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Maddie goes to see Zach and makes it look like he’s attacked her. She calls her mother and brother. Sam believes that Zach hurt his sister but Maria seems to know what her daughter is up to something and Zach hasn’t done what she’s accusing him of.

Erica goes to Jack’s home and admits that she did not go where she told him she went when they last departed. She admits that she broke her promise to stop interfering with Kendall and went to confront Kendall and Zach and urge them to end their marriage. She’s afraid that Jack will be angry with her and would not have done the same. But he admits to her that he also broke his promise and did not go where he told her he went. Instead he went to confront Ryan and Greenlee. She is happy to hear him admit that he also broke his promise.

Greenlee and Ryan are happy and kissing and having champagne together in their home.

After the pep-talk from Erica, JR goes to see Kendall. She is not interested in talking to him and assumes he just wants to confront her about not having money to give him from her marriage to Zach, as she’d previously promised him. But he surprises her by kissing her.

Babe is working at SOS. Aiden comes in and she talks to him.

Amanda is coming on to Jamie on the beach. He tells her she will not have him even if she thinks she will. But she won’t take no for an answer. She pushes him down and kisses him but he pushes her away. He asks her if she has completely lost it.

Aiden shows Babe the digital pictures he’s taken of Amanda. She seems happy to discover that it looks like Amanda might have found a guy and has no clue she is right now seducing Babe’s fiancé.

Jamie assumes that JR must have slipped Amanda some sort of drug, by how she is behaving, and demands to know what it was. She says it was orange juice and no big whoop. He instantly assumes that JR drugged her orange juice the same way he did with Babe.

Babe tells Aiden that she is very concerned about Amanda staying with JR and that he might hurt her.

JR tells Kendall that he thought he might have a chance to get his company back for his baby boy but he realizes he took a gamble and lost. She looks uncaring, goes through her mail and tells him there is no guarantee. She asks how Ethan is. He tells her he’s such a smug jerk. Hearing that, she tells him she knows what he’s up to. He must have had a conversation with Ethan where he slammed JR and now JR is taking it out on her.

Erica tells Jack that she’s glad to find out that Greenlee’s and Ryan’s problems were not as bad as he’d suspected and tells him that she wishes she could find some peace with Kendall. She tells him that she does not trust either Ethan or Zach with her daughter but believes that JR cares about Kendall. They get into a good-hearted debate about which of them is making better judgment with their kids. He tells her that Kendall has made some bad choices but she’s learning from them and is getting her act together. Erica reminds Jack that Kendall married Zach, which is proof that she is not getting her act together. Right at that moment, Reggie and Danielle enter and distract their parents’ attention away from their discussion, making themselves very viewable, kissing.

Greenlee tells Ryan, again, that their dreams have been shattered. A new life, a new beginning a new little person with little feet and a future is no longer in their future. He tells her that he still sees that they have a future together and tells her he just wants her to tell him that they can get past this. She tells him she wants to get past it. He reminds her of when they went out on his bike on the open road with no plans or maps or schedule. She tells him she loves him and knows he loves her. And she says their kind of love is not something you let go of. But she hates what he’s done to himself. He deserves better. He deserves a chance to look into his child’s eyes. She tells him she cannot see the future but also cannot see her life without him either. So she tells him she will do whatever she has to do to get to the other side.

Maria instructs her two kids to get themselves together so that they can go home after Maddie has checked into a motel and accused Zach of attacking her. But Maddie tells her mother that this creep attacked her. Maria demands her daughter stops that. She tells Maddie she must tell the truth. Sam tells his mother it’s obvious to see what happened. Zach tore her blouse, he tells her. At that moment, the motel manager comes and tells them there is too much noise and asks what is going on. Maddie tells him that this man attacked her. Maria tells him it did not happen. The guy at first asks Maria if she’s going to believe this man over this girl. Zach asks the guy if he checked for Maddie’s ID or cared that she was underage before renting this room to her. They guy realizes he did not and leaves them alone. Maria tells her kids they have gone too far and Mr. Slater would never do anything like this. But Maddie tells her mother that the emails and evidence on the computer will confirm that she is not lying. Maria asks if they expect her to believe that Zach lured her over the Internet to come to the motel so that he could seduce her. Sam confirms that Maddie was in fact, talking to a strange man on the computer. Maria tells them that in order for them to confirm that, they must have hacked into Zach’s computer or did something they are not supposed to do. Maddie asks her mother why she’d accuse her of doing that since she doesn’t know how to hack a computer. Maria says she knows that Maddie’s friend, Ashby who downloads her music for her would have that capability. Maddie asks her mother why she blames everybody except Zach. She tells her mother that she has to “do this”. Otherwise her dad died for nothing. Maria still refuses to believe that Zach would do anything and tells Maddie she must stop making up stories about him and what they need is to go away somewhere.

