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All My Children Update Friday 7/1/05


By Lori
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At Chandler mansion, Adam tells Babe he doesn't believe she has a way to get rid of Dixie. Babe counters that she can do it immediately. Adam asks to hear what Babe knows. Babe says she can make Dixie self-destruct. She says Dixie is not who she says. She's an imposter and she can prove it. Adam asks her what she has. Babe says they first have to talk price. Babe says she wants him to spring her mother from prison. She says it's not a bad trade – JR for her mother. Adam tells her to call her mother and tell her nice try and better luck next time. Babe says if this woman was really Dixie she would not keep her away from her grandson.

Krystal is stunned to see her old cellmate Di Kirby visiting her in prison. Di says she wanted to see her. Krystal sarcastically asks her how she signed the visitor's log, Di Kirby or Dixie Martin? Di says she came to explain. Krystal asks her to give one reason why she shouldn't have her arrested for fraud. Di gives Krystal a box of chocolates and Krystal tells her she has a lot of nerve to show up here. Di asks her to hear her out and says this wasn't her plan. Krystal says she knows David is pulling the strings. Di says she's supposed to get JR to agree to share custody with Babe. She asks Krystal to keep their secret. Krystal asks her how she thinks JR will feel when he learns the truth. Di says he will be wrecked, just like the rest of the family. Krystal says she cares about the people she's fleecing. Di asks her to think this through. Krystal says she's thought so much already. She says before she derails this plan she wants Di to tell her exactly why she's doing this. Di says she got into this for her own selfish reasons but it's so much more now. She says she got JR to invite Babe and Jamie to the July 4th picnic. She says Little Adam needs both parents. JR needs his mother and Tad needs to move on and step aside from her. Krystal tells her she's freaking her out. Di pleads with Krystal to give her enough time for JR to get over the hurt of the last three years. Krystal asks Di why this is life or death for her. She asks Di if she really is Dixie. Krystal begins to speculate in her head, realizing that it is possible for Dixie to have ended up in this prison. Di asks what are in the chocolates to cause Krystal to talk this way. Krystal tells her she's way too caught up in JR's life. She says she'll keep her mouth shut if she can prove that she is Dixie.

Erica is with Josh at New Beginnings looking over a plan for a show. Zach walks in with a man dressed as a woman. It is Erica's assistant Val. Zach accuses Erica of sending Val to spy on his casino. Erica says she had no idea and asks Val if he thought people would more likely talk to a woman than a man. Val storms off and Erica tells Zach that she's concerned people in his casino are needing help and she can provide them with a new beginning. Zach tells her that since Kendall used her name to reinstate his license, her prying will ruin not only him but Kendall. Erica says most of the people at his casino go broke and ruin their lives. Zach accuses her of doing this to get back at him for marrying her daughter. He tells her to keep her employees out of his casino. Erica leans toward him and says this time the odds are with her.

Ryan goes to David's house and asks if the drug is ready. David says he has the stuff he asked for. Ryan says this has to work so he can keep Greenlee safe. David informs him that this drug won't erase his rage – it's not a circuit breaker but more like a surge protector. He says it will provide space between the trigger incident and his reaction. Ryan tells him to hand it over. David tells him to wait as he needs to know he's doing the right thing first. He wants guarantees that he'll take this religiously and give it time before it kicks in. He says next time Greenlee comes up with a crazy plan he needs to remember how much she loves him. Ryan takes the pill.

Kendall and Simone are at Fusion. Kendall is hoping David talked Greenlee out of having Ryan's baby. Greenlee walks in all smiles announcing that she's pregnant with Ryan's baby. Kendall informs Greenlee but it is too early for her to know for sure but Greenlee says she doesn't need a test because she can feel it. Kendall tells her she's not thinking straight. Greenlee says she chose to create a child with the man she loves and she did it for one reason – for Ryan. She wants him to be well and whole. She tells Kendall to be happy for her and her baby or go away. Simone tells Greenlee that they love her and want her and the baby to be happy and healthy. Greenlee says she'll set the stage to tell Ryan. He'll at first be shocked then angry, then he'll know it's the best thing for them. Kendall tells her to wait to inform Ryan until she knows for sure. She says she's worried what his reaction will be. Simone says they need to celebrate and gets out a bottle of tequila. Then she realizes it would not be good for Greenlee to drink. She finds some coffee creamer and says milk would be good to drink. They each take a little carton and Greenlee suggests a toast. Ryan walks in and asks what they're celebrating. Simone thinks fast and says it's because Ethan agreed to join a bowling league with her. They joined a dairy team. Ryan tells Greenlee he has a surprise for her and they leave together. Kendall says when she sees Ryan she envisions him back at that fight club. She's worried that Greenlee will surprise Ryan right back and he'll explode.

Erica, pleased with Josh's work, tells him that his father wanted him to fire him. Josh thanks her for not listening to his father. Erica says she and her mother disagreed too. Her mother wanted her just to get married and settle down. Josh tells her she did get married, and married, and married. Erica interrupts and says while she did marry, she hasn't settled down. There's plenty of time to do that later. Like when they die, Josh suggests. He proposes another story idea. He says he was in this bar that was completely packed but the bartender was able to keep it all together. He thinks she would be great on camera. Erica asks who this bartender is. When Josh says it's Babe Carey, Erica says she never wants to hear her name again in this place.

Adam says if there is something about this woman it will come out sooner or later and he'll wait for it. Babe says she's playing off JR's hopes and they need to expose her for the fake she is.

Di tells Krystal she realizes that she matters to these people and she won't abandon them now. She says if Tad and JR reconcile that will be a big win. David walks in and Di tells Krystal she didn't know he was coming here. She says she's not working with him anymore. Di tells her that they can do some good so don't out her. David urges Krystal not to mess up their daughter's life. Di says they have to consider what Babe wants. Krystal says she won't decide right away. She needs time to think about it. She walks out. David tells Di they need to go to his place and figure out their options. Di says they're through. She plans to go to the picnic to be with her family.

Simone says it would be wonderful if everything worked out for Greenlee. Kendall says she thinks the best thing for Greenlee is if she's not pregnant. She says if David's procedure didn't work Greenlee will be devastated but at least Ryan would never know. She says he could snap.

Ryan takes Greenlee to the boathouse, where he has set up a candlelight picnic. He hands her a glass of champagne but she says she'll pass. He asks if she's afraid he'll get her drunk and have his way with her. She says she's drunk on life and he can have his way with her anytime. They kiss. Ryan looks at her and says something is going on. What is it? Greenlee just looks at him with a big smile.

Babe goes to the prison to see Krystal and tells her she went to Adam. She says she didn't tell Adam who Di really is because that would take away her leverage. Krystal says they should have went straight to Tad with this information. Babe says she'll tell Tad at the picnic if Adam doesn't follow through with her request. Krystal says she has a bad feeling about this.

Di goes back to Chandler mansion and calls out for JR. However Adam is there instead and offers Di a friendly drink. She asks what's going on. He says he wants to bury the hatchet. He hugs her and says he wants to bury it in the middle of her back. He says he knows the truth and she's done.

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