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Josh is able to successfully sell himself to Erica to be her supervising director for New Beginnings. Erica tells him that she will hire him conditionally but doesn’t seem completely certain that she wants to keep him there. Kendall observes and seems happy. She tells her mother that she has found the person she’s looking for and is now off the hook. But Erica tells her daughter that she is not off the hook with her until she tells her what her connection is to Josh Madden.

Dr. Madden goes to confront Greenlee at her home about how he knows she’s stolen the frozen sperm cells from his sperm lab. At that point, Ryan enters and demands to know why this man is harassing his wife. Meeting Ryan for the first time, Dr. Madden makes a comment about him being the husband with whom Greenlee is having this problem. Hearing that, Ryan demands to know what is going on. Greenlee tries to calm them both down. But Ryan demands some answers and Dr. Madden tells them he’s not going anywhere and wants to discuss this right now.

In response to her mother’s question about Josh, Kendall jokingly tells Erica that she is having a wild affair with Josh. But Erica knows that’s not the case. She then makes the connection that Kendall might very well have met Dr. Madden’s son at his father’s fertility clinic and she urges her daughter to tell her that she would not be considering having a child with Zach Slater. Kendall says nothing and her mother tells her she must say that she would not consider getting pregnant with Zach. Right then, Zach enters and informs Erica that he and Kendall are going to have a “blessed event”.

At Jack’s, he discovers Lily and Sam kissing and tells them he’d like to have a little talk.

David hears “Di” say that she is really Dixie. So he kisses her in order to find out if she is the Dixie he remembered. Tad, then appears and punches David. Babe goes to help her father and urges Tad to realize that it is a shock for him also to discover that Dixie is alive. David asks Tad what his problem is with watching him have the first kiss. He goes to interrogate Di/Dixie. JR tells David he better back off from his mother or next time he won’t be getting up. David asks JR if he has been fooled also. Is this some sort of a con? Babe informs her father that Tad has confirmed that the woman really is Dixie, with fingerprints. He asks how she could have suddenly come back. Babe informs David that Dixie has been back for a long time and has been Little Adam’s nanny. He asks her why she did not contact him when she came back. She tells him that she had many things to take care of. He tells her that she came back to town with a new face and new name. He asks her why. Babe informs him that Tad discovered who she really was.

Jack sends Lily and Reggie outside so that he can talk to Sam alone. Lily asks her father not to take too long because she and Sam have more “practicing” to do.

Erica asks Kendall and Zach what they are doing. Do they want another Cambias heir? Kendall assures her mother she has no plans to have a baby with Zach. Zach admits that he missed Kendall last night. Hearing that, Erica tells him the fact that she knew he was not with her daughter the previous night gives her hope and she urges Zach to do the right thing and end their marriage, knowing that the casinos are up and running and sp he has no reason to continue his marriage to her daughter.

Greenlee makes it sound to Ryan that Dr. Madden is her private therapist and asks her husband to please not demand that she tells him about their private conversation, as she respects his doctor/patient confidentiality rights. But Dr. Madden blurts out to Ryan that he is not her therapist. Ryan tells them he will leave them alone. Dr. Madden can say whatever he needs to say to Greenlee and then he must get out of his home. Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that she stole his donations and he wants them back.

Zach privately asks Kendall where she was the previous night. She asks him why he’s playing the possessive husband all of a sudden. He asks her if she still cares about Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee tells Dr. Madden that she does not know what he’s talking about to accuse her of stealing her husband’s sperm samples and tells him that she’s not afraid of him because her father used to be the DA and has lots of connections on the force. He tells her that her stepmother, Erica discussed with him Greenlee’s concerns about saving Ryan’s sperm cells and he had an agreement with Erica to reserve them for her. She asks him why he would accuse her of stealing Ryan’s sperm cells and how he’d know who did it. He tells her that only she would have motives to take the sperm cells knowing that Ryan Lavery once donated to his clinic. She tells him she could have him sued for letting her husband’s sperm cells get stolen form his clinic. She tells him that she has the right to keep them and he’s responsible for getting them lost.

