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All My Children Update Monday 6/13/05


By Lori
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Simone is with Ryan at Fusion confronting him about seeing him with another woman. Simone says she tracked this woman to a house and had the door slammed in her face. Ryan tells Simone his marriage is none of her business. Simone says it is her business if he's cheating on Greenlee. Kendall enters the room and asks Ryan if he's sneaking around on Greenlee. Kendall says she saw a woman go into his apartment. Simone asks Kendall to describe the woman and when she does, Simone says it's the same woman she saw. Ryan says the woman means nothing to him and tells them to drop it. He angrily tells Kendall that all she wants to do is wreck lives. He walks out. Simone picks up the phone to call Greenlee but Kendall threatens her if she does. Simone tries to dial the phone but Kendall grabs it and they struggle with it until the receive rips off the cord. Simone insists that Greenlee needs to know if Ryan is scoring on the side. They fight over two more phones, which also lose their receivers. Simone says she's Greenlee's friend and needs to tell her the truth. Kendall insists that she's known Greenlee longer and is a better friend to her than Simone. Simone asks Kendall how she could be such best friends with Greenlee and not tell her that Ryan was being surgically sterilized. Simone tells Kendall this has nothing to do with Greenlee but rather is about Ethan. She says Kendall gave her the green light to pursue Ethan. Kendall calls Simone a man-stealing slut. Simone calls Kendall a sore losing boyfriend taker-backer.

Erica is stunned to see a disguised Greenlee at the fertility clinic. She pulls the wig off Greenlee's head and says this must be a cry for help. Erica wants to know what Greenlee is doing there. Greg Madden enters the room and says Greenlee is there trying to get her husband's sperm. As Greenlee struggles to put her wig back on, the nurse walks in and asks "Miss Torres" if she's selected a donor. Dr. Madden says there will not be a donor and Mrs. Lavery is about to be charged with felony trespassing. Erica asks Greg if he'll let her talk to Greenlee for a few minutes. Madden tells her he wants her out of here in five minutes. Once alone with Erica, Greenlee angrily tells her she blew everything and accuses her of wrecking her life. Erica demands an explanation but Greenlee doesn't want to give it to her. When Erica gets out her phone and threatens to call Ryan, Greenlee tells her to hang up and agrees to explain. Greenlee explains that Ryan surgically pulled the plug on their chances of having a baby. Erica is shocked and asks why Ryan would go to such extremes. Greenlee blames Kendall, Jack and Erica and tells her she ruined her perfect plan to give Ryan a baby. Erica says this was not a perfect plan and was destined to fail. Greenlee says the plan was full speed ahead until she ruined it. Erica urges Greenlee to talk to Ryan. She says they can make him understand. Greenlee says she'll need a plan more creative than talking to Ryan and if Erica dares to go to Ryan with this she'll stalk her to her grave. Dr. Madden returns and Erica assures him that Greenlee understands what she has done and there is no need for the police. Erica asks him if Greenlee returns with her husband could he help her and he says he could talk to her with her husband. Greenlee tells Erica thanks for nothing and walks out.

Kendall tells Simone that Greenlee has been through an emotional blender and doesn't need this news. Simone says if Ryan has already chucked the marriage Greenlee has a right to know. Kendall tells her that no one is telling Greenlee anything. Greenlee walks in and asks what no one is telling her. Kendall covers by saying the shipment didn't make it to Grand Rapids. Greenlee asks for the real story and Simone tells her it's about her husband.

Ryan enters his apartment and slams the door. Aidan immediately knocks on the door and says he has news about Ryan's sister Erin. He's afraid it's bad news. Aidan says Erin was seen in the lobby of an Atlantic City hotel with Jonathan. They were arguing and she hasn't been seen since and hasn't checked out. Ryan asks if Aidan thinks Jonathan killed her. Aidan says that's likely. After Aidan leaves, Ryan hears Erin's voice as a little girl talking about what a great big brother he is. There is a knock at the door. It is Erica telling him she's there about Greenlee.

