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Erica goes to talk to Ryan about the startling discovery she’s found when she ran into Greenlee at the fertility clinic. She tells him she wants to help and has some information for him about his wife.

While Kendall and Simone are arguing at the Fusion office about how to handle the situation of Greenlee going behind Ryan’s back to get artificially inseminated with his frozen sperm cells, Greenlee enters. She demands to know what they are talking about.

After hearing that Tad strongly believes that JR’s nanny is Dixie,, JR and Jamie freak and don’t know what to think. JR tells her he remembers how she helped the two of them resolve their differences while they were little boys, with chocolate chip cookies without the nuts. At that moment, they hear Palmer shouting. They run downstairs and discover he’s suffered what looks like a heart attack. The “nanny” rushes down and asks if it’s her uncle Palmer.

Tad goes to see Krystal in jail. After knowing that he’s looking for Dixie and that he’s gone a long time without visiting her, Krystal asks Tad what is up. He reveals to her that he is very upset from the mere thought that Dixie may have been alive all this while, having everybody believe she’s been dead and has been living in the Chandler house for months under false identity. Krystal tells him there must be some sort of explanation. He tells her he does not care. Whatever it is, it’s not good enough for him. He tells her that he could not believe that Dixie would do something like that to her own son. How could she be that cruel to JR? He also tells Krystal that he’s been investigating the woman like a common criminal and cornering her until she had to admit it. And all the while, JR was being ripped in half. She asks what it’s done to him. He tells her that he just had to ask the question. He tells Krystal that he found out that after the accident, she lost their baby. They lost a child and all that time she could not even pick up a phone or do something. Krystal tells Tad that Dixie at least came back and that is something. He tells her it means nothing to him because the Dixie he knew would not be capable of doing anything so twisted. He tells her that his Dixie died in the crash. And this woman is some sort of monster.

Dixie goes downstairs to take care of her Uncle Palmer and seems really concerned about him. JR and Adam stand over her and tell her she is responsible for what happened to him. Jamie calls an ambulance for Palmer. Palmer tells him that he does not need an ambulance and is not setting foot outside of his house until his “niece” explains herself.

Ethan enters to witness the discussion between Greenlee, Simone and Kendall. He distracts them from their conversation by presenting Simone with a trophy. Greenlee takes Ethan aside and tells him they need to talk now. Kendall tells Simone she’d better not tell Ryan what Greenlee has done or she will hurt her.

Greenlee tells Ethan that he is an idiot when it comes to Kendall.

Erica tells Ryan that she had a very important discussion with Greenlee. He tells her that the thought of Erica and Greenlee having a heart-to-heart is a little difficult to imagine. She tells him that it could be because he is a man. She tells him she knows what he did. Ryan tells her that he did what he had to do and it’s all over now. She tells him it is not over and he has made a tragic mistake. He tells her that is just her opinion. He did not make a mistake. She tells him she is not just doing mindless meddling. And what goes on between him and his wife is not open for discussion. She informs him that she has a lot in common with him, in regard to her father. She tells him that her father did not physically abuse his kids or wives. But he fed her to a rapist. So she knows what he’s feeling. Hearing that, he is shocked and tells her if her father was not already dead, he’d kill him. She tells him that what they have both gone through is beyond what most people could ever imagine. She tells him that she spent many years shunning Kendall because of what happened to her and she does not want him to lose precious time like she did. He tells her that his situation is completely different than hers. But she tells him that she made a big mistake by abandoning not only Kendall, but Bianca as well. When she found out that Bianca chose to have her rapist’s baby, all she could see was evil. And she learned that she was completely wrong not to see the love in both Kendall and in Miranda. She urges Ryan not to make the same mistakes she’s made.

Palmer demands to know what has happened. Dixie tells him she’s concerned about his attack and it would not hurt to have a doctor check him out. He tells her he’s fine but she is in deep trouble, no matter whom she is. Jamie tells him he must back off. Palmer tells them he can see Dixie in her eyes. He tells her she must start talking. She says she does not know where to begin. She says she didn’t mean for any of this to happen. JR jumps in and tells her that he does not trust her. And he tells Palmer that he must not believe that this woman is his mother. His mother would never spy or lie to them. He asks her why she did not inform people that she was really Dixie. She replies by telling him that she wanted to, first, make certain that they were not all better off without her.

Greenlee tells Ethan he needs to open his eyes and realize he had a woman who loved him probably more than he’s ever been loved in his life. He reminds her that Kendall married his father. Greenlee tells him that Kendall is only a few feet away and he needs to go over to her, admit he was an idiot and get her back.

Ryan tells Erica that he does not want to risk creating more of the toxic poison of the Lavery line. She tells him she remembers when he believed he was Chris Stamp’s son. He did not believe that then. She tells him regardless of his biological family, he’s the same Ryan she’s always known. He tells her that all he can see is the drunken child abuser, the rapist and the psycho murderer. She tells him that is absolutely not what he is and she tells him he must call his doctor and get that procedure reversed.

