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Tad comes to see Krystal. She informs him she must tell him something. Assuming that she’s afraid that he is still in love with Dixie and no longer available to her, he assures her that the woman who is living in the Chandler home as the nanny is not the same Dixie he knew before and that Krystal need not worry that he holds any grudges against her nor is he unavailable to her. But unknown to Tad, Krystal is about to tell him something completely different that he has no clue about. That woman is not Dixie. She is a fabrication. But she doesn’t know how to tell him.

Ryan talks to Kendall at the Fusion office about a pregnancy test he’s discovered in the office. And he tells her he’s pretty certain what that means. He tells Kendall that he knows that Greenlee went to a fertility clinic. Not certain what to tell Ryan, Kendall asks if Greenlee told him about that. He admits that she did. He asks her if she knows if Greenlee plans to get artificially inseminated by somebody else. Kendall does not know what to tell him. He tells her that the best time for Greenlee to have a baby is never. Kendall tells Ryan that she agrees with that. He tells her she is the closest thing to a best friend that Greenlee has. He asks her to tell Greenlee why this cannot happen. She tells Ryan that he needs to get help. He tells her he knows and he’s getting help.

Greenlee tells David that her mind is made up. She tells him she needs to get pregnant because she believes it will save Ryan. David tells her he cannot help her do that. The worst thing she could do for Ryan right now is having a child with him. He informs her that he knows about the fight club and that Ryan asked him for some sort of drug to end his rage. He tells her that Ryan knows what he could possibly do to an innocent child in the state he is in now. He tells her he cannot let her risk that. He tells her that Ryan is so far gone, he needs some chemical to shut him off. But Greenlee does not want to believe that.

At the Chandler house, Adam, JR, Jamie, Babe, Palmer and Di/Dixie are having a discussion. Adam tells Palmer that he may let this “woman” stay with him if he wants. Palmer tells Adam that it’s his loss if she stays with him because she is family to him. Adam tells them he needs to get a DNA test in order to prove whether the nanny really is Dixie or not. Opal enters and asks her if she really is Dixie. She seems really happy and asks her what could have happened. Di/Dixie tells her that if she had a simple answer, she’d give it. Palmer informs them that there is an empty cottage where Dixie could stay. Opal also approaches Jamie and asks him to say hi to her. She approaches Babe and tells her she thought she was supposed to steer clear of this place. Babe informs her that this is her visiting day. Joe Martin enters with his wife, Ruth and says he is there to see Dixie. She greets him and gives him a hug.

Tad tells Krystal that he feels like an idiot. It was three years of his life. He wonders how anybody could possibly think that anything could be the way it was before. And he knows that that woman is not Dixie. He believes she is the same “individual”. He does not know what she and David have been up to. But he knows she’s changed. Krystal tells Tad that there is something that he needs to know. He keeps telling her, assuming that her concern is that he might get back with Dixie, that that is not the case. He tells her that he is there for a reason. There’s something he needs to ask her. He finally spits it out. He asks her to marry him.

David tells Greenlee that the fact that her husband wants a drug to shut off his rage should be a warning sign to her that he cannot be a father to a child. She tells him that the fact that Ryan is seeking help for his problems is a good sign and means he is finally reaching out. She tells David that her Ryan has come back. IF he were anything like his brothers and father, he would not have come to David asking for help. David tells Greenlee that it is very complicated to find a drug and what the drug will do. Hearing that, Greenlee finally seems alarmed and asks David to promise not to kill her husband.

Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee saw him almost get himself killed. It hit Greenlee hard. It hit all of them.. She tells him when she saw him at the fight club, all she saw was this raging ball of hate ready to self-destruct. Hearing that, he admits to her that he has problems and is dealing with it. That is his secret, he tells her. He asks her to tell him Greenlee’s secret. He then discovers that Simone has a secret plan that she does not want him to know about, involving herself and Ethan. And the fertility meter he discovered was Simone’s. Hearing that, and knowing that Kendall did not confirm that Greenlee plans to get pregnant, he realizes he does not know what Greenlee is really up to.