Kendall reminds Zach that the marriage license had no stipulations about Ryan nor rights for him to be jealous. He tells her he is not jealous and could care less about her personal life. He tells her that he’s concerned about Ryan’s behavior in the casino the previous night when he was ready to go after Ethan. Hearing that, she says boys will be boys. Zach admits that he does not personally care about Ryan but the question is does she.

Greenlee sounds “surprised” to find out for the first time that her husband has many sperm cells in his clinic and she tells him she can get him into a lot of legal trouble and run him out of business for his negligence in being responsible for theft in his clinic. She tells him that since somebody was able to break in and steal the sperm cells, she wonders what woman would ever trust her womb to him. Ryan comes back in and asks why Dr. Madden is still there. Dr. Madden tells them that they are both going to be in for a real shock. And he leaves.

David asks Dixie if her baby really did survive and asks what that would mean to Tad. She informs him that she lost her baby. He sounds very sensitive. David tells her that Dixie left because of Tad. If Tad had not pushed him, their daughter might still be alive. JR tells David he must back off from his mother. David and Babe go back to his home. Tad is still angry at Dixie. But JR is very protective of his mother.

Jack tells Sam that he must know that Lily is “special”. From the way she freaks when she sees red to her inability to be in crowds, to her obsession about exact statistical details about schedules. He tells Sam that it is not p.c or cool for him to be hanging out with her. Sam says he knows that Lily has autism spectrum disorder. And he doesn’t just want to mess around with Lily. They talk and he cares about her and never asks her to do anything she does not want to do. And he asks Jack what he plans to do with his daughter. Does he want to lock her away and make her into a stereotype instead of a person?

Outside, Reggie gives Lily some “pointers” about appropriate touching. He tells her that she must never let a guy attempt to take off her clothes. But she reminds him that she knows he wanted to take off Danielle’s blouse and asks Reggie if he’s done something wrong.

Dr. Madden goes to talk to Erica and urges her not to go through with hiring his son. She asks him what the big deal is. Hearing that, Josh tells his father her will have his “girl” call his father’s “girl” and asks Erica if she will let him have a “girl”. She replies that he may hire an assistant and the gender is up to him. Josh leaves Erica alone to talk to his father. Dr. Madden asks her to do him a favor and fire his son.

At Ryan’s, after Dr. Madden has left, Ryan tells Greenlee that he wonder’s what that guy’s problem is to barge into their home and talk the way he has been doing. He also recalls that Dr. Madden looks very familiar to him. They he realizes that Dr. Madden is not a shrink. He’s a fertility doctor.

Kendall admits to Zach that she cares about Ryan and his wife and she will talk to him. And she asks him if she’s answered his question to his satisfaction. He asks her if she believes that Ryan Lavery is worth saving. She asks him what he is talking about saving Ryan from.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he has seen Dr. Madden on television and knows he’s a fertility doctor. And he asks his wife what she could have possibly done to tick him off enough to want to get her arrested.

Dr. Madden tells Erica that she must believe his word that eh knows what is best for his son. She asks why he doesn’t want Josh to work for her. He doesn’t answer the question but tells her he can make a deal with her to overlook what her stepdaughter did if she does him a favor by firing his son. She asks what her stepdaughter did that she does not know about.

Lily takes notes of everything Reggie tells her about touching and corners him into admitting that he did attempt to take off Danielle’s blouse and that he made a mistake. She writes down everything on her note pad. Noticing that, Reggie gives up on his conversation with her and admits that she knows everything she needs to know now. They return to Jack and Sam and Lily asks if they are done so that she can continue to “practice” with Sam.

At David’s, he assures Babe that everything will be ok. Babe tells her father that she is a little worried about Dixie coming back and what it would mean if her mother loses Tad to her. David assures his daughter that there is no way Tad and Dixie will get back together.

