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All My Children Update Monday 6/27/05


By Lori
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Greenlee is horrified to see Ryan fighting at the fight club. Ryan and another man are wearing only blue jeans and hitting each other with their bare fists. Greenlee yells at him to stop and Zach and Ethan have to hold her to keep her from going into the ring after Ryan. Ryan punches his opponent, who falls to the ground. When the man gets back on his feet, Ryan sees him as his father. He continues fighting, believing he is hitting his father. The opponent momentarily gets the best of Ryan, knocking him to the floor and kicking him. Ryan is able to get up and starts pummeling the man. Zach and Ethan pull Ryan off the man.

Jamie is home alone when Amanda arrives and asks him if she gets to stay. Jamie says that depends on what she wants. Amanda admits to him that he is one big turn-on. She says when she's around him she gets ideas, most of them naughty. Jamie tells her that her game will not work on him. He acknowledges that Babe likes her and they don't want her to have to deal with JR, so they'll let her stay.

It is a crazy night at the bar and Babe is busy making drinks. She is surprised to notice a man she doesn't know behind the bar also mixing drinks. It is Josh Madden and he informs her he is not a bartender but will help her out on this busy night. Babe admits it's never been this crazy, but tells him he can go back to being a customer. She asks him who he is. He introduces himself and he says he's a TV producer working for Erica Kane. Babe is so stunned she spits out her drink on him. She apologizes and asks what a producer does. He says they do everything to get the show ready. He suggests they do a story from this bar. He bets this place has a hundred stories to tell and the camera would eat Babe up. Babe says it would be more like Erica would eat her.

Jamie and Amanda arrive at the bar and Amanda asks him what was that he said about Babe being lonely. Babe sees them and excuses herself from Josh. She hugs Amanda and kisses Jamie. Jamie asks who the guy is she's talking to. She says it's Josh somebody and tells Amanda he'd be perfect for her. She introduces them to Josh and tells him Amanda is her best friend next to Jamie. Babe tells Josh Amanda would be a great subject for a show and urges them to go off and talk. Amanda tells Josh that Babe is amazing. He says he just met her but there's something about her. They see Jamie and Babe kissing and Josh comments that it must be love. Amanda replies that if only they were as happy as they look.

Erica arrives at Jack's place but before she goes in she overhears Jack and Reggie arguing about Lily not being home yet from her date. Jack is upset because it is 11:29 p.m. and Lily was supposed to be home at 11. Erica walks in and chastises Jack for having a meltdown because Lily's a few minutes late. Erica sits down with Jack and proceeds to tell him about her new producer. Jack doesn't want to hear it. Doesn't she know that their daughter is missing? He can't believe she violated curfew on her first date. He says this friendship between Sam and Lily is over. Erica asks him what happened to their pledge not to interfere in the lives of their children. Jack says that was only for their adult children and Lily is not an adult. Just then Lily and Sam arrive home. Jack sarcastically tells Sam that it's nice he brought their daughter home. Sam says he's sorry and "stuff happens." Jack can't believe he's using a bumper sticker as an excuse. Erica tells Jack to hear them out and Jack asks Lily to explain. Lily says they got behind schedule. In specific detail, she says how a particular bus was a particular number of minutes delayed and the taxi was late. Jack apologizes to Sam, who says it won't happen again. Jack urges them to say goodnight and Lily walks Sam to the door. She says next time she'll treat him. He says it's tradition the guy buys but she says she wants to make it even. He kisses her on the cheek, tells her he'll call her tomorrow and leaves. Lily says she'll get ready for bed but Erica says there's another tradition she needs to follow – telling her new mother about her first date. Lily tells them about going to a restaurant and then to a movie. She says, however, the movie was hard to follow because they kept missing parts when practicing their kissing.

After Lily goes to get ready for bed, Jack and Erica have a heart-to-heart talk about his concern about his children growing up. She reassures him that children are all worth it in the end. He thanks her for stopping him from going off on Sam. Lily returns and says she is ready for bed, but first asks what second base is.

Kendall walks glumly into Zach's darkened office and Zach follows. Zach says he knows she didn't expect to find him at the fight club and Greenlee didn't expect what she saw. Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee wants Ryan's baby. Greenlee thinks she can save Ryan by having his baby and proving he's not a monster. Kendall says Ryan has lost it. She wonders if he can come back to the way he was and hold a baby with the same hands he was using to bloody someone's head. She asks Zach if he thinks she should urge Greenlee not to get pregnant. He says if it's two consenting adults there's little she can do. She explains it's just one consenting adult and reveals that Greenlee is going behind Ryan's back by illegally taking his sperm from the fertility clinic.

Ryan and Greenlee are now at home and she tries to take his shirt off. He grimaces in pain. He sits on the bed and is in obvious pain, and she brings the first aid kit to him. She puts some ointment on a cut on his face but he backs away and tells her not to. Greenlee says if he's trying to kill himself she won't let him. She urges him to talk to her but he says one of the first rules is to not talk about it. He says he goes to the club to let off some steam. Greenlee responds angrily, telling him he was pummeling a man with his bare fists trying to kill him. She says as his wife he's honor bound to tell her what's going on, and he better not tell her she can't handle what's going on with him. He says he has to do this to protect her. He says he's trying to save her. There's a fire burning inside him. Anger is building and it has to go somewhere. He says he would kill himself before he turned that anger on her. She asks isn't that what he's doing now? Ryan says he doesn't trust himself.

Ethan and Simone go to the bar and sit down. Ethan comments that Simone has been very quiet and she admits she is stunned by what she just saw at the fight club. Their conversation turns philosophical. Simone wonders what causes the killer instinct in people. Ethan says he thinks man is God's practical joke. He doesn't know what makes a person like that. If he did, he could understand why he wanted to kill his father.

It's closing time at the bar and Babe is ushering everyone out. Amanda tells Josh that you don't want to let a girl like that get away. Josh tells her she's working very hard to sell Babe to him. Simone and Ethan get up to leave, and Simone tells him she gets him. Thank God she gets him.

Zach tells Kendall she needs to do it before it's too late. Greenlee tells Ryan she loves him and they embrace. A voice-over by Zach tells Kendall that she needs to do whatever it takes to convince Greenlee not to have Ryan's baby.

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