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By Jenn
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Tad is in his home drinking and upset. He hears a knock on the door and tells whoever is there to go away. He gets the door and sees Maria. Hearing that he’s in a very negative state, she asks him what has gotten him so pushed to the edge.

Dixie goes and pounds on David’s door. He answers. She tells him he is a son of a bitch and she hates him. He smiles and laughs and is very happy to know that his plan has worked. He knows that she is Dixie.

When Reggie and Danielle are going at it alone in the Fusion office, they are caught red-handed by Danielle’s mom. She informs Reggie that she is not just Danielle’s mom. She is a police captain. She demands that her daughter buttons her blouse and comes with her. Danielle tells her mother she cannot order her around and Reggie must not suck up to her.

Erica and Jack go to the grand opening of Zach’s new casino. She tells him she knows the reason why they are there is to look after Kendall and keep an eye on Zach. They notice Zach and then Ethan walks in with a strange woman. They then notice Ryan winning big on the black jack tables. He looks happy but it seems odd that he is by himself and not with his wife.

Kendall sneaks into the fertility clinic lab and catches Greenlee and Simone red-handed. She tells Greenlee that she cannot let her break into the clinic and steal their sperm. She tells Greenlee that she could not imagine that she would go to such drastic measures. Greenlee tells Kendall she is a fine one to judge her and calls her Mrs. Slater. Kendall asks Simone how she can let Greenlee go through with this if she is Greenlee’s friend. Simone tells Kendall that as Greenlee’s friend she is doing what friends do to help their friends. She tells Kendall that they are there on a mission to find Ryan’s sperm cells.

At the casino, Jack talks to Zach Slater about how his casino is back in business, courtesy of Jack’s stepdaughter Kendall. Zach seems happy and uncaring. Jack tells him that he was able to shut down his casinos once before and he won’t hesitate to do it again if Zach hurts Kendall or anybody else in Jack’s family. Erica watches Ryan playing black jack and notices he is happy. She tells him she’s glad he’s in good spirits but asks where Greenlee is. He says Greenlee has things to do tonight. He wins again. Erica smiles and tells him that she was afraid he might be angry with her for interfering in his business the previous day. He tells her of course he is not angry with her. Everything is going great. He can feel his luck changing. And he and Greenlee could not be better.

At Tad’s, he tells Maria that he cannot understand a woman doing what Dixie did. Maria admits that she can understand that that is not the Dixie he knew before. She tells him that she knows all too well what trauma can do to someone. She did something not too much unlike that herself and hurt her family. He tells her it’s completely different. Maria did not deliberately lie to her family. Dixie knew what she was doing and made a choice and he cannot believe or accept what she has done. Maria agrees that Dixie did not handle this well and understands how he is feeling. But she tells him that she’s back. He could see that as a miracle if he wanted to. She asks him if he can let go of the rest.

At David’s, he is really happy that Dixie?/Di? has successfully accomplished what he wanted her to do. But she is not as happy as he is. She tells him that she’s glad that her medical problem makes him so happy as well as all the pain she is causing everybody. But he proposes a toast. He tells her that nobody needs blame her. It’s all him. He arranged the doctors in Switzerland and the real Diana Cole to engineer their plan as well as the fingerprints on the compact for Tad to discover.

When Danielle’s mother surprises her daughter and Reggie, Danielle protests that she does not believe her mother should have authority over her when she has not been there for her. She never even made an effort to contact her daughter or find out that she had a boyfriend. Her mother protests that she wants to find out all about her right now and has some big plans. She tells Danielle that she wants to try again. She wants her daughter back in her life. Danielle sarcastically tells her mother that maybe she and Reggie can swing a weekend visit to New York. Her mother tells her she wants her to come home with her for good.

At the casino, Erica runs into Ethan and tells him it must be terrible that he is there with a beautiful woman on his arm and cannot rub his ex’s nose in that. She tells him she knows he is completely broken up because Kendall married Zach. She tells him that it is his fault that her daughter married Zach out of desperation. He tells her that it is her fault that her daughter turned into what she is. Erica made her desperate for someone’s love and afraid to let anybody love her, he tells her. He tells her that no matter how much of a creep she thinks he is, his father is much worse and she has herself to blame for the fact that Kendall married him She tells him she begs to differ. He is much more pitiful to be in his daddy’s casino with a fake date. Ethan finds Ryan. They both talk very competitively about gambling and beating the other. Ethan tells Ryan that they both lost Kendall because of their messed up behaviors. Ryan tells Ethan that he did not lose Kendall by lying to her. Ethan tells Ryan he must admit that he is a lucky guy. He has a very sick family. But at least he doesn’t have a father who can steal Greenlee away. Hearing that, Ryan reveals he’s not as sure of himself as he appears.

