AMC Update Monday 6/20/05

All My Children Update Monday 6/20/05


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda is flirting with Aidan at his private investigator office. She says she wants to hire him. She then says he could make her fall in love with him, but quickly adds she doesn't plan to ever fall in love. She says it ruins friendships and takes the fun out of sex. Aidan tells her to save her money as he can solve her problem right now. He says she won't fall in love with him and he won't with her. As Amanda continues her flirtatious behavior, Anita walks in and asks if she missed the punch line. Amanda realizes Anita is the girlfriend and tells him he's the best and leaves. Anita lays into Aidan for flirting with Amanda, but he tells her she's making too much of it. Anita apologizes for snapping at Aidan and blames her demeanor on her past problems with Bobby. She says she has to remember how to trust and get rid of her anger. She says she needs to get away to get her head together. She's leaving with Maria and Maddie to help them get settled in California. She says she'll be gone a couple months. She's sorry for making Aidan think she could give him more than she could, but she guesses she's not ready. He tells her to call if she needs him.

Adam tells JR he can't believe he thinks the nanny is his mother. He urges him to wait until they have irrefutable proof. JR says there will be no tests. His mother has come home to him. Adam urges him to let it go but JR says this is his mother. Adam retorts, like Miranda was his daughter? JR says the facts say this is his mother. Adam asks him to back off until they get a DNA test. JR tells him he would only rig it. Adam says this stranger is an insult to his mother's memory. Di intervenes and urges the men to stop their bickering. She tells JR she wants to explain why she did what she did. Adam tells her to name her price and get out of here. JR tells his father to shut up. He says if he won't accept his mother he can go to hell. Di tells Adam she will take any test to prove this is her son. Adam says he will arrange the DNA test and leaves. JR tells Di that Adam is still fighting to come between them.

Amanda arrives at Chandler mansion and witnesses the interaction between Di and JR. She tells them to excuse her while she pukes. Amanda accuses Di of pulling a stunt and asks who goes away for three years for a nip and a tuck. Di excuses herself and JR tells Amanda that if she makes one more smart ass remark their deal is off. Amanda tells JR she wants a lot more money or she'll tell Di about JR paying her to break up Jamie's relationship with Babe. JR counter-threatens her by saying he'll turn her in for grand theft for stealing from his safe. He says he'll honor the deal as it now stands. Amanda says she withdraws her offer to sleep with him when it's over. JR says that offer was never accepted.

Erica is at her new office surrounded by employees who are applauding her. In walks Val, her right-hand man from Enchantment. Val informs her they need to hire a supervisory producer. Erica says they need a superstar to compete for guests with the likes of Oprah and Barbara. Erica and Val begin a series of interviews for producers, but each of the candidate has some wacky or bizarre characteristic or personality.

Josh is trying to keep Greenlee, Kendall and Simone concealed from his father's view at the fertility clinic. Greg notices the door knob fallen on the floor and asks what's going on. Josh covers that he was fiddling around and knocked the knob off. Greg looks into the dark lab but doesn't see the women, who are hiding. Greg closes the door and takes his son to his office. Inside the room, Greenlee says they need to get out of here.

Ryan looks in horror at David, slumped on the ground of Ryan's apartment. Zach walks in and suggests they bury him at the dump. David gets up slowly and calls Ryan a sick son of a bitch. He could have killed him, he says. David tells Ryan he and his brothers are psychos and at least one of them will get strung up for attempted murder. He says he'll return with Derek. Zach tells David that Ryan had no choice but to attack him because he saw him holding a needle on him. David asks when did Ryan and Zach become a team.

Greenlee, Kendall and Simone go to David's house with the vials of sperm but find David not home. Greenlee thanks Simone for her help in getting the sperm. Simone asks what the next step is but Greenlee tells her she's off the clock. Simone tells Greenlee she will be a fantastic mom and leaves. Greenlee turns to Kendall and says that even though she defended her to the doctor's son she knows she wants to tell her how wrong this is. Kendall asks her if she knows the risk she's taking. Greenlee accuses her of wanting to rat on her to Ryan. Kendall says she won't tell Ryan but asks her if she's thought about how risky this is. Greenlee says she'll deal with it because she loves Ryan and he needs help. Kendall tells Greenlee she admires her and wishes her good luck.

David tells Ryan that Greenlee will see who he really is and run like hell. When David leaves, Ryan asks Zach why he's there. Zach tells Ryan he dislikes him but he hates David. He says he's here to give him some advice and a warning. Zach says Kendall is his wife and he expects everyone to treat her as she deserves. He tells Ryan that the next time he sees Kendall he must treat her with respect. Ryan admits he lost his temper with Kendall but from this point on he'll treat her with respect, but not because he told him to. Ryan tells Zach to get out, but Zach sits down and tells Ryan that he knows where he goes some nights and he knows what he does. Someone at his casino has seen him. He tells Ryan to do himself a favor and the next time he goes there, walk away or he'll find trouble.

Erica expresses concern to Val about getting a producer. Greg walks in and asks Erica if her offer for him to do the show still stands. She tells him he's the answer to a prayer. Erica asks him what convinced him to do her show. He says there's a lot of incorrect information out there and he wants to clear it up. He says he looks forward to meeting her producer. Just then Kendall walks in and Erica introduces her to Greg as Kendall Hart. Kendall corrects her mother and says her name is Kendall Slater. Greg tells Kendall he'll send her a packet of research materials and leaves. When Kendall questions Erica, Erica says she had a stroke of genius. She wants Kendall to produce her shows. Kendall asks if this is about getting her away from Zach. Erica says this is between the two of them and she needs her. Suddenly Josh walks in and introduces himself as the new supervisory producer.

David arrives home and Greenlee is waiting for him. Greenlee is giddy as she presents the sperm to David. She says she has what he needs to do a DNA test to determine which sample is Ryan's. David glumly tells Greenlee that maybe it's not a good idea for Ryan to pass his genes to a child. Greenlee won't accept this and asks him again to help her get pregnant. He says he will not help her conceive Ryan's child.

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