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Tad is at Chandler mansion talking to Adam, trying to convince him that Di is Dixie. JR walks into the room with Di and tells Tad he knows he's talking about his mother. Tad tells JR he needs to hear this but JR refuses and goes upstairs with Di. Tad tells Adam that Dixie did survive the crash and just walked up those stairs with JR.

Di and JR go into the nursery with Little Adam. Di reminds JR that he asked her at the hospital about how she knew Tad. She wants to explain, but JR says he doesn't need to hear an explanation. He says Tad kept Little Adam from him and he'll never forgive him and he doesn't need to know if she went out on dates with him. JR tells her he can trust her and she needs to be here with Little Adam. JR says she's someone he can trust and he doesn't want to lose her. Di gets teary-eyed and JR tells her she's the closest friend he's got.

Zach is at his casino when Kendall walks in and proudly declares she has got his gaming licenses back after sucking up to the gaming commission. Zach gives her an unenthusiastic thanks. She says she had to flirt with those coots on the commission and this is all the thanks she gets. Zach sarcastically tells her he wants to make it up to her with a big kiss. Kendall says she'd rather have a sexy sports car. Then she tells Zach she doesn't need a phony apology from a phony husband.

Erica goes to Dr. Madden's office with a business proposal. She tells him she wants him to appear on her New Beginnings TV show. The show will feature a woman who wants to have a child but can't conceive. With Dr. Madden's help she will become pregnant.

Simone goes to Ryan and Greenlee's place with a paper bag and asks Greenlee what the plan is. Ryan approaches the women and says he'd like to hear the answer to that one. Greenlee steps on Simone's foot and tells Ryan they're planning the next Fusion publicity campaign. Simone comments that it's "good thinking," prompting Ryan to question what she means. Simone covers and Ryan excuses himself. Simone tells Greenlee she almost broke her toe. Greenlee angrily accuses her of trying to wreck her life. Simone hands Greenlee the bag and says she's having second thoughts about this plan. She says Greenlee and Ryan seem happy so why risk it. Greenlee walks upstairs with the bag and yells to Simone that she'll need her social security number and checkbook. Simone asks why. Greenlee says because they'll ask for it at the fertility clinic before they inseminate her with Ryan's sperm. Simone says no one will buy it that she would need artificial insemination. Besides she says she has no pain tolerance and could not handle having a baby. Greenlee tells her she won't be having a baby. Greenlee comes downstairs with a long black wig, glasses and kooky clothes and talks in a deep voice. She says she can't risk being recognized when she buys Ryan's sperm.

Maria and Sam are talking at Wildwind. Sam says this is where he belongs. Maria says they need distance from this house. Seeing the stable every day is a reminder of his father's death. Relocating will solve their problems. Sam says he has a new family and he needs to learn about them. He says if she takes him to California he'll come right back. Maddie is packing to leave and Maria realizes they'll have to leave without Sam. She tearfully hugs him. He says their separation won't be forever but for now he needs to do this.

Di is alone with Little Adam in the nursery. She's singing "You are My Sunshine" and crying. Stuart walks into the room and sings the song with her. He tells her Dixie used to sing that to JR. He says Dixie used to balance JR's life like an angel. Stuart tells her Marian is away for two weeks and he's lonely already. It's easy to get lonely when all you have is a picture. Di hugs him.

Adam tells Tad that it's not possible. Tad insists that the woman upstairs is Dixie. JR is listening from around the corner. Adam asks Tad what he thinks Di is trying to do with JR. JR walks in and says she's not trying to do anything. He says his mother is dead. Tad tells JR that Di's fingerprints matched perfectly with Dixie's. JR tells him that he faked it and this is a sick game. Tad says he realizes this is crazy but his mother is alive. JR says he won't listen to his screwed up lies. Adam appears to side with Tad and asks JR if he'll even consider the possibility. JR tells Tad to get out of his life. Upstairs, Di and Stuart hear the arguing. Di says the family is so miserable. Stuart says they spun off track when they lost Dixie. Di asks if they could find their way back. Stuart says it would take a miracle, and Dixie would be one.

Ryan enters the casino and runs into Zach, who's walking out of the room. Kendall tells Ryan she'll take him on in a game of poker. As he sits down to play, she asks him if he still blames her for his mess of a marriage. Ryan tells her his marriage is fine and Greenlee admitted he was right about not having kids. Kendall can't believe he actually believed Greenlee. Ryan says it took Greenlee awhile but she will be OK. Kendall says Greenlee wants two things in her life, Ryan and a baby and she'll bet every single dollar in the bank she'll never give up. As they play cards, Ryan is winning and collects cash piled in the middle of the table. Kendall tells him he's lucky at cards but will lose big with Greenlee. Ryan reacts angrily and tells her she's jealous because her own life is so miserable. He gets up, knocks over a chair and walks out. Zach returns and says it's hard to tell which one lost. Kendall says if he was watching her and Ryan the whole time why didn't he step in to see if she was OK. Zach says he's confused by the rules – she wants him to intervene if it involves Ryan but not JR? Kendall tells him to forget it. Zach tells her she needs to have fun but Kendall says she doesn't remember how. He shows her $5,000 and says it could remind her how to have fun. Kendall agrees to play him for it.

Greenlee goes into the clinic doing her best imitation of Simone. She tells the nurse that she wants to have a baby but has no man in her life and would like to be artificially inseminated. Greenlee tells the nurse that this is her only hope. The nurse tells her they'll do everything they can. Greenlee says her prayers are about to be answered.

Erica says this show will give hope to women without hope. Madden says there's one stumbling block. He says he doesn't want clients to think he's capitalizing on their misfortunes. Erica says she thinks this is something more personal and asks him why he doesn't want to work with her.

Greenlee is talking to a clinic employee and answering questions. She says she knows exactly the kid of man she'd like as her baby's father. She describes Ryan exactly. The employee says she's never heard a description so precise.

Madden asks if the segment could wait six months or a year. Erica says she gets what she wants and she wants him. She asks him to consider her offer then asks for a tour of the clinic. Madden calls for the nurse to show her around and when Erica leaves, he mutters to himself "damn." Erica passes right behind Greenlee, who's now in the waiting room.

Ryan goes to Fusion looking for Greenlee. Simone says she doesn't know where Greenlee is. Ryan says she's lying and asks her why she's covering for her. Simone tells Ryan he should tell Greenlee the truth. Simone says she saw him with the blonde stranger.

Greenlee is simply giddy waiting at the clinic when Erica passes by and recognizes her. She yanks the wig off her head and asks her who she's supposed to be. Greenlee looks horrified that she was caught.

Di returns downstairs and tells Adam, Tad and JR that she heard them arguing. She says she's the only one who can clear this up and it's time she does. She tells JR that she's sorry but she is Dixie. She is his mother.

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