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Jamie and Babe come to visit JR and the baby. JR asks what Jamie is doing bringing his greasy boots into his home. Di admits to JR that she invited him.

On the phone, David tells Krystal that she obviously has not given adequate thought to his plan. She tells him she is doing 10 years for actions similar to his and she’s not going to go along with his plan. He keeps urging her to see that they will be giving his daughter back her rights to her son. And it may get Krystal out of prison early. Krystal does not want to hear any more and hangs up on David. Just then, David discovers Ryan at his door. He asks Ryan if he is there to kill him. Ryan admits to David that he went to the fight club earlier that night and he needs David’s help in making what is going on with him stop.

Kendall tells Greenlee that after what they have just seen, she must realize she cannot have Ryan’s baby. Greenlee does not respond. She gets into business talk with Simone. Kendall demands that Greenlee talks. Greenlee sarcastically jokes about her husband beating the living tar out of a guy, how it was a real show and they should have sold tickets and had popcorn. Kendall tells her she must realize that she cannot have a baby with Ryan. Greenlee says she does not know her husband that way she saw him at the fight club. That’s not who he is and she wants to forget it.

At David’s, Ryan reveals to David that he has more injuries. David asks what happened. Was he in a bar fight? Ryan admits that he’s part of a fight club. David asks Ryan if he cannot find more constructive hobbies. He tells Ryan that he knows about guys getting involved in those kids of clubs. He asks Ryan why he wants his help and what he wants from him. Ryan tells David he knows that David makes enough drugs. David concludes to Ryan that he wants him to make up some drugs for him in order to kill all that rage.

Krystal as a daydream where Babe comes to see her mother in prison and surprises her with Little Adam. Krystal is very happy to see her grandson. Right behind Babe, she then sees JR and Jamie together. Babe asks JR to show Krystal something that will blow her mind. He shows her papers that reveal that they have joint custody of their son. Jamie informs her that he’s applying to medical school and will have all the money he needs and JR realizes he deserves it even if he stays with Babe. Krystal asks if somebody has found a genie in a bottle. JR replies yes and she cannot wait to meet her. He calls his mom. It’s Dixie. She comes to greet Krystal. Krystal, then awakens from her subliminal daydream knowing that life is not like that right now.

Jamie tells Dixie and Babe that he knows his brother will not change. Dixie urges him not to go. She tells the two of them that they are brothers and they can solve this. Adam tells her this makes him ill. JR then asks his father to give him the toothbrushes for the DNA test. Jamie angrily tells Dixie that after she died, his father did not sleep and was traumatized. He never stopped looking for her and when he finally found her, she told him she did not want to be found. Jamie tells Di/Dixie that there’s no way that she is the same Dixie whom his father fell in love with. Neither he nor Tad will ever forgive her, he tells her.

Tad says goodbye to Maria. Then there are flashbacks of Maria with Edmund and her kids and her history on the show.

Greenlee informs Kendall and Simone that she talked to Ryan about the problem and he understands that something went wrong. Simone asks if he believes it went wrong because of what he did or because they caught him. Kendall tells Greenlee that this is not just a simple mistake that can be erased with white out. Greenlee says she still plans to go through with having a baby.

David tells Ryan that he can refer him to a shrink but cannot help him. He tells Ryan he wishes he’d just gotten himself blown up with his two brothers. Ryan tells David this is not a joke. He is worried and understands that his behaviors have to stop because Greenlee saw him at the fight club. Hearing that, David reveals to Ryan that he is shocked that she’d have to witness that and he reveals that Greenlee’s plan to “save” him is ridiculous and that Ryan is beyond saving. Hearing David talking about a plan he knows nothing about where Greenlee “saves” him, Ryan asks David just what he is talking about.

Zach talks to Myrtle Fargate about Maria. She tells him that it does not take a carnie fortuneteller to know that he is upset about the departure of the woman he loves. Zach tells her that he appreciates her concern but he’s going to be ok. She tells him if he does not deal with his feelings, he will not be ok. He tells her that he and Maria both accepted that it was bad timing and he admits that it hurts like hell.

Maria asks her mother if she might be making a mistake to be leaving. Her mother tells her that she and Maddie are doing the right thing and everything will work out. Right then, Aiden comes to see her off. She hugs him. Anita comes down and Aiden says goodbye to her too. Sam helps them take their luggage out the door. Maria looks at her empty house and says goodbye.

Di admits to Jamie that she is not Dixie, not the Dixie he remembers. She reminds him that she almost died and that changes a person. He tells her that there is no excuse for what she did to his dad. She tells him she realizes that she hurt his dad. JR tells them that Tad deserves to be hurt. Adam tells them that it seems to him that Diana or Dixie or whatever she wants them to call her, wants it all. She tells JR and Jamie that all she wants is for the two of them to work out their differences and make a new start. Jamie tells her that it will take a lot more than chocolate chip cookies without nuts to do that. She asks them both what is with them. She watched them grow up together and saw them together as brothers who loved each other. Jamie tells her that people change. But she tells them both that she will make them brothers again.

