AMC Update Friday 6/24/05

All My Children Update Friday 6/24/05


By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee goes to the Fusion office, after noticing Ryan secretly going off somewhere in the middle of the night. Kendall meets her and is ready to tell her the deep dark secret that only she and Zach know. Greenlee asks if Ryan is going to whore houses. Kendall looks very serious and tells Greenlee she wishes it were that simple.

Babe returns home form visiting her mother and notices Jamie and Amanda looking very cozy together on the couch. She asks them what is going on. They don’t say anything.

David goes to visit Krystal. She tells him she remembers how he is able to visit not only her but also her cellmate Di, by making house calls. She reminds David that it’s odd that you add an X-I-E to Di and you got Dixie.

JR informs Tad for the first time that Di/Dixie contacted Hayward and let him know she was alive, while letting both Tad and JR know that she was dead.

Kendall tells Greenlee that this “thing” with Ryan is not what she thinks. He did not go out for a ride. Greenlee tells Kendall that she does not plan to test or distrust her husband anymore. Simone tells Greenlee that maybe she should hear Kendall out. Greenlee asks if she means that she should turn into Kendall. Kendall tells Greenlee that this is a fate worse than her. Ethan tells Greenlee that he is also concerned about where Ryan has gone. Kendall tells Ethan that he and Simone can get back to their game of twister. She will talk to Greenlee privately. She takes Greenlee aside and asks her if her “baby factory” is still open for business. Greenlee admits that she is having David testing the sperm samples for DNA to find out which one is Ryan’s. Kendall tells Greenlee that she happens to know that Ryan is in for a world of hurt and Greenlee might be the only one to get him out of it.

In Krystal’s cellblock, David takes out his bp monitor and tests Krystal’s blood pressures. She asks him about Dixie, telling him it is so amazing that she’s alive and well in Pine Valley. She asks him if anybody has run any DNA test results. He admits he has not heard of any but bets Adam will want DNA tests eventually. She tells him they must keep a careful eye on DNA so that Adam does not mess with them. She asks him how Dixie explained all that “prison” stuff. She shows him the picture Babe gave her of “Dixie” and tells David she recognizes her old friend, Di Kirby, and if that is not her in that picture, then she is a full-fledged MD.

Di/Dixie tells JR that he was too young to understand what was going on when she was seeing David. She admits to both JR and to Tad that her affair with David was not all David’s fault. She was also a willing player. She tells them that the picture of perfection that everybody had of her was not accurate. She was human and flawed just like all of them were. She tells Tad that they had a lot of problems in their marriage. They both cheated. JR again blames only Tad and David. But she tells JR that they always forget that she, no differently than the others, has made her share of ugly, hateful mistakes. She is no better or worse than any of them.

Jamie announces to Babe that Amanda is going to find another place. Babe asks where she should go. She cannot be forced to go back to live with JR. He tells her that he and Amanda have come to the realization that the place is too small for the three of them. Babe reminds them that the place has not gotten any smaller than when she left this morning. And she asks them what is going on.

After hearing the “deep, dark secret” about where Ryan is going, Greenlee asks why her husband would possibly do such a thing. Ethan tells them that he knows about those places. A schoolmate of his went there and it’s very dangerous. Greenlee says she must get the address and go there. Kendall says she will not let Greenlee go without her. Simone says she will come along too. Ethan tells the three of them they cannot go alone without him. Greenlee tells him he can do whatever he wants. But she looks at both Kendall and Simone and tells them she needs her friends at a time like this, even if they are dysfunctional.

Jamie reveals to Babe that he believes that Amanda crossed the line and may be coming on to him. Amanda laughs and explains to Babe that they were studying Anatomy together. She made some jokes about some of the sexier parts of the body. And he thought she was hitting on him. She smiles and laughs and tells them that she is very embarrassed, deserves to confess in Sunday school and do the dishes for a week. Babe notices that Jamie is not laughing about anything. He tells Amanda she must know that nothing will ever come between him and Babe. Babe does not seem worried and laughs along with Amanda, telling Jamie he could not be serious in assuming that Amanda really wanted to sleep with him. Amanda says she will go to the library and leaves them alone. Jamie tells Babe that he knows Amanda is their friend and all. But she crossed the line and has to go.