Joe and Ruth tell Dixie she is more than welcome to stay with them. Adam tells them that he encourages them to get her out of his home. Babe urges Dixie to stay, telling her that she cannot leave because she is the only decent thing that her son has in his life. Adam says if she stays there, he will leave. Hearing that, Opal tells him he must not let the door hit him in the backside. Stuart comes and tells Adam that he should be happy that Dixie may be back. He should be happy for JR and for Little Adam. His son has his mom back. Adam tells his brother that that is not true. She is not Dixie. She’s a fake and a fraud. But then he peaks his head in the door to hear JR, Opal and Palmer warmly welcoming her. JR tells them that his mother is busy taking care of him and his son. Hearing that, Adam turns back and hears Stuart telling him he cannot have Dixie all to himself.

Tad tells Krystal that he may not know about a lot of things. But he knows that he wants her to be his wife. He tells her that he believes that Dixie did the best thing she could do for him. She gave him something he has not had since she’s been gone; closure. He can finally make a clear decision and move on. He tells Krystal he is done with Dixie and he knows that he loves her instead. He protests that he knows that the feelings he’s always had about Dixie are finally gone. This morning when he woke up, all he could think about was Krystal. Krystal cries, not knowing how to tell Tad what she’s discovered and tells him she cannot marry him. He tells her he realizes she is wearing orange and is in jail but he knows that jailhouse weddings happen all the time. And he tells her he’d like one good reason for why she cannot be his wife.

Opal tells Palmer he’d better get any idea he may have out of his head about hogging Dixie for himself. Palmer tells Opal that Dixie is his niece and she is not even a blood relation to her. JR and Jamie argue about how stupid the other is if they think that Dixie will forgive them for their recent behaviors. Then Di/Dixie tells the two “boys” that they must be able to hear themselves taking jabs and being so spiteful to one another. They must realize that there is a baby boy upstairs napping who does not know anything about the family feuds and all that they keep arguing about. All he knows about is love. He loves his daddy. He loves Adam. He loves Jamie. He loves Babe. She says she wishes that they could all find a common bond at least for him. She tells them that if nobody else can find that shred of decency inside of them to put him first, then she is not going to sit by and watch another little boy’s heart get broken. She remembers all too well what happened to JR when he was forced to choose between two people who could not put their difference aside for him. She walks away. JR comes after her and urges her to know that he cannot forgive what Jamie did. She tells him that she cannot let him do the same thing to Little Adam that she and Adam did to him.

Simone tells Ryan that she plans to get pregnant with Ethan so that he will marry her. That might be a good line to sell to Ryan to get him to deflect from his suspicion about Greenlee’s plans. But right at that moment, Ethan enters and overhears her and asks what is going on.

Greenlee asks David if he plans to poison Ryan. Is that his solution, she asks? He laughs and says of course not. He just plans on giving Ryan a drug as Ryan had asked him. She tells him that no drug is going to erase Ryan’s childhood. She tells David that they must help Ryan see that it’s ok to stop running and know that the answer is right there with his child. She also tells David that she knows about his own habits of drugging people. What he did to Dixie and a boatload of people was an act of desperation. She does not want to do anything like that. But she tells David she knows that the bad thing he did of keeping Miranda from Bianca was only his way of saving his daughter. He must understand how she wants and needs a child just like he wanted and needed to bond with Babe at any cost. She says she knows that people do bad things for a greater good. She knows that there is hope for her husband. Even if it means she must take drastic measures. And she asks David to please help her save her husband.

Ethan is ready to find out from Simone what her secret is. She appears very awkward that he has heard her tell Ryan and Kendall that she plans to trap him into having a baby. They go off on the roof in order to talk. Ryan asks Kendall what that was about. Kendall says Simone wants to have a baby and when she was in Boca Raton, Greenlee talked about having a baby. She thought it would be a new life and a new beginning. Ryan tells Kendall that he knows that having a baby would send him over the edge and he will not have that discussion again.