Tad tells Krystal that throughout the whole while he’s believed Dixie is dead, he’s been wondering what it all meant and what they could have had together. She tells him he must not look at the negativity. But he reminds Krystal again that throughout three years, she could not even pick up the phone or contact anybody. Krystal reminds him that everybody does stupid and dishonorable things. She tells him that’s the reason why she’s in here, herself. Tad tells Krystal that what she did was to protect her daughter. But what Dixie did was unforgivable. He tells her that he’s done worrying about Dixie. The case is solved. Dixie is alive. And he’s ready to move on. At that point, Krystal tells Tad that she has some news and she’s afraid he’s not going to like it.

Jamie tells Dixie that he remembers when he and JR were kids, they were all about the truth. He asks her what has happened to that. She tells him that after the accident, she did not feel like Dixie Cooney anymore. She was afraid that Dixie really did die in the crash and she could not be the woman they wanted her to be. JR asks her what she would have done if Tad had not found her out. She tells him she is not certain. He asks if she would have continued living in this house, having everybody grieving her and not telling anybody anything.

JR tells “Dixie” she is not his mother. It doesn’t matter if she bakes him cookies or what she does. His mother would have never done anything like that. He tells her she is a fraud and must get out of there. Palmer and Jamie ask JR to just hear her out. She tells him she did not know how to come back into his life but she wanted to find a way to be near him. She tells him she wanted to take care of her grandson and had no intention of hurting her son. Adam tells her she’s just a fraud and worthless. She tells Adam to shut up. He asks her what she found out while snooping through his house all this while. She tells him that what she saw was her son being destroyed by him.

Krystal tells Tad that in the next nine years she may be sprung out of here and into his arms but that would not be good for either one of them. He tells her he does not see it that way and he has no future with Dixie. But Krystal encourages Tad to maybe try to communicate with Dixie and see if he can see the truth in her eyes. He tells her that that woman has no regard for the truth. But she tells him that many people do a lot of whacked things for the ones they love, as he’s seen in her. She tells him that he’s given her a second chance and asks why he cannot do that for Dixie.

Ryan tells Erica that he refuses to reconsider his procedure and consider have kids. She tells him he cannot just expect Greenlee to give up her dreams. Hearing that, Ryan tells Erica that he remembers Kendall telling him that Greenlee “will not go quietly”. And he tells Erica that if she or Kendall know anything about that, he’d like to hear it.

Greenlee tells Ethan that he told Kendall a bold faced lie and made up a story about his own father murdering Edmund. And when Kendall found out that Jonathan did it, she must have been devastated. She tells him Kendall has no reason to trust him and he should realize that Kendall is the woman for him and not Simone. Ethan ignores Greenlee, reminds her he is still her “boss” and asks Simone if she’d like to go for a drive with him. Greenlee asks him when he’s going to stop using that word “boss” and reminds him that she and Kendall own more shares of stock in the company than he does. And right then, she remembers that Kendall and Greenlee were having a private discussion about her and she asks them what it was about.

Dixie tells JR that she can see that he is in so much pain. He tells her he’s fine. She tells him that she can see by all the things he’s done to himself and everybody around him, that he is hurting. Adam reminds her that a large part of the pain JR has suffered is from being told by half the town that his son was dead. She tells JR that she wants to help him but his revenge against Babe and Jamie will only hurt him. Adam tells her Babe and Jamie got what they deserved. And he tells JR he needs him to call the agency and hire another nanny without the mommy complex. JR tells her that if his mother can do what she just did, then she is dead to him.

Tad asks Krystal why she’s trying so hard to push him in the arms of the “dead” one. She tells him she is not. But she believes she’s never had him in the first place. She was just a placeholder for Dixie. They had some good times together but it could never compare to what he had with Dixie. She tells him she wants him to go back and talk to Dixie and get his answer. But he tells her no matter what he does, he knows he will not like the answer and he is coming back to her. He tells her she cannot get rid of him that easily. He hugs her before he’s ready to leave. The guard comes and tells them they must both step back. Tad tells Krystal that he meant what he said and no matter what happens, he will not forget about her.

Greenlee asks Simone and Kendall what the big secret is. Simone spills that there is another woman. But remembering Kendall’s “demands” that she does not tell Greenlee the truth, Simone tells her that there is some sort of “woman” who is a motivator to make Greenlee jealous and get her back with JR. Right in the middle of their discussion, JR enters and tells Kendall he’d like to talk to her right now, in private.

Erica tells Ryan that Kendall has not said a word to her about what she may know about him and Greenlee. And she has no clue what Greenlee’s future plans are. She just wants the two of them to be happy. He tells her that he is committed to Greenlee. But Erica tells him that he might not be able to expect Greenlee to stop wanting a baby. It’s very hard for a woman to stop wanting a baby. Especially when she is in love with a man as wonderful as he is. She departs and tells Ryan he may reach her if he needs to talk.

Greenlee is still o the warpath to get Ryan’s frozen sperm cells. She tells Simone they must work together to find a way to find them.

JR tells Kendall that he knows she is his only friend and she must help him.

Adam tells Dixie that in order to prove the truth, he wants to order a DNA test. She says that is fine. Jamie says he does not need tests. What he needs is answers. He says as much as he hates to say it, for once he is on JR’s side. He does not know how she could do anything like that to him or to JR or to his dad. Tad says he feels the same way.

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