Babe walks into her home and sees Jamie and Amanda sleeping on the couch together. She grabs two hubcaps and crashes them together. When Jamie and Amanda wake up, Babe asks if someone wants to tell her what's wrong with this picture. They get up off the couch and Jamie tells Babe about Amanda being drugged by JR at the beach. Amanda says everything was a complete blank. Jamie says Amanda came onto him very strong. Amanda says she's beyond sorry. Babe says she knows exactly how frisky the drug can make you because JR drugged her once and she almost died. She tells Amanda she needs to go to the hospital. Amanda insists she's OK. Jamie tells Babe he brought Amanda back here and stayed up with her all night to make sure she was OK. Jamie says he can't wait to get his hands on JR as he's going to pay for this. Amanda pleads with Jamie not to go after JR. Babe says there could be traces of the drug in her system that they could use as evidence against JR. Amanda says JR will use this against her and have her thrown in jail for theft. She asks them to forget this. Jamie says this guy who drugs women is raising Babe's son. This could help Babe get her son back. Amanda pleads that there be no doctors and no police. She wants to help Babe get her son back but this could make her dad force her to come back home and she can't do that. Babe tells Jamie they can't ask Amanda to do something that will wreck her life. They can get her out of JR's house, however. She tells Amanda that from now on she's bunking with them. Amanda asks what she did to deserve them. Jamie leaves to go get Amanda's things and Babe tells her she doesn't have to cry anymore because she's home. Amanda asks Babe if she's sure she's not upset for hitting on Jamie. Babe tells her not if she's going after her man. Amanda tells her she doesn't have to worry about her. Babe says she also doesn't have to worry about Jamie as he's totally trustworthy. Amanda comments that it's not Jamie's fault he's irresistible. Babe asks if there's something Amanda wants to tell her. Amanda says all she means is that Jamie is an amazing guy who has Babe written all over his heart. Babe hugs Amanda and says she's part of their family.

At Chandler mansion, Di tells JR that she's been through so many changes but it's her, his mother. JR asks Di how much they paid her to say this. He accuses Tad of doing this. Di says Tad had nothing to do with this. Then it must be his father, JR says. Adam says he wasn't involved. JR says this is one big money-fed lie. Di tells him he has every right to be angry. She says she didn't die in that crash. She asks JR to go somewhere and talk. JR refuses and walks out of the room. Di tries to follow him but Adam grabs her by the arm and says she's not going anywhere.

Upstairs, JR is serene, rocking Little Adam in the nursery.

Adam demands a supervised DNA test. He says one swab will prove who she is not. Di says her son and grandson are upstairs and they need her more than he needs his test. Tad grabs Di and orders her to look him in the eye and tell him how she could do this to them. How could she let "together forever" rot into something so cruel. Di tells Tad that JR is as messed up as he could be and he's to blame. She says JR needed to be told she's alive but it had to come from her. Tad asks her what she expected him to do after learning that she was alive. He says she tortured them and that's unforgivable. Di says she understands he wants to punish her but what's unforgivable is him telling JR that his son was dead. Tad asks her about their baby girl – what happened to her. Di gets tearful as she says their baby girl Kate didn't make it. As Tad turns away from her, she goes upstairs to talk to JR. Adam asks Tad if he thinks this could really be Dixie. "I don't know. God help me, I don't know," Tad replies. He says her face and her voice are wrong, but the pain in her eyes and the way she holds her hands is the same. And the way she spoke of baby Kate, "Dixie was in this room," Tad says.

JR puts Little Adam back in his crib and Di walks in. JR tells her to pack her bags and get out of his house. Di tells him he can fire the nanny but can't fire his mother. JR tells her she's not his mother. Di asks him to listen to her story. JR agrees but says it will be nothing but a bunch of lies.

Downstairs, Adam tells Tad that he doesn't care what his gut says. He won't consider this without verified proof. Tad tells him to do it for all of their sakes. Do whatever it takes. Tad leaves.

Di tells JR that she'll never know how she crawled out of that wreck. A hiker found her passed out. Weeks floated by and she was in a fog. One day she woke up long enough to remember. She put her hand on her belly and it was wet. She knew then that she had lost JR's baby sister. She asked for a mirror and saw her face was scarred and burned out. She had so many surgeries on her face and her vocal cords that she can't remember. She says she felt more dead than alive. She knew who she was but didn't feel like anyone's mother.

Adam gets on the phone and tells someone to get their sorry carcass over here. They have a situation. Jamie walks in, asks where JR is and says he's there for Amanda's stuff. Adam tells Jamie that he's sick of the Martins. First Tad brings Dixie home from the dead and now him. Jamie questions Adam about Dixie and Adam says she's upstairs with JR. Jamie runs upstairs and finds Di talking to JR. Jamie is stunned. The nanny is Dixie? JR tells them both to get out of here. Di reaches for Little Adam but JR tells her not to dare. Di says she never let him talk back to her and she's not going to start now. She picks up Little Adam and sings "You are My Sunshine."

Palmer arrives at Chandler mansion. Adam tells him there's a woman upstairs who claims to be Dixie come back to life. Palmer puts his hand to his chest, wheezes and stumbles.

Tad goes to the prison to see Krystal. Krystal goes into the visiting area and sees him. "You found Dixie," she says.

Di tells JR and Jamie that even though they're still fighting, they've always found a way to make up. She suggests making chocolate chip cookies without the nuts and talk this through. JR looks at her and quietly says, "Mom?"

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