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JR, Little Adam and the nanny go to the park. She reminisces all the memories she had of JR when he was a child. They are very happy together. At that moment, Babe enters. JR demands to know what she wants. She tells him that she believes it’s time that she officially meets her son’s grandma.

At Maria’s, Sam rebels at his mother’s and sister’s insistence that he moves to California with them. Tad is there and he tells Sam that that kind of behavior is not going to get him what he wants to accomplish.

Danielle’s mother, Mimi enters Jack’s home. Jack greets her and tells her he’s happy to see her. She asks where her daughter is. Lily reveals to Mimi that her daughter spent the night with Reggie.

After Erica finds out that this strange, mysterious man believes he will be the supervising director of New Beginnings, she demands to know who he is and why he believes that. Little does she know that he’s Dr. Madden’s son, Josh and has an “agreement” with Kendall.

Greenlee protests to David that she needs him to help her with the sperm cells she’s captured from the sperm lab as they’ve agreed. He looks, to her, like he’s agreed to help her get pregnant after all.

At that moment, Ryan’s “lady friend” enters and he gives her back her key.

Right when Greenlee believes that David will help her, he gets out a bottle of hydrochloric acid so that he can destroy the sperm cells. She struggles with him and urges him not to go through with destroying the tadpoles she’s worked so hard to find. He tells her she must back off because if the solution gets on her it could burn her. He tells her that Ryan is too far-gone. She asks him what he knows. He tells her that he went to Ryan’s, noticed he got into a fight. He tells her Ryan might be into drugs or something shady. Greenlee protests that Ryan would not do that. David tells Greenlee that her husband is dangerous. He tells her that when he attempted to confront Ryan about what’s going on with him, Ryan grabbed his windpipe and almost killed him.

Ryan’s “friend” notices the cut on his chin and asks him if he’s really certain that he is done with her services. He tells her he is certain that he is done.

Erica asks Josh for his resume and qualifications, not knowing whom he really is. He tells her that he’s been experienced as a doctor, then got into investment banking. Erica asks him if he has any experience on TV. He admits he does not. And she indicates she is not interested in hiring him and walks away. When Kendall is alone with him, they indicate that she is helping him get a job in exchange for his discretion about what Greenlee did in the sperm lab.

When Danielle and Mimi argue at Jack’s, he tells them that maybe they should discuss what is going on in a calm and civilized manner. He informs Mimi that he just married Erica. She tells him about her recent promotion in the police department and her marriage. Danielle interjects that her mother has never been there for her. Mimi tells her daughter that she wants a chance to be a mother and have Danielle get to know her new stepfather. Danielle tells her mother that she blew it when she dumped her at her dad’s and she will never get her back.

Sam asks his mother if she plans to ground him or tie him up and take him with her and Maddie to California. Tad tells Sam that that might happen if he does not apologize to his sister and mother for his recent outburst. Tad also informs Sam that he just had a Martin family meeting and decided that he can live with him and also sometimes with Joe. Maddie asks if that means that Sam will no longer be her brother.

Right after Babe runs into JR, Dixie and Little Adam in the park, JR has the maid take his son home, informing everybody that Babe has already had her scheduled visit and cannot have any more time with Little Adam. When JR is alone with his ex and his mother, Babe asks if she really is Dixie. JR tells Dixie she doesn’t have to answer that. Dixie tells her son that he cannot disrespect Babe because she is her grandson’s mother. Babe tells JR that she’s heard for a long time that he used to be human before his momma died and he must now know that she’s back.

Josh remarks about how Kendall is just like her mother and asks her what it’s like to be Erica Kane’s daughter. She asks him what it’s like to be the son of the fertility doctor. He tells her that his father is a very famous and successful doctor. She tells him that Greenlee Lavery is an amazing person. And that is the reason why they broke in to steal Ryan’s tadpoles. She tells him she will try again to convince her mother to hire him. He reminds her that when he caught her and Greenlee and “cat girl”(Simone) in the lab, he knew that they needed his help.

David tells Greenlee that she needs to face facts that Ryan is a mess. She tells him that when Jonathan died, Ryan started having these visions about his sick father and brother and has this belief that he is like them and capable of violent behaviors. And that is what she needs to help him to break. David tells her that she cannot rationalize about what she is doing. He reminds her that Leo would never forgive him if he let her put herself in danger in this way.

Maria tells Maddie that Sam’s stay with the Martins is not permanent. Maddie tells her mother she wishes it was. Tad, Brooke and Joe all tell Sam that he is part of their family but also Maria’s son and Maddie’s brother.

JR tells Babe if she ever attempts to use his mother against him, it will be the biggest mistake he ever made. He walks off and leaves them alone. Babe thanks Dixie for standing up for her to JR. Dixie tells Babe that she doesn’t really personally care for her but owes her some courtesy because she is her grandson’s mom. She asks Babe how she could remotely consider having JR believing that his son died and kept him from his father. Babe tells Dixie that she knows that she and Adam both betrayed JR when he was a child. Dixie asks Babe how she could have cheated on JR with Jamie. Babe tells Dixie that she knows she’s cheated on Adam with Babe’s father.

