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All My Children Update Monday 7/4/05


By Lori
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At their romantic picnic, Greenlee asks Ryan what makes him think something is going on. He says she just looks like something's going on. "I knew it," she said. Ryan tells her to clue her in. Greenlee says she has an awesome surprise.

Pine Valley residents are gathering for the July Fourth picnic. Jack and Lily arrive, explaining that Erica won't be there because she has to work to prepare her show. Tom, Livia and Derek are there and Brooke and Sam arrive. Sam greets Lily and tells her she looks nice. She says she spent an extra 10 minutes getting ready. Reggie and Danielle arrive and Mimi is there with her fiance, Garrett. She introduces Garrett to Dani and he greets her as "my new daughter." Derek corrects him, saying "I don't think so." Dani points to Derek and tells Garrett that he's the only person she calls dad. Garrett says he's sorry if he was out of line. Mimi tells Dani she could be polite and the two of them start bickering. Brooke intervenes and says everyone is welcome here. She greets Garrett. Danielle tells her mother that she won't go off and live with her and Garrett. Livia takes Mimi away to get some ice cream.

Opal loudly knocks on the door of the Tad's PI office demanding he let her in. He's inside playing pool but with her persistence lets her in. She tells him she can't let him throw away his future. He tells her that she can do that because he knows she wants him to be with Dixie. That isn't going to happen. Opal says Dixie is making an effort to get them together. She urges him to at least show up at the picnic and tell everyone he likes their potato salad. Tad says he doesn't want to be with Dixie ever and he is over her. She suggests he come to the picnic to show family unity.

At Chandler mansion, Adam tells Di he has proof she isn't Dixie. She sarcastically tells him he has her shaking. JR walks in and starts to say he found some houses, but stops when he sees Di with Adam. He asks hew threw ice cubes on them. Di tells JR that Adam claims to have proof she's a fraud and she's anxious to see it. JR tells his father to put the proof out there. Adam says he'll have the proof when the time is right. He says he'll have to call Babe to supply the truth. JR can't believe his father is relying on Babe, saying she would call Winefred his mother if it would help her. JR tells Adam not to bother coming to the picnic and says he and his mother will be out of this house in a week or two. JR walks out and Di tells Adam that he's done far worse to JR than she dreamed. She holds up her water bottle and drinks to the look on his face when she brings him down.

Kendall and Zach find themselves in an embrace and they tiptoe around the fact that he hasn't kissed her. Zach says he won't do it and she playfully asks him "do what?" She says he clearly wants him to do something but she doesn't want him to. He suggests letting him do it and then she can find out if he wants her to do it. Kendall asks if they're going to talk about it or get to it. Zach says it's done and walks away. She asks if she wants him to follow him. He says he's going to the park to watch the fireworks. It's Independence Day, so how about the two of them being independent.

Greenlee tells Ryan he forgot her daily surprise, but he presents her with a huge array of flowers. He asks her where his surprise is. She says her's will blow him out of his socks. He asks if she likes torturing him. She says it will be awhile before she tells him. She asks if he trusts her. He asks if there's any reason why he shouldn't.

Di and JR arrive at the picnic with Little Adam. Palmer welcomes Di as do Joe and Ruth. Ruth asks Opal where Tad is and Tad then arrives and goes to the grill. Adam goes to Tad and tells him he's doing the grilling wrong. Di approaches and asks if she could help, but Adam tells her she's done enough for the Fourth of July. Palmer approaches Adam and tells him to hand it over. Adam gives Palmer a small flask of booze and Palmer promptly takes a drink. Adam wonders how long this picnic is going to last.

Kendall and Zach are at the park and Kendall tells him it's cracking her up to see him eat a hot dog. He puts his hand on her face to wipe away some mustard but she flinches, not knowing what he's doing. They then overhear Ryan and Greenlee with their voices raised and run over to them. Kendall yells that Greenlee had to do it and tells Ryan not to touch her.

At the picnic, Mimi and Livia begin arguing. Mimi says she expected her to provide a loving home for her daughter but instead she turned her against me. Livia tells Mimi she did everything wrong that she could have done wrong and dumped her child on them when she decided to cut and run. Mimi says Dani now hates her. Livia says Mimi doesn't care about her daughter, she's just trying to impress Garrett. The subject turns to Derek and Dani comes into the picture, overhearing as Livia tells Mimi that she didn't even want to marry Derek until she could prove he was the father.

Dani returns to the group and asks her father if she and Reggie can watch the fireworks somewhere else. She and Reggie leave just as Mimi returns and asks where they're going. Mimi then angrily asks Derek why she let her daughter walk off like that. Derek corrects her, saying "my daughter."

Ryan asks Zach and Kendall why they have barged in on them and are accusing him of trying to hurg Greenlee. Zach suggests they chalk it up to a misunderstanding. Ryan asks Kendall why she thinks she needs to protect Greenlee. What did Greenlee have to do? He asks Kendall shat she knows that he doesn't know. Greenlee tells Zach and Kendall that they're just having a disagreement. Zach says their disagreement sounded serious. Kendall says she's sorry, but she just figured Greenlee was being true to form and messing up again. After Zach and Kendall leave, Ryan and Greenlee talk about him using drugs from David. Greenlee says he shouldn't have to rely on a miracle drug for something he can do himself. Ryan says he knows what he's dong.

Back at the picnic, Garrett compliments Brooke on her Tempo articles. Lily asks Jack if she and Sam can hang out with Reggie and Dani. Mimi sarcastically congratulates Derek for turning their daughter into a rotten diva who hates her guts. Dani and Reggie stumble upon a party and Dani grabs a can of beer and starts drinking. Reggie asks her what's wrong but she insists she's just trying to have a good time.

Opal tells Ruth that they should take a little walk to see the funnel cake man.

Sam and Lily arrive at the same party and Lily notices that everyone here is older. Sam grabs a can of beer and starts drinking, making Lily's mouth drop open. She says she doesn't drink alcohol and asks if they can go somewhere else. Dani gets another beer and Reggie tells her to slow down. She says she's just trying to have some fun. Reggie says she doesn't need to get smashed because her problem isn't going away. Reggie sees Sam drinking beer and leaves Dani to approach him. Josh runs into Dani. Reggie tells Sam to drop the beer.

Zach tells Kendall to stop beating herself up. Kendall says she almost blew it and told Ryan what's going on. She puts her hand toward Zach to wipe some powdered sugar off his lip and he flinches. Kendall says now she's Greenlee's worst enemy.

Derek, livid with Mimi, tells Livia that they need to leave before he commits homicide. Brooke announces that no one is going to leave here with an attitude. She says they're supposed to be adults. Derek admits that they could be better. The fireworks start and Tom announces they were saved by the bang.

Greenlee and Ryan are watching the fireworks and she says she'll tell him when the time is right. She promises he'll love her surprise.

Zach tells Kendall that she has to tell Greenlee she supports her even if she doesn't. When her life blows up Greenlee will need someplace to turn. The two of them start watching fireworks.

Palmer tells Tad that his mother needs him and Tad goes to find her. Adam and Joe are sitting on a blanket and Adam asks him how he does it. Doesn't he ever want to do something self-serving and rotten? Joe says he's too damned virtuous.

Babe arrives at the picnic and JR asks her for proof his mother is a fraud.

Ruth takes Di to a building in the park and tells her she'll be able to see the fireworks better from there. She sends her inside and locks her in. Inside the building, Di finds Tad.

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