Greenlee suggests to David that it’s ok with her if he goes ahead and gives Ryan the drugs he’s asking for. But maybe just give him a sugar pill or placebo without his knowing. That way she will be able to tell if Ryan is able to help himself with a baby or if he really does need serious help that would require a real drug. She tells him she knows people can be “tricked” into curing themselves. So if he gives Ryan the placebo, then they will be able to tell if it’s all just in Ryan’s head or if his problem really is more serious. She tells him that she will get rid of Ryan if that is the case. But she knows she is right in believing that she can save her marriage with a baby and she asks David to please let her have her baby.

On the roof, Simone asks Ethan to know that she would never have a baby without his knowing in order to trap him into marriage. She’d never be that sneaky. He tells her he knows that but wonders who she’s covering for. Is it Kendall? Is it Greenlee?

Di/Dixie tells JR that she has so many memories of fighting with Adam. She remembers how throughout his life he had to choose between whether to love his mom or his dad. He never got the chance of being able to love them both. She tells him that she knows all too well how Babe and her mother have hurt him by taking his son away from him. And there’s no excuse for that. But she believes that there are better things for his son. She tells him that she believes that he can get past that. So can Tad. So can Jamie. So can even Babe. He tells her she does not know what she is asking him to do. She says she knows that the hurt he is feeling isn’t going to disappear right away. But he needs to have some hope for this family.

Tad gives Krystal an engagement ring. He tells her he knows she cannot wear it in here. But he asks her to please not say no. She should just think what it would be like to be Mrs. Thaddeos Martin, because until she tells him otherwise, he will be planning a wedding. Again, she doesn’t know what to tell him. He gets up to leave and tells her he will be back.

Joe tells Jamie he’d like to run something by him. He’s going to be very shorthanded at the hospital with Hayward no longer in Cardiology and Maria gone. He asks if Jamie would like to help him to go on rounds in the hospital. Hearing that, Jamie tells him that he believes it might be JR’s “set up” to try to make him see what it’s like to be a doctor in order to tempt him to leave Babe. Joe assures him this has nothing to do with JR or with Phoebe’s will. Jamie tells them all that he is not getting rid of Babe. She is the love of his life. Opal tells her grandson that it’s time he cuts that little tramp loose. But Jamie makes it clear that he does not want her talking that way about Babe. After his talk with Di/Dixie, JR enters with her and announces that they are all invited to a 4th of July party for Little Adam. Hearing that, Babe tells Dixie she may have just worked a miracle.

Up on the roof of Fusion, after hearing Simone confess what she’s doing, Ethan tells her that Greenlee is very lucky to have her as a friend. And it looks like Ethan wants to get to know Simone better and see her more.

Kendall tells Ryan that she’s been able to see that he’s found something with Greenlee that he never had with her. And she wants to him them get that back. He tells her he wants to get that back also. She tells him when she saw him pounding that guy and getting pounded back, it made her realize that she has not felt such strong feelings about seeing somebody she cares for being in so much pain since she saw Bianca losing Miranda. So she tells him that he must consider how profoundly it must have affected Greenlee to see what they all saw him do at the fight club.

Greenlee finally gets David to agree to help her get her baby.

Tad finds Jamie and asks his son to congratulate him. He tells him that he’s getting married. Instantly, Jamie assumes it’s Dixie and asks his father how he could have changed the way he’s been feeling about her. Tad tells Jamie he did not ask Dixie to marry him. He asked Krystal. Hearing that, Jamie asks his father if he’s lost his flipping mind.

Babe tells Krystal that Dixie is planning a picnic and she is very encouraged that it might be the solution she is hoping for. JR and Jamie, herself and all of their families will be there. She got JR to play nice. He’s really listening to her. She believes that Dixie will make sure that her son plays fair. And it might enable her to have more time with her son. Hearing that, Krystal tells her daughter that she needs to know that that woman is not Dixie.

Ryan tells Kendall that he takes back what he said about her. He knows that she is a good friend to him and to Greenlee. And he needs her help. She needs to talk some sense into Greenlee.

Right then, at David’s, Greenlee is lying on the couch while David performs a procedure. He finishes and she tells him that they did it. He does not sound as encouraged as she is. But she tells him that she can feel it already. She believes she already has Ryan’s baby.

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