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All My Children Update Friday 6/17/05


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee, Kendall and Simone find themselves locked in the fertility clinic. Kendall and Simone are sitting on the floor near each other almost falling asleep and Greenlee is trying to pick the lock. Greenlee tells the women that if they can't take Ryan's sperm out of here, they'll have to get her pregnant right here. Kendall says it's too bad she left her artificial insemination manual at home, then calls that idea unworkable and icky. Kendall says there are three sperm samples. How are they to know which one is Ryan's. Greenlee says she'll mix all three together. They hear someone coming into the clinic and panic. They listen at the door but can't hear anything. Simone takes the knob off the door and sticks her finger through the hole then exclaims that someone has her. Greenlee and Kendall scurry to get the sperm out of the cooler when a man walks in and says this looks like a break-in. Kendall says they were hired by Lab Smart to test the security of this lab. It gets an F. The man says he's not buying it so try again.

Ryan is at home shirtless and in obvious pain. There is a knock on the door and Ryan grimaces as he puts his shirt back on. David walks in and asks what happened to him. Ryan says he wiped out on his motorcycle and skidded on the pavement. He asks why David's there. David says he's trying to be a better brother-in-law to Greenlee and came by to spend time with her. David says those bruises didn't come from the pavement, they came from a fist. David examines Ryan and says he can tell he took a few to the ribs. Ryan says he went out for a late walk and got mugged. David sees Ryan's wallet and watch and why the mugger didn't take them. David asks who did this to him, but Ryan threatens he will take him down if he doesn't get out of here.

Aidan goes to Tad's house and Tad asks for the latest on the case. Aidan thinks he's talking about Dixie but Tad says he means the Erin Lavery case. How did Ryan react to Aidan's news about Erin? Aidan tells Tad to forget that. He wants to know about Dixie. Tad says that Dixie is back. He tapes up all the boxes of Dixie's possessions. Aidan says Dixie has a lot of things to stick around for, but Tad says whatever she does is up to her. He's out of it. Aidan asks Tad if he expects him to believe that after all the work he did in tracking her down. Tad says the Dixie he knew is a memory and she's going back into these boxes.

Jamie, Babe and Amanda are in Jamie and Babe's apartment. Jamie tells Babe that Dixie is alive. Babe seems thrilled to hear the news and asks if Dixie can bring back JR's soft side. Amanda casually listens while go about her business. Jamie says Babe not to get her hopes up. JR is mad as hell and not ready to forgive Dixie. Babe wants to go see Dixie for herself but Jamie tells her to wait until the dust settles. Babe agrees and wonders what to tell her mother – that Tad and Dixie are back together? Jamie says it's too soon to know as Tad is pretty mad at Dixie as well. Babe says she can't wait to know what's going on. Jamie says he'll go to his dad's to see what he can find out. After he leaves, Amanda tells Babe that she's about to get her heart smashed. Babe asks her what she means. Amanda says she heard Dixie talking smack about Babe to JR. She tells her she has no clue what Dixie's got ready for her. Babe gives Amanda her camera that Aidan returned. Amanda says she's going to try to get a line on Dixie.

Amanda goes to Aidan's office and tells him she's in deep trouble and only he can help her. He asks her what kind of trouble she's in. She tells him it's him.

At Chandler mansion, JR and Adam are wondering what happened to Di. Adam suggests they get a new nanny but JR seems concerned about Di's whereabouts. He says he's going to call the police. Just then Di walks in and tells JR she's back if he'll have her. JR asks her where she was all night. Di asks if this is him asking his mother or scolding the nanny. Adam tells her how dare she come into this house and expect them to welcome her. If she is Dixie then she's a cheat who has lied to everyone who has cared about her. JR tells Adam that's enough of his verbal attack. Di tells JR to let Adam have his say because these are the same questions JR has. Adam says if everything proves she is Dixie she's a fraud and a failure as a mother. JR again tells Adam to stop but Di says Adam needs to continue before he explodes. Adam tells her she checked out of JR's life and he won't let her check back in just when he and JR are as close as they've ever been. Di tells him she knew this was all about him. She asks if he's angry about what she did to JR or that she's alive again. Adam says it took his life and her death to make JR the man he is today. Di says she will let her son and grandson know what she thinks of him. Adam grabs her by the arm to throw her out but JR tells him to let her go and warns him never to go after his mother again.

Adam walks out and Di tells JR he called her his mother. What made him say that? Does he believe that? JR softly says he still doesn't know why his mother would do something like this. He asks her to help him understand. Di asks him if he's ever had his heart ripped out and stopped wanting to be who he was. JR says when he thought his son had died he couldn't sleep or eat and was just blank. Di says when she lost his baby sister she wasn't in her right mind. She says she had to stop being who she was so the pain would stop. Crying, she says she wanted to forget herself. Though she missed JR so much, she wasn't sure if she could be his mother. Then she met a nanny in Germany and she realized a way she could see JR without being who she really was. JR tells her he guesses she's Dixie now whether she wants to be or not. Di tearfully tells him she wants to be his mother again. All she can do is pray that he'll forgive her. He puts a necklace around her neck and they embrace. She tells him he is her sunshine. A tear rolls down his face.

Opal arrives at Tad's gleeful after hearing from Palmer that Dixie is still alive. She tells Tad that it's like a miracle. She asks why Dixie isn't here. Joe walks in and asks Tad if it's true. Tad glumly says yes, it's true. Brooke walks in and asks Tad if he's all right. Tad tells them all that Dixie has been back for weeks posing as JR's nanny. Opal says that's the most romantic thing's she's ever heard – disguising herself as a nanny to see if Tad still loves her. Brooke says that's very strange. Joe asks Tad if this isn't what he wanted. Tad says no, it's more like what he was afraid of. Brooke asks if it's because of Dixie's baby. Tad says that's not why Dixie's not here. Jamie arrives and asks Tad if Dixie is still there. Tad says he'll tell them all so it's clear – he and Dixie aren't back together. Opal tells him they'll work it out. Tad says it's been three years and people change. Neither of them is the same. Opal tells Tad he didn't go running ragged to find Dixie only to write her off. They always end up together. Tad says not this time. He says he's going to get rid of these boxes of Dixie's so if they want something out of them help themselves. Joe suggests he put the boxes in storage. Tad says if they want Dixie in their lives fine, but he's done with her.

Ryan tells David that Greenlee is done with him. David says Greenlee trusts him. He says he knows what Ryan has done and Greenlee is torn up. That's why she cried on his shoulder. David says he knows Ryan is out there looking for trouble. He asks what kind of trouble he's looking for. Ryan orders him to get out. David says he pulled himself form the edge and he can to. Does he realize he's just going to disappoint Greenlee again? Does he know what kind of loser that would make him? Ryan snaps and grabs David by the throat and squeezes. Ryan yells at him "no more." David passes out and slumps to the floor.

The unknown man in the fertility clinic threatens to call the police of they don't tell him why they're there. Kendall says there with People for the Ethical Treatment of Specimens or PETS. Greenlee drops a vial of sperm and then tells the man the truth. Kendall explains that this sperm is her only hope. Kendall asks if he'll help them. They hear a noise and realize that Dr. Madden is there. Kendall asks him to bust her and Simone but let Greenlee go. The man goes into the hallway to greet Madden. Greg calls him Josh and says he's not supposed to be here. "Aren't you happy to see me dad?" Josh says.

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