Kendall watches Greenlee and Simone going through the lab and looking for test tubes and evidence of what might be Ryan’s donations. Kendall asks them how they can find Ryan’s sperm cells in this lab. She asks her what she hopes to accomplish from doing that. She tells Greenlee that even if she pulls this off, she might have a kid but she will lose her husband.

Tad goes through some of Dixie’s stuff in a box, with Maria. He tells her what happened for a long time, each night before he fell asleep. He’d pretend that she was with him holding him. Hearing that, Maria tells Tad that just because things did not happen the way he’d hoped, it doesn’t mean that he has to make her homecoming any less special. But he reminds her that Dixie did not stay away because she lost her memory. She admitted that she stayed away because she wasn’t sure she wanted to come back. And he tells her that now he’s thinking that this miraculous homecoming is nothing more than a bad dream. It’s like he’s losing her all over again.

David gloats about how easy it’s been to get Tad to take the bait with the compact where he discovered Di/Dixie’s fingerprints. She tells him that he looks really proud of himself. She asks him what happened to his plan where he previously told her to get JR back with his mom and motivate him to let Babe have more time with her son. He tells her that that is still the primary goal and in time, they will all welcome Dixie back and will be eating out of her hand. She tells him that this is a sick and terrible thing to do to them. She tells him that everybody saw Dixie as some sort of saint. She admits she doesn’t like her much herself. He tells her that although they pulled this off, Dixie would never have come back to town as she has. She asks him how he’d know that.

Reggie tells Danielle’s mother that she need not blame her daughter for what has happened. He remembers helping her move into her dad’s home and seeing her cry when she thought she’d been abandoned by her mother. Hearing that, Danielle’s mother apologizes to her daughter. She protests that Danielle was completely out of control when she let her live with her father. Danielle protests that her mother has been too engrossed in her promotion to care about her. She tells her mother that she is happy right where she is. She has a good job and friends and is close to her father. Her mother tells her she can see that Danielle must have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Hearing that, Reggie asks what she is talking about.

Greenlee protests to Kendall that her reason for having a baby is because of love. Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to realize that Ryan doesn’t want to have kids, does not believe he can be a father, and she’s not certain he’s wrong. Greenlee asks Kendall if she believes the same thing Ryan does about his genetics. Kendall says she does not believe that Ryan’s baby will be Lucifer but she can see that Ryan has some problems he needs to deal with right now. And pulling a stunt like this is not going to solve his problems. Greenlee asks Kendall why she does not believe that a child is what Ryan wants and needs.

When Ryan is at the casino competing with Ethan, he sees his father telling him that he is gambling in the house of Lavery and he’s going to lose it all. Ryan freaks to see his dad and believes he is real.

Kendall tells Greenlee and Simone that Ryan needs help from a professional and not from the two of them in a lab with a turkey baster. She reminds Greenlee of all that she and Erica have been through because of Erica’s having a child she did not want. She asks Greenlee if she wants to do something like that to her own child. Greenlee does not seem to respond to Kendall’s concerns. Kendall, then, tells Greenlee that it’s possible that Ryan’s intent to get the vasectomy is for something other than preventing more Lavery’s from corrupting the world. She asks Greenlee if she’s ever considered that perhaps Ryan made himself infertile so that he could cheat on her without getting caught. Hearing that, Simone rushes in and apologizes for Greenlee having to hear about Ryan’s “ lady friend” this way.

At the casino, Ryan sees his father, Braden and Jonathan. He tells them he’s betting on himself. Not the house. This is for him and Greenlee. Daddy tells him it won’t work. He tells him it will. He can feel himself winning. Braden tells him that in order for a Lavery to win, he’ll have to change his name and move to Canada. Jonathan tells him it’s in them all as much as they fight it. Erin was a beautiful girl he says, but she could not escape it and neither can he. He tells them he will prove them wrong because he will bet and win everything for him. At that point, he panics and his father tells him he is a Lavery and all he can do is lose. And he seems to believe them. At that point, Erica notices that his horrified expression and asks if he is ok.

