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All My Children Update Thursday 6/23/05


By Jenn
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Babe leaves to go and visit her mother. Amanda enters and looks like she wants to seduce Jamie.

Babe sees Krystal and informs her mother that Dixie is back but she’s not with Tad.

After JR overhears David and Di talking about their “deal” and demands to know what they are talking about, David tells JR he’s a nosy little punk and needs to stop eavesdropping upon their conversation and mind his own business. JR tells David it’s his business if it involves his mother. David tells JR that neither he nor his idiot stepfather understand nor deserve to know the truth about anything.

Tad goes to Fusion and makes plans with Simone.

After finding out that Ryan may be getting himself in trouble, Kendall informs Zach that she’s going to stop him. But he tells her she must not get involved.

Greenlee is lying in bed with Ryan, unable to sleep and hearing Ryan telling her he will never have a baby with her. Then she hears Kendall telling her she must face that Ryan has serious problems and he did the right thing to prevent having a baby. Then she hears David telling her that Ryan is dangerous and he cannot gamble with a child’s life. Then she hears Ryan telling her that his entire family is sick and he will not pass that on to his child. She then awakens her husband and asks him how he got hurt.

Kendall tells Zach that he just clued her in on Ryan’s problems and indirectly urged her to intervene. And why is he now telling her she must sit by and do nothing, she asks? He tells her that she does not know what Ryan is capable of and she won’t be able to help him or help Greenlee.

After Greenlee asks him how he got hurt, Ryan asks her what she wants him to say. She informs him that she talked to David. He admits that that guy presses his buttons. This is not the first time they’ve gotten physical and she must know that it’s over. He asks her if she is implying that he is turning into his brother. He tells her that he’s getting past it and has found a solution. He kisses her and tells her he will be ok. Greenlee informs her husband that Dvid informed her that Ryan got into another fight. Ryan urges Greenlee to stop listening to David and realize that David is so miserable in his own life that he must ruin everybody else’s life.

David tells JR that he knows JR has some problems with his mother lying about being alive. JR tells David they’ve already been through that. She had her reasons. David tells them that it’s pretty amazing that Tad Martin tried to find her but could not. And David informs JR that he knew for a long time that Dixie was alive. She contacted him. And he tells JR that while he was crying over his dear departed mommy, he was with her holding her hand.

Babe tells her mother that she could clearly see that Tad and Dixie are through. She tells her that she talked to David and he confirms that. She tells her mother that Tad is free for the taking and all she needs to do is grab him.

At the Fusion office, Ethan comes out and observes Simone with Tad and appears like he might be jealous. Tad jokes with Simone about all the crazy people she works with. Right then, Ethan is ready to take Simone out. Tad departs and tells Ethan he must be nice to her.

Amanda tells Jamie that this is the kind of night when you should be skinny-dipping and doing things to scare the fish. He tells her she may go and do that alone. He encourages her to go and find a guy. But she tells him she’s not ready to meet anybody right now. It’s too soon. She tells him right now she wants to hit the books. He asks her what her subject of interest is. She tells him she’s interested in anatomy and asks him if he wants to join her and tell her what he knows about it.

JR tells David that he knows David would love for him to buy that his mother would contact David before contacting her own son. But he tells David he does not buy that for a moment. David tells JR that he has known for years that she’s alive. JR urges Di/Dixie to tell him David is lying. But she doesn’t answer that question and just urges David to drop it and for JR to go back to the Chandler house with her and be with the baby. David tells JR that he and Tad were all so needy and selfish and were the last people she should have contacted. They just wanted Dixie to be there for them. They had no thoughts or consideration about what was right for her. He tells JR that Dixie knew that he would not do that to her. Di/Dixie does not argue with David. Hearing that, JR lashes out at David and tells him that he kept Dixie from them on purpose. David tells JR that Dixie asked him to let everybody know that she was dead. Hearing that, Di/Dixie lashes out and tells David he is a sick son of a bitch.

Ethan talks to Simone about their five star dates. She tells him that she knows that he is using her to make Kendall jealous and to stick it to his father and sees her as nothing more than arm candy. She tells him that she is not stupid and is not into playing games. She says she no longer has it in her. He goes away looking disappointed.

Ryan drifts off to sleep and notices himself walking in the dark. He hears Greenlee call to him. He sees her and he tells her that he “fixed” everything. But then he sees Jonathan. Greenlee then disappears and Jonathan informs Ryan that she is dead like him. Ryan goes looking for her and sees Simone and Kendall telling him he must stay away from Greenlee and that he is dangerous. He then hears Greenlee calling to him to come find her and telling him she needs him. He then finds Greenlee with his father. His father grabs her, laughs and tells Ryan that Greenlee “belongs” to them now.

Zach tells Kendall that he does not want to divorce her because he does not want to lose a business partner. But she tells him she’s concerned about Ryan and knows he’d never talk to Zach. So she concludes she must go and help Ryan and she departs.

At the Fusion office, Ethan enters and tells Simone that he does like to play “games” but not mind games involving his daddy or ex fiancé. He pulls out a game in a box. She pulls out a bottle of tequila.

