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Aiden finds Lily reading a book outside. She informs him that she’s reading about baseball because she wanted to find out how she and her boyfriend, Sam can get to “second base”. Then she saw a butterfly. Then she saw him.

Amanda comes to get money from JR for their “business arrangement”. He gives her a dollar out of his pocket and tells her it’s severance pay. He’s firing her. She has failed to do her job.

Jamie tells Tad that he really disapproves of his plans to marry Krystal and believes he’s only doing it in order to get over Dixie or get her to notice.

Krystal reveals to Babe that the woman whom everybody believes to be the real Dixie Cooney Martin is really a fake, an imposter. Babe is shocked and asks her mother what is up. Why would that be and who would ask her to be an imposter. Krystal informs her daughter that it is her father, David Hayward who asked the woman to falsify her identity as Dixie to Tad, JR and everybody else who knew Dixie.

Di/Dixie goes to David’s and give him money. She appears very angry. He asks her what that is for. She tells him she is giving him all the money he’s given her because she is no longer working for him.

Amanda asks JR why he wants to end their agreement. He tells her he gave her money for nothing. She’s been sitting on her butt and not earning her keep. She tells him that she believes she is making major progress in getting between Jamie and Babe. She tells him that if she’s given just a little more time, she is guaranteed to get them to break up. He tells her he no longer cares about breaking them up. He reveals to her that he might be turning into a nice guy who no longer wants to hurt people. She asks him why he’d do such a thing and informs him it must be because of his long lost mother.

David tells Di/Dixie that she agreed to go along with his plan and cannot back out now. She tells him she will not go through with this. He tells her that the primary goal he has in this is enabling his daughter to have joint custody of her son. But she believes he’s doing it primarily in order to hurt JR and Tad. He tells her she cannot back out and reveal that she is not Dixie after all the hard work he did. She says she does not plan for Dixie to go away. She will be in JR’s and Tad’s lives. It’s he that will go away. He shakes his finger at her and tells her that nobody will tell him what to do.

Tad tells Jamie that he’s now come to realize that he’s done with Dixie. It’s gone on too long. Jamie tells his father that he cannot just get her out of his heart so soon. It doesn’t just end that quickly and easily. Tad tells his son that he’s come to the realization that Dixie wants and needs to move on and so does he. Jamie tells his father that he must only see Krystal as a consolation prize. Tad tells Jamie that he cannot speak that way about Krystal. But he does agree that he may never love Krystal the way he loved Dixie.

Babe asks her mother if she is really sure that the woman who’s the nanny and whom everybody believes is Dixie is the same one who was her friend, Di Kirby, in the slammer. She asks how her father could be so vicious as to do something like that. Krystal explains that David did it in order for “Dixie” to get to the good side of JR so that he would let Babe have more time with her son and possibly motivate the Chandlers to pull strings to get Krystal out of jail soon. Krystal reveals to her daughter that she did not know how to tell Tad. Babe asks her mother how anybody could take away a “miracle” for him. Krsytal tells her that Tad proposed to her and told her he was over Dixie. But it will all be a lie if he finds out the truth. She tells Babe that her father is promising to get her joint custody of Little Adam if they keep their mouth shut about “Dixie”. Hearing that, Babe asks her mother if it really would be in their best interest not to reveal the truth to JR and Tad. Krystal tells her daughter she needs to know if she believes that this woman could convince JR to give her joint custody. Babe admits to her mother that this woman, whomever she really is, has some real persuasive power over JR. She notices JR’s behavior really changing. The woman convinced him to invite everybody to a 4th of July picnic. And she tells her mother she believes that given more time, this woman could successfully turn JR around so that she will get joint custody of her son and Krystal will get to marry the man she loves. Krystal admits to her daughter that David told her there are ways the Chandlers could get her an early release if she keeps quiet. They both admit they do not know what to do.

Amanda tells JR that she believes that his mommy is really brainwashing him. She tells him he cannot cut her off. He needs her. He tells her she needs him to pay the bills for her. He tells her that she is a total slacker and is crazy if she thinks he will keep paying her for nothing. Just as crazy as her mother. She is ready to slap him. She tells him that when she first came to Pine Valley she thought he had it all. He was independent and afraid of nobody. But she is right. His mommy has completely molded him into a weak person. She leaves. And Adam appears and tells his son that Amanda is right. He tells JR that that woman will “cripple” him.

David tells Di/Dixie that he rescued her from a very dismal life. She admits that she has made many mistakes. But she believes she can create a new beginning for JR and Jamie and the whole crew when they have the picnic. He tells her she believes she can save everybody just like Dixie did. He asks her what she plans to do. Even if she is successful, what is her grand finale? She tells him she will make sure that JR and Tad and their families never get hurt. Hearing that, he tells her that she does not want to cut this off because she wants to have Dixie’s life.

Lily reveals to Aiden what she’s learned about the rules of baseball. She obviously has the rules of baseball confused with the term “second base” in regard to sex. He tells her that it’s good that she likes Sam and he likes her. But he thinks she should tell Sam that she’s not ready to go to second base. She asks why not. He tells her that he does not believe that Sam is using the term “second base” in regard to baseball. He’s using it as a metaphor about wanting to take it to the “next level” with her.