David tells Greenlee that Ryan needs the kind of help that is beyond what she can give him. She tells him she cannot desert Ryan. She knows she can help him and believes that Leo would want her to. She tells David that she needs him to run the DNA test, find out which vial is Ryan’s, and save it for her.

Right when Kendall and Erica are talking to Josh at the New Beginnings studio, Ryan appears. They notices the cut on his face and asks him what happened. Kendall attempts to introduce Ryan to Josh. But it looks like they already know each other. Josh almost divulges to Ryan what he knows about him. But Kendall attempts to distract them and Josh just tells Ryan that he’s read a lot about him in the paper. That’s the only way he’d “know” Ryan. Alone with Josh, Kendall tells him he is a scammer for having Ryan there, possibly as a “motivator” to get her to give him the job on New Beginnings. She tells him she will keep working on her mother to hire him. But he tells her that as soon as Ryan goes and talks to Erica, she will probably give Ryan a job. Sure enough, Erica greets Ryan, happy to see him. She remarks that he looks to have hurt himself and she’d like nothing more than to have him come on board with her. She asks him how he and Greenlee are. He tells her, like he tells everybody, that he and Greenlee are doing great.

Right when David is ready to destroy the sperm cells, Greenlee urges him not to go through with that. He puts down the acid solution and tells her he will hold off on destroying them for now. But he is still very suspicious of Ryan.

Jack talks to Mimi while Reggie talks to Danielle. Lily goes outside and runs into Sam. He tells her that he has some good news. She reminds him that the last time she saw him, he got really angry. He tells her that some things happened that really upset him. But everything is cool now. His mom is moving to California and he has discovered that he is a Martin. So he will stay with Tad and Joe and Ruth and be able to spend more time with her.

Maria hugs Tad and thanks him for giving Sam this chance. Brooke informs Maria that Maddie is not happy to be leaving. Maria says she knows that Maddie loves Sam and is scared about going so far away and being alone. Brooke tells Maria that she’s doing a great job. Maria tells Brooke that she appreciates the help that Brooke has given her with her kids. Brooke tells Maria she is very surprised to hear that. Maria tells Brooke she owes her an apology for all the lashing out she’s done at her. Brooke tells Maria that they should call it even. Maybe they can even become friends with their mutual goal of taking care of the kids. Maria again thanks Brooke and hugs her.

Babe tells Dixie that JR was devastated by Dixie’s affair with David. She admits that she, herself, has also made many mistakes. She tells Dixie that she will take all the blame and punishment for her bad behaviors. But she does not believe that it is her fault that JR is such a slime ball. She tells Dixie that she knows what a sick relationship JR has with Adam. She tells Dixie that she cannot blame her for that. Dixie was the one who abandoned her son and it’s her fault that JR is so screwed up. JR, then, shows up, tells Babe to shut up and that she has no right to talk to his mother like that. He tells Babe that his mother was trying to be civil to her. She doesn’t know her well enough to know what a piece of trash she really is. Babe protests that he did not hear the conversation. David, then, comes out and asks them what is going on. JR tells David that Babe was about to start more trouble. Babe tells her father that they have just discovered that the nanny is really Dixie. David sees the woman with whom he’s made his “deal” and tells them it’s impossible that Dixie could have survived the crash. But she tells him she really is Dixie.

Maria goes to talk to Edmund in the woods. She cries and tells him she can still remember the good stuff. She tells him that she is still somewhat worried about going so far away and doing it all alone. At that point, Maddie enters and tells her mother she knows she’s talking to her father. And she apologizes to her mother. Maria hugs her daughter, tells her she loves her and everything will be ok.

Kendall urges her mother to open up the dialogue and give Josh a chance to impress her. Josh then tells Erica that New Beginnings already has its focal point. And that is her. Yes, they need guests and topics that will be of interest to the viewing public. She tells him he may tell her something she does not already know. He tells her that America already knows glamorous and powerful Erica Kane. But they do not know her for whom she really is. She needs to open up to the compassionate side of her that only her family knows. And she will have great success when people can see her that way. He tells her that Erica is the perfect person to reach out to a woman with a drug addiction. And he knows she can give hope and inspiration to many others.

Greenlee returns home and calls to Ryan. He seems not to be there. At that moment, there is a knock on the door. It’s Dr. Madden. He informs Greenlee that he knows that her husband’s donations are missing from his sperm lab. But he’s certain she must already know that because he knows she took them.

Jack tells Mimi and Danielle that Greenlee is not using her apartment, upstairs and they may stay there if they want. He gives them the key. They leave. Alone with Reggie, Jack asks his son how his talk with Dani went. Reggie tells his father the girl is putty in his hands. They, then, discover, that Lily has gone to get some lemons. Right then, Lily is outside kissing Sam.

Erica asks Josh what his last name is. He admits that it’s Madden.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that he knows she’s stolen her husband’s donations and she must give him one good reason not to arrest her. Right then, Ryan appears and asks him who he thinks he is to be threatening Ryan’s wife.

David insists to JR, Babe and “Di” that Dixie is gone and “Di” is lying if she says she is Dixie. She tells David that she needs to sort some things out. And then, maybe later, they can talk. Right then, David kisses her. Tad appears, witnesses that and looks upset.

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