman and vilifying his father. He tells her that until she can “deliver” what he wants, she’d better not count on her mother getting out of the slammer. She tells him that until her mother is free, he will never find out what he wants to know about the woman who claims to be JR’s mother.

Lily asks her father why he and Reggie both want to get rid of her boyfriend. Jack tells her he does not wish to do that. She informs him that Reggie wants to get rid of Sam. Reggie tells his sister that he is concerned about Sam’s behavior. Jack tells them that Brooke is now going to confront Sam about drinking and might prevent Lily from seeing Sam.

Brooke tells Sam that he may ask Jamie about the rules for living under her roof. On the top of that list is no drinking and driving. He tells her she cannot ground him. But she informs him that she will because her little girl died due to somebody drinking and driving and mistakenly thinking they could handle it. So, she informs him, nobody under her roof is going to take that chance again.

Josh indicates to Danielle that me might like to be alone with her. He kisses her. And at that point, Derek appears and asks him if he has a “permit” for this party.

Adam approaches Babe. He asks her to cut the b.s. and tell him what he needs to know. She tells him that she’s been trying to do the right thing. She tells him that if he wants to hold onto JR, he needs her. She informs him that Dixie is on the way to being her best friend. And JR would bark at the moon if Dixie asked him to. And the bottom line is that Adam is toast. She tells him that he either sets Krystal free, or he’s going to be sitting all alone in that big lonely house without his son or grandson.

Di/Dixie tells Tad that all she wants is for JR and Jamie to be happy. She wants them to be as close as they were when they were kids. And she wants him to reconcile with JR as well. He tells her it’s too late for him and JR to bond. But she tells him he must remember how they taught their children forgiveness. Tad tells her that he has failed JR and the baby and many others. But he just thought that JR was too far-gone and it did not matter. And he admits that he might do the same thing if he had it to do over again. She tells him that she knows he has an impossible situation where he has to make a very hard choice between protecting one child and not caring about the other. He tells her that he can no longer reach JR but he asks her to give his stepson all the love he needs, where he cannot. He also admits that he still feels his feelings about her and cannot lie about that. She admits she cannot lie about it either and knows there is a reason why they once said together forever.

JR finds Di/Dixie. He can tell she might have something on her mind and asks if she is ok. She says she’s fine and thanks him for allowing the whole family to come together. She indicates however, that she’s not entirely ok. He asks if Tad gave her a hard time. She says Tad did nothing wrong. They just talked and he told her they were over. JR tells her he knows that she does not believe that Tad is really over her and he realizes she is no more ok with losing Tad than he is in losing her. She confirms that but tells JR that they no longer has a choice and must get over Tad.

Livia, Mimi and Garette are still wondering where Danielle is while Derek goes to find her.

Adam tells Babe that he will not help her or her mother. He will find his own proof without her help.

Di/Dixie asks JR if he could just start to ease up on Tad. JR protests that Tad made him believe that his son was dead and put him through hell. She says she knows about that but he must realize that Tad loves him and feels terrible about doing that. JR tells her that he no longer needs Tad in his life and does not believe that Tad cares about him. He says that if Tad tells him he’s sorry, it’s only empty words. He tells her he would not know where to start in forgiving Tad if he wanted to. She tells him she has an idea.

Tad finds Opal and Ruth and tells them he knows that they tricked him by locking him in the room with Dixie. He tells them he does not want any more scheming or matchmaking. He calls his family together and announces to Opal, Ruth, Joe, Palmer, Adam and Babe that he has proposed to Krystal. They all tell him that he’s making a mistake. But he tells them this is not open for discussion or debate. So if they cannot congratulate him, they must keep their opinions to themselves. JR then appears and makes an announcement that he’d like to have a family event on behalf of his son. Babe thanks him. Adam tells his son maybe he shouldn’t do that. But JR says as soon as he moves into his new place, everybody is invited. He also announces that he would like to make Dixie Little Adam’s godmother and Tad his godfather. Babe hears that and tells her ex husband she would like that too. But Adam does not seem happy.

Sam admits to Brooke, Jack and to Lily that he realizes he made a big mistake and he is sorry. Brooke leaves with Sam. Jack gets Reggie alone and asks him to tell him what really happened with Danielle. Reggie does not know how to answer that.

Josh asks Danielle how old she is, realizing she must be a minor. She denies it and tells him she’s just having problems with her parents interfering in her business. She tells him she’d like to pick up where they left off and continue kissing. She tells him if he knows what he wants, he may go for it. He tells her he knows exactly what he wants. He wants her, he says.

Reggie admits to his father that he hasn’t a clue what happened with Danielle. But he believes he must have really ticked her off. Jack assures his son that he did not do that. Her parents did. Reggie tells his father that Danielle really went off on him. Jack tells Reggie that if he had a dime for every time Erica went off on him, he’d be rich. He tells Reggie that when one finds the right person, all that you go through will be worth it. Lily gets up to leave with them but indicates she feels empty without Sam.

It looks like Josh has taken Danielle home with him. He’s ready to sleep with her but can tell that perhaps she is not ready. He realizes she barely knows him. But she tells him she wants him.

Babe holds her son and taunts Adam with the fact that it’s totally ok with her to have Dixie and Tad as her son’s grandparents although she knows it’s not ok with him. Hearing that, he finally agrees to her plan and promises to get her mother out of the penitentiary.

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