Di/Dixie asks JR if he really remembers all that happened. She tells him that he mistakenly thought she was incapable of doing wrong. He put her on this pedestal. JR reminds her that she did tell somebody about her secrets; the one man who wants to ruin their entire family. She tells JR that David could not qualify for a halo but he was the only person she could reveal her secrets from. She tells them that when she came back, she came back to be her real self, not this sugar-frosted angel that they saw her as. She looks at the two of them and observes that they are on the same side for the first time in such a long time. They are finally using the word “us”. And that may be a miracle in itself.

Hearing Krystal’s revelation about “Di”, David tells her he remembers her talking about Di, the cellmate who was nice to her. Krystal tells David that it’s amazing that Di Kirby the jailbird becomes Diana Cole the nanny and is actually Dixie Cooney Martin. He asks her what “Di” was in jail for. She says Di never told her. He admits that Di does kind of “remind” him of Dixie. She tells David that he reminds her of somebody; a Native American called “walking eagle”; A bird so full of crap that he could not walk. She tells David he is a lying slime ball and he knows as well as she does that that woman is no more Dixie than she is.

Jamie tells Babe that this place is a shoebox. You cannot put three shoes in a shoebox. Babe asks Jamie where Amanda goes. He tells her Amanda is a big girl and can figure that out for herself. She asks him what Amanda did. He tells her that he really is suspicious and she really has crossed the line. Babe questions why Amanda would do that. She couldn’t be stupid enough not to understand the way they are. She tells him he cannot just throw her to the wolves. He tells her she must trust him that he’d be a little more concerned for the wolves. She asks Jamie if he was not really “thinking about it”.

Amanda goes to SOS and runs into Aiden. She finds out that he is doing some private investigating. She notices he has a tiny video camera. She can tell that Aiden is observing a geeky guy at the bar and is waiting to catch him cheating on his wife. She says she can tell that the guy is rubbing his ring finger and that that is a habit when someone has taken off their wedding ring for the night. He asks her how she knows that he’s spying on the guy. She tells Aiden she notices he’s holding something in his lap. He either has a tiny camera or is lonelier than she thought. She asks Aiden how he is going to catch the guy and suggests that he lets her “help” him. And she goes up to approach the guy.

After hearing David admit that he is scamming to JR and to Tad that Dixie is alive, Krystal indicates that she does not approve of his plan, regardless of his goal to enable their daughter to get to have more time with her son. She tells him she’s going to stop this. She tells David that he deserves to be behind bars just like she is. Because this “plan” of his is just as cruel and just as evil to Tad and JR as what she did to Bianca Montgomery.

Di/Dixie tells JR and Tad that she never forgot either of them for a moment. And she tells them that knowing that they both loved her is what got her through. She tells them that she has seen too many “dark” places in her life. And she asks them to take her back into their hearts. OR they can choose not to, she says. She tells them that if they cannot accept her the way she really is as human and flawed, then maybe she did the right thing, after all, to stay away for all these years. She leaves and JR tells Tad that she was not “like that” years ago. Tad tells JR that yes she was. They both were.

Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Ethan go to the “secret” place and pound on the door. Finally, Zach enters. It looks very spooky. Zach instructs Ethan to take the three women home. But Greenlee demands that he lets her in. He tells them all that they do not want to see this. But Greenlee and Simone proceed with Ethan by their side. Kendall tells Zach she’s very worried that “this” is going to kill Greenlee.

Jamie tells Babe that she must see that Amanda is not exactly “hiding” what she is doing. Babe admits to Jamie that she never noticed it because she didn’t think there was anything to notice. And she tells him that she knows he’d never cheat on her. He tells her he loves her. She is beautiful and sexy. And he kisses her. She tells him that since they have the place to themselves, maybe they should take advantage.