JR asks his father if he really believes that the woman assumed to be his mother has brainwashed him. Adam tells his son it looks like he’s being deceived. JR tells his father he is in complete control, knows what he wants and he knows that he wants his mother in his life and in his house. Adam tells his son that he believes that this woman is manipulating him.

Tad tells Jamie that he now realizes that he always used to think that he and Dixie had a perfect thing together. But there were serious problems that caused her to run away to Europe. And he is now no longer chasing the stars. He’s dealing with reality. Jamie asks his father if he believes he is now ready to move on to the second love of his life so soon after getting over the first. Tad tells his son that he no longer wants to be around somebody with the obligation and expectation of being perfect. He wants to just love somebody and be for real without any false hopes. And Krystal is that person with whom he can be with in that way.

Di/Dixie tells David that she sees what this thing is doing to Tad. David asks her if she is now falling in love with Tad. She says she knows that Tad has had his heart broken too many times. He’s really been hurt by Dixie. He suggests, then, that she does not stick around. But she says she wants to enable JR to love his mother, and listen to her and agree to give Babe joint custody. David agrees that he’s glad she wants to do that. But he does not want her to be there to do Dixie’s work. She tells him she will do what she plans to do her way. And if anybody ever found out that he has fabricated a “fake Dixie”, they will come after him and he will get in trouble. And his daughter will never forgive him. He informs her that Krystal already knows that her old prison buddy, Di Kirby is passing herself off as Dixie.

After Krystal tells her daughter about the reality they are dealt where the fake Dixie may hold the cards to save both of their lives, she asks Babe if she really understands. Babe tells her mother that she really does understand.

Hearing David reveal that Krystal knows the truth, Di/Dixie admits to David that she is at much at risk as he is, for what they are doing. She asks him what his mastermind plan is in order to keep Krsytal’s mouth shut. He informs her that Krystal wants nothing to do with him. She’s cut him off and refuses to speak to him. She tells him that knowing that, she has not reason to trust him to protect her. He tells her he knows no matter how much Krystal may hate him, she must be thinking every day about how she can protect their secret in order to help Babe and herself. He tells her in time, Krystal will fall right into his hands. Di/Dixie tells him that he must have invented the word arrogant. But he affirms that he knows that their plan will work, whether she wants to go through with it or not.

Babe tells her mother that she has a plan. The truth will come out. But it’s coming out her way. She leaves.

Tad asks Jamie and Brooke why they cannot give Krystal a break. Brooke asks her ex husband why he’d consider proposing to Krystal. She tells him Krystal is a liar and reveals that she, herself, went to see Krsyatl in prison and they agreed that Krystal would try to push Tad away. She admits that she tried to bribe Krystal. Hearing that, Tad tells Brooke she is turning into Adam Chandler.

Adam tells his son that he was so proud of his being unafraid to put Jamie and Babe in their place and becoming just like his father. And this woman wants him to turn into a little boy and play romper room with Jamie. He tells him that after what Jamie and Babe have done, they do not deserve forgiveness. JR reminds his father that he, himself, asked him to “ease up” on those two so that he could get Colby back. Forgiving Babe and Jamie is ok with Adam only if it suits him. JR tells his father that he is going to listen to his mother and grow closer to her whether Adam likes it or not.

Amanda goes to find Aiden and sees him with Lily. She tells him she’d like to work for him as a PI. Hearing that, Lily tells her she cannot to PI work with Aiden without a license. Hearing that, Amanda asks Aiden who his “little friend” is. Lily tells Amanda she is not “little”. She is almost 17 years old. Lily seems to know all the technicalities involved in what Amanda is trying to do. Amanda tells her she’s kind of weird. Lily gets up to leave. Aiden tells her that she must not feel she must leave. It’s Amanda who is leaving.

Brooke tells Tad that although she may have made a mistake in attempting to bribe Krystal to break it off with him, she still knows she is right in believing that Krystal is not right for him. He tells her that he will make his own decisions about his own life. And she must accept that. So should Jamie. Brooke tells Tad that Krsytatl is trouble. He tells her that Krystal has made some mistakes. But she’s paid for them and has learned her lesson. Brooke asks him; even if that is true, does that make her right for him? He tells her that that alone does not make Krsytal right for him. What makes her right is that she has a great capacity to love. She is a wonderful woman and she is the one for him.

JR tells Adam that he will go and find a house of his own if his father cannot make his mother feel welcome in his house. He will get his own place for himself, his son and his mother. He leaves and Adam angrily tells him he will not let anybody take his son away from him again. And he smashes a glass.

Amanda asks Lily what her last name is. Lily tells her she is Lily Montgomery. Amanda reveals to Lily and to Aiden that they are stepsister. Lily tells Amanda she remembers her but she sees that Amanda has changed. She’s mean. Aiden tells Amanda she will not work with him. Lily reminds Amanda that Aiden just told her he doesn’t want her with him so why hasn’t she left? Amanda tells her she’s not left because Aiden does not own this park and cannot make her leave. Adien tells Lily he will take her home without Amanda.

David calls the warden of Krystal’s prison afraid that somebody might hurt Krystal. Right when Krsytal is waiting for a “visitor”, Di/ Dixie appears.

Right then, Babe goes to see Adam. He asks her what she wants. She tells him she can give him what he wants. She can make Dixie disappear.

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