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Tad demands to know what the story is with the woman who may be Dixie. She tells him he does not get to tell her what to do. Palmer tells Tad that he must let her go. He says he knows her. He knows her mother and he trusts her without a DNA test. Dixie agrees to go off with Tad. Palmer drops a glass. Adam tells Jamie that his father has gone too far to be pulling this little stunt. Jamie protests to Adam that his father is devastated to know that the woman he loved has betrayed him, by having him believe she was dead and by doing what she’s now done.

JR goes to talk to Kendall about what has happened with Dixie. She encourages him to forgive his mother and realize she’s been through a terrible trauma after the accident. He tells her that he will never forgive her or trust her. She keeps encouraging him to trust Dixie if she is alive. He tells her she’s not exactly the forgiving type so why would she want him to forgive. She reminds him that her own mother had amnesia after the trauma she suffered by conceiving and giving birth to her. She tells him he must realize that when his mother had the accident and lost her baby, she must have been very depressed. She asks him if he’s never made bad judgment when he was upset or sick or high. She tells him that she is very happy that she got another chance with her mother. They are very close now and it would not have happened if she had not allowed herself to forgive Erica. He tells her he can never forgive his mother after what she did. Kendall tells him that if he cannot find it in his heart to give his mother a second chance, then he is choosing to make her dead to him.

Erica talks to Dr. Madden about Greenlee’s crazy behavior. She tells him that maybe Greenlee has good intentions in assuming her husband will want a child even if he doesn’t know it yet. She tells him how she thought she’d never want a child of hers but found out she was completely wrong.

At the Fusion office, Simone and Greenlee are finding an excuse to leave the office and distract the others. Simone tells Greenlee that if they pull this off, they will be able to have a frozen dream. Kendall asks them what they are talking about. Greenlee tells her that Frozen Dream is a new lipstick line that they are promoting. Kendall tells them she knows when they are lying. Simone says she swears on her future husband that they are not lying. Greenlee tells Kendall that if she does not approve of the way Greenlee handles the business aspects of Fusion, she may ask “the boss”. Kendall tells Greenlee she must leave Ethan out of this. Greenlee tells Kendall that he has not forgotten her. Simone gets angry with Greenlee for encouraging Kendall to get back with Ethan when she’s considering him for herself. Kendall goes out the door and Greenlee tells Simone the main thing is they did what they had to do in order to get out of the office and launch their plan into motion.

Erica encourages Dr. Madden to help Greenlee get Ryan’s frozen sperm donation. He tells her that although he cannot just give them to Greenlee without authorization from Ryan, he can reserve them for if and when Greenlee wants to come to the clinic with her husband. She tells him she would really appreciate if he could do that.

Palmer asks Jamie to examine his heart. Adam reminds Palmer that Jamie is a mechanic and not a doctor. Palmer says he is fine and has many memories of what a great mother Dixie was to JR. JR enters and notices the little snow house paperweight of Dixie’s has been broken.

Dixie goes to Tad’s and notices her old things. She sees some pearls that she remembers him telling her made her look like a mermaid. He remembers telling her that. They relive old memories. He tells her that this house is full of old memories about her. She tells him he should not have brought her there.

Erica goes back to her office and leaves a message for Greenlee that there is “good news”. But she hangs up when Jack enters and indicates she does not want him to hear her message to Greenlee. He asks her what it is about their daughter that she does not want him to know.

Right then, Greenlee and Simone sneak into the clinic. Dr. Madden turns on the light in his office and they hide behind the desk. He seems to know somebody is there. He gets on the phone. He tells somebody he doesn’t want them to come to Pine Valley and says they should take the job in San Francisco. He goes out the door and turns off the lights. He leaves the clinic. They stand up and are ready to put their plan into motion.

After being asked by Jack what her “secret” with Greenlee is, Erica laughs and tells him it’s just a “girl thing”. He tells her that Ryan informed him that he had a vasectomy and asks if she knows that. She replies she does. Greenlee told her and she appeared very upset. Jack tells Erica that Ryan did one thing right in going through with the vasectomy. She tells him that he should not tell that to Greenlee because she does not approve of what her husband did and will be very upset to hear her father tell her it was ok. They both realize that they are interfering in Greenlee’s life. Erica meets with Ms. Bratton and introduces her to Jack. She tells him that Ms. Bratton is there to interrogate her. Jack asks Erica what she has done.