At Tad’s, after talking to Maria about what’s going on with him, Tad tells her that he’s tired of talking about Dixie and instead would prefer to talk about her. He asks her what is going on in her life. She admits to him that the reason she came to see him was to talk about Sam. He wants to stay in town and live with Tad and his family. And she is there to plead his case to Tad. But she realizes that if he lives in the house with both Dixie and Sam, it might be too much pain for him.

Dixie or Di tells David that she’s caused Tad too much pain. And even if JR or Tad believes that she is Dixie, they may never forgive her. He makes it clear that he’s not really concerned about JR’s or Tad’s feelings. She tells him he must be an empty heartless piece of trash to have no feelings about the pain he is causing these people. He tells her that they had a deal and needs to know that she is not getting “soft” on him and bailing out of the plan. She tells him that she is all alone without any friends or family to vent to after a rough day. He tells her, in time, she will have many friends and family; Dixie’s friends and family. And if that is not enough, she will have tons of cash.

At the casino, Ryan runs into Ethan. Ethan can tell that Ryan is off his game and has lost his winning streak. He gloats and Ryan is ready to physically attack him.

Greenlee asks Kendall if she really believes that Ryan is capable of hurting a woman or a child. Kendall replies that she did not think so before Ryan realized he was the same genetic material as Jonathan, Braden and their father. She tells Greenlee she must face that after what he went through in the cave with Jonathan, that could change him. Greenlee asks Kendall if she belives that Ryan is really beyond redemption. Kendall tells Greenlee tahat redemption should nto be the reason to have a child. Greenlee then reminds Kendall that when Bianca was pregnant, everybody thought she’d terminate the pregnancy and she asks Kendall why Bianca did not. At first Kendall does not want to answer that. But greenlee tells Kendall she wants to know. Kendall admits it was because of her. She tells her that Bianca wanted to show everybody that her baby deserved love and that Kendall deserved love. That was the way Bianca healed from the rape. Hearing that, Greenlee asks if she does not believe that Ryan could love his child as much as Bianca can love Miranda.

Right when Ryan is ready to attack Ethan, Zach breaks them up and asks him what his problem is. He tells Zach that some men are not meant ot be fathers. Zach tells him that regardless of that, you cannot escape who you are. Ryan gets up to leave. Erica an Jack look at him and do not know what to say.

Maria tells Tad that she does agree that Sam might be better off staying in Pine Valley. He does care for Lily and it might not hurt for him to get to know Tad’s family who are also his family. Tad tells Maria that Sam can stay with him at least for the summer. She tells Tad that in that case it is settled. He will stay with Tad for the summer and then re-evaluate. But Tad tells Maria that he must ask her the real question. Is she ok with that? She admits that she is worried. But she knows that her son will be great with him and with Brooke and with Jamie. She tells Tad he’s done a wonderful job with Jamie and knows he will be just as good with Sam. Tad admits to Maria that one reason he wants to play a father figure to Sam is to make up for how he failed with JR.

David tells Di/Dixie that she must not assume that JR and his family won’t forgive her because they will. She says it might be just in time to get Babe custody and then split on them all over again. He tells her he must now have a reality check. She is not Dixie. Dixie left this town because she was too good for it. Dixie had to leave and so will she.

Derek comes to see Danielle and her mother. He argues to his ex wife about how the courts might not give her custody of Danielle or see her as a stable parent. She tells him that they will. He asks her what has changed in her life. She informs him that she is getting married. She tells Derek and Danielle that she met somebody who really cares about her and now they can be a real family. Derek protests that she has a family right in Pine Valley. Her mother tells her father that she raised her daughter throughout most of her life and he’s only had her in his home for a short time. Danielle storms out telling her mother that once again, it’s all about her and she has no consideration for anybody else.

After noticing Ryan’s outburst and departure, Jack tells Erica that this is the very reason why he is a little concerned about that man married to his daughter.

Right then, Ryan goes to see his “lady friend”

Right then, it looks like Greenlee, Simone and Kendall are getting locked in the sperm laboratory.

Alone, Tad makes a wish.

Alone, Di/ Dixie makes a wish.

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