Tad again, asks Dixie why she did what she did. JR keeps demanding that Tad backs off from his mother. She tells her son that she is the one he should be angry at, not Tad. JR makes more crude comments. Tad tells Dixie she must see what a “warm and wonderful” person her son has turned into after she left. She asks JR if he cannot forgive Tad just like he’s forgiven her. JR tells her that Tad helped take his infant son away from him and had him believing he was dead. That’s what Tad has done while she was gone. The maid comes and JR goes with her and the baby. Alone with Dixie, Tad tells her that she must do them all a favor. Knock it off or return back to wherever she came from and stay there. He asks her if she thinks this is just some “boo boo” that can be kissed and made better. Did she think that a father-and-son bingo night would resolve his differences with JR.? She tells him that she can see that he and JR have serious problems, need her help and she needs to start somewhere. He tells her that he so wanted her help when he believed she was gone but she was never there. So she can do whatever she wants with her grown son. But he does not want any part of it. She tells him she remembers what a stubborn jerk he always was. He tells her that three years of his life without her, and all he went through, cannot be forgotten or overlooked.

After hearing her father really knowing and understanding the whole deal with Tad and Dixie, Babe concludes that David did not just have an affair with Dixie. He must have been in love with her. He does not answer that question but asks her if Dixie has done anything to help her get any time with her son. Babe admits to her father that Dixie confronted her about all the bad things she’s done and doesn’t think well of her. And she tells him she realizes she cannot expect Dixie to welcome her with open arms because she is understandably very protective of her son. But David tells his daughter that he will not tolerate Dixie giving her any grief and will confront her. Babe tells her father that he does not want to do that. Because it will cause JR to prevent either one of them from seeing Little Adam. David realizes his daughter might have a point.

Kendall asks Zach what his big secret is about Ryan. He tells her that Ryan is going to help somebody if he does not get some help soon. She asks him why. Was it because he had an argument with Zach and Ethan at the casino the previous night? He informs her that Ryan almost murdered David Hayward and the next time it could be somebody he cares about. He tells her he thinks she needs to know what Ryan does when he believes that nobody else is looking.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she went to the clinic in search of a donor. She tells him not exactly. She went into the clinic with a disguise and fake ID and Dr. Madden busted her and does not want her in his clinic again. He tells her he knows she is hurting over his decision to not have a child with her. But she must know that an anonymous donor is not the answer. She admits to her husband that that was not her intent. She only wants to have a baby with him.

Dr. Madden tells Erica that she has a very cavalier attitude about the creation of a life, given what Greenlee has done. He tells her that, knowing that, she should know that she cannot work with his son. She asks him what his concerns have to do with her and why he does not want his son to work for her.

Reggie admits to Jack that he is more protective of Lily than Jack is. Jack tells his son that they cannot trust Lily in one area but not in another. Reggie tells his father he trusts Lily but that Sam guy is who he is a little suspicious of. Jack tells Reggie he had a talk with Sam and resolved a lot of suspicion.

Erica tells Dr. Madden that his son must find his own way without his father making decisions for him. And she tells him she will not fire Josh.

Kendall hears from Zach what he knows about Ryan and now she really is concerned and believes that Ryan might be in serious trouble.

Greenlee notices the cut on Ryan’s chin and is concerned about her husband. He tells her he is not worried about anything and they will go away together and do anything she wants. She repeats anything she wants.

Dixie goes to see David and tells him he is a nasty son of a bitch to bring up Tad’s baby. He is very happy and content and tells her he played it off just like they wanted. He tells her she must not get self-righteous with the way she talked to his daughter. She tells him that if she plays JR’s mother, she has to behave like she does not care for Babe and she admits she really did want to strangle David’s daughter. They both speak about their “deal”. And right at that moment, JR enters and asks what “deal” they are talking about.

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