Jamie tries to reach JR, telling him he knows how upset he must be and how hard this is. JR yells at Jamie and asks him if he’s asked for his opinion. Jamie tells JR that he, too, was very upset by Dixie’s death and saw her as a second mother but realizes it must hurt JR far more. He tells JR that he knows her lying about her death and coming back this way will hurt many people. And he asks JR how he can help.

Tad asks Dixie what she expects him to do. Should he just put the memories back in the box and forget what has happened? She asks him not to be angry and tells him that she wants to handle this herself. He tells her she’s really done a bang up job with that, so far. He tells her that her death ruined JR. And it devastated him to go to sleep every night believing his wife was dead. And now he cannot believe that she would do something like that to them. He asks her how she can even remotely suggest he forgives her. She tells him she almost died. The baby died. Her body was ripped to shreds. She was emotionally torn apart. There was doctor after doctor and surgery after surgery. It was more than she could take. And she needed to find out how to take control of her life. And she’s still finding that out. She tells him that she knew she’d have to leave this country because she knew he’d want to terminate the pregnancy. He tells her that he lost everything when he thought he lost both her and Kate. He asks her what she thought he’d do. Did she think he’d just wait a few hours for her and then carry all her stuff out to the curb? She replies she knows it wasn’t that simple or easy for him. He tells her that although she did not die in the car crash, a big piece of him sure did. He pulls out the last letter she sent him and asks if she remembers it. She writes that she is so sorry for running away to Europe and did not know what to do. She revealed to him, for the first time, in the letter, that she was pregnant with his child. She told him, in the letter, that when she first found out she was pregnant, she was afraid to tell him because she thought he would not want her to have the baby with her heart condition. She informed him that they have a baby girl and asked him to forgive her. After he reads the letter, he tells her he remembers all about the shock of knowing she’d left him. He tells her that he and Brooke went on a flight to look for her. He tells her that when he thought she’d died, he considered giving up but knew he could not. He had to go on. He had JR to deal with. He had to tell her son what happened. And he tells her he’s now here to tell her that it messed JR up pretty bad. She tells Tad that she can see that he managed somehow. He tells her that he eventually learned to fool other people and fool himself into believing he was healing from the loss. She tells him that she is so sorry and did not mean to hurt him. He tells her that until he heard that she might have survived the crash, he did not even allow himself to have any hope. Then, when he considered the possibility that she was alive, he did not understand how she could survive the crash and not come back to him. She tells him the day he was coming to see her, she was a complete wreck. She had so many doubts. The reason she went driving that night was to clear her head. When she recovered from the accident, she didn’t believe she had reason to come back or if she would even want to.

Erica tells Jack that she was just kidding about Ms. Bratton interrogating her. She’s just doing an interview about their very beautiful wedding in Florida. Ms. Bratton asks them if they could name one thing as a defining minute, what would it be. They agree that it was when they were officially joined in marriage with their kids. But it looks like Erica’s interview is a way to get Jack out of her office so she can make her secret call to Greenlee.

Reggie comes to see Danielle at Fusion and asks what has been going on. She informs him that Greenlee and Simone have left the office and have some sort of plan. He kisses her and asks her when the last time was when they were alone together. She seems to respond and kisses him and wants to be with him.

In the clinic, Greenlee and Simone find Dr. Madden’s keys and manage to open the sperm lab. They compare it to an ATM and Greenlee says they must just find a way to make a withdrawal.

Right when Reggie and Danielle are going at it, a woman enters and demands they freeze. Reggie does not recognize her and asks who she is. Danielle identifies the woman as her mom.

JR tells Jamie that there is no way that he or Babe will ever get more visitation rights with the baby. And there’s no way Jamie will ever get Phoebe’s money. Jamie tells JR that he knows JR has drugged Amanda. JR tells Jamie why doesn’t he just get Amanda and her clothes and everything and get out of his home.

Tad tells Dixie that after what has happened, he’s concluded that he and everybody will be better off believing she is still dead. She goes out his door.

After her meeting with Ms. Bratton. Erica gets on her phone to call Greenlee. She leaves a message for Greenlee to call her as soon as possible and informs her that she might be able to help her get what she wants.

Right then, Greenlee is preoccupied, with Simone, in the clinic, They are ready to do their dirty deed. At that moment, Kendall enters and tells them they are busted.

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