Ryan demands that David tells him what he knows of Greenlee’s “solution” for him. David tells Ryan that Greenlee thought she could heal him with love. But he tells Ryan she needs to realize that all the smoochie, snuggly lovie-dovie- situations will not help somebody as sick as he is. Ryan tells David he’s pathetic. David tells Ryan that it is not he who goes out to beat the living spit out of strangers for kicks. Ryan again, reiterates that he wants to stop what he is doing. Hearing that, David admits that he can tell that Ryan really does love Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that she knows that Ryan needs something much more profound than a shrink. They tell her that for that very reason, she needs to take things slow. She tells them that she knows that when she has a baby that they can both love, then she can have her Ryan back. The same Ryan she fell in love with. She tells them she is now leaving to go make a baby. Kendall tells her she cannot go through with this. She tells Greenlee that she realizes that she wants to fight for her husband, but she remembers Greenlee admit, herself, that there are serious problems that cannot be solved by a baby. Kendall reminds Greenlee that Ryan had a tantrum with her and almost killed David. Greenlee admits that David told her that Ryan had murder in his eyes when they had their altercation. But she tells Kendall that she knows that having a baby will turn everything around. Kendall tells Greenlee that a baby might very well turn Ryan into his father. Greenlee asks Kendall if she really believes that Ryan could turn into Patrick Lavery. Kendall urges Greenlee to see that her way of having a baby might very well push Ryan over the edge.

Ryan impatiently asks David how long he believes it will take for his potion to work. David admits that he believes that it could work in time. But he tells him that there’s no guarantee that it will destroy his rage. It may only displace it. Ryan tells David he’s willing to take that chance and asks him to just make the drug. He goes out the door. David says your welcome. Right then David gets a call about DNA results.

When Krystal is in jail, she again has a “fantasy” where Babe enters to see her with Adam. Adam informs Krystal that he has pulled strings for her appeal to get speeded up and she is now a free woman. The prison warden confirms that Krystal no longer lives in the slammer. Krystal asks him how he could possibly pull that off. He tells her she can owe it all to Dixie. Krystal hugs her daughter and is so happy. But again, she returns to her grim reality of being stuck in the jail cell scrubbing the floor. She then hears David tell her that she cannot pass up her opportunity.

JR asks Di/Dixie what she’d like him to do now. Should they flip a coin to decide whether they like each other or hate each other, he asks sarcastically? Di/Dixie reminds the two of them that she remembers going on camping trips with them when they both started liking girls. JR tells her he knows that Jamie “likes girls” when he slept with his wife. Jamie tells her that JR tried to kill his baby’s mother with drugs and almost murdered him with a steal pipe. JR tells her that when Jamie is not on top of a motorcycle, he’s on top of Babe ready to throw his life away. Hearing that, Di/Dixie demands they stop. She tells them that they are terrible. They sound worse than Adam. She tells them that they are too destructive. They used to be a family. They used to all care about each other. Now they don’t even make an effort. All they want to do is hate each other. She tells them they must realize that there is a child to consider. They cannot go on like this without knowing what it could do to their little boy. JR tells her everything will be fine as soon as Jamie leaves. Di/Dixie tells him that she cannot deal with this any more. She’s going to go up and pack her bags and get out. Hearing that, JR knows he cannot let her leave.

Myrtle tells Zach that she knows that he has feelings about Maria. She tells him that he needs to make peace with this. She’s worried that if he does not, it might cause him some real heart trouble. She tells him that he needs to go and say goodbye to Maria.

At the airport, while Maria, Maddie and Anita wait for their flight, Joe and Brooke assure Maria that they will take good care of Sam while she’s gone. Aiden gives Anita a cape and tells her that she can be superwoman with Maria and Maddie in California. Just then they hear that Maria’s flight is ready for boarding. Sam finally tells his mother that he loves her. Maria, Maddie and Anita are off. Sam, Tad, Brooke and Joe all assemble together seeing them off.

Right when Maria gives the flight attendants her ticket, she turns around and sees Zach.

JR tells Di/Dixie that her decision to leave would not have happened were it not for Jamie barging in there stirring up trouble. She tells him that it’s not the fault of Jamie or Babe. It’s her own decision. She tells him that she’d like to stay but cannot unless he is willing to fix this family. She asks him if he is willing to try.

Krystal, again, has another fantasy where Tad tells her that he no longer loves Dixie. It is she and not Dixie who is the love of his life. She holds Tad. But she sees Dixie right behind him as the savior. And she is not ok with that.

Greenlee returns to David and announces that she has made her decision. She is going to have Ryan’s baby.

Ryan goes to the Fusion office and asks Kendall and Simone if Greenlee is there. They indicate that they know exactly where she is and what she is doing but cannot tell him.

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