Jamie and Amanda look through her Anatomy book. Noticing that Jamie works on cars, she mentions that cars do not have hearts like people. She asks him why guys cheat. He tells her he doesn’t understand and knows it would never happen between him and Babe. She says she still feels cynical. She’s done with the last guy she was with and is now free. He tells her it does get easier. There are lots of guys out there and they are not all jerks. She tells him that he must have had to kiss a lot of “frogettes” before he met Babe. And she asks him how she can find the right person.

Babe tells her mother that she realizes it might be difficult to have hope but she knows that Tad is available to her. Krystal tells her daughter that she knows she wants her mom to be happy and she loves her for that. She asks Babe if she’s observed that Dixie is feisty. She tells Babe Dixie would have to be in order to be a match for Tad. Babe says nothing. Krystal asks if she is pretty. Babe gives Krystal and picture of Dixie with the baby. She also makes a comment about how Dixie’s hair is blond but naturally brunette. Krystal looks at the picture and instantly flashes back to remember her previous cell- mate. That is the same person as the supposed Dixie. Right then, the guards announce to Krystal that she has a visitor. It’s Tad. At that point, Babe says to her mother that she knows she was right. It must be fate. She departs and tells Tad her mom is all his. Tad notices that Krystal is lost in thought and asks if she is ok. She tells him that they need to talk. He asks if she is in trouble. She tells him it’s not about her. It’s about Dixie.

After hearing his “mom” confirm that David was correct in that she chose to contact him before contacting her own family, JR tells her he’d like an explanation. David tells him that she asked him to keep quiet. JR yells that he is not asking him. He’s asking her. David tells JR that he cannot even recognize a miracle when it falls into his undeserving lap. His mother is back. He should get down on his knees and pray for forgiveness. But he cannot do it because he’s a total jerk. JR and Tad and all the ungrateful worthless people cannot treat Dixie right but he can, David says. JR goes out the door. David happily tells “Di” that he’s just covered both of their back and she may now thank him. But she lashes out and slaps him really hard.

Simone and Ethan play twister and get themselves tangled up. He tells her he hurt his shoulder She tells him he might be conning her. It looks like they are ready to have an intimate moment. She tells him she notices that he’s never tried to seduce her. But he suggests that they make love. And they kiss. Right then, Kendall enters and tells Simone she must help her. But she walks in on Simone and Ethan going at it.

In Ryan’s nightmare he goes after Greenlee who his father has taken away. He screams that they must let her go. He then sees and hears Greenlee telling him that he said he loved her. He then sees Jonathan and hears him say that he said he loved him. Both of their voices echo in his dream and he sees their faces going around in a circle. Then he hears Greenlee say that he killed her. He awakens from his nightmare and gets up out of bed. Greenlee then awakens and looks very suspicious of her husband.

After hearing Krystal tell him that she’s concerned about Dixie, Tad completely ignores that and changes the subject. But Krystal tells him that he cannot shut her down. She informs him that Babe told her that Dixie is back and that David kissed her in public right in front of Tad. Tad acts like he does not care. She asks how David bought, right away that she was Dixie although her hair and face were completely different and it must have devastated Tad to see David kiss her. He tells her that he does not know or care how or why David was able to buy that she was the real Dixie. He tells her Dixie has supposedly come back for her son and grandson and possibly for David also and he no longer cares and plans to wash his hands to the entire situation. Krystal reminds Tad that she’s heard so many times about how Dixie was the one thing in JR’s life that made him human. Tad tells her that may have been the case with the old Dixie. But he does not believe that this one is capable of doing anything good.

“Di” tells David that he’s really gone too far. He indicates to her that the real Dixie was very important to him. She tells him that the stupidest mistake that woman ever made was to be with him.

While looking through the Anatomy book, Amanda asks Jamie if he does not feel he’s being limited to have only one girl in his life when he’s so young. She reminds him he will never be able to have any involvement with the body of anybody else.

After walking into the Fusion office and discovering Ethan and Simone on the floor, Kendall tells them that they can get back to whatever they were doing. She will go and save Greenlee herself. She appears like she might be jealous. When she goes out the door, it looks like Greenlee is there and has her own suspicions about Ryan.

Krystal tells Tad that he deserves real love. And he’s too decent of a man to settle for less than what he wants. She is not certain how to reveal to him what she knows about the picture she saw of Dixie. And right before she has a chance to tell him, the guard announces that their time is up. She asks him to come back soon because they have a lot to talk about. Krystal then observes the picture again. She hears Tad telling her that according to Hayward, he bought that she was the real Dixie just by kissing her. And she knows something is not right. She knows who that woman is.

Di/Dixie talks to JR and tells him that she was in so much pain in mind, body and soul. She could not bring herself to let him or Tad know and it was easier to just have David know. He tells her she could have called. He tells her that when he dies it will not be from a heart attack. It will be from lies. From Babe and Jamie and Tad and now from her. She tells him that she knows how unfair this is to him. She tells him that she has to ask him to forgive her for calling David.

David’s phone rings. He answers. It’s Krystal. She asks him if she can see him tomorrow. He tells her that might be hard. He’s kind of in the middle of something. But she tells him she’s seen Dixie and hopes she can talk to him soon.

Babe returns home to see Jamie and Amanda looking very cozy together. She seems suspicious and asks them what is going on.

At the Fusion office, Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan awoken and left their home when he mistakenly thought she was sleeping. Ethan is there to witness their conversation. Greenlee then concludes that she is not going to worry about this. She will just go back home and get back into bed. But Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows where Ryan has probably gone.

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