Amanda approaches the guy who is attempting to cheat on his wife. He tells her he’s never seen her there. She tells him that she usually gets hit on by the drunks and the cheesy pick-up lines. They laugh about some of the really ridiculous things that guys say to women in bars. He asks her to feel his “cashmere” jacket. She touches it. And he gets the idea that she is “available”.

JR tells Tad that he believes that Hayward must have taken advantage of Dixie after the accident. She was in so much pain and so vulnerable. But he tells Tad that he does not think he could ever forgive her. Tad tells JR that forgiveness is a “tricky” thing. It does not enable us to forget the wrongdoings of people. It only enables us to get past the wrongdoings and love somebody in spite of it. JR asks Tad just whom he is talking about. Tad reminds JR that he always saw him as a son and that he always thought that Dixie’s coming back would enable them to reunite. JR indicates that will not happen. Hearing that. Tad tells him that even if they cannot forgive each other, maybe they can learn to forgive JR’s mom.

David protests to Krystal that she must decide which is more important; their daughter getting her son back or worrying about hurting Tad’s feelings? She protests that they are parents, not God. And it is not their job to change the world in order to suit her. He tells her that JR will get close to his mom, she will persuade him to let Babe to see her son and when “Dixie” returns to Europe, it will leave some teary eyes and a very happy Babe. Krystal tells David she refuses to help him with his plan. He tells her he always thought she cared about their daughter’s best interests. She tells him she does. He tells her in that case, she must act like it and keep her mouth shut about their secret. He tells her that she is not there every day for Babe. But he is. He sees in her eyes what she is suffering with to not be able to have her son. And JR is getting worse and worse. She tells him that she raised her daughter to be a fighter but it’s time to fight fair. She tells him that nobody is happy about this. But this is the hand that they were all dealt and they dealt it themselves. He tells her that Babe works her tail off in the bar and lives for the few limited moments she has with their child. And his plan can help her. Krystal tells him that this is wrong. He tells her that if she blows the plan, she’s blowing their daughter’s future.

In bed with Jamie, Babe still wants to find a way for Amanda to stay with them just a little while longer. Right then, she gets a call. It’s her employers asking her to take the late shift. She tells him that she can really use the tips so she will come in to work.

At SOS, Amanda is getting the guy to touch her and paw her. Aiden is photographing that. She looks happy and receptive toward the guy until he waves his motel room key. Then she suddenly slaps him, tells him he’s a pig and she’s not going with him to his motel room so that he can get lucky. She then causes a scene, yelling about the worthless pick up lines he’s used, informs everybody in the bar that he was coming on to her, touching her and ready to cheat on his wife with her.

Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Ethan walk though a dark hallway. Simone remarks that the place stinks. It smells of cheap cigars. Ethan says he can smell blood. Greenlee and Kendall walk into the room. There is a big crowd of guys yelling as they watch an amateur wrestling match.

Amanda returns to Aiden and tells him that this guy was too easy. Not a challenge. He’s a natural born loser and his case is solved. He admits to her that she must tell him if she needs a job.

David tells Krystal she obviously has not given enough thought to this. Dixie can do a lot more than just get Little Adam back to Babe. It could enable the parole board to give Krystal an early release. He tells her that when “Dixie” leaves, Little Adam will be missing a grandmother. And JR could really change his attitude about Krystal at that point. She remarks that it will break Tad’s heart and tear him apart. David tells her that she need not worry about that because Tad has rejected Dixie and doesn’t care what happens at this point.

Just then, Di/Dixie is holding Little Adam, telling him how precious he is and indicating that she might be saying goodbye to him. At that point, JR enters and puts his arms around his mother and his son and indicates that he does not want her going anywhere.

Tad is sitting alone and depressed.

Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Ethan move through the crowds in the “secret place” and notice Ryan and another guy in physical combat.

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