After Reggie and Danielle enter Jack’s home and are noticed, they try to avoid the questions that Jack and Erica have for them. Right when Jack is ready to talk to his son, Lily enters and informs her father and stepmother that she has some really good news.

Amanda asks Jamie if he believes she is some whack job like her mother. He tells her no. He does not believe that. But he knows what JR is capable of. He probably drugged her like he did Babe. He tells her he must take her to the hospital to make sure she is ok because she may have been poisoned. But she protests that she does not want to go to the hospital, because her dad would have to be notified and probably believe she cannot take care of herself.

JR asks Kendall why he’d be wasting his time sucking up to Ethan when it would be much more fun to be kissing her. He tells her he cares about her and is there for her. She tells him she does not buy that and doesn’t want the puppy dog eyes from him. He tells her she may believe what she wants but he happens to think she looks really sexy right now. He makes himself at home in her home and tells her she must upgrade to HD digital cable TV. She asks him to leave. He goes through her mail, looking like he wants to handle her finances and be her living partner. She demands to know what’s up with him. He tells her last time he checked, he was the only friend she’s had.

Ryan surprises Greenlee with gift. She’s not certain what it is. He tells her it’s from Japan and will help her get whatever she wants and it will make her dreams come true. When he says all her dreams will come true, she instantly envisions the one dream she has. She sees herself with him and their baby. He notices she is lost in thought and asks her if she is all right. He then, has a fantasy about being happy with Greenlee without a child. She envisions the two of them having a young son. In her dream, he tells her that she saved him by having their child and he would be lost without both of them.

Jamie and Amanda lie on the beach and she reveals to him that she is hiding from somebody. He asks her to tell him more about it. She tells him that she may sound like she’s telling him that nobody loves poor little Amanda. But it is really true. Nobody cares about her.

At SOS, Babe tells Aiden that she may have been behaving like she doesn’t want Tad to find Dixie. But that is not true. She’d be very happy for Jamie to have somebody else in his life. And she asks Aiden if they have gotten close to finding her.

Amanda asks Jamie if he really cares about her or is just feeling sorry for her because he believes that JR has drugged her.

Babe gives Aiden a free drink on the house. He asks her if she and Jamie have gotten to be friends with Amanda. Babe tells Aiden that she really does like Amanda and she appreciates having a friend since Bianca left.

Jamie tells Amanda that she must not be afraid of JR because he will take care of him.

JR asks Kendall to list the friends she has. She tells him Greenlee but then realizes Greenlee is no longer her friend. She then names Simone. He tells her Simone does not count because she is a co-worker. And she tells him that she wants him to leave Zach and Ethan out of their conversation because she is done with both of them and doesn’t want to talk about them. He tells her that the two of them could make a good team together as outlaws with their pictures posted on every tree. She tells him that instead of having their faces on wanted posters, they would both be unwanted. He tells her that he wants her and he kisses her.

Lily informs Jack, Erica, Reggie and Danielle that her new sister Kendall is such a “trip” and she tells them about the conversation they just had. Remembering that she’s learned that expression from Danielle, she asks Danielle if she used that word correctly. She also tells them that she’s found out that Zach Slater is another family member to her because he’s married to Kendall. She, then notices that their mouths are turned down and asks why. Erica tells Lily that it is complicated and she is concerned about Kendall. Lily asks Jack and Erica if they want to have sex right now. They don’t know how to answer that. Reggie tells her that hearing about that would be too much information.

Maria tells Maddie and Sam that they must leave town and start somewhere else. She considers California. Maddie tells her mother she does not want to leave her dad. Sam tells his mother that she is running away by moving. But she tells them that she just wants to move on and have a new life. Maddie suggests that she wouldn’t put it past Zach to follow them there. Maria tells her daughter that that will not happen because she will never see Zach again. She tells them that they will leave this room, and only look ahead to the future and not look back and start a new life as a family. They finally agree and she tells them they must go. But she looks back at Zach. He does not look happy.

Aiden remarks to Babe that Amanda does not remind him at all of Bianca. Babe tellshim that nobody is like Bianca. But she does like Amanda. He departs and thanks ber for the freebee. She thanks him for the tip and the conversation. He then gives her the camera to give to Amanda.

Jamie tells Amanda that they need to go somewhere. She tells him no hospital. He promised, she tells him. He tells her that he did not promise but he plans to take her somewhere else.

Jack explains to Lily that his plans with his new bride are something that he keeps private. But Lily asks if they do plan to have sex. Reggie tells Lily that he doesn’t want to know the details about that. She goes to her room. Erica suggests that Reggie takes Danielle home. They depart. She then announces to Jack that she’s so glad that they are alone at last. They are ready to enjoy themselves but Lily announces, from her room, that she can still hear them. Erica then suggests to Jack that they find a new and bigger place to live.

Kendall looks out the window of her condo and notices her “husband”, Zach entering his home. She looks very much alone and unfulfilled.

Greenlee and Ryan look very content and intimate together although they have very different plans for their future.

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